Saturday, November 10, 2012

Update on Progress of Sirius Film

Update on Progress of The Sirius Documentary Film
UFO Disclosure

With the last update we gave a taste of some of the fabulous materials supplied by Paola Harris.Ms. Harris's material focuses on what will be the first part of the film - The Evidence.

Next - the reason for the secrecy, which is all about the issue of free energy. The reason the topic of Extraterrestrial Civilizations visiting Earth is kept secret and the subject of ridicule is that, once acknowledged, one of the first questions would be, "How are they getting here? ". And they are NOT using jet fuel or rockets from WWII technology.

Which brings us to the expertise of Dr. Ted Loder. Dr. Loder retired in May 2005 as a Professor Emeritus from the University of New Hampshire, Dept. of Earth Sciences and the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space.

In April 1997, Dr. Loder attended a 3-hour closed congressional briefing organized by Dr. Greer & CSETI on advanced energy and propulsion systems in Washington DC, as representative of the Governor of New Hampshire. There he learned about various alternative energy systems and met a number of top-secret military witnesses who described events they observed first hand to members of Congress and the Senate.

In October, 2000, at the request of Senator Bob Smith (R-NH), Dr. Loder organized and coordinated a briefing for the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Comm. on the subject of "Outside-the-Box" technologies, their critical role concerning environmental trends, and the unnecessary energy crisis. He also presented an invited paper at AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) assessing the development of electrogravitic research over the past 50 years and implications of this technology.

To read those papers go to and look through the research section.

Dr. Loder has provided his powerpoint presentations of his extensive research to NEL (the film company STAR has contracted with to make the Sirius film) . Of course, in a fast moving film only a tiny portion of his material can be used in the final product, but they have all of it at their fingertips from pictures of Stubbelfield showing members of Congress a free energy device early in the 1900s !!! YES....early 1900s ! to rare photos of inventions of Stan Meyer's that were silenced with an NSO (National Security Order).

We have the evidence and it can be woven into a powerful film. We'll keep you updated on the progress.
Our sincere thanks to you all for your support. The Sirius Team

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