Sunday, December 09, 2012

New Sirius Documentary Information

New Information on The Sirius Documentary

We would like to share with you some more of the wealth of material given to NEL (NeverEndingLight) regarding Dr. Greer's early work contacting leaders of society regarding the UFO issue.

In March 2012 there was a flurry of interest in the release of some of Senator Barry Goldwater's correspondence regarding the UFO issue. Among the letters was one from Dr. Greer to Senator Barry Goldwater dated January 11, 1994 inviting the Senator to a briefing in Los Angeles. It is well known that Senator Goldwater tried to gain access to the "blue room" at Wright Patterson Air Force base by speaking with his good friend, General Curtis LeMay. As Dr. Greer told it to the NEL cameraman while being filmed.....Curtis LeMay not only told Senator Goldwater that he could not get into that area, but that - in no uncertain terms - LeMay would have Goldwater court martialled if he even asked again!

Also shared with NEL was a letter dated January 18, 1994 from Senator Goldwater on his letterhead to Dr. Greer in which Goldwater thanks Greer for visiting with him at his home. Goldwater would not be able to attend the Los Angeles meeting and tells Dr. Greer " We both (he and his wife) regret this, because of our personal interest in the subject you are so vitally connected with. Anytime you feel I can help, call."

This is an inkling of the breadth and depth of those whom the Disclosure Project has reached to brief and reached to learn from. We hope showing the caliber of people such as Senator Goldwater who have responded with interest and information will help convince the public that this subject needs to be explored in a substantive manner. This shows that the UFO subject is important to our future and is only made scary or silly as a way to keep people away from a truth that needs to be examined.

We so much value and appreciate your support in helping us bring this information out.
Thank you: The Sirius Team

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