Saturday, December 01, 2012

UFO Disclosure Sirius Documentary Movie Update

A new update on the sirius ufo disclosure movie video from
Dr. Steven Greer and Amardeep Kaleka


Thank you so much for all your help!

We are happy to share with you this new update video about the Sirius film. Our crowdfunding effort has been a huge success and will formally end on Wednesday, December 5th. Only 5 more days to participate! That will be the last day you can contribute and be part of the extensive incentive program. After the 5th we will still be raising funds to help with the promotion of the film, but you will no longer be able to appear on the credits and the only incentive gift will be premier tickets.

Sirius Update #5 Into Post Productio from Amardeep Kaleka on Vimeo.

Watch The Full Sirius Documentary Film HERE Online


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  2. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. - "Planet earth has been and is being visited by highly evolved intelligent beings that are not from this world." For updates on 'Sirius' and to learn more about extraterrestrial life and new energy systems, follow us on Twitter @TheSiriusFilm Thx