Thursday, January 17, 2013

UFO Documentary

The UFO Documentary - Overlords of The UFO is a full lengh documentary from 1976 which was banned and suppressed

Overlords of the UFO is a scientific suppressed and banned UFO Documentary from 1976. Much of this documentary features long lost photos of UFO's and other evidence long taken out of the public main stream media. This documentary also discloses that the govt has all ready admitted to the existence of off world UFO's, but that information has long been manipulated out of the public's attention and eyes.

Some of the documentary goes into other unexplained phenomenon also. BUT the most important information in this movie is that the govt has all ready disclosed and released the evidence of UFOs and ETs but that disclosure has been taken out of the public's awareness and media for decades.

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  1. This must watch and be the one single most informative UFO video I have ever seen and in researching the UFO subject I've seen a couple! Lets do all we can to not to let this information be suppressed again.
    - ####### Las Vegas, NV