Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2013 UFO-ET MUFON Symposium

2013 MUFON Symposium
Mutual UFO Network
Science, UFOs And The Search For ET

There is quite a lot going on in the field of UFOs and ET this year, we have the SIRIUS Disclosure Documentary coming out in april, then there is the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure also in April at the Washington DC National Press Club.

And now the 44th Annual MUFON Symposium will be the perfect Summer vacation spot for UFO/ET interested people. The featured presenters are top in their fields of research and the topics are important NOW.

The venue for the 2013 MUFON Symposium is the JW Marriott, a beautiful 5 STAR Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada!
July 18-21 2013.

MUFON has much planned for the 2013 Symposium including 4 days of Presentations, Workshops, a UFO themed Film Festival, UFO Art Show, plenty of vendors, a hosted field trip down the Extraterrestrial Highway to the border of Area-51 with dinner at the Little Ale' Inn. And MORE!

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Watch The Sirius Documentary Film HERE Online

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