Thursday, March 07, 2013

New ET Contact Tools

CSETI logo crop circle photo taken by Busty Taylor
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ET Contact Tool HD for iPad
And a New Version of ET Contact Tool for iPhone

We are excited to announce a new app: The ET Contact Tool HD for iPad. This is a high-res version of the ET Contact Tool which has been redesigned to take advantage of the iPad's larger screen. It also works great on the new iPad Mini.

We have also released a new version of the ET Contact Tool for iPhone which is now fully compatible with the iPhone 5. Note that the app is now offered by STAR in order to support the energy project, and thus will not be upgradable from the old version. Due to this inconvenience, we are offering the new version at half-price for the next three days. The old version of the app had lots of fantastic reviews which were also lost as a result of the upgrade. We are asking for your help by leaving new ratings and reviews- even if you had left one before. We really appreciate your help with this!

It's a great way to learn to make contact on your own.

Features for both versions include:

•Official training materials authored by Steven M. Greer, M.D.
•Well-organized instructional manual with over two hours of audio tutorials and guided meditations by Dr. Greer.
•Working scientific instruments including a magnetometer and compass for detecting anomalous activity.*
•Includes Images, sounds, and written descriptions of prior contact events.
•All materials are self-contained within the app- no web connection is required.

* Magnetometer and Compass require iPhone 3gs or higher, or iPad


  1. this was promoted as being free. Liars

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