Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SIRIUS Premiere And Release Update

Update of The Sirius Premiere and Release Date

We are working day and night planning the Sirius Los Angeles premiere and the release of the film. The premiere will be April 22, 2013. The main purpose of a premiere in Los Angeles is to "get the buzz" going within film industry insiders and the media. We have wonderful people lined up to help with this and we need your support as well. As news is announced please tweet it, put it up on your facebook pages and send it around the world!

We are planning to have "Sirius" available on video on demand simultaneously with the LA Premiere. We are teaming with Yekra , a video on demand company, that specializes in how to make things go viral. We will give you more information soon about how you can also help with that.

Stay tuned and we will provide you with more details.

And THANK YOU so much for your patient and enthusiastic support!

***More General Admission Tickets for Premiere available***

We have been able to release another 75 general admission tickets for the Los Angeles premiere. These were tickets originally reserved for incentives for crowdfunders. Many people live overseas or for other reasons were not able to travel to Los Angeles for the 22nd. There is a chance we may be able to release more much closer to the premiere date depending on further rsvps. Please join us for this historic event. click HERE

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