Friday, May 24, 2013

How To Contact ET

Learn How To Contact ET UFOs

Some of you have asked how to use the CE-5 protocols (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind) to make ET Contact. CE-5 is a consciousness-based approach to ET connection, so people use thought, meditation, visualization, prayer, ritual and remote viewing.

CE-5 is defined as human-initiated bilateral communication with ETs.

Your peaceful intention towards this CE-5 contact is very important. So is your love towards the Star Visitors.

suggested steps for your CE-5 event

How to contact et. Contact et any time, anywhere that is convenient, comfortable and safe for you. You can do it by yourself, with a friend or in groups.

Choose the place and the people you believe are compatible, respectful, and enthusiastic about this coordinated effort. You may also do this alone. If you have an attitude of fear, deep skepticism, hostility, close-mindedness…chances are good you will fail at making contact. Bring your goodwill, love, joy and openness to the experience. The ETs will “pick up” on your noble positive vibrations.

When you go into meditation, in your imagination link up heart-to-heart with all of the other ET Contact groups who are joining in all over the planet. Then with love also include our Star Friends as you invite them and “vector” them to your location. You can “vector”, or guide, them to your location by projecting your consciousness out to them and visualizing how to travel from the location of our sun in our solar system to our Earth. As you approach it in your imagination, zoom in closer and closer to your specific location on the surface. Show them the images of where to find you!

Mentally and with your heart, ASK our ET friends what you and we can do in cooperation with them to bring about a healing for our planet Earth. Invite them to take more of a part in our Human affairs, recognizing that it is nonetheless Humanity’s responsibility to solve its problems.”

Remember that ET Contact can come in many forms. It may be a sighting of a Star Craft, a lucid dream, a telepathic message, a touch on the shoulder or knee, weird electrical phenomenon with communication devices or lights, and so much more. The ETs are very creative and will only communicate when it is safe for them and you.

The CE-5 Initiative

Definition: CE-5 is a term describing a fifth category of close encounters with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI), characterized by mutual, bilateral communication rather than unilateral contact. The CE-5 Initiative has as its central focus bilateral ETI-human communication based on mutual respect and universal principles of exchange and contact. CE types 1-4 are essentially passive, reactive and ETI initiated.

A CE-5 is distinguished from these by conscious, voluntary and proactive human-initiated or cooperative contacts with ETI. Evidence exists indicating that CE-5s have successfully occurred in the past, and the inevitable maturing of the human/ETI relationship requires greater research and outreach efforts into this possibility. While ultimate control of such contact and exchange will (and probably should) remain with the technologically more advanced intelligent life forms (i.e., ETI), this does not lessen the importance of conscientious, voluntary human initiatives, contact and follow-up to conventional CE-s types 1-4.

CSETI is the only worldwide effort to concentrate on putting trained teams of investigators into the field where 1) active waves of UFO activity are occurring, or 2) in an attempt to vector UFOs into a specific area for the purposes of initiating communication. Contact protocols include the use of light, sound, and thought. Thought - specifically consciousness - is the primary mode of initiating contact.

Core Principles

  • There is strong evidence for the existence of ETI, civilizations and spacecraft. ETI/ETS have been and are currently visiting the Earth.

  • Careful bilateral communications between ETI and humans is of continuing importance and will increase in the future.

  • CSETI approaches the study of ETI with cooperative, peaceful, non-harmful intentions and procedures.

  • The establishment of a lasting world peace is essential to the full development of the ETI-Human relationship.

  • Both humans and ETI, as conscious, intelligent beings, are essentially more alike than dissimilar; CSETI is dedicated to the study of both our shared and unique characteristics. CSETI operates on the premise that ETI net motives and ultimate intentions are peaceful and non-hostile.

  • It appears probable that more than one extraterrestrial civilization is responsible for the ETI/ETs contact so far observed. It is likely that this represents a cooperative effort.

  • CSETI will attempt to cultivate bilateral ETI-human contact and relations which will serve peaceful, cooperative goals.

  • It is NOT a goal of CSETI to acquire ET advanced technologies which may have a potential harmful or military application if disclosed prematurely.

There is also et contact tools available, Click Here


  1. Since I have no known contact with ETs, yet I have demonstrated some moderate psychic ability at one time, thereby rendering me automatically sensitive, and that Rhode Island is a certainly not-so-hot spot for UFO activities, I suggest a group gather somewhere here in this state. Start with a donut shop, pick a donut shop, any donut shop, and then go from there. Even though it is heavily populated, it is likely a new beacon calling a UFO from a spot that's a bit out of the way would attract the more bored (smarter) alien craft pilots, and we can do a proper CE-5 without anyone knowing for about ten minutes. I think it would take about two to get transported up and get out of sight. It's just a bit of caveman strategy, that's all.


  3. As a younger man I had no need to contact ET; they contacted me. Since turning 60 years of age, I feel they've now abandoned me. (Physical visits, abduction) However, I do feel I'm still in contact telepathically. However, I really miss seeing them in the physical.

  4. Just wanna say if it is really ET out there, please take me and my 7 cats and 6 dogs with you because I'm literally sick of this planet

  5. In my small town, I have been fearing that the connections I have created with ets, have awoken the suspicion of my military. Recently I've noticed anytime I try to connect/meditate with Ets, an excess amount of aircraft are flying through my sky. I'm starting to fear retaliation may occur towards my loved ones. I will be taking a break with CE-5 until I feel safe.

    I breaks my heart because I love them.

  6. Ashville nc 28748 siteing craft followed us home last year craft description triangular shape gravity fed three sided lights. Destination came from enka candler followed us to earlys mtn then hoverd for ten minutes then shot straight up. Come home. An see for urself . Sincerely far reaches of Leicester

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