Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sirius to Qualify for Academy Award - New York and LA Screenings


Dear Sirius Team,

First, we thank you as always for being tireless supporters of Sirius. We've now been able to share the message of disclosure, contact, and free energy with tens of thousands of people worldwide - many who are encountering this subject for the first time - young and old!

The NEL team (Arm and JD) were in Cannes this past week to set up further outreach of the film into international and theatrical waters. While in France, we were given many convincing accolades from those in the industry, supporters, and from outsiders who were new to the subject.

The biggest accolade of all, though, is that many industry insiders believe that Sirius should be up for an Academy Award. This is an amazing gesture not many other films garner.

Thus, from May 31st - June 6 > Sirius will be showing on the big screen in New York and Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, CA
Laemmle Theatres
Music Hall 3
9036 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA
Screening 4x daily For tickets and info go to:

New York, NY
Quad Cinema
Greenwich Village
34 West 13th St.
New York, NY 10011
Showtimes coming soon
For more information, check back at the Quad Website at

If you live in or around these two major cities, don't miss the opportunity to see Sirius on the big screen! If you don't, then please spread the message to your friends and family who do.

Simply put: the more people who see the film at the theater, the better chances we have for an Academy Award, and at the very least, we will be in mainstream theaters for a longer and larger run to your city.

Please consider making a recommendation or sending tickets as a gift to a family member in the area.

As we introduce more and more people to this subject, humanity moves closer to our goal of peaceful existence. We hope to inspire new hearts and minds worldwide into exploring contact and energy technology freely without fear of ridicule or suppression.

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And as always, look to for updates on additional screenings and other film news.

We are working on a number of distribution models that will send the film far and wide.


Neverending Light


  1. What a complete farce. This 'movie' is nothing more than a load of old grainy Youtube footage, new-age nonsense and a m,assive ego trip for 'Dr' Greer. Laughable. But not unexpected - Greer is well known in UFOlogy circles as a serial hoaxer and fraud.