Friday, May 31, 2013

Amardeep Kaleka - Sirius Documentary Film

A Special Message From Amardeep Kaleka Director of The Sirius Documentary Film

Dear Sirius Supporters,

I have a special message for you today - an important mission.

We created this update video for you to share some good news.

Now, we ask that you please help us out today by spreading the video far and wide. We want everyone to share in the excitement. We won't let ridicule and disinformation slow us down. Sirius is gaining major industry attention - which translates to more people being able to see the film and take this subject seriously!

Powerful industry representatives who believe in this film have suggested we run for an Academy Award. Now, we are opening theaters in New York and Los Angeles - starting tonight May 31 and running through June 6.

For tickets and info:

The more people that the Sirius community can get into those seats - the wider this film will spread. That means more theaters around the nation - and the world. It also means we might be honored with an Academy Award nomination - which would definitely put this subject on the map.

We are humbled by this response and grateful to you - our core team of supporters - for helping us get this far.

Please take a moment to share this video and theater links on your social network pages, email lists, and with friends and family. Let's rally everyone we can and take Sirius to the next level!


Amardeep Kaleka
Neverending Light

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