Monday, June 24, 2013

Secrets From Stephenville UFO Event To Be Disclosed


Robert Powell will be revealing a simulation of the radar data that was obtained from the Stephenville event in 2008. The simulations will display the movement of an unknown object without a transponder signal in the same location as described by the witnesses.

Another simulation will also display an unknown object without a transponder signal traveling towards the Bush Crawford Ranch that day.

Additionally, new information will be shared regarding two new witnesses who actually observed an unknown object near Crawford Ranch at about the same time as the radar data detected the object.***

First-Time Disclosure, And Many More to be Revealed!

* The top ten cases from 2012 chosen by the mufon science review board!

* New photos of the wreckage of the 1945 san antonio, new mexico crash!

* More evidence pointing to more than one atacama humanoid!

* New information about alien symbols!

* Breakthrougs in faster-than-light travel!

All to be revealed for the first time at the SYMPOSIUM

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