Friday, July 26, 2013

Global CE-5 ET Contact

Making Global CE-5 ET Contact

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A message from:
Kosta Makreas
Founder & Coordinator, "Global CE-5 ET Contact" events
Co-Founder, ""
Founder, "People's Disclosure Movement"

Hello ETLetsTalk Community and Friends!

The "People's Disclosure Movement" continues spreading...

A warm welcome to more than one hundred new members of our ETLetsTalk Community! Many of you folks joined after seeing our Community featured in the film Sirius and on social media web sites. Read on and see how we organize the monthly CE-5 ET Contact events.

You're invited to make ET Contact alone or with a group!

Announcing our next monthly "Global CE-5 ET Contact" event which takes place Saturday, August 3, 2013. The 24-hour period from your local midnight which starts August 3 until your local midnight which starts August 4 is our ET contact time span.

If you're making ET Contact August 3, 'Reply' to this email as soon as you can and provide this info:

Your Name
Location of ET Contact
# of Participants (not required, but nice to have)

Please also "Join" and "Share" this month's CE-5 ET Contact event from our Facebook Event page at: Join and Share!

Follow us on Twitter: @etletstalk

Last month's July 6 CE-5 ET Contact event was awesome! Thank you everyone! It produced a coordinated network of:

204 Total Team CE-5 sites
151 Specified sites
53 Unspecified sites
28 USA States
32 Countries

We received, as usual, amazing reports of our human-ET interaction. We heard again from our Star Friends that we are loved, encouraged and appreciated as we undertake this exciting contact experiment.

Remember that our inter-connected international group during this "Global CE-5 ET Contact" event is representative of the One Humanity, a humanity which will eventually welcome the Star Nations in open Full Open Contact. We ask for the Star Nations' aid in our human affairs as they cooperate with us to bring about positive peaceful transformation on Earth.

The "Global CE-5 ET Contact" event instructions are available at the end of this message. You can join in from anywhere at any time that is convenient for you during the 24-hour ET Contact period.

Here are the remaining dates in 2013 for the "Global CE-5 ET Contact" events:

August 3
September 7
October 5
November 2
November 30
December 28

These are all Saturdays near to the New Moon

THANK YOU for caring enough about our beautiful Earth to do this wonderful ET Contact work.

In the Spirit of Peace,

Love and Blessings,

Kosta Makreas


1. Do this CE-5 ET Contact any time, anywhere that is convenient, comfortable and safe for you.

2. Choose the place and the people you believe are compatible, respectful, and enthusiastic about this coordinated effort. You may also do this alone. If you have an attitude of fear, deep skepticism, hostility, close-mindedness…chances are good you will fail at making contact. Bring your goodwill, love, joy and openness to the experience. The ETs will “pick up” on your noble positive vibrations.

3. Link heart-to-heart with members in your group. Circulate the love energy.

4. Imagine a sphere of love at the center of your circle with each of your hearts connected to it. Project this column of love energy high up into the sky as a brilliant vibrant beacon to our Star Friends.

5. When you go into meditation, in your imagination link up heart-to-heart with all of the other Global CE-5 ET Contact groups who are joining in all over the planet. Then with love also include our Star Friends as you invite them and “vector” them to your location. You can “vector”, or guide, them to your location by projecting your consciousness out to them and visualizing how to travel from the location of our sun in our solar system to our Earth. As you approach it in your imagination, zoom in closer and closer to your specific location on the surface. Show them the images of where to find you!

6. Mentally and with your heart, ASK our ET friends what you and we can do in cooperation with them to bring about a healing for our planet Earth. Invite them to take more of a part in our Human affairs, recognizing that it is nonetheless Humanity’s responsibility to solve its problems.

7. Remember that CE-5 ET Contact can come in many forms. It may be a sighting of a Star Craft, a lucid dream, a telepathic message, a touch on the shoulder or knee, weird electrical phenomenon with communication devices or lights, and so much more. The ETs are very creative and will only communicate when it is safe for them and you.

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