Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Amardeep Kaleka - Violence Will Repulse ET Visitation

The Peacemakers

Mission Critical:

Sirius has not only taught us to look outwards to galactic civilizations to find peace, but also, to look at our own. Until we can find harmony on our own planet, these intergalactic civilizations will, most definitely, keep us at arm’s length. After Sirius, these thoughts were heavy on my mind - particularly as I continued to fathom the senseless murder of my father in a mass shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin by a neo nazi domestic terrorist.

Many of you know about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, The Boston Bombing - or more recently, earlier this week - the assault shooting that claimed 12 lives at the Navy Shipyard in Washington D.C. Many will discuss if the Military Industrial Complex is behind these plots. This is a complex question and one that people should consider.

However, I’m not up to that task - it’s too dark of a journey with little solutions.

Rather, my personal mission is to uncover the root of the “culture of violence” that brews dark people and these sinister agendas -- and find out how to stop it.

This is why I’ve been creating the first ever comprehensive and holistic documentary on peace and violence called Peacemakers. This film sheds light on a nation, and a world, historically built on violence. We take time to digest the military industrial and prison complex, to discuss the psychology and education of our children, and question which legislation promotes responsibility and peace. Ultimately, we are able to articulate ground breaking answers to a complex question:

What makes us so violent?
And what can we do about it?

However, this heavy lift of a project, and my insatiable passion to find answers, has left me dry. I've expended any free penny, any free moment, and any free energy of myself, my family, and my company to get to this point in the process of making this film. Now, we are almost complete with the process of filming, and are moving into the arduous task of editing and distribution.

In an effort to gather resources for this long push to the finish line, we need your help to "crowd source".

If you are willing to help in this major endeavor, there are many levels of support:

You can help us spread the word via email, social media, or introductions.

You can pre-buy a copy of the film, or a credit at the end.
If you are able to help in any way, then I humbly request you visit our Kickstarter web page to find out how:
[Click Here for Page]

The proceeds of the film will go towards funding the peacemaking endeavors we have seen work wonders over the past decades. Small things that create change like community Peace Gardens in the Inner city that replace old run down buildings.

I hope you’ll join us soon.

In Peace,

Amardeep Kaleka

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