Thursday, September 12, 2013

Global CE-5 ET Contact - The Good, the True and the Beautiful

"The Good, The True and The Beautiful Is On The Way"

Since October, 2010, I have been asking those of you who participate in our monthly “Global CE-5 ET Contact” events to visualize our Star Friends cooperating with us peaceful humans to co-create a New Earth. Together we have been calling forth life-affirming developments such as free energy, amazing medical and scientific technologies and more to solve our most pressing problems.

I have always stressed that our Star Friends want us to think of them as elder brothers, sisters and cousins – not Gods – who are willing to lend their technologies and spiritual wisdom to help us. I have also stressed the fact that we humans are responsible for solving our problems. We need to forge right human relations and to use love and goodwill to learn to get along with each other on a personal, national and planetary basis.

Through this human-initiated effort to create a positive future for all of Gaia and her lifeforms, my underlying mantra has been a phrase that a spiritual mentor of mine used a century ago. It is really a promise: “The Good, the True and the Beautiful” is on the way. That mentor stated that unparalleled spiritual forces of Love and Light stand at the ready and indeed are active in the world to assist us in creating a better global society.

This is no pie-in-the-sky idealism. We look at the world as it is with all of its flaws and dangers and we may recoil. But, if we really allow the best that is in us to emerge and seize the day…and then unite that with the best in others around us who grasp the vision of a better way and are willing to work for it…then we have a realistic hope and expectation that “The Good, the True and the Beautiful” will actually manifest.

Because much of the mass media is still controlled by elite forces that don’t have the best interests of Humanity and Gaia in mind, we don’t see a reflection in the news of the positive ways that human beings are creating the New Earth.

The media doesn’t report on the fact that thousands of us are actively engaging with interstellar civilzations who can help us. Our movement and our numbers are growing. A poll by HuffPost on Sept. 11, 2013 stated that 48% of USA citizens believe that UFOS are real with 17% undecided and 35% firmly opposed to the idea. That means that roughly 2/3 (65%), 2 out of 3, USA Citizens is openminded to the idea of ET presence in our skies and on Earth! How far we have come!

I strongly suspect that those poll numbers are even higher in many other nations where there is greater cultural appreciation and awareness of so-called non-mainstream, “paranormal” ideas.

So the next time you think you might be crazy or have someone else tell you that you are crazy for your contact activities with ETs, why don’t you throw those poll numbers back at them? If indeed you and I are crazy to believe in UFOs, in ETs, in the possibility that they exist…then we are all in a lot of insanely great company cause we are the majority!

Our ETLetsTalk Contact global group is leading the way. A generation ago, this kind of interactive communication with Star Friends was just not possible. But times have happily changed and public opinion has opened up and flowed into a greater awareness of Earth’s place in the unfathomably vast Cosmos and to the fact that Life is more prevalent there than we could ever imagine and that Life is seeking out civilizations like ours.

So to you who are on the forefront of Human-ET communication, let me say thanks. You are pioneers!

Help us to build our ET Contact team numbers by publicizing our community to more blogs, more web sites, more email lists, more internet radio shows, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere! Our ET Contact activity offers hope that we, with lots of stellar help, WILL succeed in saving our world and in rejuvenating it in unimaginable beautiful ways.

I’m happy to be on the winning team with you, and I state again:

“The Good, the True and the Beautiful” is on the way,

Kosta (still breathing the free air of Earth)

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