Sunday, November 03, 2013

Amardeep Kaleka Can Bring in Truth, ET Disclosure and Alternative Energies

Amardeep Kaleka director of Dr. Steven Greer's Sirius Disclosure ET Documentary.


You've seen us through it all. Amardeep Kaleka is now taking the next step towards bringing transparency to our nation. He's battling with the Goliaths and running against Paul Ryan for the 1st Congressional District of WI.

Ryan was funded by the Koch Brothers, banks and other corporations to do their bidding.

But Arm has gone to the people for funding - raising $20 at a time on a Crowdfunding site. He's the first Congressperson to ever do this.

Ryan is the chair of a committee which effectively derailed our government into shutting down. It's time we have leaders who are dedicated to progress and truth above their own careers!

Here's just TWO of the ways Arm wants to go after the truth:

He is going to announce the Congressional Transparency Protocol Index (CTPi). Basically, he's been working with his good friends in Silicon Valley and the Midwest to develop a simple system that holds Congressman transparently accountable. Hopefully, this will be headquartered in Wisconsin-D1 and California.

Arm would be the first Congressional member to summarize each bill up for vote and send it via email to a strong sample of 2000 community leaders that represent the demographic makeup of the region. They will return their vote, and he would use it as an influencer on his vote. If he votes with the polling average, then his CTPi goes up. If not, then it goes down -- like a batting average. In a very short time, everyone will know if he's batting .750 or .200 on congressional bills. This simple step has NEVER been done before. Simply put: he asks the people. They answer. He listens. In the future, he will scale this program up to account for all 435 house members. This is just one way he wants to clean House in DC.

In addition,
He wants to sit on the board for Science, Space and Technology - so he can be where he's needed to enforce transparency and development of alternative energies. We all know how important this is!

The crowdfunding site has just a few days left before it closes - and Arm makes his big announcement that he's officially in the race.

The Other side has started their mud slinging campaign trying to demolish his, Dr. Greer's and the Sirius reputation: See attached images for the Mother Jones Story (do not click on their site for this story bc it just drives it up on Google).

If you believe in Arm - please help us drum up support on that. If we can show the Goliaths out there that this David can raise significant funds without going to special interests... they'll be running scared because they'll know for a fact that the people are behind him.

Go to ... and send everyone you know who cares about truth and transparency in government!

Amar Kaleka is a 35 year old former teacher, an entrepreneur, and a community organizer. He has the highest degree in his field, but was raised getting free lunch in inner-city public schools. He’s won national acclaim for his work, inspired by witnessing his community ripped apart by violence on August 5th, 2012, when his church was attacked by a Neo-Nazi extremist. Amar’s father, alongside 6 others, were gunned down in the attack.

Amar is considering a run for congress to build the economic strength of the middle class, across party lines. He believes that inaction is not an option, and that by revitalizing and supporting middle class families we can move the nation forward, toward a true representative democracy- of the people, by the people and for the people.

If, by November 7th at midnight, this campaign can reach $5,000 then Amar will know that the American people are with him, and file for full candidacy.

Will you join us?

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