Saturday, April 05, 2014

Kosta Makreas And Daniel Sheehan - Never Before Information Revealed on the UFO ET Coverup

Kosta Makreas And Daniel Sheehan Talk About The UFO ET Coverup as Well as how it Feels to Interact With our ET Visitors Through 3-D Reality and our Multi-Sensory Perception

On Friday, March 28, 2014, Daniel Sheehan, legal counsel for the ETLetsTalk/ community, together with Kosta Makreas, creator of the Global ET Contact network and co-founder of ETLetstalk/ were interviewed by Jimmy Church of Fade to Black on Dark Matter Radio.

What ensued was almost 3 full hours of informative, entertaining and often enlightening conversation delving deep into the truth and mysteries of Extraterrestrial presence engaging mankind. Don’t miss this the opportunity to hear the discussion with never before information revealed on the UFO coverup as well as how it feels to interact with our ET visitors through 3-D reality and our multi-sensory perception.

Are you ready for ET-Contact?
Join Danny and Kosta as they pave the way for mankind’s greatest foray into the unknown!
And join us at as we transition to our new home at and be part of the great awakening!

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