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Galactic Federation Has Told us About Our Bases on Mars And Moon

The Galactic Federation of Light Has Told us About Our Bases on Mars And Moon

In light of Alfred Webre’s article on Andrew Basiago, Mars bases and teleportation, I was asked two questions. First, was it not true that humanity could not leave the planet Earth because of a galactic quarantine. The answer to that, as SaLuSa makes clear, is that humanity cannot leave the solar system, rather than the planet.

“Man is restricted from taking his craft outside of his solar system, because he does not yet recognise or understand the [universal] laws and is inclined to act irresponsibly. Also Man would take his weapons into Space as he does now, and [would be] prepared to use them in violation of such laws.”

The second question was why the Company of Light has not mentioned that humans have been to Mars. In fact they have. The earliest reference is from Billy Meiers whom the Pleiadians took to Mars in the 1970s. Billy provided photographs of an American ship there, as seen in this video by Randy Winters.

Matthew Ward also revealed in 2004 that Americans knew there was life on Mars:

“The telescope and the roving camera on Mars have beamed back pictures of incontrovertible ‘intelligent life’ that your government does not want you to know about. You had heard that the roving camera on Mars briefly had lost contact with receivers on Earth but you gave it little thought other than a fleeting: I wonder what it picked up that we’re not supposed to see. It had indeed done that!”

SaLuSa has referred to our explorations of Mars a number of times:

“Since Man has ventured into Space and found evidence on both your Moon and Mars of intelligent life, the idea of Extraterrestrials within your Solar System is undeniable.”

Ker-on of Venus also raised the matter:

“Life is everywhere around you; therefore what could be more natural than contact being made with you. It is not that long ago that you started to explore the space around you, and your understanding of it has increased. Evidence of life upon your Moon and Mars has been found, although your Governments try to hide that information from you.”

On another occasion SaLuSa went further and mentioned human bases on Mars and the Moon:

“The dark forces upon Earth have had ambitions to enslave you, and extend their activities into Space. They already have bases upon the Moon and Mars, and using force they would not hesitate to colonise another world. However, no matter what they do they will not be allowed to go outside your Solar System.”

On still another occasion, he predicted that the truth of our travels to Mars would come out after disclosure:

“The pressure that our allies have been exerting to bring disclosure out is paying off, and once the facts begin to come out it will soon become an avalanche. After all of this time the people are ready to learn the truth about us, although the more extreme incidents and events surrounding some disclosures will cause considerable shock. It will come from learning that ET’s have been in touch with your governments for some 80 years, and are known to have bases inside the Earth, and on the Moon and Mars.”

SaLuSa uses the truth about Mars as one example of how we’ve been misled by the cabal:

“You have been deliberately mislead and kept in the dark over many events, that as Sovereign Beings you have every right to know about. For example there is vast and undeniable proof that life has not only existed on your Moon and Mars, but still does to this day. … You really have so much to learn to set the record straight, and some information will be both shocking and sensational.”

According to him, NASA plays a major role in the cover-up:

“NASA has absolute proof of life on some planets in your solar system, but still goes to great lengths to cover it up. Their expeditions to Mars and your Moon revealed so much evidence of previous civilisations, but they hide photographic proof or alter them to keep such secrets to themselves. You have a right to know about such activity, and we will reveal these hidden truths when open contact has been made.”

“Whereas you have been led to believe otherwise, NASA has removed traces of their existence from photographs and film. By all means possible you have been kept ignorant of our presence, and any other civilisation that has attempted to communicate with you. Of course there have been individual contacts that have taken place, but it was hoped by the dark Ones that they would largely be ignored. The time has never been better for the truth to come out, and we are working with our allies to restore freedom of expression amongst your journalists and the news media.

Matthew Ward revealed the dark intent behind plans to “colonize” Mars:

“The sudden determination of the US government to spend billions of dollars to explore and possibly colonize Mars is to us almost a laughable disguise for the dark truth, which is to prevent the light forces from en masse landings on the planet by extending the combat into space. Although this is put out publicly as a US exploration decision, it is the intent of the Illuminati globally to heat up their battle capabilities with this off-planet use of technological weapons that only a few scientists and the quiet elite there know exist. Of course this effort will be as futile as their attempts to use known nuclear weaponry have been.”

So what Andrew Basiago (and later “Henry Deacon” or Arthur Neumann) has been telling us about life on Mars, bases on that planet, and so on is corroborated by the galactics and has been revealed to us several times since the 1970s.


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  1. i always knew something was going on, and i have been awakening faster than i can imagine and turning away from the government to find out the truth. i accept the ET's with open arms and am ready to find the truth whenever they come