Tuesday, October 21, 2014

UFO ET Mass Landings And Contact

UFO ET Mass Landings And Contact
When The Ships Come to Land

When the Ships come to land in mass and make contact how will Humanity react to this event? All that you have been taught, think and feel through your space and time. Now you see our Ships coming to Earth. Now that time has ran out for the illusions we are here. We have been preparing Humanity for many years for the event of a lifetime one that your children's children will share many years from now.

Our work is far from complete on this Earth Assignment.

Some are learning how to communicate with our Space Command off Planet and some have been in direct contact for many of your Earth years.

This is not a feel good message. This is a message to be shared with all of Humanity in the days and times ahead. The conflicts that seem larger then life itself keep Humanity from seeing the Cosmic picture. That picture is Universal and our Ships will come within the Divine Time not when its not time.

If you come in groups of like minded souls on Earth who have no fear but only Love in there hearts that is powerful enough to have us come to Earth and land our Ships Of Light. It all depends on you.

What you seek is a deeper connection then you have here on Earth. In your Consciousness you remember and know that its time to come together as an Earth Society of Light. The Ships will land Brothers and Sisters. When mass invitation through your consciousness to ours is sent then that will be the time of the Contact with Humanity.

Not one War on Earth can stop this from happening, Not one Government can stop this from happening. No Army on Earth can stop this from happening.

For to long Earth has been abused by Man and now the time has come for Contact. You are the ones who will make this happen. If you believe in your cosmic self that is the first step to seeing this happen in your time and space. This is not a Dream but a Reality in these times you live in.

What do you really want to see happen. The same old news and events day to day or a Cosmic Event of a lifetime? Its your choice now to make.

The skies above are filled with cosmic activity beyond Earth.

I will end this message with a invite to our Space Brothers and Sisters on The Ships to come and Land on Earth. We are ready. Share this message with all of Humanity that the Ships are here above in our Solar System and Galaxy. Use your meditations around the world in silence to contact the Command to come and land on Earth. Use your Telepathic ability to ask of this. Mass Telepathic Contact all around the world. Its time for Contact. No waiting for something to happen we together will create this reality.

First Contact Ground Crew Team

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