Saturday, November 22, 2014

Pleiadian Agenda – Time For Truth (Video)

3rd Dimensional Pleiadians:
Two arms, two legs, body, head; the Pleiadian ears are somewhat lower than yours, but Pleiadians are so much genetically like you that they consider you to be their cousins. If a Pleiadian were walking down the street, you would all turn and remark about how they look (they look terrific). You would notice that they're different but wouldn't necessarily consider them alien. That's how similar physically and genetically they are to you.

9th Dimensional (light body) Pleiadians:
We don't display ourselves [to humans] before you're ready- Because what happens when you view us in your physical reality is that it shatters your sense of reality, and there is no putting the genie back in the bottle there. So that's why we wait until you're at a point where your frequency is high enough where you can see us

The Pleiades are a cluster of beautiful, dazzling stars located in the constellation of Taurus. With a telescope, you can see about one-hundred stars. Without a telescope, you can see only six or seven stars. According to ancient legends, the stars are said to be sisters and the daughters of Atlas. The entire Pleiades cluster is actually the eye of the bull in the constellation of Taurus..

The seven bright stars that helped guide Greek sailors are: Alcyone, Merope, Celeno, Taygeta, Sterope, Electra and Maia. They have been known for thousands of years, surrounded by fascinating legends and stories even to this day.

It is through the Crossing of Time, that the Higher Pleiadian Forces of Light bring us information. This information is vital in our spiritual development. Certain Pleiadians have chosen as their work, a very noble and serious purpose. They strive to work through the layers of human consciousness to bring higher wisdom from the place they dwell at. They are not God, yet they bring wisdom, as many have brought wisdom throughout the ages from higher realms.

Their purpose is not to save your soul, but to enlighten you more to the power and beauty of who you are, and to the divine creation of which we all are a part. People or so called that bring in certain information are in no way divine or special. They are simply willing to tune into another place, another time and receive information. Many humans have always had the capacity to do that. There will be some that will actually take that chance and put it out there for others to partake of.

Here is an insight into the amazing and benevolent agenda…



  1. Here the Pleiadians, Semjase enlightens

  2. Amazing ! I can only dream on meeting these lovely beings! I see them all the time flying and try to picture who's in that ship. I hope and pray I can meet these lovely people<3

  3. I met them in a dream, about 7 of them were waiting for me in a beautiful green meadow with a beautiful tree, they received me, one of them took my hand and placed it on his chest and i was able to be like them, communicating through telepathy i became aware of their sweet, pure thinking and emotions, i could see through their bodies and the rainbow colors inside them, they told me either to remember i was like them and we humans have the potential to be like them, they are like humans but like a higher race, and i always dream of going back but i haven't been able to go back