Friday, July 01, 2016

The People's Disclosure Movement: 4 Simple Steps to Disclosure

From Kosta Makreas

Do you really want Disclosure of the ET presence near and on our Earth?

I thought I heard thousands of you shout "Yes!"

Do you know who is the most powerful person on Earth who has the authority to achieve Disclosure?


Now then…do you know the simple foolproof formula YOU can use to finally create Disclosure?


1. Make ET Contact yourself.
2. Tell Someone about that successful ET Contact experience.
3. Teach that Someone how to make ET Contact.
4. Ask that Someone to Repeat Steps 1. to 4.


It's simply a matter of time as lots and lots of people like you empower yourselves!


When I founded "The People's Disclosure Movement" in October, 2010 I knew that We, The People, need to take back our power by applying our own strategy and tactics to create Disclosure.

I asked myself some key questions.

Why are we waiting for any official government, person or institution to announce Disclosure? Haven't they already hidden the Truth from us about ET for decades? Haven't we been lied to, dis-informed, and manipulated?

Why not become our own Authorities instead of waiting for other self-proclaimed authorities to tell us what to believe and when to believe it?

Why do we continue to give these “Authorities” our power? Are we beggars looking for crumbs to fall to us from the table of the elites?

Aren’t we powerful Sovereign Beings who as individuals and in our untold united millions comprise the greatest power on Earth today?

Please share this message of EMPOWERMENT with everyone you know who is open-minded about ET and ET Contact.

Share the “4 Steps to Disclosure” and send your like-minded allies to to register as a free member - with lots of membership benefits.

At we'll teach each one how to make his or her own ET Contact.


Like some of you who have written to me, I, too, have personal ET allies. Yes, Cosmic Friends. We talk.

Here's what they requested when I started "The People's Disclosure Movement" as part of the larger mission.

They asked me, you, and us to:
"Create as many ET Contact teams as possible, in as many places as possible, as soon as possible."

They asked then, and continue to ask now, for Humans' permission to appear in more places. As more humans see and interact with them, it will enable ETs to appear in many more places where more humans will witness them and ask them to appear in even more places where....

…You get the idea. My ET Friends call this a “Virtuous Circle".


They firmly stated that in time so many human beings will see them in so many places that no elite control groups could hide the ET presence any longer. We will create a tipping point and then…TIP! Game Over. Disclosure! The Whole World Will Know.

We Can Do This!      Take 4 Steps To Disclosure.

As you do the 4 Steps to Disclosure it makes the ETs joyous to see us create our own Disclosure and co-create a Golden Age of Earth with them.

Thank you! YOU are the future. You know how simple this Disclosure process is and how simply powerful YOU are.

Breathe the Free Air of Earth,

Kosta Makreas

Founder: & ETLetsTalk Community
“The People’s Disclosure Movement”
“The Global CE-5 Initiative” (now in our 6th year!)

Facebook: CE-5,UFO,SIRIUS

Twitter: etletstalk_km

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