Saturday, September 03, 2016

Spacex Rocket Explosion Linked to Secret Space War

By Dr. Michael Salla

A series of video frames taken of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket explosion on September 1 show two UFOs in the vicinity, just before and during the failed pre-launch test.

The video frames are hard evidence linking the SpaceX explosion to an alleged space war being fought between rival secret space programs according to whistleblower Corey Goode.

The SpaceX rocket was carrying a $150 million satellite belonging to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who was quick to tweet his disappointment:

Elon Musk tweeted an initial analysis that only identified where the explosion took place:

According to investigative reporter, Jim Stone, the way in which one of the UFOs interacted with the rocket just as it exploded suggests it was an attack, and not a case of a fuel tank breach in the upper stage:

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  1. Will the original RAW version be released w/o "Photo-Shopping"? And was transmitted version "Photo-Shopped" as a big prank. Just wondering. After studying vid from several sites I see a single object entering from right to left behind towers at high speed. After the 1st blast a 2nd object appears in lower left going diagonal to upper right behind the blast and rapidly leaves the area.
    Now assuming this is a real external attack why would the perps choose to destroy in such a "public" way. Why not wait until 1st stage separation or later when optics would be much less effective. Only reason I can imagine is that the perps intended it to be seen by the public. Things going on here that is far and away above the common persons ability to comprehend. Could someone estimate the speed using frame rate/tower distance, etc?
    I look forward to hearing others opinions, Tnx, Dick

  2. It is about 167 meters from left to right edge. The object passes from right to left at about .1 second so is traveling at about 3731 miles/hr. So Def not a bird. Besides, later on in the film, that I got before it was taken down, there are birds that fly by in back as well as foreground. And you can clearly see the dif.

    You say "Now assuming this is a real external attack why would the perps choose to destroy in such a "public" way." First there is no evidence that the object caused the explosion. And as far as the 'public way', well I am just hoping that that may be what 'they' intended. Commercial and legal scrutiny of a subject before controlled by the military etc. Hopefully lawsuits that will bring out the reality.
    Has this similarly taken place before? Look up ufos disarm nukes.