Sunday, December 18, 2016

Cosmic Disclosure: Interview With The Insider

David Wilcock and Pete Peterson
Cosmic Disclosure:
Interview With The Insider

David Wilcock: All right, welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I am so glad to be bringing you none other than Pete Peterson. So, Pete, welcome to the show.

Pete Peterson: Thank you, David.

David: When you first started talking to me, one of the things you said was so surprising about an extraterrestrial experience that your family went through with you.

Pete: My parents had a big formal English garden out behind our house.

David: Okay.

Pete: And had a nice raised gazebo, orchestra stand, whatever, and they did a lot of city events. This town was about three blocks long, maybe four.

David: Ha, ha.

Pete: But people would come and have their wedding ceremonies in the formal garden on the little trellis, grape arbor stand that was there, a raised stand.

David: Okay.

Pete: And we were having this . . . I was 10 years old. I remember that. And we were having this wedding there.

And just about as they were to say their vows, somebody said, “Holy cow!”, or words to that effect. “What's that?”

And everybody turned and looked. And for the next hour, for God knows why, we were given a show of flying saucers. And that's the only thing you could call them. They were every kind of shape and size you could imagine.

Some actually went through the air like subway cars, which you don't see, but like a wild train at Disneyland. And they had little round holes, and you could see that there was something inside the hole, because there was light inside like there would be from an airplane.

David: What were some of the shapes that you saw?

Pete: Well, we had cylinders. And some went this way [vertical] and some when this way [horizontal], but they didn't seem to turn this way [horizontal and then vertical], they just went this way [either stayed vertical or stayed horizontal while moving].

David: How many objects did you see in the sky, roughly?

Pete: Oh, at one time I might have seen 30.

David: Wow!

Pete: And most of the time you saw five or six. Then they'd come by and make passes. They'd come by and go straight up and disappear. They'd come straight down and turn and go sideways. They'd circle around.

There were four little cities there together. There's New Plymouth, Idaho; Fruitland, Idaho; Payette, Idaho; and Ontario, Oregon. It's right on the Snake River. Right off the backside of my father's farm, or my grandfather's farm, is the Snake River. And that's the division between Oregon and Idaho in western Idaho.

And so they were seen by about 6,000 people in those towns.

David: Wow! So you mentioned as far as shapes go that there were vertical cylinders, horizontal cylinders . . .

Pete: There were tops, I called them, because I had a toy top as a kid that you push this thing up and down and it would make noise and spin.

Then when you go back into history, you look back to the German bell [it] looked that way.

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