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Cosmic Disclosure: Law of one and the Secret Space Program: Technological Salvation

Corey Goode and David Wilcock
Cosmic Disclosure:
Law of one and the Secret Space Program:
Technological Salvation

David Wilcock: All right, welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. I'm here with Corey Goode. We are now going to be getting into an astonishing number of correlations between what's printed in The Law of One and what he's been telling us on this show about the infamous and dreaded Draco Alliance.

So, Corey, welcome to the program .

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So we've already seen something that's gone way beyond what you thought The Law of One would have in terms of the amount of specific detail.

I know you've never seen any of this stuff before, and I think it's really cool we're going to get this on camera – your first takes as we go through it. And this really, in my view, what you're about to see here is the best information on the Orion/Draco that's in The Law of One.

Now, before we go any further, and I do think you said this on a show before, but I just want to reiterate it now. There is a connection between the Draco and the constellation Orion, correct?

Corey: Yes. And I don't know if that's where they came from, but there are some symbols that are prominently displayed that are Orion symbols.

David: Symbols on their uniforms, on their ships?

Corey: That people have seen displayed on ships, inside ships.

David: Really?

Corey: Right.

David: You've never said that before.

Corey: Triangles . . .

David: We're getting this on camera for the first time. You've never said that before. Wow!

Corey: Right. Triangles with the Orion symbol.

David: Well, I know the Apollo mission, some of the Apollo missions, the patches, had the A and then there's the Belt of Orion in the middle of the A.

Corey: It's the Belt. Yeah. In the triangle, the Belt.

David: Oh, wow! So this explains why The Law of One would call them the Orions, because that's the logo they're using.

Well, I have heard from other insiders that they have a big settlement in Orion, that they've controlled some major sectors there.

Corey: Yeah. I do know that they have been in just about every star system that we can see with our naked eye.

David: Right.

Corey: And they have caused problems in each of those star systems, conquered some of them, been kicked out of others.

David: That's all going to be in here, so let's hit the ground running. This is going to be incredible for you.


8.12 Questioner: At the same time you mentioned that some of the landings were of our peoples, you also mentioned that some were of the Orion group [which is their name for the Draco. It's very obvious. We'll get into all that later. Very obviously the same.]

[We] talked a little about the Orion group, but why do the Orion group land here? What is their purpose?

David: This gets really interesting.

Ra: . . . Their purpose is conquest, unlike those of the [benevolent] Confederation who wait for the calling.

David: And the calling means we have to ask for their help. They can't help us without our freewill permission.

So conquest. And would you say that's the Draco in a nutshell right there?

Corey: That is their mandate. They conquer and not only that, they have co-opted part of the Secret Space Program to assist them in conquering.

David: Wait til you see what's in here because it validates that completely.

Ra: The so-called Orion group calls itself to conquest.

8.13 Questioner: Specifically, what do they [the Orions or Dracos] do when they land?

Ra: There are two types of landings.

In the first, entities among your peoples are taken on their craft and programmed for future use.

David: Now, what do you think that means?

Corey: There are a lot of individuals that have no idea that they have been picked up by any type of non-terrestrial. A lot of these people are harden skeptics even, and they have been programmed to be triggered by certain events in the future to act a certain way and to perform certain tasks.

David: Wow! Wait until you see what comes next.

Ra: There are two or three levels of programming.

David: And this gets really bizarre.

Ra: First, the level that will be discovered by those who do research. [Abduction]

David: And I just put in here in parentheses my guess is that they mean abductions. That seems pretty obvious.

Ra: Second, a triggering program. [Mind control]

David: That definitely seems to be mind control, which is what you were saying, but wait until you see number three now.

Ra: Third, a second and most deep triggering program crystallizing the entity thereby rendering it lifeless and useful as a kind of beacon. [Programmable Life Form]

David: And that seems to suggest the idea of a programmable life form. Have you heard about the possibility that certain organic, seemingly biological life forms could become programmable?

Corey: Yes, with the help of nano technology.

David: Right. So, this programming, this deeper level they're talking about would involve some sort of AI compromise.

Corey: Sounds like it.

David: And what they're saying here, if you read it carefully, it becomes lifeless. The AI could take over someone's body so much that traditional biological life isn't even really a factor any more.

Corey: Yeah, I haven't heard that part.

David: Do you think it could go that far?

Corey: It could.

David: Yeah. Well, we've heard from Dr. Steven Greer about the PLFs or the Programmable Life Forms, that there are these . . . Some of these Greys apparently are not really alive.

Corey: Yeah.

David: They're like a bio-robot.

Corey: Right.

David: Does that line up with what you saw?

Corey: Yes. Some of them are remote controlled like avatars.

David: Right, exactly. So this, again, way too advanced for what you should have seen in 1981.

Ra: This is a form of landing.

David: That's one of the forms, but then there's another one.

Ra: The second form is that of landing beneath the Earth's crust which is entered from water.

David: Now you're smiling. So are there bases that the Space Program has that are on Earth that you enter in from the water and they are under the crust?

Corey: There are bases for many non-terrestrial groups and terrestrial groups that are below the ocean crust and the Earth crust where entrances are underwater.

David: Wow!

Corey: Yes.

David: And they're specifically talking about the Draco here. The Orions.

Corey: Here they're talking about the Draco, but the Super Federation – they call them 'embassies' in the Secret Space Program.

David: What would we see in one of those portals in the ocean? What would it look like when they go in?

Corey: Well, they are giant . . . They're like a cave systems.

David: Okay. It's not like an iris opens and closes necessarily.

Corey: Well, some of them , , , they have put holographic types of technology to cover them, and some of them our military have put types of material that will reflect radar, sonar, in the same manner that the surrounding rock and material will to camouflage it.

We have electromagnetic powered, basically, submarines as well . . .

David: Right.

Corey: . . . that travel in and out and they travel beneath the crust and then within all of these rift zones under the crust.

David: I bet you didn't expect to see this, huh?

Corey: No.

Ra: Again, in the general area of your South American and Caribbean areas and close to the so-called northern pole.

David: But the point is here, notice they say, “Again, in the general area of” the Bahamas and Chile.

Corey: Yeah.

David: Right? So what they're saying is that the Draco bases and the human bases are joint bases. Right? Because they 'again', and that fits with what you're saying as well, right?

Corey: Many of them are joint.

David: So you would have these Dracos working alongside humans in underground bases, just like it says here and undersea.

Corey: Uh-huh.

8.14 Questioner: What [is] the objective with respect to the conquest of the Orion group? David: He doesn't . . . This is only Question 8. He's only been doing this for less than two weeks now.

Corey: He's asking why . . .

David: Yeah.

Corey: . . . the Orions conquest?

David: Why the Orions want to do this, because he doesn't really get the negative agenda yet. This is before he understood loosh, before he understood all that stuff that comes out.

Ra: As we have said previously,. . .

David: This is an amazing answer.

Ra: . . . their objective is to locate certain mind/body/spirit complexes [ ie people] which vibrate in resonance with their own vibrational complex, . . .

David: Meaning people who are powerful and think of themselves as elite and very evil.

Ra: . . . then to enslave the un-elite, as you may call those who are not of the Orion vibration.

David: So notice it says here they're not going to come in and conquer directly. They've got to contact the planetary elite.

Now, you said that the first group the Draco contacted was who?

Corey: The Nazis.

David: Right. So this fits in, doesn't it?

Corey: Yes. The Nazis were very much of the same vibration as the Draco.

David: And what were the Nazis trying to do?

Corey: They had the exact same agenda to subjugate the world, reduce population and control it.

David: It lines up very, very nicely. So now we're going to skip from Question 14 to 23, just to keep things moving.

8.23 Questioner: The most startling information that you've given me, which I must admit I'm having difficulty believing, is that [the] United States has 573 craft like you describe.

David: Because there was nothing like this in UFO lore at the time.

How many people in our government are aware that we have these . . . how many total people . . .

David: And notice the wording. Again, you've got to be so careful how you ask these questions.

How many people of United States designation . . .

David: If he had asked it differently, he would get a totally different answer.

How many people of United States designation are aware of this, including those who operate the craft?

Ra: . . . The number of your peoples varies, for there are needs to communicate at this particular time/space nexus so that the number is expanding at this time.

David: Now, I believe that what they mean here is there's a need for people in the United States who know about this to communicate with the Breakaway Civilization, because he didn't ask about that. He asked about the U.S. But wait til you hear this.

Ra: The approximate number is one five oh oh [1,500].

Corey: That's not many.

David: What do you think about that estimate based on the classified world as of 1981, the number of people that are on cosmic top-secret or higher clearance level, the need to know, and are still actually living in the U.S. and are not part of this Breakaway Civilization?

Corey: I would say the numbers are not that different.

David: That's pretty close to what you'd estimate?

Corey: You know, a little more now, but it's still a very small number of people that have the full knowledge. A lot of people think they have it, but the people that are, as you say, communicating with the Breakaway Civilization for logistics is a very small number.

David: And when I spoke to Hoagland's insider, Bruce, recently, about this and asked him the same question, he said there's about 3,000 here on Earth who know everything right now, which is only double that number. So this is . . . It's a very tightly controlled thing.

And so then they say:

Ra: It is only approximate for as your illusory time/space continuum moves from present to present at this nexus, many are learning.

David: So they're saying the number's going to go up quickly.

8.24 Questioner: Where are these craft constructed?

David: Wait until you see this. Nobody knew about Area 51 back then. Okay? It was not out in the open.

Ra: These craft are constructed one by one in two locations:

. . . in the desert or arid regions of your so-called New Mexico

. . . and in the desert or arid regions of your so-called Mexico, both installations being under the ground.

David: Does that line up with anything that you saw?

Corey: Yes. Ha, ha.

David: Ha, ha.

Corey: That's very interesting. There are facilities in Mexico . . .

David: Really?

Corey: . . . out in big desert regions with mountains separating them, and I don't know exactly where it is geographically, that have underground areas where they construct some of the parts of the technology, at least they used to. I don't know if that's still the case. This is back '80s, '90s.

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