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Sean Stone: Collective Consciousness and the Mandela Effect with Corey Goode

Buzzsaw with Sean Stone: Collective Consciousness
and the Mandela Effect with Corey Goode

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Sean Stone: Are we living in a world of the Mandela effect with Mars and Disclosure on the horizon? Let's enter the Buzzsaw.
Welcome to “Buzzsaw”, where we cut through the mainstream narrative to explore the hidden truths. I'm your host Sean Stone. And joining me today is Corey Goode, an insider and whistleblower to the Secret Space Program.

He currently works in counter-electronic surveillance and claims to have a direct physical contact with the Sphere-Being Alliance to deliver important messages to humanity.

Today, we are getting his perspective on a host of fresh topics, beginning with Mars.

We've heard quite a bit about Mars in recent months, I would say, including Elon Musk's desire to send people on a one-way ticket to Mars, which is sort of bizarre, frankly. But does this reveal some type of secret government agenda do you think?

Corey Goode: Absolutely. They're sort of acclimating the public for information about what is really going on on Mars. And if you remember, I believe President Obama made an announcement about Mars as well very recently.

So it's like they're trying to . . . Mars is always being kept in our consciousness somehow from these different movies that they make about visiting Mars or them constantly talking about it.

Sean: Mm-hm. Well, certainly, you say movies that are being made about Mars, and I think “Martian”, obviously, a very prominent film from the past year that was very successful.

Do you think, based on your experience and knowledge, that this is an accurate representation of what Mars looks like as far as the surface life?

Corey: It's fairly accurate. It is a desolate desert planet, but there is a little bit more of an atmosphere than they depict in the movies. You're going to get purples and pinks, hues in the sky, during sunrise and sunset. And it's a little bit of a pale blue sky.

Sean: So you're saying that they're trying to keep, the elite, are trying to keep Mars in our consciousness. Now, is that because it's the God of War? And does this have to do with more mythic symbology, or is there something else as far as the agenda with Mars?

Corey: Well, a lot of the elite somehow trace their lineage back to a group that came here from Mars. So that's what makes them elite is their blood tie-in to Mars. And they want to go back. They want to re-terra . . . terraform Mars and make it similar to Earth as close as they can get and begin to move a lot of the, I guess, 'dark' – people we would consider 'darker' – to Mars – people of darker agendas.

Sean: So when you say the elite come from Mars, are we talking about a particular race or a particular branch of the elite?

Corey: Yes, it would be a branch of the elite. A lot of them that trace their lineage back through kings and queens and other royal bloodlines, they believe that they have all these bloodlines traced back to a group that came here from Mars about 55,000 to 60,000 years ago and began to install this current control system that we're living under now.

Sean: So these are the so-called Fallen Ones from the Watchers in the Bible, for example.

Corey: Exactly.

Sean: Well, there is indications that we've seen, for example, people like Richard Hoagland talking about the face on Mars, some indications of a nuclear explosion, nuclear devastation of Mars. So does that mean that the elite were driven here because of nuclear war on that planet?

Corey: Yes. The story goes that there was some sort of a civil war or an uprising between that planet and another planet in our solar system. And these groups pretty much destroyed each other.

That's how the atmosphere was destroyed on Mars was from these nuclear explosions. And then the people that were on Mars had to leave Mars, and the best place for them to go was, of course, Earth.

Sean: So we're talking about different branches of the elite. Are they still at civil war with each other?

Corey: They've made a lot of treaties over the millennia, but they still have oppositional agendas.

Sean: We seem to have aliens from all types of star systems, though, beyond Mars, right?

Corey: Oh, yes, yes.

Sean: So how do they factor into it? I mean, what is the hierarchy? And what's the galactic hierarchy between . . .

Corey: Sure.

Sean: . . . sort of between the Martian aliens and then basically elites who come from different other star systems?

Corey: Sure. Well, the elite are working closely with other non-terrestrials that have a similar agenda as theirs. And we do have many, many other non-terrestrials that are coming into our solar system.

We happen to be in an area in our local star cluster that has pretty much something similar to a super gate that is a portal system that allows them to portal from two other galaxies and all over our galaxy.

So we're in a very important location.

Sean: And what is their agenda with Earth? Are they simply here to basically mine the resources and the genetic DNA of humans and then exploit it and move on?

Corey: This particular group, their agenda is to control the planet and then get it to a point to where they can reduce the population and bring in other non-terrestrials.

Sean: But you're saying 'this particular group'. You're talking about the Martian?

Corey: Right.

Sean: The Martian group.

Corey: Right. There are many different groups that we would call 'Cabal' or 'elite', but they're not necessarily working together or have the same agendas.

Sean: Right. Right. So give us an example of basically what other alien beings we're talking about beyond the Martian-derived elite.

Corey: Sure. A lot of people are . . . You hear a lot of people talk about the Nordic race. And that's sort of becoming an umbrella term because there are many different types of Nordics. There are malevolent and benevolent ones.

And our government has been working with one of these races for quite some time. And they do not have the same agenda as the elite, but apparently, they are somehow working with the elite with some sort of shared agenda.

Sean: Mm-hm. So that's just the Nordic. And then what other . . . which ones are we talking about?

Corey: Well, of course, we have the Draco – the Draco Alliance. That is made up of not only the Draco and these insectoid-type beings, but they have what we call conquered races that serve with them.

And one of these Nordic races, they're a real tall, about 8-foot tall, very stout-looking race that has blonde hair, and they have six fingers.

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