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Cosmic Disclosure: Secrets of the Apollo Missions With William Tompkins


Corey Goode and David Wilcock
Cosmic Disclosure:
Secrets of the Apollo Missions With William Tompkins

David Wilcock: All right, welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. I'm here with Corey Goode. So what we're going to start out with here is a segment in which [William] Tompkins is exploring the very contentious Freemason connection to all of this. Let's take a look.

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THE FREEMASON CONNECTION _______________________________________________________________

William Tompkins: If you take me working in the secret think tank at Douglas, okay, the only two people that'd know that's even there at Douglas is the Vice President of Engineering and Dr. Klemperer.

When we had meetings with Navy admirals there on the programs, or when we had meetings of other top officials, or when we were doing design review meetings of our own people, because we had a lot of people in that group, the subject would get to a point where there was no answer.

And then I would come up with an answer.

The Vice President of Engineering would always throw this in. He said, “Bill, you approach everything,” meaning this subject and other stuff, “you look at it as if you're not from here at all.”

I've had that stated to me hundreds of times by different people.

All I can say is, my dad was a 33-level Freemason. Okay? My uncle Harding was Chief Surgeon, Santa Monica Hospital – a lot of money, big house, spent every cent that he had digging through the insides of the pyramids trying to decipher the hieroglyphics. That's what he's trying to do. [He] has three daughters, my aunts.

We lived in that house for almost a year. And what are we doing?

There is a chair that he has next to the fireplace in that house. The chair is almost five-feet wide, wood chair, all covered with hieroglyphics.

And some people said that it was King Tut's chair. Well, that's a good thing to call it, but yeah, it came from one of the kings.

I don't know how he smuggled it out of the country, but he smuggled a whole lot of stuff out of that country. And he disseminated it to top research people in the United States.

So once again, who was Uncle Harding? A 33-level Freemason, okay?

And all I'm saying is there's a whole lot of stuff that we're not involved in, we don't understand.

* * * * * *

David: So, Corey, the first thing that he said is that everybody there acted as if he wasn't from here. These answers that he would come up with for seemingly ponderous questions no one could answer were suggesting, it appears from what he's saying, and if you read his book, that he had some sort of telepathic knowledge or some sort of deeper wisdom.

So regarding this concept of extraterrestrial lineage or extraterrestrial consciousness, is that possible, and do you think that that could be what's going on with Tompkins?

Corey Goode: It could be a number of things. It could be that he incarnated here from another extraterrestrial soul group, possibly these Nordics that he's talking about.

David: Uh hm.

Corey: Or he is in conscious and unconscious telepathic communication with them.

David: Which we does describe in his book . . .

Corey: Right.

David: . . . conscious communication with Nordics.

Corey: And I've experienced that myself.

David: So when he described this question of Uncle Harding being a 33rd degree Mason and also the head of the Santa Monica Hospital, taking all of his excess money and plundering out artifacts from the pyramids, some people might find that hard to believe.

They would think that there's very tight government regulations on those artifacts and where they go. Is that not true?

Corey: Not back then.

David: Okay.

Corey: It was very common for people to “do archaeology”. They called it archaeology, but it was basically just tearing up archaeological sites, looting it for trinkets that they would sell or take home to sell to a museum.

David: So you think that there actually could be artifacts as amazing as a five-foot wide chair covered with hieroglyphics just sitting in somebody's house?

Corey: Oh, absolutely, yes. There are large private collections of very important artifacts.

David: Why do you think Freemasons would be interested in this stuff?

Corey: As you know, or many may not know, everyone, in order to be involved in the civilian space program, were required to be Masons.

Masons are “keepers of knowledge”, and if they're getting these ancient wisdom teachings through their various teachings and all these things they have to memorize, what they have to memorize is just crazy.

If you've proven yourself that you're able to keep these tenets and secrets, then you're trusted with many more.

David: Right.

Corey: And you're already a part of an organization that is being managed.

David: And in case somebody doesn't know, what are the penalties for spilling Masonic secrets if you become an initiate?

Corey: Death.

David: Yeah, so it's a very intense rite of passage to be able to get somebody's confidentiality and a sense that you can trust them with secrecy.

Corey: They take it very seriously.

David: So why do you think he mentioned his father and this uncle being 33rd degree Masons when he discussed the idea that he might be an extraterrestrial soul?

Corey: A lot of these societies trace back their lineage to nonterrestrials that came to this planet thousands of years ago. And that, too, is very important to them, being able to trace this lineage.

While tracing the lineage, they're also tracing the history of the lineage. And all of this information, well, some of this information is going to be available to certain Masons.

And apparently his uncle had heard enough of this information that he felt compelled to spend his own fortune to try to answer some of the questions for himself.

David: All right, now in this next segment, what we're going to have for you is a further discussion of Freemasonry as it applies to something very interesting that you might not have thought of before. Let's take a look.

* * * * * *

REWRITING THE APOLLO MISSION _______________________________________________________________

William Tompkins: So now I am Engineering Section Chief at Douglas on the Apollo program, and I had 173 engineers and designers and scientists, actually 11 PhDs.

And I make the suggestion. These guys take it and run with it. Okay? Best group of engineers on the planet, top guys.

And we put together a whole new NASA program for the Moon. Threw out everything that NASA had done, came up with a whole new one. Okay?

I submit it to the heads of engineering. They submit it to marketing, and marketing talks to the manufacturing people, and they try to fire me. Okay? Because manufacturing wants to manufacture. They don't want to do this engineering stuff at all. Okay?

I don't get fired. I get authorized to go ahead and do this. But marketing, . . . they wouldn't do it. So the Vice President of Engineering said, “Secretly, we're going to do this ourselves.”

So I put the stuff together. I have a six-foot by six-foot model of the new NASA mission command center – looks just like a big theater with step-down seating, screens on the wall.

So I put it on to a brand-new DC-7 and all my documentation, and I fly down to the secret Redstone Arsenal, secret space station, where all the Germans and where NASA is.

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