Monday, April 24, 2017

Dr. Steven Greer: Unacknowledged Premiere Livestream

By Dr. Steven Greer

Welcome to the livestream for the Red Carpet
Premiere of

Join Dr. Steven Greer, Ron James and a number of special guests LIVE from Hollywood.

You are in the right place. At approximately 6 PM, PST on April 24th, the stream will go live. The presentation consists of pre-screening interviews, presentation of the latest trailer, and Dr. Greer’s live speech to audience before the film begins.

Unacknowledged Sneak Peek: How it all started Click Here


  1. Cheers for Greer! Full Disclosure is perhaps the best, most effective and mildest "gamechanger" Earthly civilization needs at this time in order to go forward.

  2. Where can we watch the actually documentary?

  3. Where can we actually watch the real documentary ?

    1. The Documentary "Unacknowledged" which will be available from May 9th 2017 can be pre-ordered from: