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One Who Knows: What Is A Light Worker?

By One Who Knows

What Is A Light Worker?

While it is true that many are born "Light Workers," the vast majority of us have been transformed from ordinary people into extra-ordinary Light Workers through struggle and pain. We have earned every ounce of our compassion, through our own personal life experiences, which most of us are still experiencing. In short, we were toughened and tempered, experience by experience, like steel, in the fires of this Cabal World we have lived in. Many fell by the wayside, broken and without hope, during this extraordinarily hard journey. Those who persevered in Faith anyway, enduring all that they encountered, still Holding on to the dream of what could be, full of Hope and Love, have became our beloved Light Workers. They are strong, resilient, and full of Love and Hope and are quite literally unbreakable.

Lucky You & Lucky Me

When I hear stories of pain and loss, I say Thank God! Lucky you! I have heard them all, and I have lived many of them myself as well. Sure I lived on the street for a while. Thank God! Lucky me for having that life enriching experience. I remember one night, I came back to my favorite bush where I slept inside, and found someone else was sleeping on my piece of cardboard. It's funny now, but I remember back then, it was a big deal to find a place where I could sleep and feel safe, after all, a lot of things can happen to you while you are a sleep and unable to protect yourself. But now, I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. It didn't break me, it made me. I have firsthand experience and compassion for the homeless. Lucky Me! You can't buy that.

Without these experiences, we wouldn't be here, at this time in history, full of compassion for our fellow Humans, and ready to make a difference. It is only through our personal experiences that we can see, really see and feel, what the World needs. Our love and compassion for those in need is extra-ordinary because we have been there. We KNOW what that feels like. We, the Light Workers, have been there ourselves. We have been hungry, and still some are hungry even now. We have been without shelter and even have lost everything we had. Yet, we are still here full of hope and expectation of a Better World.

We All Were Searching For The Same Thing

My friends, those who have had it "Good" all their life, weren’t searching for something better, they already had it. They weren't looking for solutions and didn't need hope and faith, as their life was already good. But, in our case, we have been looking for a way out, a way up, for a spiritual and financial solution to our pain and struggle. That is the only reason we have found our way to this most fortunate place in history. It is no surprise, that as you look around you, you find that we are all having similar life struggles. We are drawn to the same Spiritual Enlightenment and financial relief, all of us arriving at the same place, at the same time. We have all "Found" our way here because we were all looking for the same thing, for the same reasons.

We Weren't Just Chosen, We Were Made

We were the strongest among our fellow man, who persevered despite the odds against us. Even among those who had the faith and hope to reach this point in their journey, many fell prey to the scammers, became disbelievers, and some have even succumbed to illness, and are no longer with us. We are the survivors, who held the Light Of Hope and perseverance. Some say that we were chosen, but I say we were made. Even during our time of waiting for Heaven's blessing to rain down upon us, we have learned so much about what is to come, so that we may not only help those in need financially, but we may also become teachers, sharing the vision of what is to be. You not only have great Heart, endurance and perseverance, that brought you here, but now, you will soon become wealthy and have become wise as well.

Hind Sight Is 20/20

Could it be that your life hardships have had a purpose? Could it be that your Faith and Hope led you to this place and time in History? Could it be that the GCR delay was intended to educate these precious Light Workers, who will soon go forth as the Ambassadors of the Light, to bring both financial relief and wisdom to the World? Could it be that all along we were being groomed and prepared for our upcoming mission of mercy? When you look back, you realize that your were not being broken, you were being made. How magnificent are you now?

Your Gift

There is no greater joy than helping another in need. Being a Light Worker, is both a responsibility and a gift. You will soon be afforded the opportunity to go forth into this World bearing gifts to all you encounter. The utter joy you feel through your Light Worker journey, is your gift to others and to yourself. It is the gift that is both given and received at the same time. As you give joy to others, you give joy to yourself as well. you are poised to experience utter joy, every single day, for the rest of your days.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line, is that we often take ourselves lightly as Light Workers, but we are much more than we realize. What a powerful combination? Heart, Faith, Love, Financial Abundance and Wisdom all in one, the Light Worker. We are the Ninjas of the New Age. We are lethal to situations of lack, and ignorance. We have the tools and Heart to conquer what ails our World with love, abundance and wisdom. This is YOUR time to shine, to Love, to give, to teach, to be a Light Worker. Your time is Near....

May You Find Joy In All You Think, Say and Do, and May Your Joy Bring Joy To The World

Signed: One Who Knows

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By One Who Knows

The Blooming Light Worker

In these days, us Light Workers are under great pressures. Most of us hardly have the funds to take care of ourselves, much less help another. It is hard to tell much about our True Greatness, when we are just trying to survive day to day.

It is like the Flower bud before it blooms, it is hard to tell just how magnificent it really is, while its beauty is still unmanifested and hidden out of view. While it is still just a bud, it seems plain, unremarkable, and hardly special, but, when it is time to bloom, and the Budding Light Worker comes into their own, it will be truly spectacular! The beauty once hidden on the inside, will bloom in all its glory, for all to see on the outside.

Beloved Light Worker, the World, has no idea of how special you are right now. You are ridiculed, laughed at, and barely able to pay your own bills, if that. But, when the time comes, and you are fully hydrated by the glory of God, you will bloom with such magnificence, that the World will be forced to take notice. Your compassion, benevolence, and love for your fellow human being and mother Earth, will be so Beautiful, wonderful, and special, that it will bring tears to the eyes of those who witness and experience it.

Who knew that those seemingly unremarkable buds, had such potential, and contained such beauty within? We did, and soon, everyone else will as well, for our season to Bloom is here!

May Your True Beauty Within Become Fully Manifested For All To See And Experience In The Days To Come

Signed: One Who Knows

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