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Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions 9: Time Travel and the Future

David Wilcock and Corey Goode
Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions 9:
Time Travel And The Future

David Wilcock: All right, welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. I'm here with Corey Goode. And in this episode, we are taking your questions so that we have a nice interactive two-way dialogue going on here.

And Corey, welcome back to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: All right, so the first question we have . . . This is interesting. I'm curious to how you're going to answer this.

“If we have a being that's in fourth density, does that being have unique psychic properties that we don't have, that would allow it to be able to see beings that are discarnate from our perspective?”

Corey: Wow, it is an interesting question.

I would think that some of them would at least have that ability to see disincarnate beings. But, yes, they do have enhanced abilities far beyond our own.

David: Hm. Interesting. All right, this one is a question that I really find interesting because I've talked so much about this Solar Flash. And I think I know how you're going to answer this, but you might surprise us.

“Why does it matter if the Earth Alliance negotiates a partial disclosure that will take place over the next hundred years or a Full Disclosure if this Event is about to take place?”

Corey: This Event may not be what each of us thinks it is. This Event might just be a catalyst for a disclosure of certain technologies. It could be a series of solar events, which has been postulated, that occurs.

Some of the first ones would possibly take out electrical grids or cause certain technologies with integrated circuits to no longer operate. And then they would have to come in and replace that with the new technology.

And that's when the Alliance was thinking was going to be the best chance to bring in that new technology.

David: Hm. Very interesting. This next question kind of goes along the lines of that one.

“Are the Alliance and their opposition aware of future events that are about to take place and how everything is going to change?”

Corey: The Alliance, along with all these different groups, are made up of other groups. And each of these subgroups have different ideas about what's going to occur.

And some of them are expecting like an Ascension kind of an event. Some of them are expecting just mass chaos, loss of technology. Some of them are expecting a lot of deaths.

So there's not one agreed-upon outcome that they're planning for.

David: You had mentioned that in the space program they actually took human beings and exposed them to energy fields similar to what would happen after the Event.

Corey: Leading up to the Event.

David: Could you describe, again, what that outcome was and does everybody have that intel?

Corey: Yes, everyone understands about . . . that they've received the intel from the Navy vessels that went out to the outer reaches of this energy anomaly. That's what they were calling it in the beginning.

The ones that were going out there, they were noticing that they were being affected by the energy. And they started doing further tests by putting people of different polarities – positive people, negative people – in a room and piping in this frequency to see how they would react.

And these people would be sitting down doing a job, not knowing that they were being tested, experimented on.

The people that were more negative would start becoming more agitated and claustrophobic and couldn't handle it.

And the people that were more positive would kick back and start to bliss out, smile, and start to daydream and not be affected by the other variables that they had in the room that they were using to try to affect the people.

David: So you're saying this was a Navy study, and that data has been shared with pretty much all of the Alliance groups?

Corey: Yes, the Alliance has it. All the information that the Cabal has, the Alliance has that information.

David: Okay, but even, I guess, within the fact that it seems to amplify and potentiate people's innate state of being, there could still be a great deal of scholarly debate as to how that affects us as a collective.

Corey: Right. And then there is the aspect that some people want to weaponize it. They have a lot of different plans. They've been studying this for a long time.

David: Okay, next question is:

“'The Law of One' only speaks of there being eight densities where the eighth density is a return to the oneness of the universe. Can you clarify then what would a ninth-density being represent?”

Corey: I don't know all the different octaves. I've been told that the octaves returning back to Source . . . if there wasn't an end to it, it would seem as though they were going on forever.

David: “Are Raw-Tier-Eir and the two others who also use the Raw prefix to their names in any way associated with the same social memory complex entity that was speaking to the people who wrote down the original 'Law of One' material?”

Corey: They have confirmed that they were involved in communicating 'The Law of One' material.

David: “After you were age regressed, although you are now 45 years old biologically, is your soul actually 65 years old?”

Corey: I would have to say, “Yes”, because I still have those extra years of experience.

David: “Have the USSR and Russian leaders been involved in the Secret Space Programs?”

Corey: Absolutely, definitely since the '80s. Before the end of the Cold War, we were already working with them on a very high level.

Now would certain generals in the USSR military know? No, they were . . . The generals on both sides believed that the Cold War was real, and they were prosecuting that war thoroughly.

Above them, things were going on a different level, compartmentalized level, to where the Russians and the Americans were working very closely.

David: When we saw the book “Alternative 3” come out in the 1970s, it was describing secret collusion between the U.S. and the USSR going on all the way back at that time.

Do you think it's possible that this was earlier than 1980s, based on data like that?

Corey: Yes, especially the early continuity of species programs were joint programs. They went back pretty far.

David: I want to share with you something that one of my other insiders told me and see what your thoughts are.

He got a job in the 1980s for one of the most serious intelligence agencies. I won't say which one. And he was really shocked because he said, “Aren't we at war with the Soviet Union?”

And they just started laughing. And they said, “That's just for the newspapers”.

Do you think that a lot of people that would get these kind of intelligence jobs would find out at some point that this whole Cold War nuclear threat thing was really just a scam?

Corey: Seen a lot of the behind the scenes, I'm sure they would extrapolate that eventually. But I don't think it was common knowledge documents at the ready information.

David: “Do you have any update regarding the negotiations going on between whether we will have partial disclosure or actual Full Disclosure?”

Corey: Right now there is a major stalemate going on between the Alliance and their proxies within the U.S. military forces and what people are calling the Deep State – mainly the intelligence community and the bankers.

So there is a major stalemate going on right now between the two. There's not a whole lot of movement.

It's gotten to a point to where the military aspect believes now that there is no peaceful way of making a transition away from the Cabal. They think that they're going to have to have a military coup.

And they think that a military coup will curtail whatever type of civil outbreak will happen. There's major factions of ideologies that are being pitted against each other right now to try to get our attention away from this civil war going on.

David: “Is the Cabal's preferred method of disclosure the type of slow rollout that we are already seeing right now? Have there been AI predictability computer systems used to design this partial disclosure gradual strategy?”

Corey: Well, these groups have definitely used an AI technology to get an idea of what's going on in different probably futures.

From what I've understood, it's that this technology has not been reliable recently for them. There is something that has occurred, maybe this Mandela Effect thing, who knows, that this technology is not as useful to them anymore.

But they definitely have, in the past, used that technology. That's why so many times there have been opportunities to take down this Cabal, but they've found a way every time to escape it by using this technology.

David: So the core of the question is, does the Cabal prefer this low drip, drip, drip disclosure that we're already seeing, or is there some point maybe where they want to do a big blast?

Corey: Well, there was a plan to have a few big blasts, not a Full Disclosure, but disclosures that would definitely get the attention of every human being on the Earth.

If stuff starts to come out about their crimes against humanity – boom, “We found pyramids under the ocean”. Boom, “New information: We found weird artifacts in Antarctica,” you know, to kind of distract you and throw you off.

So they'll use disclosure as a way of distraction and manipulation as well.

David: “Is there a limit to how many times you could send someone back in time before certain inescapable health consequences or other things would take place?”

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