Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Benjamin Fulford: Emergency Alert

Benjamin Fulford

Emergency Alert

Murderer and drug dealer Richard Armitage and criminal Michael Green (berg) will be at the Teikoku Hotel in Tokyo, Japan between 8:30 and 13:15 on Friday October 27th,

Richard Armitage has been responsible for the murder and torture of Japanese Prime Ministers according to my sources. He has also been named by CIA and other sources as a drug dealer and a traitor who contributed greatly to the US loss in the Vietnam war. He will be wearing a bullet proof vest at the event because he has created many enemies with his crimes.

Michael Green told Japanese gangsters that I was a woman beating amphetamine addict and paid them to kill me, according to these gangsters. He employs Japanese gangsters to terrorize the Japanese political and financial establishment. These men engineered the theft of the Japanese election that took place on October 22nd and now their puppets like Shinzo Abe are calling for war with North Korea according to the agenda of their Zionist masters.

Message to Admiral Harry Harris: if you do not order military police to arrest these traitors and criminals, you yourself will ultimately face court martial and imprisonment for neglect of duty. These men must be arrested and if they resist arrest, all necessary force must be used. Arresting these men could be the game changer that finally liberates humanity from Khazarian mob terror. We will offer a bounty of 1 ton of gold deliverable in Hong Kong for the arrest of these criminals.

緊急報告: リチャード・アーミタジとミカエル・グリーンは2017年10月27日の8時30分から13時15分の間に帝国ホテルで登場する予定です。 多くの情報源によるとアーミタジは殺人犯や麻薬犯である。またアーミタジは多くの日本の総理大臣の殺戮に加担したと情報源らが言う。彼の逮捕は急務である。 ミカエル・グリーンは日本の多くの暴力団と関係を持っている。彼が日本のとても危険な連中に僕は女に暴力を振るう覚せい剤中毒者だと言う嘘を付いて僕の殺人を依頼した。彼の逮捕も急務である。 彼らが10月22日の総選挙泥簿をして、今家来安部政権に北朝鮮との戦争を始めさせようとしている。この二人を束縛すれば日本は再び独立国家になれる。 皆さん27日に帝国ホテルで集合してください。勝負をつけましょう。

By Benjamin Fulford:

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