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Cosmic Disclosure: Corey Goode - Guide to Non-Terrestrial Beings

Cosmic Disclosure:
Corey Goode -
Guide to Non-Terrestrial Beings

Corey Goode: Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm Corey Goode, and today I will be your host.

Today, we're going to be talking more in depth than we ever have about the different ET beings I've encountered through my childhood, through the MILAB training and ending with the Secret Space Programs.

FIRST ENCOUNTER ________________________________________________________________

My first experiences with non-terrestrials began when I was only five years old.

I felt the need to go outside. I don't know why. And when I went outside, there were three golden orbs that were just floating up in the sky.

And I started watching them intently, and I wasn't afraid.

All of a sudden, I started floating, and the next thing I knew, I was in a room. I just remember I started to lift off the ground, and I was in a room.

And in this room was a Nordic woman, and walking around were small Greys as well.

The Nordic woman guided me into a room with children that were playing. And the children . . . some of them were bald, and their eyes looked a little different, but they looked human, like maybe hybrids. And then there were a few regular humans like myself there.

I remember a brother, sister, that were red-headed, that were close to my age, that were there, and they were just kind of interacting and playing with the other children, the hybrid children.

At one point, the Nordic lady comes to us and hands us this little device.

And it's a puzzle – a 3D puzzle. It has squares coming up, circles coming up out of it, and you're fitting all these shapes together.

And I was successful at it, at the puzzle, and when I was successful, the Nordic lady came over and guided me out of the room and took me into more of a control room.

It was darker. I saw other Nordics sitting around control panels, amber lights reflecting off their face[s].

And this . . . kind of like a curved television mist appeared in front of me.

And then all of a sudden all of these star charts started popping up, and she would say, “Is this your home?”

And I would say, “No, my home is with my mom.”

And then she would go through another one. “Is this your home?”

And then she showed planets as well. And there was this very large planet that looks similar to Saturn that had a moon around it, and it was obviously inhabited.

And she pointed to it, and she said, “Is that your home?”

And I got a weird reaction, and I felt the need to . . . I started asking to go home. I said I wanted to go home. And they guided me out and took me home.

That was my first real experience that I recall with a non-terrestrial.

EXPERIENCES WITH PIRATE SHIPS ________________________________________________________________

And then soon after that, I started having the pirate ships. I was five years old.

We were living with my grandparents, and I had had the same thing. I would have this, just need to go outside. And, you know, I was five years old. It was a bad neighborhood.

And I would walk out – I wouldn't be afraid – and I would see, off in the distance, a pirate ship, like a leaf on the wind, coming down closer and closer, going lower and lower.

And when it would land on the ground, it would look like a solid . . . It looked like a ghostly ship, as it would slowly come down. It would look like a solid pirate ship.

I would then go onto the pirate ship, and then, all of a sudden, I was in a round room that had a window that went 360°, all the way around.

And when I stood up and looked out that window, I saw my apartment. I saw my entire city.

And then it took off the same way it landed, like a leaf, and I was brought to a cavern area to where they flew down into caverns.

And then they were in the smooth caverns, like they had been mechanically flattened out. On the walls and the ground and the ceilings, there were numbers, like you would see on the side of a ship or on a landing pad.

As we went through, we landed in this one area, and I got off, and it was now a flying saucer. And then I walked through the cavern area. I was not being pointed. They weren't pointing me to go any direction, but I was just walking autonomously.

And I'm looking around, and I see all of these other people of all ages and all colors standing in line, taking off their clothes, and putting them on card tables, military card tables.

These people then were standing in line, a line that . . . There were surgeon lights that were there, that were pointed down onto a table.

And they would all lay on the table with no clothes on, and on one side would be this very tall Grey being and two little Greys. And on the other side would be doctors, human doctors in lab coats.

And they were doing joint examinations or procedures.

I don't have any memory of these procedures being done on me.

The next thing I would remember would be coming back into consciousness or awareness on the craft again in that same circular room. And then I would see myself floating down to my house.

And then I would see a pirate ship leave.

So those were my really, first encounters with non-terrestrials.

STARTING MILAB TRAINING ________________________________________________________________

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