Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sheldan Nidle/PAO: Meet Your First Contact Team

Sheldan Nidle/PAO:
Meet Your First Contact Team

In this special 2-part downloadable DVD, Sheldan reveals which Galactic Federation members will be the first to meet us once disclosure and the landings take place.

Order your 'Meet Your First Contact Team' DVD now. Only $29.95 U.S (203 minutes)

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Learn how to Say "Hello/Greetings" in each of the Contact Team's language ~ Link to Galactic Hellos~~Click Here

Topics Include:

• The Lyrans [Shama’an] Diplomats ~ Mediators
• The Centaurians [Zamaya] Administrators Organizers ~ Analytical
• The Pleiadeans [Shala’am] Galactic historians - Environmental scientists
• The Sirians [Selamat Ja!] Spiritual healers Service oriented ~ Exploring    joy
• The Herculeans [Selama’at Jara!] Psychologists - Fluid Group Dynamic    Experts
• The Andromedans [Acharaya] Scientific innovators - Most diverse culture

To purchase your 2-part DVD: Click Here

Thank you for supporting PAO during Sheldan's recovery.

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