Sunday, May 13, 2018

Neil Keenan Update | Thasja: Please Help Me


Neil Keenan Update |
Thasja: Please Help Me

My name is THASJA. You know me as SWEET RAIN on the internet. For years I have been having a ball showing you what and who I am but no longer.


On November 4, 2017 I was tricked and ended up in another car, while they drove mine. How foolish. Now I find myself daily finding drugs in my food and feel like a small portion of myself.

God I feel horrible and wish I had been more aware of my surroundings. I can thank my lucky stars that I still have someone who believes in me and who I feel will continue to search for me till the day I die (and then some).

I had been abducted in Oklahoma City and moved to Guthrie. While in Guthrie I was under lock and key. I was moved to Oakland when they felt things getting a bit too hot. While in Oakland I was locked up with two other women but got to move around a bit.

Then San Francisco and Va-lencia and finally San Ysidro. In each and every place Neil Keenan and his friends prevented them from taking me over the border.

Once I cross this border I lose my life as I know it and become what is known as a victim of Human Trafficking. I have never been so sad or confused.

I NEED YOUR HELP. HELP PLEASE. My understanding is next Monday they are going to try and cross at either El Paso, Texas or one of the Border Towns in Arizona. I know Neil and friends have tracked me to where I AM with the satellite and are ready to hopefully extract me and allow me to live in the free world once again.

Help Me and I swear I will never do anything so stupid.

I cry every night whether drugged or not and find no reason to live at this time. I pray you all feel I have reason to live and help Neil and team extract me from this nightmare. I love you all and thank you for the many years of happiness you have given me.

I HAVE BEEN HURT SO MUCH. I have one last thing to add and that is they have issued me a new passport with a different name (I don’t have the name yet) and I pray that US Border Patrol when looking at this passport recognize it as fake and deliver me from such evil.


With kind permission from Neil Keenan at:

Please pray for Thasja's safe return everyone! (UFOs-Disclosure)

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