Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Kosta Makreas: Skylight Films Presents "Joshua Tree ET Contact Expedition"

From Kosta Makreas

Skylight Films Presents
"Joshua Tree ET Contact Expedition"

Skylight Films is hosting an exciting "Joshua Tree ET Contact Expedition" from August 11-17, 2018 featuring a great team of provocative and informed presenters which include myself (Kosta) and Hollis Polk.

You can read about the ET Contact Expedition and register here:

Mark McNabb of Skylight Films shares his informative and inspiring words about this ET Contact expedition below.


MESSAGE FROM MARK and the Skylight Films Team:

Join the "Making Contact" Project Team for a history-making ET contact event from August 11-17, 2018, in Joshua Tree, California at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center! With the collaboration of contact partners from around the world, we will all prepare ourselves and use our collective energy to guide ETs to our location. Quite simply this is an invitation for us all to make contact!

Be prepared to learn about "The People’s Disclosure Movement" from Kosta Makreas, founder of and the ETLetsTalk Community with over 20,000 global members! Hollis Polk will teach a powerful new meditation technique inspired by Star Visitors. With their help we can shape our future with lawn chairs, loving hearts and goodwill all on behalf of our Cosmic Humanity!

Our Presenters:

Paola Harris is a photojournalist and investigative reporter in the field of extraterrestrial related phenomena research and the founder of the StarworksUSA UFO Symposium. Paola has also had very inspirational face to face contact with benevolent ETs!

Through his own personal experiences, Leon Valverde is fully schooled in UFOs, extraterrestrial civilizations and the great consciousness that human beings possess. His mission is to awaken humanity and you!

Erica Lukes, the host of the radio show UFO Classified, has a strong passion for UFOlogy. She has appeared on several radio/TV programs as her research takes her deep into the expanding world of UFO research.

Talk one on one with Charles Lamoureux, a former UFO skeptic who now says he is a “true believer.” He is an avid skywatcher and amateur astronomer, whose documentary, ‘Nocturnal Lights’, opened up many closed eyes on aerial phenomena.

Dave Palachik and Stu Bundy are a MUFON investigation team, having worked on over 300 cases. Together they will provide a hands-on breakdown of several high profile UFO sightings from all over North America.

Even if you have an open mind and realize there has to be more to the universe than human beings floating on our own little rock, to see and experience something like this is captivating. It’s inspiring. It’s life changing. It shows you that there’s truly more out there. When you experience it with others it brings you together and it unites people through truth and hope. Even if you only see it once, it changes you. The time is now to join with us … and to look up into the sky.

Together we will find the extraordinary in the ordinary. Together we will make contact!


Skylight Films will capture the week's events and people for a future documentary on the growth of the ET Contact movement.

Join us and thank you for all you do to communicate with our Star Friends and bring hope and healing to our planet.

Breathe the Free Air of Earth,


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