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US Space Program's Hidden Agendas to be Revealed at the 2017 MUFON Symposium

US Space Program's Hidden Agendas to be Revealed at the 2017 MUFON Symposium
This talk will discuss the US space program and its agendas both
open and hidden.

One Who Knows: The Domino Plan!

By One Who Knows 5-27-17

"The Domino Plan!"

Clearly this plan is so complex that it MUST roll out in a STAGED SEQUENCE of events, which is the "Domino Plan." Of course it is not called that, but that does describe it well. EVERYTHING that happens, requires something before it to happen, and then leads to something after it happening. That is how Dominos fall, right in sequence. If you have ever seen a few Dominos set up to fall, it is easy to see that if one Domino is missing, the whole sequence could fail. All must be in place, BEFORE the first one falls!

The Set Up

The setting up is clearly the hardest part and the part that takes all the time. The falling is so easy after all the hard work was done setting them up. Of course the "setting up" part is different depending on what is being set up.

#1) Setting up the GCR

In setting up the GCR, there had to be a new Financial system, there had to be gold that was saved and horded for thousands of years, there had to be laws in place, special software, quantum satellites, taking over of the military by the NPTB, and thousands of hours of special training before the first exchanger steps through the door. That is a lot of set up over a long time, but once that is all done, all of the Currency holders will be "Processed" one after the other in very quick order, just like dominos falling, until they are all done. That is going right now. In this next video, imagine that these 500,000 dominos are actually 5 million currency holders moving thought the exchange process!

500,000 Dominoes - The Year in Domino - 3 Guinness World Records

#2) Setting up the Cabal Faces

In setting up the Cabal Faces, the NPTB had to take down their upper management and remove them from the planet. Neutralize all nuclear weapons, change out the Governments, take away all their financing, their money supply, take away their control over the money supply, take away their influence over any governments of the World, build cases against them, and finally bring in the Restored Republic which will now Prosecute the all under the new Laws of the land. That is a lot of set up.

Someone who doesn't understand the "Set Up" process and the time it takes, would look at the evil minions that are still on TV, and in the public eye and say "Why are they still free and walking around after all they have done?" No worries my friend, they are a Domino and they have already been "SET UP" to fall at the right time and in the right sequence! In this next video, imagine that the Republic has been announced and it is time for the Faces to fall! Each of these "People Dominos" represent a Cabal Face in the news, politics, Hollywood, Sports, the music industry, or in big Corporations .... Watch them fall one by one!

Largest human mattress dominoes - Guinness World Records


So when someone asks about the timing in any part of the plan, just know that everything is already set up and "Scheduled" to happen at the exact right time. For every "Domino" there is one before it that has to Happen/Fall, and one after it that will Happen/Fall next.

#1) The Cabal Faces

Regarding the Fall of the Cabal Faces, the "cases" against them have already been made. I am sure that the arrest warrants are already signed and standing ready for execution. Some sort of Disclosure will have to happen at the same time of just before they are taken down, so that people are not freaked out about it when it starts. Of course there will be "Replacements" standing by to take over their jobs and responsibilities and those are already :"Set Up" and in position when this goes down, so to speak.

#2) Exchangers

Regarding the Exchanges, they are already going as I type this. Frankly I am in the Last segments and I am expecting to be notified at any time. Then in true domino order, after I and the other intel providers go, the next domino will be it Going Live and the new rates being posted on the official government websites. This will be followed by the remaining exchangers getting appointments and exchanging.

#3) Main Events

Regarding the "Big" Dominos, the GCR, the Republic, NESARA/GESARA and Disclosure, etc, they are already set up as well. While I don’t know the exact order, I do think that the GCR will happen first, and like falling dominos, some of these main events may go at the same time, but that has not been revealed yet. But know, that all is planned and ready to happen in quick succession!

The Bottom Line

The Bottom line is that all is well and rolling out as I write this! Nothing to do but sit back and watch the fireworks as they happen in real time. You will either get a personal notification about the 800#s, or you will get it by email and/or off the website. Either way, you are going to exchange!!!


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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Friday, May 26, 2017

One Who Knows: "The Hydraulic Power Of Segments" For The GCR

By One Who Knows 5-25-17

"The Hydraulic Power Of Segments"

The Genius of the Segments plan is that it "Lifts" the HUGE GCR (Global Currency Reset) one exchange at a time. This is a "Hydraulic" principle that is used in car jacks, where lots of small movements, add up to one huge result. Here is how this works.

The Big Picture

In the big picture, the GCR is that green box on the right side. It looks small but, IT IS HUGE since it will be the Biggest change to EVER happen to the World and it will wipe out the Cabal forevermore on this Planet. Think of the money being the red part and it starts out on the left side, where it is stored in Bank vaults, ready to transfer to the exchangers on the right side of this illustration. When enough money has been transferred to individual accounts on the right side, the GCR lifts the World out of Poverty and Cabal control forever. So, how do you lift such a HUGE event without being vulnerable to Cabal Minion interference? The Answer is the Hydraulic system of Segments.

Lots of Small Actions Add Up to a HUGE Action

If we had the GCR like we always thought it would be, like it was going to be back on 9-11-2001, we would have all been out on the streets trying to get to the exchange centers at the same time. That would have made us extremely venerable to being disrupted by some big World event like what the Cabal did before. If they interrupted the process while it was going, it could have delayed us another 15 years.

Instead, they let just a few people go exchange at a time. One "Pump" of the jack handle to move a small amount of money from the Elders control (Left side) into the control of the People of Earth, you, the Light Worker Currency holders (Right Side). When enough currency holders have exchanged, the GCR can be declared Finished and accomplished.

This way you have lots of small actions, segments of currency holders going one after the other, continuously until enough money has been transferred to us to Move the World. Since it is only a few currency holders exchanged at a time, the Cabal can't take any actions to stop them, and before you know it, we have all exchanged.


The SKR is the safe Keeping Receipt, which simply means that you have money in your account, but you can't withdraw it yet. That is what all these people are getting at their exchanges. Once we have all gone, or at lease most of us, the rates will be changed on the Official Government websites and the GCR will be declared finished. In that VERY INSTANT, Millions of Currency exchangers will get their money in liquid cash, and there is no event the Cabal could muster to keep the banks from flipping the switch and making all that cash available to us. That is what catapults us into the new Golden Age, all at once, and it can NOT be stopped.

The Bottom Line

As we are exchanging little by little, we are accomplishing the GCR in a way that cannot be stopped, or interrupted. As each person gets all the "physical" part done, their accounts can just be activated no matter where they are or what they are doing. The "Doing" part is done. With the flip of a switch, the results of all those exchanges are "Activated Instantly!" AND, it can't be stopped.

Clearly, as long as the Segments plan has been going already, we are beyond the point where the Cabal can do anything about it. There are already enough people who have done the paperwork, and completed the exchanging process, to change the World. The rest of us who haven't gone yet are just icing on the cake,

When our time comes, I expect no problems either, because the fight is already over. There is already enough of us exchanged with cash in our accounts to push this GCR over the finish line. It will all culminate in one great moment when the World becomes flush with spendable cash all at one time. BOOM!

Had they tried to have us exchange all at once as we once thought, they would not only have endangered us individually, but they would have endangered the who World Reset as well. This Segment plan was pure Genius and yet another example of how the Elders, and the NPTB are looking out for our best interest and doing the right thing for the World as well. After all, they have to live here too, and what is good for us, is good for them as well.

I want to give a big shout out to the Elders and the NPTB (New Powers That Be), for such careful planning and Genius execution of the Plan. Thanks also to those who watched over us from above, the Galactics and Ashtar Command! We are now nearing the end of the Segments part of the Plan and will be going to the Live New Rates Part of the Plan soon. Will it be a few days or a few Hours? Don't know. But what I do know, the time it took to do this was worth it.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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Yes i know, you are seeing quite a lot of One Who Knows here, he is very relevant to the situation because he is part of it. The GCR/RV is not far away, infact anytime now and when it happens the cabal are finished then Full Disclosure comes at the speed of light. Get ready to unbuckle your seat belts, i truly believe the ride is almost over!.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

One Who Knows: Intel Dinar Chronicles and The 2nd GCR

By One Who Knows

"Intel Dinar Chronicles & The 2nd GCR"
- One Who Knows - 5-25-17

Let it be known that there is a "GCR Safe Haven" for Light Workers here on It is important to know that Light Workers can come here and GET THE TRUTH. This is so important in these times when so many other websites are being corrupted and infested by the Cabal Minions, Trolls, and their "Last Minute" disinformation tactics.

Minions At Work

In the last few days I have gotten so many reports of Cabal Scum putting out lies that there will be no GCR, no zim redemption, no NESARA/GESARA and No Republic. Of course we know these are all LIES of the most heinous nature. These Minions could cause good people to lose confidence in the GCR, get rid of their zim and other currencies, and make a multi-Trillion dollar mistake. This is the last ditch effort for the dying Cabal to stop us from having money, and for them to survive another day before being arrested. But it is already too late for them, but not for us.

GCR Safe Haven

We as a community have done an outstanding job running the Trolls out of our House, and even getting many of them arrested as well. I am very proud of this... BUT IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAT THAT ALONE. With these increased disinformation attacks elsewhere on the web, people are being scared into believing that there will be no GCR, that the ZIM won't revalue, and they are searching for Comfort and a safe place where others still believe.... That is us my friends. We are the "Safe Haven" where frantic disillusioned, and frightened Light Workers can see posts that confirm that all is well, that the New Golden Age is a "Go" after all. This is an important thing that we do here.

To: Seekers Of Truth

Here on Intel Dinar Chronicles, we not only believe in the GCR, the Republic, NESARA/GESARA, & Disclosure, we are EXPECTING it to happen very soon. YES, the ZIM, the Dinar, The Dong, and the other First Basket Currencies WILL REVALUE at VERY HIGH RATES FOR US, THE LIGHT WORKERS. For those who are just arriving from other Cabal infested websites, Video sites, and conference calls, there will be a short time period when we will be Offered VERY HIGH rates for our currencies to do Humanitarian works. Keep this website book marked as your Go-To place of TRUTH.

To: The Cabal Scum

I have heard that many of you (Cabal agents) already know that you will not be exchanging and you want to take it out on others, but you are the one to blame. Your days are numbered and if you think anonymity keeps you safe, think again. There is no place and no way you can hide from the Republic Forces, the Galactic Forces, or the White Knights. By spreading these Cabal LIES that the zim won't revalue, or that there will be no GCR is only making it worse for you when you do get picked up. But, you should know we have a way to counter your evil lies and deeds..... The 2nd GCR.

The "IDC 2nd CGR"

Clearly many of our fellow Light Workers have been hurt by this last ditch Cabal effort to discredit the GCR and make people think that it won't happen. I personally know of people who have actually given up their currency and some burned it as well. I say that we should get the very high rates so that we can take care of these victims of the Cabal Disinformation. Remember, that if we don't have income taxes any more, and we won't, then you can transfer huge chunks of money to these Cabal victims as if they had kept their currency. We as a Light Worker Community can reverse the damage these minions have caused! This would be like a second GCR, for those who missed the first GCR.

There will be NOTHING that the CABAL can do to stop us from helping their disinformation victims after the GCR has ended. The Cabal minions will be picked up by then and out of our way, and we will be the ones reversing all the damage They have done to our fellow Light Workers. I am going to get even higher rates myself, just for this reason. Let there be a 2nd GCR for those who missed out on the first one!

Watch Out For "Official" News Articles

As a special note, Remember that the Cabal still control the news sources. So when you see an "Official" article from some news site in this country or another, it is HIGHLY SUSPECT! It is going to be mostly "Show" and will have an "AGENDA" no matter who they are. There are many who rely heavily on these sources of information and intel, BUT, they are controlled by the Cabal Media Corporations and most likely wrong. I don't trust ANY of them. Remember we have been "Trained" by the Cabal to trust what we see on the news and in print, because they control what is on the news and in print. If it is in print, be VERY SKEPTICAL until after the Good guys have taken back our media.

Recent Disinformation

So, we still have disinformation and Fear Mongering that is being put out to OUR WORLD. This includes the nonsense of Martial Law and shortages. These are CABAL strategies to both cause Fear among us and increase their profits to their big corporations. Their regular money sources have all but dried up and their stores are all they have left. ANYONE WHO SAYS THERE WILL BE MARTIAL LAW AND SHORTAGES IS PUSHING THE CABAL AGENDA. Do you hear me Kent?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Cabal are fighting the GCR with disinformation like NEVER before. It is their last ditch effort to stay out of jail for yet another day. So the Light Workers who are freaking out at the Disinformation are looking for truth and are finding our Home here on IDC, to be a Safe Haven, where TRUTH is paramount! We need to keep our house clean of these pesky vermin so that there is at least ONE place on the web that has the REAL truth. That is our work here in these last days, to maintain a Safe Haven Of Truth."

Many have already given up their currency or will find out that the group they joined was Cabal. If we get an even higher rate ourselves, we can create a Second GCR for those who missed out on the first one due to the Cabal Disinformation attacks. This way we can reverse the damage they have done to "our people," and hydrate the World that much faster. We have the Power and the numbers to do this. Let's screw the Cabal and their last ditch efforts by reversing everything they have done to us!

Be very careful what places you get your information in these last days of the GCR roll out. Any news source is suspect, as the Cabal still own and run them. If it is promoting Fear and worry, and/or it says that we are not going to get what we are expecting, it is CABAL AGENDA. Know that the Elders, the NPTB, and the Galactics have the power and ability to make sure that NOTHING BAD happens, and they have proved it over and over. FEAR IS NOT their plan. Their plan is a SUPER SMOOTH transition with all the LOVE they can show, after all, that is the HIGHER VIBRATION. In short, they don’t fear and they don't want you to fear either. They will make sure that Fearful Events do not happen.... AND THEY HAVE THE POWER AND MONEY TO SEE THAT IT DOESN'T. KNOW IT!

Other than that, we are closing in on the VERY END of this roll out where the rates will become public. When that happens.. It is Over! Of course that is when our joyous work begins!

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Thanks to:

And a special thanks to Patrick who owns and runs:

One Who Knows: GCR Timeline, Step By Step

By One Who Knows 5-24-2017

GCR Timeline, Step By Step

Meaning is so interesting to me as it is always a matter of interpretation. As a result I have been getting all kinds of emails and posts that are thinking they don't, or won't have time to exchange, when in actuality, you will all have plenty of time, more than you need.

In order to be VERY CLEAR on what I MEAN when I am talking about my understanding of how this will roll out, I am going to create a step by step outline of how the GCR rolls out. First thing to know is that the Segments Plan is in effect:

"Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

The GCR Time Line, Step By Step

------ It has started and rolling out all over the World

It Has Started

This part is not completely clear to me, as the only Start date I have was Europe on Wednesday the 17th of May, and it is still going by the Segment plan as I write this.

Since I know that the plan is for it to start in the Far East, that MEANS that the Far East has already started by the segment plan before Europe, most likely by at least a week, but I don't know for sure. However, by logic alone, it has also started more than a week ago. That would mean that everything "FAR EAST" would be going.

Obviously, Australia also started before that since I have a confirmed story of Zim being redeemed at both a low rate (By contract) and also for very high rates way over face value (No Zeros off). So clearly, that part of the World has started.

I also have confirmation that we here in the WEST, have started as well. That would naturally include Canada, Mexico and central and South America, as the "West." While I don't have the exact start date, I am thinking it was this last weekend, although it could have been earlier. That is the Genius of the Segment plan's word of mouth, information transfer system, it stays secret. All that said, I have confirmed that a bunch more "Segments" started yesterday, and obviously, more will start (Have Started) today.

The Final Segments

This is where it starts to get interesting. How many segments have already gone? Who Knows. How many still have to go before the "Intel Provider's Segments" Go? Don't know that either. How much time before the "Intel Provider's Segments" Go? That I have an Idea on. I was told to start keeping on alert for the Instructions and 800# for my segment. So that gives us a couple marks on the time line.

------ Here we are now 5-24-2017 4:30 Eastern Time (NOW)

THIS TIME BETWEEN IS UNKNOWN (Before I start) Days/Hours?

------ This is the time I get my "Package" to start contacting my people and set my appointments as well.

I set my appointment and contact my people one call at a time telling them by word of mouth the 800# and the instructions. They then tell whoever they need to tell, especially people they have gifted to. ALL BY WORD OF MOUTH. Remember it is still secret at this point. The rates at this point in time, HAVE NOT been posted publically on the IMF website yet.

THIS TIME IS ABOUT 2-4 HOURS (After I get My Information Package)

------ This is when it goes "Live" and the rates change on the IMF website.

This is also when the phone number shows up on the IDC website and Patrick sends out the Emails WITH the number INCLUDED. (Remember, at this point in time, it is no longer a secret, after all, the rates are already on the IMF website for anyone to see.)

However, even though the GCR has ENDED (New Rates Posted), and the rates are PUBLIC, the sleeping public has no idea what has just happened. We want them to stay asleep just a little while longer at this point.

During this time people who did NOT get contacted by the Segments plan, and everyone else in the World who has these currencies, has a chance to see the special 800# to call in and get the super high Humanitarian rates.

These numbers will be on the internet for 3 days (72 hours). After that they will not only be taken down, they will be deactivated as well. This means that if you have not made that first call, it is too late to do so. It also means that if that number is in an email, or anywhere else, it will no longer be useable.

This is NOT a time to worry. Remember that you call whenever you get the number, and you have plenty of time to get the number, and set an appointment. It is OK to set the appointment for later, or even next week if that is better for you. What is important is that you make contact while you can, but when you actually go to the appointment, is based on your schedule.

In other words, if you don't call that first number to make your appointment, then when it comes down and is deactivated in 3 days, how will you make the appointment? But if you did call, you will have been given a second number, and that number will be good until the exchange centers close down. Once you are "IN" you can take the time you need to get to your appointment and get exchanged. Often time is needed for travel, medical reasons or something else.

THIS TIME IS ABOUT 72 HOURS (3 Days) (Before First Number Gets Deactivated)

------ This is the Time when the Phone Numbers will be take down from the internet and deactivated.

Once this happens, no NEW appointments will be taken. From this time on, the exchange centers will only be handling and exchange those who had set up appointments and made contact with them. In other words, the Front door is closed and locked, but whomever is already inside the system can get finished exchanging when ever their appointments were.


------ This is the time when the Exchange centers are closed down.

I am not sure how long this will be but I am thinking maybe two weeks, more or less.

When the exchange centers close, it means that all who have made appoinments for the High Rate exchanges, have been processed and exchanged, and thus the exchange centers are no longer needed.

It is important to note, that after the Exchange centers close, the high rates will no longer be available, but Banks with currency exchange departments will still be exchanging the First basket currencies at VERY LOW STREET / INTERNATIONAL RATES. These rates will still be very good, but NOTHING like the Privately Negotiated Rates would have been.


------ This is the time that the first basket Currencies will no longer be exchangeable anywhere in the World.

Once these currencies are no longer exchangeable, they become wall paper. They are no good except as conversation pieces. NO MONETARY VALUE AT ALL. If you want an example of this, think of the Confederate Money from the civil war, or the Saddam Hussein currency from Iraq. Neither has any monitary value anymore. But they are interesting as collector's items.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that there is a plan on how this rolls out to the end of the GCR. There is an "Early Part" which is the segments plan, and then there is an "On-Time (to call) Part" which is 3 days after the 800#s are posted on the internet. You need to call ASAP to set your appointment, but when you go in is way more flexible, especially if you have travel issues, work issues, medical issues etc. Just tell them what your situation is and set an appointment that works for you. There will come a time when the Exchange centers close down and only street rates are available. Then later even the street rates will no longer be available either. While I don’t have the exact times these things start and stop, I do have the "Relative" times between these events.

Once this starts you will no longer have to worry about what is true and what is not. Remember that you can ask questions at the First call, the second call, the exchange appointment, and the Wealth manager appointment. It will be way easier than you think, and way more fun as well. Just relax and let it come to you.


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

Thanks to:

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Cosmic Disclosure: Boyd Bushman's Deathbed Testimonial

Cosmic Disclosure
David Wilcock and Corey Goode
Boyd Bushman's Deathbed Testimonial

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. I'm here with Corey Goode, our insider's insider. And in this episode, we have some rare footage from a now deceased insider from Lockheed Martin, none other than Boyd Bushman.

So, Corey, welcome to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: All right. So here's our first excerpt of an interview that we did not shoot with Boyd Bushman, but is public domain, fair use on the Internet. And given the importance and what we talk about on this show, it's well worth watching. Let's check it out.

* * * * * *


Boyd Bushman: My name is Boyd Bushman. I'm a senior scientist from Lockheed Martin. I have 27 patents.

Approximately 13 years ago, I ran across a person who had been given a job by Dr. Teller.

Dr. Teller was Oppenheimer's right-hand man.

And even after Oppenheimer was thrown out of Area 51, Dr. Teller stayed there and was in charge of several programs.

The person that I contact twice to three times per month is the head of that program now, and they continually update me on everything they possibly can. I do have a top secret clearance.

I choose, however, for their purposes, not to use it because they – the intelligent ones of me and me – actually believe that a great deal of information should be lifted up from those dark recesses of Area 51 and moved over so people can see it.

So that's what began about 13 years ago.

Since I am a scientist, I do not believe in theory. I basically, say, “Follow the data; theory be damned.” If something can't verify by a physical test that something is true, then I do not care to accept it in that [information] that I present.

Therefore, everything we present here will be data that comes directly from them, through me, to you.

* * * * * *

David: He's talking about the idea that Teller was working with a group of insiders and that they now want to disclose the truth. So is this something that happens fairly often in these classified programs, that people actually do want to get the information out?

Corey: Yes, it's fairly common. And whoever is doing security of these groups know that. They've done personality profiles on these people. They watch them very closely. They're watching for body language, different micro facial expressions. They're watching them very closely to know whether they need to step in.

So a lot of the times, these guys will usually have these conversations, you know, at a Sunday cookout and sit around and talk about it instead of talking about it at work.

And eventually, they end up getting found out, for the most part. It's very rare that they don't find out that they're talking about it “outside of the office”, as they say.

David: He said in there, “I have a top secret clearance, but I don't choose to use it.” What do you think he meant by that?

Corey: If you go in and work under a top security clearance, you're bound, legally, by everything you agreed to when you signed the agreement for the security clearance.

So if he's trying to work, he's trying to skirt the security clearance and any retributions that may happen legally or with his pension. So he's playing kind of a little game.

David: Now, when this interview came out, as I'm sure you remember, it lit up even the mainstream media like a wildfire. There were a lot of articles that were written about this, covering this guy.

So that, to me, suggests that he is not working as some rogue, but that what he's doing here was perhaps part of an orchestrated plan. Do you think that's true?

Corey: Well, it very well could be, because the groups that I was describing prior, the ones that don't get caught, are the ones that find like-minded people in security that turn a blind eye to the talk.

These are the types of people that really got this SSP Alliance rolling.

David: Right.

Corey: You know? That's how it got rolling.

David: What would be the objective of articles about this man and what he's going to say as we go through this episode, being released to the public?

He does seem to have the credibility. He says he works for Lockheed. We're going to see some pictures of extraterrestrials, allegedly.

What would be the ultimate endgame of promoting these videos and his testimony in front of the whole world?

Corey: Well, the Alliance anyway, and as well as the – whoever we want to name – the shadow government, they've been seeding the consciousness of humanity through movies and, you know, comic books, people giving deathbed statements like this.

So they kind of want to – in a way that they can distance themselves from or deny – deliver this information in bits and pieces to our subconscious.

David: He said that he worked for Lockheed, and he has 27 patents.

Corey: That should be easy to verify, unless they're . . .

David: That's what I'm thinking.

Corey: . . . one of the 5,700 classified patents.

David: Now, the reason why I bring this up is, can you verify that these patents might be held under national security, and therefore we might not be able to find them because they could be classified technology?

Or might there be enough things Lockheed is doing that are unclassified that at least some of those patents could be tracked down?

Corey: Yeah. A good deal of their patents are unclassified, but the most sensitive ones end up being among that 5,700 or so patents that are classified to this day.

David: So then, if someone is trying to fact-check this, they might find some patents. They might not find all 27, but it's likely that at least some of these should be able to be tracked down.

Corey: Yes.

David: Many of these insiders, such as William Tompkins, and people he's spoken to, are told that, “Oh, just calm down. You know, the things that you're working on, we're going to release it in 10 years.”

Then 10 years go by, nothing happens.

How does that influence what we're seeing now with this guy coming forward, when he's been told by the doctor that he might only have weeks to live?

Corey: Well, that is very common, telling them “a decade – it's a decade away”. That was told to a lot of people in the programs that I was in.

David: Really?

Corey: A lot of them who had a conscience wanted to know when is this information going to be given to the public? And they also wanted credit for what they've been doing. They want the public to know what they've been doing.

David: Sure.

Corey: And they were told that, “You'll be a hero someday. Everyone will know 10 years from now.” And they keep kicking the can, and a lot of these people become very disillusioned and become ripe to become members of the Alliance.

David: How is the Alliance able to contact people in this position without getting outed if there's so much surveillance? How are they able to do it?

Corey: It's usually people that are friendly within the security apparatus of these different groups. That's usually . . . If you want to start some sort of subversion, you need to first infiltrate security or police.

David: So you're saying it would then happen as a verbal conversation with, like, somebody who's allegedly a security guard?

Corey: Oh, yeah. Only mouth to mouth. You know, mouth to ear, mouth to ear.

David: Is it possible for people to send letters to each other? I heard recently, that the U.S. post offices, they might not read your letters, but they are now scanning everybody's mail and seeing who you're sending mail to.

Corey: No, it's not advised to have anything in writing. You know . . .

David: Really?

Corey: Yeah. You pass information down the chain, which can be unreliable, kind of like the telephone game. It goes through different people's filters, and then they kind of tweak it a little bit, but you don't want to have anything written.

David: When we were talking before the show about some of the validation that's now showed up recently for Boyd Bushman, it seems that it comes out of this Vault 7 leak recently that took place.

So for those who have not been actively paying attention to that, since it did seem to go by pretty fast in the media, could you explain for us what the Vault 7 story is and how it relates to Disclosure?

Corey: Yes. Vault 7 was a data dump done by WikiLeaks on the CIA.

David: And my understanding is that there's 8,700 documents in this Vault 7.

Corey: That's a very large dump.

David: Yeah. The thing that shocked me the most was when WikiLeaks came out with this and said that 99% of the stories that there are to be found in there have not yet been made public. And we had Drudge Report calling this another Snowden.

What would be the purpose of releasing information from classified CIA documents? And how does that relate to Disclosure?

Corey: They released a lot of names in this Vault 7 data dump, and a lot of these names are people that are civilians who have been tracked by the CIA.

David: So Boyd Bushman is in the Vault 7 leaks.

Corey: Yes.

David: And they were watching him and keeping him under surveillance.

Corey: This was a list of civilians who have been surveilled by the CIA.

David: If the NSA is our National Security Agency, which is really national surveillance agency, and that's what they do, why the heck does the CIA need to be doing the exact same stuff but under their own umbrella? That's not going to make sense to most people.

Corey: A lot of these organizations are not completely connected when it comes to data. They're not necessarily all pulling from the same haystack.

They'll have their own haystacks of information. And it is redundant, but these groups aren't fully . . . These groups aren't fully sharing between each other. They go through kind of a committee to share information with each other.

David: One of the things that just came out about Vault 7 was a leak from the highest levels that no one is allowed to work with each other in the CIA for more than three years because they're so worried about individual people on a team starting to form their own little factions.

Corey: Collusion, yes.

David: Do you think that's partly the Alliance and how they're trying to stop the Alliance from being able to grow?

Corey: That's how they're trying to prevent any type of coordinated effort against them.

David: Exactly. All right. Now, let's see the next very interesting piece of the interview done with Boyd Bushman, his deathbed confessional, Lockheed Martin insider. Check it out.

* * * * * *


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