Friday, March 22, 2019

New Film by Dr. Steven Greer: Close Encounters of the 5th Kind

By Dr. Steven Greer

A message from Dr. Greer about the film.


"Close Encounters of the 5th Kind"

Become a part of history by supporting the crowdfunding campaign to create the most important documentary of our time!

Close Encounters of the 5th Kind is intended to reach millions of people with the vision and knowledge of open contact with extraterrestrial civilizations that are awaiting humanity's peaceful response to their presence. The movie will explore the interface between consciousness and space, time and matter, and how this interface can be explored to make human-initiated, peaceful contact with ETs- a CE-5!

We will explore the nature of consciousness as an unbounded field of awareness that transcends the limits of space, time and matter and yet is fully present in every point of space and time. This infinite field of consciousness is present within every awake, sentient being – human and ET. Remote viewing and the CE-5 Contact techniques will be explored and the amazing evidence of CE-5 Contact will be shown as never before! We will explain how ET electromagnetic communications systems interface with consciousness and coherent thought in such a way that ANY human with a peaceful, sincere intent can make contact.

We will present scientific evidence that proves that mind-consciousness is not limited to our bodies or brains but is a seamless field of awareness that connects all times, places and matter.

We will explain how 1% of the population meditating and making peaceful contact can cause a "phase transition" shift that transforms the entire planet and moves humanity onto a peaceful future that is Interstellar.

We will also take you behind the "Alien Mask" of deceptive events and phenomena created by shadowy Unacknowledged Special Access Projects in the military and intelligence community that are designed to sow fear and division among humans regarding the ET presence. Only the truth will set us free from the lies and deceit...

This deeper truth will be presented so that 1% of humanity – the quantum transition critical mass – is reached. At that point humanity and the Earth will transform into a world of peace and enlightenment unrecognizable from today.

THIS is the ultimate Disclosure Event: millions of humans making CE-5 peaceful contact, manifesting such intent and power that it overwhelms the suppression and deception that has kept UFOs and ETs secret for decades.

All of us uniting together can create a force of peace that shifts the destiny of humanity away from endless war and destruction into a time of Universal Peace and Enlightenment.

We invite you to become a part of history and support this historic undertaking. The more funds we can raise the more we can to do to create the best ground-breaking film possible -and also get the word out so that the 75 million people we need- 1% of the earth's population- unite and create an Enlightened future that is peaceful, conscious and sustainable !

Please join us today!

Thank you for your help!
Dr. Steven Greer

Please share widely. Help get the word out!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

What is the real meaning of CE-5 | Kosta Makreas from (video)

By Rob Freeman - Atmospheric Anomalies

What is the real meaning of CE-5 | Kosta Makreas from - Interview with the experts.

Kosta Makreas is the founder of, "The People's Disclosure Movement”, and the "Global CE-5 Initiative”.

He is an author, activist, international networker and online community leader who is actively promoting peaceful contact between Humans and Extra-Terrestrial Civilizations which are visiting our planet at this time.

For almost 12 years his passion and mission have involved leading and growing the ETLetsTalk community which has 20,000 members in more than 100 countries.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Corey Goode - Alliance Update (video)

By Edge of Wonder

Corey Goode - Alliance Update,
Antarctica, Supreme Brand Loves Satan

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David Wilcock on Ascension Mysteries

By David Wilcock

David Wilcock on Ascension Mysteries:
4.5 Hours of New YouTube Videos!

Remarkable events are taking place in the world that verify many of the prognostications and insider disclosures David has gotten over the last 23 years.

We are indeed living in very exciting times. Civilization-defining change may well be right around the corner.

David has perfected his live video-streaming setup and despite all the hurdles, there are already four and a half hours of videos on Ascension you can watch now!


My life was forever changed in January 1996 when my study of over 300 different books on the paranormal was put into warp drive by discovering the Law of One series.

Finally I found a unified body of philosophical, spiritual and scientific teaching that actually fit all the pieces together.

As I have said before, this was like the written equivalent of the Roswell crash — an anomalous ‘technology’ from a highly advanced intelligence dropped into our world.

We could study the entire thing — every detail, every nuance — and this “celestial endowment” could transform our world in breathtaking ways.

Although I had largely memorized the content of the 300-plus books I had read, I did not see how they integrated into a greater whole until I read the Law of One.

Within a few months, I became aware that all the dreams I’d had about transforming into a light being were more than just metaphors of spiritual advancement.

They may very literally have been prophetic — of something that most people would call Ascension.

Once I realized that an event like this was heading our way, and saw how it all fit together, this became the single unifying element to integrate everything I was studying.


Life can be wildly distracting and unpredictable. These days, change occurs very swiftly and you either harmonize with it or get quickly spit out.

In Law of One terms, there is a massive intensification of “fourth density photons” streaming into the earth from our sun.

So much of the science in the Law of One required further research to flesh out that I have dedicated my life to doing so ever since.

The idea of photons storing information, with varying levels of complexity depending upon the photon, can now be well established.

The Law of One model therefore holds up to scientific scrutiny, which I have explored now in three different published books totaling over 2000 academic references.

If you are a regular follower of this work, you are probably well aware of the scientific arguments I have made over the years.

Though I love to “geek out on that stuff,” this also is very much a personal process that affects the ebb and flow of our lives each and every day.

If you are feeling constantly overwhelmed and challenged, guess what… you are right where you need to be. You are in the Ascension.


The Law of One model indicates that as there is an intensification of fourth-density photons to the earth, all the hidden negativity becomes visible.

This is certainly the case… like never before.

We have been saying for years that pedophilia would be exposed at the very highest levels, and that the Cabal’s spiritual center is the Vatican.

How about the third-highest member of the Vatican being convicted on child sex charges — the very man responsible for defending them against these allegations?

For the rest of David Wilcock's article with links, images and video
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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Kosta Makreas: The People's Disclosure Movement - Personal E.T. Contact Stories

By Kosta Makreas

Kosta Makreas:
"The People's Disclosure Movement"
Personal E.T. Contact Stories from the Community

Hello ETLetsTalk Community,


Come watch our first "The People's Disclosure Movement" webinar recorded March 9, 2019 where you, the ETLetsTalk Community, shared your CE-5 ET Contact stories with us.

In this webinar Kosta relates the story of his first E.T. Contact experience and how it led to his formation of "The People's Disclosure Movement" and Kosta also provides a vision for this PDM (People's Disclosure Movement).

The PDM is the largest and most widespread regular and coordinated Human-E.T. purposeful conversation happening on Planet Earth!

After Kosta's introduction a number of you who joined in this webinar take the floor and describe your personal E.T. Contact experiences.

The plan is for more of these community-centered webinars to be offered. Their purpose is to give each of you many opportunities to take a couple of minutes to share with your global brothers and sisters the contact you have been making with our Galactic Friends and to hear the stories of your PDM friends.

Thank you!

Love and Blessings,

Kosta Makreas

Learn How to Connect!

    Click Here It's Free. Enjoy Monthly ET UFO Contact Events
    - Join a CE-5 Team - Start Your Own! Cancel Anytime.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Did Hillary Clinton sell Secret Space Program Technologies to China?

By Dr. Michael Salla

Did Hillary Clinton sell Secret Space
Program Technologies to China?

The anonymous group Q (aka QAnon), which has strong ties to the Trump administration and U.S. military intelligence, claims that former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, orchestrated a pay-to-play scheme where classified information was uploaded to her private servers, which were deliberately left susceptible to hacking from foreign entities. Among these entities was China which used the classified material from Special Access Programs and Sensitive Compartmented Information found on the Clinton servers to learn about advanced technologies deployed by the U.S. military in space.

There is documentary evidence that Clinton was granted access to classified information on space technologies, and this was a topic covered in her emails discussing a range of issues including a possible UFO disclosure initiative. According to the information provided by Q, Clinton’s ultimate goal was to sell classified information that would allow China to bridge the technological gap with a secret space program run by the U.S. Air Force, rather than genuinely disclosing the truth behind the UFO phenomenon.

Q has posted multiple times on Clinton selling America’s technological secrets to China during the period between January 21, 2009 and February 1, 2013 when she was US Secretary of State, and had access to advanced technology secrets including spy satellites and other space assets.

The most recent post was today, March 13 (post #3045). It is worth breaking down the post to distill what Q is communicating about Clinton’s access to Special Access Programs (SAPs) and Sensitive Compartmented Information [SCI]. Q communicates information by raising leading questions, which the reader is expected to research and answer using previous information reveald by Q:
Q is here explaining that Clinton made special arrangements within the Department of State in order to gain access to SAP/SCI material outside of normal security protocols. Her bypassing of established security protocols for digital information made it possible for foreign entities to hack into her private servers to gain access to the classified material according to Q:
Did a Foreign State gain access to the server?
Did a Foreign State gain access to the SAP/SCI material on the server?
The link is to an article by The Hill debunking an August 28 tweet by President Donald Trump that China had hacked into Clinton’s private server.

For the rest of Dr. Salla's article Click Here

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Benevolent Galactic Intervention Imminent

By Rick Jewers

Benevolent Galactic Intervention Imminent

Benevolent intervention under Universal Law is in effect in this Space

Our intent is benevolent. There is no choice for those upon the Surface that have a malevolent intent, they must comply. All leaders of the highest form upon the Surface are in complete submission, all of their planetary resources used to control this World have been benevolently compromised and those leaders no longer control the short term outcome upon the Surface.

All off world malevolent intervention has been subdued for some linear and dimensional time now.

All technology upon the Surface is now controlled by us in such a way, that it can be switched off in the blink of an eye, it has been for several years of Earth time. We have foiled several attempts at a nuclear holocaust by simply taking launched missiles out of existence in mid-air. We have, on several occasions shut-down specific military equipment and units, rendering them immediately inoperable. These demonstrations delivered to certain Leaders the confirmation of Our abilities and they have surrendered and agreed to advance the Human Community to its rightful place in accordance with Universal Law. Those who did not surrender were removed. Several resistances are temporarily allowed to remain for steering purposes and will be eliminated in accordance.

Our operations now will begin to marginally cut off the access to the malevolent wealthy and their wealth. The only wealth allowed to flow will be the wealth that is shared voluntarily and in conjunction with a temporary wealth equality transition. Your Elitists and governments are now powerless and must obey this planetary transition.

We have complete control over the digital monetary system and some of Your technical devices are being integrated into a temporary unlimited supply of monies to be utilized with good intent. We also have the ability to saturate the digital monetary system with a full influx of monies which would also devaluate currencies and the requirement to work for money, this would make the wealthy then equal to what was the poorest. When We make money worthless, then the control by money, no longer exists, and thus erases a disparity between individuals, making all equal.

There are also many of us upon the Surface and We operate at rates of speed that cannot be captured by the naked eye because of our multi-dimensional abilities, where We transcend all space and time. We can not be killed nor taken out of existence and Our mission is ascertained.

There may be temporary transitions involving power outages, technical shut-downs, internet access, mechanical shutdowns, etc, in the next few weeks of Your time. You may wish to prepare for some extended periods by having supplies on hand as well as physical cash. For some of You, Your communication devices will continue to work on an isolated scale. For some of You, Your devices have ALREADY been upgraded and prepared for this time. Your full safety is assured and anything You require will be provided.


Saturday, March 09, 2019

James Gilliland: A Very Large Galactic Federation Ship. They’re Here

By James Gilliland

James Gilliland:
A Very Large Galactic Federation Ship -
"They’re Here"

Earlier February 26th we said a very large Galactic Federation ship with 49 smaller ships 250 feet wide caried inside was coming on the 7th. They’re here. Remote viewing with John Vivanco confirmed there is an elite force, galactic police on these ships to enforce Universal Law. They wear dark purple uniforms with a belt across the chest. In a past life I was one of these warriors and know who they are and their training. Their technologies are unsurpassed and their training is liken to Ninja or Jedi. There were humanoid felines as well that can move so fast your eye can barely follow. Neither John or I were able to know their mission, yet it seems to be obvious. I was told everything is in place the end of tyranny is near.


March will be known as the month of enforcement. Not just on Earth but in the other dimensions surrounding Earth. The Schuman Resonance has been off the scale, the electromagnetic light spectrum has increased exponentially, and the Central Sun connected to all the other Suns has pulsed it’s message. It is time to release the past and evolve beyond the lower frequencies. Fear, guilt, unworthiness, greed, jealousy, wounds and traumas from past experiences need to be released and healed. Self-service at the expense of Humanity and the Earth is no longer acceptable. Nor is the unconscious gross uneven dispersal of wealth and the system that supports and perpetuates it. The last of the negative ETs, Reptillians, Greys etc are being removed. Those that practice Satan worship, black magic, child sacrifice and pedophilia will find their puppet masters gone and suffer the reaction. The multidimensional hammer is coming down. There is nowhere to hide. What the light workers and white hats have been waiting for, long overdue in most opinions has finally arrived.

Everything is in place from the 13th dimension on down to the 3rd. It is going to be a wild ride. We have to forgive, release the past, become personally responsible for our attitudes and emotions. Blaming others, projecting, denial will not bear fruit. The world of opposites you have been living in, the social engineering, suppression and enslavement of the less fortunate is all coming to a close. It won’t be overnight, but it will unfold very quickly. If one were to truly know the depth of decadence, the years of deception, suppression and enslavement, the magnitude of the cleanup one would understand why it can’t happen overnight. Many would go insane if the entire truth were to be made known without time to adjust. When entire be lie f systems are found to be lies it is a shock. The real history of Earth, the origins of your religions, the true nature of God/Creator/Great Spirit for many will be a very hard pill to swallow. Some already have. It is often referred to as the red pill yet there is more to that story. We are at war not only with bones and flesh but with principalities and forces unseen acting out through spiritually and morally bankrupt puppets. Do not forget a man’s/woman’s character is established through their actions. Look behind the curtain, not at what they say but what they do. You cannot take from the poor and live in luxurious mansions while at the same time represent the poor keeping them distracted with the separation game, playing the race and gender cards. Those that do will be exposed for their double speak. Actions outside of Universal Law will have karmic reactions yet this will be accelerated in the days to come. Pray, meditate, join with others of like mind, act with impeccable integrity aligned with Universal Law and the path will be made clear.

Know there is enough resources for everyone to live a loving, joyous, healthy and prosperous life. Yes everyone. Replicators, med beds, free energy, anti/counter gravity, fast and efficient building methods are real. Those suppressing these technologies and those who have created the manufactured lack will be removed. If you can imagine it, if you can find yourself worthy of it, if you can demand it, and if you are willing to work for it, it is yours. Live the dream by stepping out of the nightmare.

Be well,

James Gilliland

ECETI Stargate the Official Channel YouTube

Note (The Beings on the Federation Ship that John and I saw is the same Beings Peter Maxwell Slattery saw at the Ranch last year when taken aboard a craft).