Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dr. Greer's Sirius Documentary Webinar

On August 22, Dr. Greer hosted a webinar. During the event, Dr. Greer shared in-depth updates about the Sirius Film and answered guests' questions on a variety of subjects related to contact and disclosure, there was also very important information concerning the EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity).

A recording of the webinar was made, and Dr. Greer would now like to share it with everyone.

You can find it at:

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Neil Armstrong’s Moon UFO Secret

By Dr. Steven Greer.

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, passed away this weekend at age 82.

Many have asked if Armstrong took with him the secrets of what really happened during the famed 1969 Lunar Landing. Well, yes- and no.

Over the years, I have gotten to know a number of astronauts- and very close family members and friends of astronauts. As you may recall, my uncle was the senior project engineer for Grumman (now Northrop Grumman) that built the Lunar Module, that landed on the moon in July of 1969.The truth of that historic event has never been told. We did go to the moon- but the events that transpired were kept secret and officially remain secret to this day.

By the time we landed on the moon, the Lunar Orbiter had mapped the moon and imaged ancient as well as more recent structures on the moon.
This has been confirmed by more than one witness. So by the time we landed, the military and intelligence community- and a small compartment of operatives at NASA- knew that we may in fact encounter something very unusual there. To prepare for this possibility, there was a time delay from the Lunar Module via an NSA (National Security Agency) uplink and other, alternative film footage was prepared to be shown in the event of something really unusual happening.

Well it happened. Close friends and very close family members of both Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin have separately told me that indeed there were numerous, large UFOs around the crater where the Lunar Module landed and that these were seen by both Armstrong and Aldrin. I have also spoken to military officers that have seen the footage of this event- but it has never been made public. One close family member of Buzz Aldrin told me “It is not my place to out Buzz on this- someday if he can speak about it, he will…”

Neil Armstrong became somewhat of a recluse after the moon landing, and rarely spoke of the historic event. His friends and family have told me that this is because he was a man of such integrity that he simply did not want to be put in a position to lie to the public about such a momentous encounter. How tragic that our heroes have been placed in this untenable situation! When we were organizing The Disclosure Project a few years ago, I asked one of Neil Armstrong’s friends if Armstrong would come to Washington to brief members of Congress at the 1997 Congressional briefing we organized in April of that year. I was told that Armstrong wished he could –but that if he spoke about what really happened during the moon landing, that Neil Armstrong, his wife, and children would all be killed. It was put to me this bluntly.

I found this to be unbelievable at the time, but since then have found that such threats and bullying by the over-reaching national security state is routine. A very senior scientist at the Naval Research Labs in Washington DC recently told me and the Disclosure Project team that if he spoke about some of the information he knew, that he, his wife, his children and grandchildren would all be killed. This is no joke – and not a conspiracy theory. This is the way the highly secretive and fascist bosses in the deep black national security state operate. They make the Mafia look like choir boys.

In the meanwhile, we continue to applaud those courageous men and women who come forward, speak the truth and move Disclosure forward. The world deserves to know that we are not alone, that intelligent life exists in the universe beyond earth and that we have amazing new sciences and technologies that urgently need to be disclosed. This knowledge will give us a new civilization on earth, without poverty or pollution- and with justice for all.

The upcoming film Sirius will advance this cause- and it must. Please help us in this endeavor.

Watch The Sirius Documentary Here

Friday, August 24, 2012

Out of the Blue UFO Documentary Movie

Narrated by Peter Coyote, OUT OF THE BLUE is widely considered one of the best documentary films ever made up to now about UFOs and was directed by celebrated filmmaker James Fox. The films producers traveled around the world to investigate some of the most famous UFO events on record. Through exclusive interviews with high-ranking military and government personnel, this award-winning film supports the theory that some UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin.

This film features Governor Fife Symington, Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Russian General Leonid Aleviev, President Jimmy Carter, Cosmonaut Major General Pavel Popovich, UK Admiral Lord Hill Norton, Physics Professor Dr. Brian Greene, President Gerald Ford, Astronaut Colonel Gordon Cooper. White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, and many more. Presents an International Scope, Quality Testimony, and Scientific Perspectives.

OUT OF THE BLUE provides a Definitive Investigation of the UFO Phenomenon.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sirius Lecture Event & UFO Contact

Lots going on!
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and join us for the Sirius Lecture Event.

With extensive audio visual, Dr. Greer will take you from the basics of the history of Disclosure and the Disclosure witnesses, thru the promise of New Energy to the Contact the CE-5 teams are making with Extraterrestrial Civilizations. Extraordinary! Please join us in Santa Monica. Tickets available on line at:

ET Contact Tool - Android app

So many of you have been waiting so patiently for the Android app for making contact. Its here. Available at: In the search box put - ET Contact Tool

We have had multiple people test it out in the field.

The app includes:
Lectures and meditations by Dr. Greer
Tones used by the senior CSETI team
Contact protocols and their explanation
Examples (video and audio) of what to look for and listen for and more.

One comment:
I prepared myself mentally through Dr S Greer's Meditation, then went outside to use various Tones and first saw a bright very quick moving light in one area of the Night Sky, a short while later a very very fast moving black UFO diagonally, and another very bright quick moving light shortly afterwards, all on my first try.

CE-5 Contact Expedition in SW desert

November 11 - 17, 2012 - click Ambassador Trainings on left.

Experience Contact for yourself. Join the CE-5 Expedition

Limited to a small group the afternoon sessions include instruction in the CE-5 philosophy and protocols, remote viewing instruction, updates on Disclosure, New Energy and more. Evening sessions are 4 -5 hours under the starts making Contact using the very effective CE-5 protocols. An extraordinary opportunity to learn from Dr. Greer and the senior team in a small group setting.

Join us now.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sirius Movie Update

Many have asked about the Sirius movie in light of the tragic killing of Arm Kaleka’s father at the Sikh Temple. We all want you to know that we are moving forward with a full production schedule this month and have just returned from Mt. Shasta CA where substantial footage of Contact was obtained.

Next week our senior team will be filmed here in VA and new Disclosure witnesses filmed in Washington DC and environs.
For more information see Dr Greers blog:

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Sikh temple shooting: An act to stop Disclosure?

Amardeep Kaleka's father was shot and killed in this new event. For those who don't know, Kaleka is the filmmaker who has teamed up with Dr. Steven Greer from the Disclosure Project to release the upcoming groundbreaking documentary SIRIUS.
For more information Click HERE

Thursday, August 02, 2012

We Are Not Alone Here on Earth

it is time for the truth to be known: we are not alone in the cosmos... and WE ARE NOT ALONE -- HERE ON EARTH.

The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. What we have learned from them about energy propulsion can bring us to a new era, but those in power have suppressed this information in order to keep us at their mercy.

It is time for you to know... and this documentary will let you in.