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Dr. Steven Greer: Global CE-5 - Saturday October 5, 2019

By Dr. Steven Greer

Participate in the Upcoming Global CE-5 Event,
this Saturday October 5, 2019
Go out between 9 and midnight in your time zone with a group of friends or an existing CE-5 group to form a continuous light around the world reaching out in Universal Peace.

Event Topics

Join with groups around the globe in making contact!

Thousands around the globe have already formed contact groups. Now is the time to magnify global coherence by all of us coming together in higher consciousness in a way that can move the world and humanity onto the path of Universal Peace.

Ideas for participation in Global CE-5

  • Get together with your existing group or form a group.
  • Plan to go out anytime between 9 pm and midnight on your time zone this      Saturday. We are not picking a specific time as folks may need flexibility      to get to a field work site or schedule when to meet.
  • Use the CE-5 protocols to call on the ETs in Universal Peace.

    Imagine each individual or group as a light shining from Earth into the Cosmos – all on the same day around the globe. The earth will be glowing!

    If you want to form a group you can go to our free website/app and put in your name and contact information. If you don't want to use your usual email, create a special email address just for this purpose and then you can form a group with others nearby. If you do not put some form of contact information, no one will be able to reach you. This site has been having some technical difficulties and we apologize if it does not work. Please write to if you have trouble with it.


    If you want ideas about how to make contact or how to form your own group you may want to use these tools:

  • Download the iPhone or Android app: includes a full training program on      what to look for, how to make contact and more. Go here for additional      details.
  • We have a comprehensive program including Dr. Greer's books and CDs      called the Contact Training Program. Go here for additional details.

    You may also want to watch some of our videos available on either YouTube or Vimeo:
  • Crossing Point of Light
  • Glendale webinar
  • Meditations and Mantras for making ETContact
  • CE5 Tools for making contact.

    Please note: we do not have any official representatives or certified CE-5 teachers. We encourage you to study the materials on you own via our YouTube channel.

    Dr. Steven Greer,

  • Sky Phenomenon - UFOs? (video)

    Image from video

    By Pauline Godefroid Artiste

    Sky Phenomenon - UFOs?
    Strange blue lights moving through
    the sky over Louveciennes, France
    Ma mère a filmé ceci hier soir autour de 21h30 à Louveciennes (78) par la fenêtre de la cuisine (exposition ouest), cela a duré très longtemps... Elle est parti se coucher avant que cela ne s arrête... Savez vous ce que cela peut etre ? (Un faisceau laser projecteur ne peut pas s entrecouper d une telle facon, et se promener de gauche à droite comme ici...)

    Google Translation:

    My mother filmed this last night around 9:30 pm in Louveciennes (78) through the kitchen window (western exposure), it lasted very long ... She went to bed before it stopped ... Do you know what can this be? (A laser beam projector can not intersect in such a way, and walk from left to right as here ...)

    YouTube link:

    Friday, September 20, 2019

    David Wilcock: Major, Major Life Shifts for the Positive are Happening

    David Wilcock:
    Major, Major Life Shifts for the Positive are Happening
    David Wilcock FaceBook post 9-15-19

    I am doing my usual September sabbatical in Canada and getting quite a bit out of the meditation and solitude.

    Major, major life shifts for the positive are happening. We are also on the verge of great Alliance advancements.

    I very likely will be coming out with an article some time this week, so stay tuned!

    I have been doing a great deal of inner work and reflection on the events of the past year and a half.

    Pete's death was just one aspect of what has been a very difficult road of mass betrayal, cord-cutting and healing.

    Elizabeth has written a very nice missive about what we've both been through as a unit, so check that out.

    The reception is so bad out here that it took several minutes to get to the point where I could write this!

    I have been sleeping an average of 10 hours a day and really resting up for this next phase, which will be huge.

    Everything we have all been working towards is happening... and this is indeed "the calm before the storm."

    As a result of very recent efforts I have made, I am truly psychopath-free for the first time in my adult life.

    It feels terrific and I look forward to what that life is going to bring as we go through this epic unveiling process.

    There are a variety of things I am seeing and hearing that may not be obvious, so an article is forthcoming.

    We are only as little as a few weeks away from some stunning advancements.

    I am enjoying my rest while the opportunity still exists, as things are going to go really fast once this happens!

    James Gilliland: Concerning Global Warming


    James Gilliland:
    Concerning Global Warming

    A different story concerning global warming. According to the raw data the earth is cooling, the oceans are cooling the sea rise is barely measurable as well as man made Carbon Dioxide 5% verses the 95% natural Carbon Dioxide. We are peaking the end of the ice age and now moving in the other direction. Trillions of dollars are spent with virtually no impact. Why not take care of the homeless, the hungry, the sick as a priority? Why don’t they talk about fueless energy, water for fuel technology, magnetic motors, zero point? It is not about cleaning up the planet and healing it is about amassing trillions of dollars in the hands of a few through scare tactics and false data.

    'Never mind the heat, climate change is hoax by gravy-train scientists'

    CLIMATE FORCING | Our Future is Cold

    Climate Change Reconsidered: Science the U.N. Will Exclude from Its Next Climate Report

    Be Well,

    James Gilliland

    UFOs over ECETI Compilation

    Wednesday, September 18, 2019

    David Wilcock Workshop at Dimensions of Disclosure

    Joan’s notes from David Wilcock’s 8-25-19 workshop at Dimensions of Disclosure. Amazing information of UFO Disclosure and much more!.

    By Joan Wheaton

    David Wilcock Workshop at Dimensions of Disclosure

    HIGHLIGHTS from my handwritten NOTES 🐦☀️ PART ONE -

    DAVID WILCOCK Workshop at 'Dimensions of Disclosure' Sunday, August 25, 2019 ~ (due to a few words here that could set off the AI, I have changed their spelling slightly).....

    "It's so exciting what's getting ready to happen.

    Pete Peterson had been taught by extraterrestrials since childhood. He passed away recently. He had traveled to 60-65 off-planet locations. Had Pete Peterson not been silenced, he would have validated even more of all the same data that we have heard from Henry Deacon, William Thompson, Emery Smith and Corey Goode. The information stays consistent.

    Another top insider, who was being called Woody, worked with the Dragon Family (the real secret power in Asia; the ancient banking system). We have started to form an alliance with the Dragon Family. (David says that he can't talk too much about this right now). One of the things the Dragon Family wants to do is to make a definitive Hollywood movie about their story, and they have initially said that we (David doesn't really define who "we" is) can be the ones who get that movie made for them. This is very, very exciting!

    You are dealing with an Asian culture that came to the area around Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, in space-craft. They ultimately found a gigantic vein of gold on Earth; the vein is in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam and runs through Australia as well. It has been kept very, very secret because it would invalidate the value of gold as a precious commodity, if we knew how much we had.

    These folks were taking so much gold out of the ground that they were building giant statues of the Buddha out of solid gold. The heads of the statues would screw off, and inside would be diamonds and jewels.

    All of this treasure was held in repositories, mostly by private families, but the cabal had a trick up their sleeve. The cabal infiltrated Japan. That is why when you go to the old Japanese Shinto shrines you see the Star of David. The story goes, you had in Japan the Shogunates (military war-lords ruling over society). This is where all the Samurai stuff comes from. This martial art was the military of its time. The people were educated in the weapons of that timeframe. With the advent of modern technology that whole way of life was invalidated.

    The Samurai became obsolete. This began with the arrival of the gun-boats from the West that showed up at the shore of Japan and started firing off cannon blasts into buildings, creating massive destruction. The Japanese essentially surrendered on the spot. This is where the term "gunboat diplomacy" originated. The gun-boats became the law. The Japanese became Westernized; they literally went from a feudal society in which kimonos, wooden shoes, Samurai, tea ceremonies and the warrior code were the norm, to a Western one, in what is called the Meiji Restoration.

    The Meiji Restoration supposedly was a student-led revolution, but what we actually know now is that it was the Rothschilds, this Illumin-ti, that were using the students as pawns. They said, "Don't worry, you have the guns behind you" and, in one generation, all of the Samurai, all of the martial arts, all of the really cool stuff (where you're not only defending freedom, but the "dance" quality of martial arts movements; all that stuff got lost in favor of guns and a whole lot of violence).

    What we don't usually understand is that the Japanese then weaponized people to essentially destroy the Dragon Family wealth and tried to seize as much of it as possible. So, we have enormous amounts of Japanese insurgence beginning in the 1920's. After, in WW1, they had grown so fast into an industrial power. Their goal was to build a "Greater East Asian Prosperity Sphere"; that semantic terminology actually meant that they wanted to dominate the entire planet.

    In the '20's, Japanese soldiers invaded Korea, they invaded China, they invaded all these other little countries like Laos and Cambodia. They tortured people to death; they used the Illumin-ti tricks that they were taught how to do. The gold was surrendered, and they obtained a massive amount of gold, which all became a part of the Global Collateral Accounts.

    In WW2, the Nazi's and the Americans were working together full-time. In 1933, they made it illegal to own gold. They took the gold out of your safe-deposit box (this was in the middle of the Great Depression). They replaced this gold in the safe-deposit boxes with worthless paper money. Not only did they confiscate everyone's gold in America, but they went all through Asia doing this. In WW2, the first thing the Americans did after getting to a new country was to break open the central bank, blasting the doors open with dynamite; they'd load it all up into tanks and drive off. This is the secret history of WW2.

    What do you do with all this money? You build a secret space program! The Global Collateral Accounts secretly created all this money that was hidden and off-the-books. The idea was that the countries involved were told, "If you let us do this, then, even though it appears to be money printed out of thin air, it's actually backed up by something real." The Asians were given enormous chests and boxes filled with bonds, in exchange for their gold. The bonds were supposed to have a face value of one billion dollars.

    So, the Dragon Family is the root-source of all this wealth, and, they actually originated as extraterrestrial beings who flew in from another planet. These folks live for 200-300 years, and they use interesting herbs to prolong their life. They still have their ships and their ships are still here. They are very centrally involved in the Secr-t Space Program. They have been building craft here on Earth. They have a major facility in Nevada. The guy, Woody, who we were going to meet, was the main person signing off for the West on the new financial system.

    Now, what does this mean? It's really important to understand the Dragon Family is not the Chinese government. The Dragon Family does appear to have our best interests in mind, and with that understanding comes the liberation of disclosure that we are seeking. The Dragon Family is a part of this. They have already been using this technology.

    What does it mean when we get this new financial system? First of all, there is no more war! War becomes obsolete. War doesn't ever need to happen. We've seen all these examples of diplomatic failures leading to war.

    One of the great whistleblowers from the Bush-era was a woman named Karen Hughes. She was assigned to Iraq to figure out how we could get them to comply with US sanctions, and they were totally compliant. Karen Hughes was out there trying to bring about this change. She was supposed to do the UN weapons inspections; they were being compliant, but then the orders came down to sabotage the whole thing.

    The Iraqi's didn't want to have a war, they didn't want to be invaded, they didn't want to have 'shock-and-awe', they didn't want to have weird psycho-acoustic weapons used against them. Remember how they all surrendered? It's because of the psycho-acoustic weapons; you will do absolutely anything in the world to stop that sound from coming into your ears and body.

    So bear in mind that part of this new financial system, so we are told, is a genuinely peaceful world. We do not need to have war; that is a diplomatic failure that never needs to get to that point. Why does it get to that point? Because it's profitable.

    Here's a great idea; we have this amazing military-industrial complex; we don't want them to lose their money because a lot of people would be out of work. We've built this awesome machine; this is what the Sp-ce Force is all about. Let's take that initiative of the military-industrial complex (we're not hating on them or saying they are bad; there are a lot of good Alliance people there). Let's become the Star Trek society; let's go out and do peaceful space exploration. It's already here; it's already happened.

    The problems in the world are not unsolvable. The illusion of hell is that hell is eternal. The reality is that it just involves a few changes that can be made.

    The extraterrestrials did not like talking to adult military personnel because the minds that most of us are working with are backed up like a septic-tank with it's "out-gassing". So, they wanted to work with kids, because, kids are happy, guileless, they don't want to hurt anybody, they are ready to have fun, they are ready to meet new people (who in this case are 'faux' people!) They go off and they ride on the ship and they learn how to do it (this is what happened to Pete Peterson), and they teach the adults. So Pete, as it turned out, wasn't just trained in Area 51, he was trained in all these different off-planet locations. One of the things that he told me (David) was that within six months, as long as the Alliance maintained enough power, they could work through the current Presidential administration.

    Everybody is so mad at Trump because he's made some strange comments and made some very unpopular decisions. It's like in the movie 'Godzilla' where one monster is fighting the other. If either one of these monsters is greatly weakened, it's a whole new way in for us.

    You look at what's going on with Qanon, and, my goodness! This is about to become mainstream. The fact that on September 19 they actually said, "Programs exist outside the public domain", meaning, that was the answer to the question, "Are there secret sp-ace programs?" Pete Peterson was involved in this program, and then on the other side, we have Woody, who was signing off on the new financial system.

    This is a really big deal because the Dragon Family intends for FULL disclosure. When this new financial system comes online we have a whole new game; everything changes almost overnight. Once you have lived in a society where you can travel to Venus, you could travel to Mars, you could travel to Pluto, in one day, maybe almost instantaneously, depending on how quickly they can declassify this stuff. There already is instantaneous teleportation technology.

    Pete Peterson, near the end of his life, was telling me (David) that they (the intelligence agencies) had found new and much, much better technology, which, ironically is the oldest 'crashed and buried' technology that they've ever found. This technology, for some strange reason, works on a unique physics principle where you have to have exactly 27 crew members. This is new information. It has something to do with the numerical properties of the number 27 and the holographic properties of that number. With this type of a ship, you can basically travel instantaneously anywhere in the galaxy. You don't need a big portal network (which takes some time as you need to go from station to station, and it takes a series of 'hops'; a certain amount of actual duration is involved in traveling to some of these outposts).

    Pete Peterson also told us that there are Americans that were born in America that are now all over the galaxy!

    Without that (new) technology it does still take some time, but the new stuff, the latest stuff, they are perfecting (they are working on it right now).

    They have found this old stuff and are just on the brink of getting it to work, and before he died, Pete Peterson had been tasked (this is one of the briefings he gave to David) with designing a radio communications system for this, using, if you will, the sub-space frequencies. They are instantaneous and do not require light-speed electromagnetic propagation. They work on gravitational waves that are actually instantaneous. This means that as we get full disclosure, as we get the civilization that we want to have, we're getting a quantum leap in the technology that they have been using, even the highest level best-kept secret technology, that also is about to have a massive quantum leap in its quality and its effectiveness, and we are going to get that coming in on the ground level! That is SO exciting!

    But, in order to inherit this, I (David) do believe also that we have to go through a profound maturation. We cannot stay so ignorant. If we can't even solve racism on Earth, what are we going to do when we are dealing with aquatic humanoids! (laughter). Oh man, those water-people!"


    ...stay tuned for Part Two 🐦

    Tuesday, September 17, 2019

    Stunning Video of Cigar UFO in Orlando, Florida

    By Dr. Michael Salla

    Stunning Video of Cigar UFO in Orlando, Florida

    A cigar shaped UFO was videotaped near Orlando Florida on Sept 12, 2019 by my confidential source JP, who I have known since 2008. The video shows a cigar shaped craft that is illuminated during the daylight. It has no apparent wings or tail, and is filmed moving away from JP who is taking the video from inside his car. It is clearly no reflection from inside the car and is not a helicopter or drone.

    The YouTube video features my commentary of the original video JP sent along with a zoom of the craft. You can watch the original video along with a zoom version below. Note there has been no enhancements of the original other than the zoom feature used in the final portion of the video.

    What follows is a screenshot of the cigar shaped craft in the video, along with a magnified copy as well as an auto-contrasted copy being added for comparative purposes. The zoom and contrast shows that the craft has no wings or tail section, and is emitting no contrail.

    JP has been sending me photos and videos of UFOs he has witnessed near MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa and Orlando, Florida since August 2017. He has photographed flying triangle, rectangle, disk and cigar shaped antigravity craft in the vicinity of military facilities. According to JP’s information these facilities are used by a USAF secret space program that is working closely with human-looking “Nordic” extraterrestrials.

    According to JP the Nordics operate both cigar and disk shaped craft which he has photographed both near MacDill AFB and in Orlando as I have discussed in previous articles that are available here and here.

    You can learn more about JP’s photos and videos of antigravity craft belonging to an USAF run SSP along with their human extraterrestrial allies in a series of articles available here.

    Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

    Feel free to share this article with original links.

    Sunday, September 15, 2019

    James Gilliland: Full Moon the Masks are Coming Down and the Shift is Hitting the Fan


    James Gilliland:
    Full Moon the Masks are Coming Down
    and the Shift is Hitting the Fan

    Hang on its Friday the 13th, full moon the masks are coming down and the shift is hitting the fan. Politics now is not about serving the people it is about power and wealth. There are some who have maintained their integrity and truly have taken positions in politics to serve yet the vast majority have become self-serving. To them it is service to self, using their positions to implement power over others rather than serve and empower the people. They have also amassed great wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth. It has become so decadent and obvious only those suffering from, Terminal Cognitive Dissonance. TCD and TDS Trump derangement syndrome cannot see past the lies, social programming, the division and destruction of America.

    It is only fitting the fake news people add Andrew McCabe to their roster of paid liars. Wonder how he will be a news advisor from prison after lying four times to the FBI and Congress? There is a war going on, it is interdimensional, and it is between those who truly desire heaven on Earth and those who desire to feed off the pain, suffering, continue with the manufactured lack, illness, death and destruction. You are dying far before your time and it is as if some negative hierarchical force is at war with all creation. Why is there so much inhumanity against creation? Because there are non-human forces that care nothing about creation, they cannot generate their own light they can only feed off of others. They mask themselves behind noble causes like socialism and environmental and humanitarian projects yet when the facts are laid out their true desires and goals are opposite. What they seek when you bottom line it is power, wealth, and notoriety. They are ego driven self-serving narcissist.

    When has socialism worked? Name all the genocidal tyrants of the past and you will find each were socialists. When you take the power and wealth, centralize it in the hands of a few it always ends up in dictatorship. If you want to control the masses you divide them with race and gender issues, demonize those who truly want to free and empower the people, make promises you can never keep, talk them into giving you the power and wealth and by all means take away their guns by any means necessary, “False Flags”. In the past it was knives, swords, and bows that were taken. Even a butter knife would be punishable by death. How far will they go this time around?

    In each case many were duped into peacefully marching into socialism with promises of a better world where everything is free yet as history has proven they had to fight their way out to regain their freedom. Many thriving countries turned to socialism only to end up in abject poverty. Latest was Venezuela, other what once were socialist countries are now moving back to capitalism. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights insure the rights and freedom of the people yet in many cases they have been compromised. You can watch the continuous erosion of the rights and freedom of the people by the very people who have sworn an oath to protect those rights. These people live under an elitist two-tiered system, they are draconian, self-serving with a lust and insatiable desire for power and wealth at the expense of humanity and nature. Everything they accuse others of they themselves are doing tenfold. Most could not handle the truth of where this insatiable lust has taken them.

    At the top there are Satanic/Luciferian cults, child sacrificing, pedophiles that desire total domination including death in ritual sacrifices. Their dark lord demands it if they are going to continue to climb that ladder of success, power and wealth. These spirit, truth and integrity challenged people come in every color, gender, and be lie f. Their goal is the same.

    It is centralize the power and wealth, disarm the people, create a massive dependency and maintain total control of the people. Are they empowering the people, supporting personal responsibility, maintaining your God given rights, the right to self-determination or are they going to tell you how to think and live with their social engineering programs. Do they want you to think you are a victim, powerless and only they can heal and restore you? They live in gated mansions with armed guards yet don’t believe in boarders and your right to protect yourself. There are two reasons for open boarders, one many are benefiting from the child and drug trafficing with millions donated to their campaigns. Two it increases their base of power to flood the country with immigrants then give them all the rights of citizens, the right to vote. Speaking of voting look at the history of the democratic party. They voted against freeing the slaves, women’s rights, were the party of the KKK and now there is a new plantation of ignorant societal programmed people afraid to do the research as to their past injustices and goals which have never changed.

    They double speak, do as I say not as I do. They want to ban airplanes yet fly across the globe on a regular basis. They want to ban burgers and plastic straws yet you will see them eating a burger walking down the street with a plastic straw in their mouths. They have been lying to the people for decades, nothing has changed in their method and madness other than people are starting to wake up. They are waking up and walking away. The power must remain with the people. Beware of those trying to centralize the power and wealth with the guise of we know better promising free everything. A country is not a country without borders. Let’s get this country together first then help others. Let’s end the child and drug trafficing, hold accountable those benefiting from it with an equal justice for all system.

    Many of your icons and heroes will fall when the masks come down. It will be an extreme disappointment for many yet it is a step in the awakening and healing process. Stop giving your power away to icons and heroes that if you did a little research with brutal honesty you will find they do not deserve it. Be your own hero, create heaven on Earth. Walk the talk and hold others accountable who are saying one thing doing another most but for one reason, power and wealth. I might add it is usually at your expense.

    The millionaire politicians hypocritically demanding an end to the uneven dispersal of wealth and poverty need to disperse their own wealth as examples. The million and billionaires claiming to be environmentalists need to use their own assets to restore the Earth rather than demand it from the people. Many of them created the mess. Some actually own the humanitarian organizations designed to clean up the messes they made gaining personally under false nobility . If you want to help put the food and the money straight into the hands that need it. Below is a classic example of a warrior for the people verses the arrogant elite betraying their oaths for all to see. It is not about the law, there was no Russian collusion with Trump but a mountain of Russian collusion with the DNC and the deep state puppets.

    The deep state lie repeatedly to the investigative agencies and Congress yet when anyone connected to Trump forgets something they throw the book at them. They have to take down Trump, Barr, any generals or white hats that know who they are and what they have done. This is playing out for all to see. Truth stands on its own merit, the mountain of lies is eroding away, the masks are coming down and the next two months will be a whirlwind of change for the good. It is like Creator is hosing it all away with a blast of universal law, higher consciousness and energy. There is no lack to end hunger, homelessness, to provide energy for personal or transportation needs. There is only a lack of honesty, integrity and service to others. This is driven by social engineering, fake news. It is temporary. How many lies can you tell before the masses wise up and stop listening? Look at the ratings, how low can they go before they are no longer an asset? Enjoy the show.


    Skywatch Events
    In 2019

    For More Click Here

    Be Well,

    James Gilliland

    Dr. Steven Greer: Help Bring the CE5 Message of Peaceful Contact to the Widest Audience Possible

    Dr. Steven Greer:
    Help Bring the CE5 Message of
    Peaceful Contact to the Widest Audience Possible

    A huge thank you to everyone who has made a donation to the upcoming CE5 film. We are now at 81% of our goal and close to 3,000 donors!

    Hopefully you have had time to explore Dr. Greer's Remote Viewing workshop video series that we posted to the YouTube channel or seen several of the other videos we've posted recently around how to make contact.

    What we want to do with the upcoming CE5 film is bring this information out to the wider public in a professional form with the expansiveness and drama, the music and graphics of a feature film. On select streaming platforms (and legacy DVD) we will also be able to use closed captioning with multi-language support, to reach the widest audience possible.

    The information in the CE5 film is so incredibly important and it needs to be treated seriously. Please help us bring this to the world!


    Thank you!!

    Dr. Steven Greer.

    Saturday, September 14, 2019

    Grant Cameron CE5 Protocols with our Star Friends with Kosta Makreas (video)

    By Grant Cameron Whitehouse UFO

    Grant Cameron CE5 Protocols with our
    Star Friends with Kosta Makreas
    Kosta Makreas and Hollis Polk and their ETletstalk community:) Hollis speaks about the beings she saw at the foot of her bed the same night Kosta was out skywatching. ET contact teams, alien messages.

    YouTube link:

    Sunday, September 08, 2019

    Live Galactic Activation Webinar with Jared Rand

    Live Galactic Activation Webinar with Jared Rand

    Wondering when the MedBeds (Celestial Chambers) will be available? Jared will provide us with the latest info! Join us!

    Welcome to PAO's Live Galactic Activation Webinar
    with Jared Rand

    BY POPULAR DEMAND! Again, this month, we will be joined by Jared Rand, who is widely known for his daily global meditation. Demonstrating his encyclopedic knowledge, Jared will answer our questions and offer us his personal perspective on the extraordinary future that awaits us.

    By coming together each month as a group, we can significantly assist the GF in speeding up the necessary processes that will lead us towards full consciousness. As always, the Galactics will envelop Webinar attendees in activational energy.

    Join Colleen and Miles for a lively question-and-answer discussion.

    Subjects to be discussed:

    • Jared's Mission
    • Escalating Earth Changes
    • Connecting with higher self - Overcoming 3D distractions
    • Collective Meditation: A Progress Report
    • Med Beds - Celestial Chambers
    • Disclosure and Mass Landings
    • Updating Our Timelines

    After the Webinar we will answer your questions live. Within 48 hours after the live Webinar we will send you a link to a video recording.

    Please note new time:

    Sunday, September 22, 1:00 to 2:30 p.m. PDT

    Please note: If you are unable to attend on Sunday, September 22, you can still register. Within 48 hours, we will send you a link to the Webinar posted (privately) on YouTube. (After posting, the Webinar will be available for 1 week.)

    Seats are Limited... Register Now!

    To make payment and register: Click Here

    Cost: $20.00 U.S.

    Age Reversal Experiment Validates Secret Space Program Insiders


    By Dr. Michael Salla

    Age Reversal Experiment Validates
    Secret Space Program Insiders

    A clinical study which had the effect of reverse aging nine human subjects has been announced in a news article by the prestigious science journal Nature. The result of the study provides stunning corroboration of the testimonies of multiple insiders who claim that they were age-regressed after completing 20-year tour of duties in secret space programs.

    The study involved a cocktail of drugs used on nine participants, as explained in the Nature news article authored by Alison Abbot on September 5:
    For one year, nine healthy volunteers took a cocktail of three common drugs — growth hormone and two diabetes medications — and on average shed 2.5 years of their biological ages, measured by analysing marks on a person’s genomes. The participants’ immune systems also showed signs of rejuvenation.
    The results of the cocktail of common drugs allegedly came as a surprise:

    For the rest of Dr. Salla's article with links, images and video Click Here

    Incredible UFOs Original Footage Lancashire UK (2014)

    Image from video

    By Dave Reeves

    Incredible UFOs Original Footage Lancashire UK

    Strange lights in the sky!

    Amazingly steady footage of several UFO's flying in formation over Lancashire England in 2014.

    YouTube link:

    Wednesday, September 04, 2019

    Dr. Steven Greer: Update on the CE5 Film

    Dr. Steven Greer:
    Update on the CE5 Film - It's getting closer!

    One image planned for the CE5 film - we have similar samples from all over the world!

    Film update and how you can help
  • We have finished production with a final interview from      Russell Targ, PhD. His extensive knowledge will help us      show the science behind the CE5 protocols.

  • This month Dr. Greer will be reviewing all the UFO images      we have to pick the best of the best for the film. It will be a      blockbuster!

  • For those of you who have donated we have the MP3 and      books downloads ready for you. You should have received an      email explaining how to access them. If not, please write to or for      instructions. Note that your gifts are aggregated so if you      have given before your new donation will be added to the old      one for more incentive gifts.
  • And most importantly: we have reached 79% of our goal. Please help us get to 100% so we can really change the world!

    We encourage you to share information about the film with your social media contacts and other networks.

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    Dr. Steven Greer.

    Tuesday, September 03, 2019

    The ET Contact Experience - Peter Maxwell Slattery (video)

    Image from video

    By Peter Maxwell Slattery

    The ET Contact Experience -
    Peter Maxwell Slattery

    Recorded during the 2019 Science, Spirit & World Transformation Conference at ECETI in the USA.

    ​​Peter Maxwell Slattery is an International Bestselling Author, speaker and ET Contactee, with one of the most documented ongoing Extraterrestrial Contact Cases in history.

    YouTube link: