Friday, September 28, 2012

UFO Disclosure

The documentary below is good, however, The disclosure movie SIRIUS will be even better when it finally comes out this december, so please keep coming back here where i will have the rights to be one of the first to show the video "SIRIUS" Film
Below is the documentary from 2010 about the UFO/Extra Terrestrial presence on earth. Evidence gathered from all over the globe, and in numbers by hundreds of thousands, point to the undeniable fact that we are not alone and never have been alone.

The Greatest Story in Human History is stil kept a secret by those in power but Could it be that this system of secrecy now has grown to a size where it can no longer be contained?.

There is a growing notion that the bubble is about to burst, and that we are now in fact living the last days of the old world! The implications of a falling curtain are beyond everything humankind has ever experienced!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

UFO Sightings

Funny things going on in gorebridge.

Gorebridge is located about 15 miles south of the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, and by all accounts is continuing to be a haven of ufo activity and alien encounters. Hardly a day goes by without someone seeing something that is not of earhtly origin, or is it?. Strange flying machines at tree top level and in the woods, strange looking people walking through fields, shape changing holograms and a alien base within the old mine and caverns that populate the area.

Huge low flying ships at rooftop height, abductions, cattle mutilation, black helicopters, even greys have been photographed in the woods, hardware that mimics military activity, and ufos chasing cars down the local roads. This is a hive of activity that has been going on for years and is still going on today, the local people have even asked their government to look into the situation but as far as i know it has fallen on deaf ears. Gorebridge streets have even been buzzed by a formation of 30-40 flying orange/black spheres with multiple witnesses.

All in all, there is something really very strange going on.

Visit Andrew Hennessey's blog. It's all here.

Scotland: Gorebridge Ufo hotspot - summer 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

Dr. Steven Greer's CE-5 Contact Expeditions

CE-5 Contact Expeditions - 2013

A photo from the CE-5 Expedition at Mt. Shasta 2011

"These lights were illuminating the trees. A red craft came in that actually stayed in the tree near our parked truck before several more came in from the north and west. These lights were brilliant white, fast-moving craft coming from space to our site.....Several craft arrived to join in the meditation and some of them emerged from Mt. Shasta.... It reminds me of a 'falling star' but goes up, rather than across the sky." Dr. Greer describing an experience of the group at Mt. Shasta in 2008 in "Contact: Countdown to Transformation."

CE-5 Expeditions

Limited to a small group, the afternoon sessions include instruction in the CE-5 philosophy and protocols, remote viewing instruction, updates on Disclosure, New Energy and more. Evening sessions are 4 -5 hours under the stars making Contact using the very effective CE-5 protocols. An extraordinary opportunity to learn from Dr. Greer and the senior team in a small group setting.

For more information please e-mail:

The CE-5 Initiative

The November 2012 Expedition in the CA desert is currently full with a wait-list.

Tentative dates for 2013:

February 3 - 9 - Marco Island, FL
June 2 - 8 - Crestone, CO
July 27 - August 3 - Special Crop Circle Tour in UK
Sept 1 - 7 - Mt. Shasta, CA
Oct. 27 - Nov 2 - Desert SW, USA

Take a Look at The New ET Contact Tools HERE

Monday, September 03, 2012

Dr. Steven Greer, New Energy Disclosure

This is the European Exopolitics Summit of 2009 in Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project Presents,"The Promise of New Energy", recorded on july 26, 2009. Dr Greer explains the three programs that are three strategies as well as the ufo and new energy connection. Watch as he explains the mars, earth connection and much much more.