Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Discussion of David Wilcock's Critical New Disclosure Film: #1 Documentary!

From David Wilcock

Discussion of David's Critical New
Disclosure Film: #1 Documentary!
"Above Majestic"

"Above Majestic" Debuts at #1 -- Get the Inside Story

Today, October 30th, 2018, “Above Majestic” enjoys its worldwide debut.

The Secret Space Program, Q Anon, elongated skulls, ETs, the Cabal and so much more have all been rolled into one film for the very first time.

David Wilcock has top billing and extended screen time in the movie, making it a “must-see” for all fans of this website and our overall body of work.

Not surprisingly, Fakebook has declared our movie to be “Fake News,” and has already created an absolute ban on any and all advertising or discussion of it.

That’s how you know we are doing something right. This makes it all the more imperative that we speak up and support the cause.

Amazingly, despite this obvious shakedown from the Powers that Were, the film is #1 in the Itunes Documentary category!

As a gift to our audience on the day of this new career “first,” we have written up an extensive and interesting discussion of topics related to this film. Enjoy!


Saturday, October 27, 2018

David Wilcock: MOMENT OF TRUTH - Q Anon Discloses Secret Space Program

David Wilcock Update:
Q Anon Discloses Secret Space Program

On Wednesday, September 19th, 2018, the mysterious Q Anon revealed that we are not alone in the universe, and that we do indeed have a Secret Space Program.

This is arguably the single most exciting development we’ve had in the entire time we’ve been doing this research… which has been full-time since February 1993.

Q Anon is the only officially-sanctioned voice of the Alliance today… a high-level group diligently working to create mass arrests of the Cabal and disclosure.

Q has since gone silent for 17 days as of October 9th, 2018, suggesting that “something big” is in the works. A letter was posted that day, apologizing for the delays.

We may therefore be going through the final “crunch time” where complete silence is needed for operational security, before the Alliance finishes the job.

The very next day after the announcement, we saw the untimely death of Karl Wolfe on October 10th, followed by Bob Dean the day after, on October 11th.

Karl Wolfe reported on anomalous structures he saw on the moon at the original 2001 Disclosure Project, and Bob Dean was a veteran of the Secret Space Program.

Wilcock met Karl Wolfe at the original Disclosure Project in 2001, and had hoped to interview him if he ever decided to speak out again.

Karl Wolfe was riding his bicycle when he was struck by an 18-wheel truck in Lansing, NY, and later died from his injuries in the hospital.

[This sounded very similar to the incident in January where Emery Smith’s dog was struck by an 18-wheel truck that could have easily hit him instead.]

Bob Dean revealed a much greater involvement “off the record” to this author than he had shared publicly, as discussed in the second half of The Ascension Mysteries.

Each of these men would have had irreplaceable value as public witnesses in a post-Secret Space Program disclosure society, and now they are gone.

Furthermore, the legendary Montauk Project whistleblower Preston Nichols had just died less than a week before, on October 5th, 2018.

These deaths may suggest that the Cabal responsible for this cover-up is doing its best to “clean house” before any disclosure announcements occur.

Other signs that we may be on the threshold of major events include mega-hurricanes and a major economic collapse now in progress that could easily become the next 2008.

The Dow Jones has already lost 2,245 points, a total of 8.4 percent, since its high of October 3rd.

This is very likely a structured, intentional event created by the Cabal to try to create chaos as the Alliance makes its final moves.


The film “Above Majestic” sheds new light on the Secret Space Program, Q Anon and much more, and is scheduled for release on multiple platforms such as ITunes as of October 30th.

The author of this article has top billing in the film and appears for many minutes of airtime throughout the movie, revealing a variety of controversial subjects.

Mr. Wilcock’s portion of the film was completely re-shot in early August, making it significantly upgraded from sneak-preview versions aired at Disclosure Fest on June 23rd and Dimensions of Disclosure on August 19th.

This film is destined to become an “instant classic”, and will be very useful in the disclosure process as we move forward — particularly in light of this stunning new revelation from Q Anon.

The October 30th premiere had to be canceled due to the severity of threats that were coming in against the participants and audience alike.

[UPDATE, NEXT MORNING: Valuable link added at the very end to why Q may be waiting until after the elections.]


For the rest of David Wilcock's update: MOMENT OF TRUTH - Q Anon Discloses Secret Space Program Click Here

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Jared Rand: Med Beds and More

From Coleen at Galactic Heart

Want to know more about the "Med Beds"?
~ Our webinar with Jared Rand is a must listen...

In September, we were joined by Jared Rand, who is well-known for his daily global meditation. Accessing a wealth of wide-ranging knowledge, Jared answered our questions and gave us his personal perspective on the astonishing future that awaits us.

Subjects discussed:

• Jared's Mission
• Dark Cabals
• Population Control
• Earth Changes
• NESARA - Abundance and Prosperity
• New Technologies
• Full Consciousness and Inner Earth
• Timelines

About Jared:

My mission is to uplift the human civilization by increasing their vibrational frequencies so they RISE and assisting them in connecting with their higher selves or God Sparks.

We will leave behind: anger, sorrow, hate, selfishness, envy, ego, greed, arrogance, pain, conflict, war, disrespect, dishonor, prejudice, dis-ease, poverty, starvation. GREAT ETERNAL LOVE will saturate all that there is. We WILL live in JOY, ABUNDANCE, KINDNESS, and PEACE.


To order your Galactic Activation Webinar Q&A-7 Archive: Click Here

Price: $13.95 U.S.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The Latest News From ECETI and James Gilliland

Image: http://www.eceti.org/

By James Gilliland

The Latest News From ECETI
and James Gilliland


What is really going on from a higher perspective.

Today’s political environment is only an effect of what is happening on higher levels. It is like a soup the fire is on the dross is coming to the surface. The pure chaos, lack of civility, power struggles, salacious lies and deceptions pulling out all the stops with individual and collective mind control are establishing the true character of the dark hearted politicians. If you knew the bigger picture, the end goal of the Illuminati, Malevolent ETs and the workings of the Draconian Grid or Law we have been under what is unfolding is obvious. Most are unaware of the big picture. The white hat, black hat scenario is a simplification of a multilevel event unfolding. To understand what is unfolding and who the players are one only has to go back to the goals of the controllers and who the controllers are. They are the disease and war profiteers. They enslave the masses through dependency, keep them in ignorance, separated and competitive creating a false sense of lack. They use their corporate sponsored media to perpetuate these false hoods turning the masses against the white hats. They keep the masses dumbed down, fighting among themselves in endless cultural, religious and now gender wars. Their modus operandi is to keep the masses poor, ignorant and divided, use their wounds, traumas and grudges against them. Keep them tired and sick. They control the resources perpetuating manufactured lack tossing humanity a bone now and then and blame it on the other guy. Has this described our present-day civilization? These malevolent overseers seen and unseen are coming to an end. Those with the eyes to see are becoming increasingly aware of who is who, the masks are coming down.

New agers will often say that’s not my reality smugly oblivious to the pain, suffering and lack surrounding them. They are taught consciousness creates reality, evil is an illusion. Many of these be lie fs were created in think tanks again to control the masses and to give evil free reign. Some are even willingly or in ignorance serving the beast. Even the religions in error and opposition of their master’s teachings divide and separate creating the ungodly others. Some will say this is fear porn yet why are they in fear of addressing the obvious? There have always been two sides to the coin and half-truths are not whole. How can denial, fear and ignorance be the solution? There are no divisions in God/Creater/Great spirit or the unified field. There is a lot of miscreation and actions outside of Universal Law that need to be addressed. A walk through the jungle or outback might be an enlightening experience. The inner cities at night can also be an enlightening experience. Denial can be deadly in these environments. There are creatures that don’t care about your belief system. There are cultures and religions with the same feelings.

The reason there is so much inhumanity on Earth is because of non-human or otherworldly interference.

The Earth was created to be an Eden where life could evolve to its highest potential, all life. It is a galactic zoo, the product of many colonies from the Stars that was hijacked. This is the true history the enslavers do not want you to know.

A question one should ask is who am I serving? Am I creating Heaven on Earth. Am I operating to the best of my ability according to Universal Law. Do I promote Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All? The biggest question is Am I perpetuating the separation and division game? Helping those less fortunate to rise to their highest potential is the goal yet do we have to take from one to give to another? This is based on a belief system of lack on both sides. We need to ask the question how did one obtain their wealth? Was it in service to Humanity and the Earth? Are they working toward the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth? We also have to ask what are we doing to better ourselves and others. So many have a sense of entitlement demanding others support them yet that only creates a dependency. There are those resorting to violence if their demands are not met while at the same time professing anti fascism. Where is the logic? The personal responsibility?

How do you know who is who? By their fruits, a mans/womans character is established by their actions, their lives and the way they live them. Don’t use the lame stream media as a resource in this matter. There is a lot of doublespeak coming from people living in mansions on how we need to take care of the poor. There are those who profess to be champions of human rights fighting against others ignoring other’s human rights. The fighting is usually in favor of their chosen political affiliation, religion or race. There are fascists against fascism, tyrants against tyranny, combined with a lot of wounded angry people projecting their injustices on the innocent. When does the madness end and the healing begin? Those who are truly enlightened have transcended all religious, cultural, even gender boundaries. They take personal responsibility, own their wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences and are on a path of self- healing. Those who serve the controllers are perpetuating these divisions and boundaries not allowing the healing to come forward in a perpetual separation game. In fact they are using the victims emotional traumas against them fueling wars between the religions, cultures, and genders.

If you want to know who the controllers are follow the money. Who is financing all the political groups especially the ones engaged in violence. Who is pitting one group against the other? What is their end goal? This is not black and white there are many shades of gray, many levels of denial and mistakes will be made yet we have to ask ourselves, what is the intent?

One group wants to destroy America, why because America is the one nation standing in the way of a New World Order. Global Elites running the world in total domination having control of every aspect of your lives. America was founded by freedom lovers escaping tyranny yet unfortunately they became the tyrants concerning the indigenous people. The intent was good yet there are always those who fall away from the original intent, become self-righteous and act completely against universal law or the original intent. They use religion, cultural differences etc. to validate their actions. In truth it was the lust for power and wealth, insatiable greed at the expense of humanity and the Earth to one degree or another. There was genocide and abuse concerning every color in Americas history, the Native American, African American, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Irish etc. have all had to endure tyranny in America and abroad. There have always been those working for and against these atrocities. These transgressions are now being fueled by the very tyrants guilty of the past transgressions. The religious, cultural and even gender separation games are perpetuated by these tyrants who also perpetuate the class separation game. People have been duped into fighting among themselves ignoring the source of their problems. It’s called Tyranny, it is evil genius and playing the masses like a fiddle. They are the war and disease profiteers, financing both sides of every war since Napoleon. They are the puppets of an unseen hierarchical ladder of power and wealth involving Satanic, Child Sacrificing, soulless psychopaths who have sold their souls to an unseen negative influence that has been here since the fallen Annunaki. It began when Marduk made a pact with reptilians and turned against his own people for total supremacy.

What many call Satan, Devils and Demons, others call fallen Annunaki, negative greys, reptilians, serpent beings, etc. If you knew the real history of Earth it is replete with encounters with these beings. It is also replete with Bearded Gods some benevolent some tyrants with advanced technology who fell from Universal Law. This is where the contradictions of a Jealous Wrathful Genocidal God and an All Loving All Forgiving God originated. The source of most religions. This has all been written about in the past in the Sumerian Tablets, Emerald Tablets, Nag Hamadi, on temple walls and almost every ancient sacred text. Annunaki Return, the latest book covers this.

If we are to evolve and live under Universal Law we need to know our ancient history and how we fell from Universal Law. We need to know who is responsible for this fall and hold them accountable, not just in the past but NOW. Yes they are still among us. We are not alone in this endeavor, there is a multidimensional force assisting us. Just as there are the fallen ones there are the ones who did not fall, those who continued to evolve spiritually and technologically. They are what many refer to as the Star Nations, our ancient ancestors here to fulfill the prophecies. There are those who many refer to as Saints, Sages, Ascended Masters within all the cultures who have been trying to lift humanity for thousands of years back into Universal Law.

The higher realms are supporting the White Hats. The dark hats are entrenched in what many refer to as the deep state. They are entrenched throughout Hollywood and the corporate main stream media. If you want to know who they are they are the ones who are perpetuating the separation game creating divisions, againstness and wars within cultures, religions and genders. They are the accusers of what they themselves have been or are doing tenfold. There have always been problems yet these problems are being amplified and guided to an end goal. That goal is the take down of America. Why? Because America is standing in the way of the Global Elites agenda? Divide and conquer is the tool and it is being used by the lame stream media to amplify and fuel division, the religious, cultural and gender wars. There are many who be lie ve they are fighting just causes in ignorance doing the bidding of the tyrants and again the tyrants and controllers are not limited to the physical world. You can boil it down to the self-serving and the service to others. Those who believe they are separate and entitled to those who understand the oneness, the unified field in which we all live where everything is connected. There will be a lot of doublespeak and false perspectives playing out in the days to come. People who have fooled even themselves attacking those who in truth are the very ones working to free them.

A good example of this behavior is the extreme left and the democratic party. There are rhinos in the republican party as well carrying out the N.W.O agenda yet it is replete now throughout the democrats. Here is a history lesson about the democratic party. They were the party of the southern confederates. They were against freeing the slaves, equal rights, African American right to vote, the Women’s right to vote and equal pay. Lincoln was a republican. The prisons were filled to capacity with African Americans and Mexicans during the Obama administration and his war on drugs. The pictures you see of illegal aliens in cages were taken during the Obama Administration. Hilary Clinton said her greatest mentor was senator Robert Byrd a high-ranking member in the KKK. The democratic party is the party of the deep state. The illuminati, George Soros as their front man finance the deep state and most leaders in the democratic party who support the separation games often referred to as Media Matters, Open Boarders, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Planned Parent Hood, eugenics through abortion etc. We are living in a world of opposites. The illuminati also own the lame stream media. In other words you are being played like a fiddle, especially African Americans who are suffering from Stock Holmes syndrome supporting the long history of enslavement and abuse from the Democrats. I was told the media is owned by the illuminati and their corporations and our President elect is owned by the same group yet why is the main stream media viscously against the President? Does not add up does it? The Democrats claim to be the voice of the African Americans and Women’s rights? This is historically incorrect. Their claims do not add up to their actions. The greatest perpetuators of the race and gender wars are the democrats financed by the illuminati to separate divide and take down America. They are using the wounds, traumas and grudges of the past in the religion, race and gender wars to fulfill their agenda which is take down America. I heard a woman define feminists as angry, lesbian women who hate men. I would hate to put anyone in that category. What does anger and hate have to do with the divine feminine? How does that heal anything and is it not completely void of love? Hate will make you sick, wonder why? What happens when you get rid of all the men, where will the young women and daughters come from? A test tube? Many want to take all the money away from rich men and the corporations. So what happens when the money you have taken runs dry? How are you going to fend for yourself? Have you created anything or are you vampiring off others? The solutions you have been given are not solutions they are a means to an end which is a very dark future for humanity. Yes there are problems, this civilization is in need of a lot of healing. War, hate and division are not the solutions. Unity consciousness and Universal Law are the solutions.

We have to unite as a self-governing civilization under Universal Law. This will not come through religions or governments. It will come through the hearts and minds of the people. Those people who choose not to participate in the religious, race and gender wars. Those who walk away.

America was founded on the Bill of Rights and the Constitution both divinely inspired documents. It has its flaws and history where it strayed off course. Overall it is the best thing going once put back on track and though a few adjustments can be made it is the closest example to Universal Law. Don’t let it be stolen from you by the tyrants and the double speakers with hidden agendas.

As for those who vehemently hate this message.

Thank you for establishing your character and your ignorance as well as well establishing your role in human devolution. It is wise not to become the very thing you are against. Denial will not carry you through the days to come.

Be well, be wise, be kind to each other and the Earth.

Walk Away.

James Gilliland

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Anshar Challenge: Operation Consciousness Renaissance

Anshar Challenge:
Operation 'Consciousness Renaissance'
Are you prepared to take your higher consciousness and esoteric message to the masses? It IS TIME to take part in further catalyzing the Great Awakening that is underway! CG

By Corey Goode

Anshar challenge, Operation “Consciousness Renaissance”!

To expand the consciousness of humanity we must begin a campaign to flood the mainstream media with higher consciousness Art, Music, and Media.

We have spent enough time sharing our knowledge only within the confines of our own community. Many of us have realized that sharing our disclosure info only with this community or people who have already awakened is now a waste of precious time.

We have isolated ourselves and have been ‘preaching to the choir’ for long enough.

It is time to put our disclosure content out in the mainstream where it will begin waking up the sleeping masses.

It is time to put ourselves in uncomfortable positions, be ridiculed by those struggling to remain asleep and have community members who want to shame anyone who ventures outside of the boundaries they have set forth in their own realities.

We are in the time of the Great Revealing, nothing will remain hidden… from the world or ourselves. The Cosmic Energies are hitting us all at full force now. This will not subside but only increase.

I challenge every researcher, musician, artist, and creators of multimedia to focus their efforts not on entertaining this wonderful community but to use that information in a way that will further catalyze this Great Awakening!

The Anshar and Blue Avians told me that once I shared my testimony and information on full disclosure to the ‘choir’ that my next mission was to bring higher consciousness and full disclosure media to the masses. They said they would guide me and others in producing content as well as guiding entertainment companies to distribute that information. It is time…

Get OFF of your Knees! WE are the ones that we have been waiting for! It is time to manifest the optimal temporal reality that we all desire.

it is time for introverted love and light warriors to find their voices and be BOLD!

You have been challenged!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Live Streaming: The Amanah Celebration

Image: neilkeenan.com

Live Streaming: The Amanah Celebration

Show starts Thursday October 18 at 3pm Central Java Time (1am US Pacific Time). The show will be archived for future viewing as well.

This is a World Changing Event and the culmination of over 10 years of Neil’s journeys through Asia and particularly Indonesia. This is the official final signing ceremony of Neil becoming the AMANAH (the only and sole TRUSTEE of all the bunkered wealth held in Indonesia).

In essence with this signing Neil Keenan sets a new course for global financing and developments for the benefit of all mankind and our beautiful planet. Expect major financial and economic changes to come very soon as a result.

The livestream video broadcast will take place via the “It’s A Keenan Thing” facebook group which you can apply to join by clicking on this link. An archived version will also be made available.

Neil expresses his humble respect and gratitude to the peoples of Indonesia for this honor and the trust that they have given him to open the doors to the new Golden Age of Mankind. The Elders of this beautiful country have “seen” and followed Neil for years, knowing that some day he would come and become the AMANAH of the World. This is a great honor and achievement.

And Neil’s journey has been wilder than Indiana Jones. From stolen bonds that exposed players in Europe and the UN, to Heads of State and unscrupulous politicians throughout Asia, and now on a wild spiritual ride through Javanese jungles full of Jinns and all kinds of spiritual beings, Neil has fought through attempts on his life for YOU the PEOPLE. Now he is at the doorstep tonight to become what he was destined to be.. the AMANAH.

Please tune in, watch and spread the word that “THERE IS A NEW FINANCIAL SHERIFF IN TOWN!”

With kind permission from Neil Keenan at:


Copyright © 2018, GROUP K, Ltd.

Lords of Light ~ Sheldan Nidle

From Colleen (Sheldan Nidle's partner)

Lords of Light ~ Sheldan Nidle

Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

Today is Tuesday. An update from Sheldan and the Galactic Federation was scheduled to post. I almost forgot to write to tell you that there will not be an update this week. You probably already guessed that there wouldn't be an update today. Sheldan is recovering from his recent DEWeapon attack. It has been confirmed by several people that are in the know about these things and that I trust. It is maddening to say the least. I'm still processing this information and how to forgive.

I wanted to share a little from Sheldan's book, Your First Contact. It is jam-packed with valuable, inspiring information. I simply made an intention and opened the book.

We have received so many beautiful Love letters about how Sheldan's information regarding our Ascension process and our reunion with the Galactic community impacted your lives in the most positive and activational ways. Thank you for taking such good care of us this past year with your healing energies, visualizing Sheldan healthy and whole ~ including me in your healing energies, your loving letters, your daily prayers and your generosity. Our hearts are full with the Love we have continually received from our galactic/spiritual community. ZaZuMa!

As I'm writing, I want to also thank you for attending our webinars. The mission must go on. Miles and I are dedicated to bring new people and interesting topics to our monthly webinars. Last month's webinar with Jared Rand was fabulous. Our best attended Galactic Activation webinar to date. Jared offers daily global meditations at 3pm Eastern and 12 noon Pacific. If you haven't joined in yet, I highly recommend it. I usually listen to the youtube version in the evening. He has almost 600,000 people meditating for world peace and a whole lot more every day. Here's the link for more information ~ Click Here.

Keep shining your Light bright. Sheldan and I send our Love and appreciation.

Selamat Ja!

Excerpt from YOUR FIRST CONTACT by Sheldan Nidle

YOUR FIRST CONTACT ~ page 119 ~ Chapter "The Lords of Light"

Let us review, dear Ones, we have described the procedures of physical creation to you and how the manifesting of the divine plan works. We of the Angelic Realms are purposeful managers who regulate the numerous dimensional fluxes as well as the resonance patterns of each reality (super hologram) within each dimension. We do this by moving a portion of information-energy of the Creator's master super hologram (Creation's main model) from one part of physicality to another.

As noted, the Creator's divine thought ~ divine WILL itself ~ contains the master supper hologram (the All of All or the Light of Lights). Each unique piece of the divine plan's potential exists inside of it. Within divine WILL are contained ALL dimensions, as well as ALL realities. The consciousness of the Creator (divine intention) is now manifesting the implicit orderings of this Creation.

As gatekeepers, dear Hearts, we are required to shift these special information-energies about in continuous, swirling motion. To do this in an accurate and efficient manner, we have established myriad Orders, Councils, and Administrations. The Angelic Orders are responsible to the grand Councils of the Creator ~ the Councils of A-E-O-N. The Orders, in turn, create a vast number of Councils comprised of the Divine Presences (Ascended Ones) of each reality. These Councils are also organized into sector Administrations that give guidance to parts (clusters) of similar realities existing in each physical dimension of this Creation.

In this way, blessed Ones, the divine orders of Heaven work to bring divine grace and intention into physicality. This process also feeds the sacred wisdom of physicality back into Spirit. Its constant interaction has a distinct name: 'the Manifestation of the Divine Plan'.

This wondrous process is carried out in full collaboration with the many Orders of Heaven and brings us to an important point. Creation, dear Hearts, is a joint act of Spirit and ALL of physicality. Each of these unique elements is a sacred and necessary part of the whole. In order to attain an understanding of each one, opportunities to experience the superb and special qualities of both must exist. This task is the sole responsibility of a most important segment of the many Orders of Heaven ~ physical Angels.

The Lineage of Heaven extends throughout Creation. Life is a product of the process of Creation. Like the many Orders of Light, physical life has many branches, all equally sacred to the Creator. Each branch of physical life weaves a distinct design, using divine grace, which provides a certain path to divine wisdom. In physicality, Life has produced a seemingly endless pattern of sentient life forms. Heaven's task, dear Ones, is to provide a full spectrum of experiences for each incarnated soul in these multitudinous diversity. With each provision of experience that they bring, the Orders of Light edge closer to the fulfillment of their holy objectives.

Every exchange between the physical and spiritual realms gives each Lineage an experience of physical Creation. That is, each incarnated soul brings to Heaven a unique set of experiences to be shared with her/his Lineage. This procedure is called 'the bringing of the knowledge'. Owing to this procedure, Heaven's Lineage is constantly guiding the life experiences of all souls in physicality. Each soul's experience leads to sacred knowledge (wisdom) in the ways of physicality. Each experience as well permits the Orders of Light to gradually merge the realms of Heaven with the physical. As you can see, one main purpose of this sixth Creation is the eventual reunion of Earth and Heaven. In order for this to be accomplished, physical Angels (incarnated souls) have been brought forth by the Creator. They are given into the care of the holy spirits of the physical realm. Heaven's gift to such incarnated souls is a dispensation from the Creator which allows them to return to Heaven from time to time.

Life in the physical is a momentous journey filled with many unique experiences and rare sensations. During a lifetime in physicality, you are also provided with opportunities to assist the work of the great Devic kingdom. The Devas are sent into the physical to guide the development of the countless creations found in a planet's biosphere. As they carry out their assignments, the Devas may require the assistance of physical Angels in maintaining the direction and purpose given to physicality by the divine plan.

In the Creator's divine plan, each part connects, uniquely, to every other. At first glance, this divine plan may appear to exist as a great randomness. In fact, its unpredictability demonstrates an implicit ordering of time and space. This random order occurs simultaneously in what you know as the past, present, and future.

In addition, the process is quite elastic. It can change ever so slightly when Spirit, its co-creator insists. In the manifestation of its full potential, every aspect of Cration is planned by the highest components of the Divine. This seemingly random interaction between Spirit and the Creator is inherent in the divine plan. This blueprint is a thought of perfection, a pure path of divine wisdom, revealed by Spirit. To expand on these matters, dear Ones, let me know turn you over to Lord Aescapulus.

Join Colleen and Miles for a lively question-and-answer discussion.

Join us Sunday for PAO's Live Galactic Activation Webinar with Vidya Frazier

By coming together each month as a group, we can significantly assist the GF in speeding up the necessary processes that will lead us towards full consciousness. As always, the Galactics will envelop Webinar attendees in activational energy.

PAO’s guest this month is Vidya Frazier, who will enlighten us on "Awakening to the Fifth Dimension". Sharing her knowledge as an energy healer, Vidya will answer our questions and give us her personal perspective on all aspects of our ascension journey and the phenomenal future that awaits us.

Subjects to be discussed:

• Vidya's Mission
• Awakening to the Fifth Dimension
• Our Spiritual Missions
• Ascension
• Past Lives
• Ushering in a New Earth

About Vidya:

Vidya Frazier is the author of three books on the subject of Ascension:
• Awakening to the Fifth Dimension
• Ascension: Embracing the Transformation
• Triumph of the Light

As an author, energy healer, and transpersonal psychotherapist, Vidya has offered workshops, classes and public presentations over the past forty-five years on a variety of subjects pertaining to spiritual awakening, drawing on sources from both the East and the West as well as her own inner journey. She has presented at numerous IONS events, the New Living Expo, and a 5D New Paradigm conference.

After the Webinar we will answer your questions live. Within 48 hours after the live Webinar we will send you a link to a video recording.

Sunday, October 21, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT

Please note: If you are unable to attend on Sunday October 21, you can still register. Within 48 hours, we will send you a link to the Webinar posted (privately) on YouTube. (After posting, the Webinar will be available for 1 week.)

Seats are Limited... Register Now!

To make payment and register: Click Here

Cost: $15.00 U.S.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Watch Dr. Steven Greer's Full Boulder Workshop – Free on YouTube

Watch Dr. Greer's full Boulder workshop for free
on the Sirius Disclosure YouTube channel

Explore all three parts!

Part 1: Contact and the Cosmos

Dr. Greer discusses in detail what kinds of experiences and events are possible via human consciousness; what is possible by ET civilizations and what is possible via augmented human technologies. Dr. Greer describes how these capabilities overlap and why it is crucial to understand them if you want to understand the ET / Human interaction.

Part 2: Government and Private Projects

Dr. Greer goes into detail about human technologies developed since the 1940s and 1950s that look like magic and mimic ET technologies. He discusses advanced physics (alien reproduction vehicles) and Trans-dimensional physics used for intelligence gathering and for disruption. He includes a list of project and facilities where these human activities are happening.

Part 3: Questions and Answers

Dr. Greer answers audience questions on a variety of topics from ET Contact to new energy to "Weird Science & Frickin’ Magic" (WSFM)

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Above Majestic: Sneak Peek- Ancient History and Atomic Weapons - David Wilcock (video)

Image from video

Above Majestic:
Sneak Peek - Ancient History and
Atomic Weapons - David Wilcock

SphereBeing Alliance
Published on 9 Oct 2018

Above Majestic is a shocking and provocative look at what it would take to hide a multi-trillion-dollar Secret Space Program (a clandestine group of elite military and corporate figureheads charged with reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology also known as “Majestic 12”) from the public and the implications this would have for humanity. Viewers will be guided through taking a deep dive into the origins, technologies, history, cover-ups, conspiracies, testimony and research that goes beyond and Above Majestic.

Featuring some of the most prominent and prolific authors, researchers, whistle-blowers and disseminators in the movement for Truth and Full Disclosure. This includes David Wilcock, Corey Goode, John Desouza, William Tompkins, David Adair, Laura Eisenhower, Niara Isley, and Jordan Sather.

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/xgDvL8LrJM0

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Alien Disclosure – Amnesty – Book Review

By Dr. Michael Salla

Alien Disclosure – Amnesty – Book Review

Alien Disclosure is a science fiction book based on a real-life event involving President Dwight Eisenhower meeting with an extraterrestrial delegation in February 1954. The author, Allan Kules, weaves a fascinating story of how a UFO researcher gets his hands on a copy of the film taken of the meeting, evades a secret government effort to capture him, and eventually takes it to the United Nations where it is played thereby disclosing the truth to the world.

The book’s plot provides an intriguing example of how full disclosure can be triggered by a positive faction of the secret government providing UFO/exopolitics researchers with leaked documents of real events. This first time this happened occurred in the 1980’s and 1990’s with the leaked Majestic Documents, and could easily happen again with a Wikileaks type release of UFO/extraterrestrial related documents.

In Alien Disclosure, a positive secret government faction arranges for the Eisenhower film to be given to the hero, James Broadhurst, and this group helps him to evade a negative faction. He was chosen because of his firm belief that amnesty would need to be given to all those involved in maintaining the secrecy system.

While on the run, Broadhurst gets to meet with human looking extraterrestrials that have infiltrated Earth society, who are also behind the full disclosure initiative. He also gets to witness some of the advanced technologies used by the secret government such as teleportation, and is taken for a ride on an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

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Thursday, October 04, 2018

David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and Emery Smith at Dimensions of Disclosure (video)

David Wilcock, Corey Goode, and Emery Smith
at Dimensions of Disclosure

By David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL)
Published on 24 Sep 2018

Dimensions of Disclosure talk with David Wilcock, Corey Goode and Emery Smith. Time travel, alien races, ascension, telepathy and more.

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/igfEuRkkoyc

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Sheldan Nidle Update: Final Celebrations are Coming into view! Hallelujah!!

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

The darkness under which you have lived has served a purpose. You are to use its acquired wisdom, much as we have, to transmit the power of the Light to all corners of the Universe.

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in righteousness) All is as before. While the dark cabal persists in being its usual arrogant self, we move forward dynamically, assisting our Earth allies in keeping far ahead of the cabal. Their days are numbered and they are painfully aware of it. As our Earth allies continue to carry out the next stage of our ever-evolving strategies, victory is assured. These plans of action are immensely complex and include a myriad of variables. Remember that this is a global undertaking. We recognize that the time to dismantle the current power structure is taking its toll on your patience. We ask for your continued perseverance and trust while these joint timetables are in process. They will manifest in right divine time. Be confident and gracefully accept that the time approaches for your blessings to begin. Be prepared to use the prosperity promised you to fulfill all your dreams.

The entire process of altering this planetary society has become much more complicated than first expected. Your world was initially conceived by the Anunnaki as a realm utterly convinced of the invincibility of those in power. Thus, the present crew of minions saw themselves as Beings capable of overcoming whatever might reduce or end their hold on power. A contemptuous set of core beliefs was deeply etched into humanity's psyche. One of many reasons we have had such difficulty in supporting our partners in the Light was the very persistence of these insane conceptions. But now, day by day, these beliefs are receding as Heaven beams bursts of positive and consciousness-raising energies at humankind. We have watched as our earthly partners triumphantly transformed this negative ideology while launching a succession of major arrests among this global gaggle of sycophants. The intent of this operation is to ensure that prosperity will lead directly into GESARA for your long-suffering world. Step by inevitable step, this is indeed becoming the case!

As you view your planet, you observe how these changes are taking place. The real truth is that this world of yours can no longer function as it previously has. A glaring and desperate need for change is everywhere. The water crisis is one of the most obvious. Most of your world lacks a totally safe water supply. Resources to provide it are there yet are unavailable, owing to politics and supposed expense. Blessings are to be bestowed, empowering you to use these funds to solve this monstrous humanitarian crisis. This is one of many infrastructure problems to be resolved: many others, such as roads, bridges, and restoring war-torn countries, require compassion, courage and cutting-edge thinking. We know that a great many people are standing by, eager to demonstrate the solutions needed for success. It is a matter of providing a solid foundation for all by producing enough food to end starvation forever.

Surface changes are also affecting the inner realms of Mother Earth. Even the central Sun, the crystal core of your planet, is heating up. This increase of energy is in preparation for Gaia's coming move into full consciousness. These alterations to the Earth's crystalline core are reflected in ecological changes occurring in many parts of Inner Earth: these are being addressed by its Governing Council and the people of Agartha. They decided to increase the frequency of their rituals and send to Gaia's surface specialized teams of scientists who could propose more felicitous solutions. Your Agarthan supporters and your sacred secret associates are alert and equipped to begin a sequence of events that are to result in triumph for the Light. Heaven blesses all who support Gaia's transformation; and all who have worked tirelessly in establishing a funding network, the basis for a new financial system, reworked worldwide currencies and, most of all, a global network of common law. These various frameworks are now interlocked in place to transform and enLighten your dark and distorted reality. Never allow all the previous delays to diminish and dispirit your vision of a new and sacred realm for all humanity. Final celebrations are coming into view! Hallelujah!!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters!
We arrive with great blessings! We watch as each of you grow in consciousness and gracefully use your new skills to help move the process forward toward your ultimate freedom. Now you are to observe as many unknown to you rise and, in unison, assist Gaia and this "global village" in which you reside to transform and co-create a marvelous new reality. This is the reality that is to welcome your greater family. Always remember that this is all a divine blessing. We thank those of courage and magnificent abilities who have made it possible. We also thank each one of you, who has long held this vision and unleashed your bounteous energies to be added to all that we do.

This undertaking has taken several millennia to develop. You, and your progeny, are to joyfully savor its most delectable fruit. Be ever grateful to Heaven and ready to praise all those who have journeyed from afar to assist you in this sacred cause. As Masters, we deeply bless this task and are fully aware that this momentous change is to be sublimely peaceful. It is to be the dawn of a greater shift, signaling the end of cabal rule. You are to be introduced to clean and transparent governance! This is a new era of rebirth and unsurpassable joy at how Heaven is transforming your reality.

Vibrant spiritual energies will be available to alter your existing reality and prepare you for your crystal Light chambers. Their special living Light is to return to you what the Atlanteans stole. You are to expand this large assembly of Masters and complete the work begun long ago in ancient Lemuria. You are to witness the rebirth of this solar star nation and use your superior new powers to greatly intensify the meditations and prayers that we perform each day in support of Gaia and her sister worlds. Our Sun contains a mighty Spirit that welcomes you in joy to this new realm. The darkness under which you have lived has served a purpose. You are to use its acquired wisdom, much as we have, to transmit the power of the Light to all corners of the Universe. As beings in divine service, we joyously await what Heaven so desires. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we moved forward with our messages about what is unfolding all around you. Your reality is shifting, preparing itself to be transformed by the Light. In the course of this process you are being readied to meet your spiritual and space families. You will then be able to become fully conscious Beings of Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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