Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Important Neil Keenan Update: Urgent Warning (video)

Leading Psychic Healer warns of a planned Trump Assassination attempt and former Queen Beatrix is attempting thievery once again as she and her Bilderberg blood attempt to con Indonesian President Jokowi into working out a “debt payment” to the Dutch Royal Family…

URGENT: Warning of Planned Trump Assassination Attempt

Healer Daniel woke this morning at around 2:20am, shaking, as he had a dream where gun shots were being fired.

He states;

“I asked the Lord, What is this Lord,” then I saw the words ‘Assassination plot targeting President-elect, Donald Trump at the Oval office’”

Immediately I started praying as I had a strong impression that there was a plan to assassinate the President-elect Donald Trump when he visits Obama at the Oval office, or maybe at another location (if Mr. Trump decides against meeting in the Oval office) in the next 3 months.

In the vision, Trump was seated talking to Obama, and then all of a sudden someone entered the room with a semi-automatic rifle and started firing shots. Obama took cover behind a large box or desk in the Oval office, and came out unhurt. There was much panic; I could not see Trump.

Obama then declared martial law. This would mean he would run the country once again.

It was then when I had the prompting that Trump must not visit, accept an invitation or meet with Obama in the White House or elsewhere at all, but especially not alone until he takes over the White House at the appointed time.

Trump must not relax his security and must wear a bullet proof vest while attending meeting in public and if he has to go to the White House for any reason until such time that the Obama administration has ended and is out of that place.

I personally think that Obama is not a Christian, nor or a Patriotic American; but instead is carrying out a mandate to open the doors for Islam to spread in the USA and throughout the world.

Please try your best to get this message to as many people as possible. Pray for protection for Trump and his family.

Also, if you could please forward these messages to your contacts in the US, who may be able to get this, message to Mr. Trump ASAP.

I have sent this to all my contacts. This morning I spoke to some of them in the US who told me that there is quite a bit of unrest in many parts of the America and that there was a sense of fear among the people.

May I encourage the church to pray like you have never done to this point. Your prayers certainly saw Donald Trump through to being elected.

Now your petitions to our Lord God Almighty can keep him protected to enable him to carry out the Will and Purposes of God.

“See, the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you.” Isaiah 42:9

May God bless and keep you all,

Healer Daniel”

From Neil: I was not going to post this but I read it a few times and spoke to a few people who know Daniel including the family (who are in support of Donald) and decided to let this important development be released.

I have also heard the Cabal are going to attempt an assassination; and at this time and period of our world we need TRUMP more than ever. He will help us through it and do whatever it takes to make things right once again for we the people…

Neil was recently subject to a very suspicious caper in an airport, “The Case of the Vanishing Laptop”, as described in the following video.

Former Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands is on the Trail Attempting Thievery Once Again

The Cabal never quit and keep attempting to impose their will on smaller nations. Former Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands is a good example: After she screwed up a perfectly good financial transaction in 2012, one that would have benefited not only the Dutch Royal Family but the people of The Netherlands as well.

The greedy old woman that is Beatrix, showed her ineptitude by bungling the aforementioned deal.

The old witch now is attempting to deceive President Jokowi and the Nation of Indonesia – with what Beatrix and her circus are calling a “Debt Repayment”.

In other words, Beatrix – a representative of the family that created the Bilderberg Group – the biggest group of thieves on the planet- who have just had their asses handed to them by way of the triumphs of both Nigel Farage and Donald J. Trump, are now trying it on again in a different way.

On this latest occasion, the establishment are making a last ditch attempt to steal someone else’s gold (according to Benjamin) by propping up this incompetent old woman, Beatrix, and pushing her into the fray.

However, when the people of the Netherlands become clear in the understanding that their (former) Queen literally screwed them – they just might become unruly.

On the other side of the coin and in an earlier endeavor, Queen Elizabeth II had Beatrix effectively boxed in at all times. You see, Liz Windsor had her intelligence underlings listening in to everything that was going on at all times.

When Beatrix called out to discuss the Certificate of Deposit, Queen Elizabeth II and her intelligence flunkies were listening in on everything as it was being planned.

Here we have the Globalists – all in favor of the New World Order and constantly screwing one another in order to be the fox that runs the hen house.

In the earlier deal noted above (the one that Beatrix ruined with her greed) everything had been initiated by Neil Keenan and Dragon Family Signatory, Akihiko Yamaguchi.

Neil Keenan held unlimited Power of Attorney which enabled the transaction to take place, along with of course Yamaguchi, to sign off on the Certificate of Deposit.

But this is not the way it was to play out.

Neil recollects how events transpired:

“This could have been a very easy transaction to complete but the greed of the monsters that actually ruled our planet (who are now on their way out and not fast enough) surfaced and it became a fight between families that are supposedly tied into one another by blood.

So much for relations. Then again they are a special ugly kind of dog or horse aren’t they?

When I initially contacted Queen Beatrix I made it clear that her mother (Queen Juliana) had been the Nominee over a CD (Certificate of Deposit) with a value of 2.13 Trillion USD (see the documentation below).

I explained to her that the CD was in the Bank of Toyko Mitsubishi, and an agreement had been reached between her Mother and the Dragon Family.

It emerged that Queen Beatrix had no knowledge of any such transaction, nor of her Mother being named Nominee – in not just this transaction but other transactions as well.

In this regard the CD had long ago matured and should have been capitalized on but Queen Juliana had passed away without leaving any notice to her daughter, (soon to be Queen) and this is where it was left until the Signatory of the Dragon Family (Yamaguchi) and myself brought it forward to the Bilderberg leader (not that I knew that at the time as this was before I was well versed in the Cabal).

Queen Juliana’s Mother and Father had created the hideously vulgar Bilderberg Group, whose plans were to basically take over this planet with a New World Order. This has now been outlined in many a document.

It was at this point in the proceedings that the machinations of evil intent took place.

Queen Beatrix, upon learning that such a CD had existed and had matured, rather than spending a few minutes learning that the real Depositors were the Dragon Family, jumped the gun and sent her son (now King) Willem Alexander to Tokyo to see if he could abscond with the CD without anyone receiving any payments other than herself.

As already noted, Queen Elizabeth II was well aware of this enterprise and had her intelligence organizations listening in on Beatrix and her staff. Elizabeth’s people were well aware of Willem-Alexander’s departure for Tokyo and so she had her son Prince Charles follow Willem Alexander.

Upon arrival, Willem-Alexander acquired the necessary information but was told that they could do nothing without the release of the depositors, therefore he could not make claim to the CD, although he attempted to.

Given that Willem-Alexander had no luck, and having ‘left the door open’, Charles decided to try his luck using his mothers name, (The Queen of England) only to be informed that the Windsors were not involved in said transaction in any way, shape or form.

Charles left also.

Both had attempted to deceive not only the Dragon Family and each other, but their nations as well.

The Dutch Royal Family was to earn 3% of said value (2.13 Trillion USD) and the Dutch nation, 2%.”

What a loss for the people of The Netherlands, who Neil was trying to help.

Not a bad chunk of change, especially considering that Queen Beatrix knew nothing about it until I brought her up to speed.

Which leads us to the present day…

Benjamin Fulford recently stated that former Queen Beatrix and her sons were going to visit with President Jokowi in an attempt to collect “the foreign debt owed to them”.

We wonder what foreign debt this could possibly be, when in fact the Dutch raped Indonesia as much as could be – including the many deaths in West Papua over gold.

If anything the West never placed any of their own assets into any bunkers in the East, other than what they owed for the leased gold-backing for their own currencies.

I have never seen nor heard anything of any debt owed to the Dutch – but just the opposite.”

What I do notice though is the West and their “Royal” families scrambling for whatever tidbits any third world nation wishes to give them.

These families attempt to continuously collect on the assets belonging to the depositors within the World Bank, BIS and IMF. They reach out relentlessly, trying to take whatever does not belong to them with the little time they have left – as they are being brought to their knees; their deceptions are being exposed to the people of the planet.

These families have no right to anything! If Queen Juliana was a Nominee and left no will nor testament detailing such, then no one will be as kind as Yamaguchi and the Dragon Family were, in offering her the piece her mother would have received for being the Nominee for the Certificate of Deposit.

What is really happening now is that the Dutch “Royalty” are attempting to deceive President Jokowi – and I doubt that the Indonesian gentleman President would stoop so low as to grant them their wishes, as he knows that even the Indonesian President does not own the Certificate of Deposit.

Nor do the Holders own the Certificate of Deposit.

Only the Depositors own the Certificate of Deposit.

Should any metals or paper assets leave Indonesia – or anywhere – they will find us waiting for them.

We have stopped them time and time again.

We will stop them right up until the end as well, and open up the accounts for Humanitarian Packages along with Simon.

Then things will get rolling with the Accounts and the new technologies, and the world as we knew it will shut down and the New World – that being our World, will close the doors on the Babylonian money vultures that have run the whole global financial circus for the past 100+ years.

As for Donald Trump looking to make a Gold Backed Dollar – he already knows that I can bring forth the AU not only for such a thing, but much more, larger than any number heard to date – but for the rebuilding of our entire infrastructure – and it does not even evolve from the Global Collateral Accounts.

That’s right – I can acquire whatever is needed by Donald Trump and nothing whatsoever for the Democrats. We have heard enough from the Libertards, relatives of the Fucktards, as Richard says.

As Neil has been saying ad nauseum – it is only a matter of time before all of the countries of the East finally break ties with the West and go their own way…

Now let’s get to living once and for all.

From: Neil Keenan & Group K

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Sheldan Nidle Update: This Peaceful, Sacred Revolution Rolls in....

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

We come to welcome you home and to propose ways for you to build your new star nation. It is vital that you do this as a conscious collective. Take this time to begin to realize what lies ahead as an astonishing cosmic adventure in consciousness!

Galactic Federation Symbol for the
Sirian Star Nation

Dratzo! Much is now happening around this globe. The various funds required to “cash out” all programs are being counted and to be distributed where they are needed. This set of operations is earmarked to lead eventually to the formal announcement of NESARA and then GESARA. This means that America is moving closer to the formal announcement of its new NESARA Republic. This new reality is ultimately to permit a new global banking system to manifest. All nations who have ratified the Paris Agreements are then to begin to carry out a concerted series of interlocking operations to reverse the massive pollution of the past two centuries. These events are also to begin a series of large humanitarian projects that are to bring water to the deserts and modern sanitation to all nations. Moreover, each nation is to implement electrical grids that can bring the Internet to all. This is just the start of a series of developments that are to upgrade global education and let the world’s people know what is being done to alter the way the old world operated. This new reality is to feature peace, prosperity, freedom and global cooperation. This is to be a new and glorious time for surface humanity!

This profusion of prosperity is only the start of what lies ahead for you. Long ago, when this time was ordered up by Heaven, it was commanded that the period before the Ascension was to start to reconnect surface humanity with its galactic brethren. This was also to be a time when the people of Agartha met you. This joining together is to reacquaint you with how broadly your brethren had spread across this gigantic galaxy. From the moment you were forced into limited consciousness, you forgot that you were not alone. You did not even know that a vast Federation of Humans was there to aid you. This initial process is simply to show you how widely humans travelled. You therefore need to set aside your fears and quickly turn away from your rising xenophobia. In this light, we were told to allow time for you to readjust your conception of this galactic reality. You live in an expansive plane of existence that includes many different types of quite sentient Beings, even versions of the various species seen frequently on your world.

Arcturian Healing Team

These magnificent Beings are to meet you only after you have made the transition back to galactic humans. In that new state, your initial apprehension will have already transformed to awe. We understand this one fact very well and have kept the current use of galactic non-humans to a minimum. To you, the most familiar of these are, of course, the Arcturians. Their healing wonders are well-known to us and they represent a species for which you have always had good feelings. Our duty is to present this next stage of your transition in the best light possible. Hence, our medical teams are composed only of Arcturian and human components. We realize, too, that we need to work closely with those who are in the act of processing your abundance and forming new governance. You are to see, and be a part of, many extraordinary events. These events are to introduce you to new technology and pave the way for our initial set of announcements to you. Especially important to us is, of course, our arrival. The Ascended Masters are to prepare the way by giving you a number of vital history lessons.

These lessons are to fill in the large gaps that your current approach to history fails to impart. It is easy to manipulate what you don’t know. We are anxious to see that you deeply learn what these gaps are and how they unknowingly have affected you. We come to welcome you home and to propose ways for you to build your new star nation. It is vital that you do this as a conscious collective. It is important for you to merge freely with the Agarthans and know in detail how you are to establish your new homes on Venus, Mars and the newly reconstituted trans-Martian realm currently the Asteroid Belt). Star nation construction requires an organic approach. You also require a knowledge of how to successfully navigate the great Galactic Federation of Light congress in the Vega system. These things are to be “old-hat” to you shortly. You are also to learn numerous things from your mentors and, in the process, more about yourselves. Take this time to begin to realize what lies ahead as an astonishing cosmic adventure in consciousness! Hoorah! Hoorah! Hoorah!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters!
Around your sacred orb, a most divine set of actions is beginning to take shape. These sacred events are Heaven's formal launch for the push to bring in the prosperity programs, NESARA and the new Republic. These events are to cancel the present actions currently underway since the conclusion of the American election last November eighth. We in Heaven and on Earth deeply wish to bring you what we have long promised. It is the duty of Heaven to bring forth a new sacred reality that frees you from the yoke to which you were shackled nearly 13 millennia ago. At present, as noted in previous messages, we sincerely appreciate your collective visions and positive actions. We bless you, and are determined to put forth a new prime prototype upon this magnificent blue-green orb. Special events are therefore moving ahead that are destined to bring you this glorious success!

We Masters have decreed to our sacred associates that this world of want and power be transformed. This land is set upon the sacred territory of Gaia, our Sacred Mother. Many hold the notion that a continuance of the present is right: this is mere folly. Humanity has a most glorious past that is to lead to the swift transfiguration of this reality. It is this command of Heaven from which we draw joy and sustenance. This unholy realm is destined to be quickly consigned to the dustbin of history! The new prosperity is meant only to enkindle a quiet revolution of the Heart! that in turn is to restore the original US Constitution and give you new governance. This instrument is to spark a godly thought process that is to speed around this globe and inspire new, prosperous and free realities. It is these that are to welcome your brethren and liberate you to again taste the joys of full consciousness!

Enveloped in this ever-resounding joy, we address you. Be brave and expect nothing less than Heaven’s generous bounty. In this time, we have been able to create many miracles. The greatest lie just ahead. We acknowledge that those who seek to restore darkness want to entrap your magnificent Souls in obscurity. This is not to be the case. A majestic glory has descended upon this plane and it is not to rest until a truly divine victory is yours! Use this time to feel your soaring inner strength. A mighty stream of heavenly energy is to sweep away all that is beyond the parameters of this new holy future for humanity. Manifested in joy, it is to be an exalted and divine reality, filled with Joy, Freedom and Endless Prosperity. Observe mindfully as this peaceful, sacred revolution rolls in.

Today, we continued to report on what is unfolding around this globe. Events are occurring that promise a great change in the way the nations of your world operate. Yours is a world that is on the verge of contact. Prepare yourselves to witness the most extraordinary events! Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

For more from PAO and The Galactic Federation of Light


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In this Webinar, you will learn the key role the Arcturians play in our understanding of time and its role in releasing the divine plan to this galaxy.

Topics include...

• Arcturian Solar System and Description of Home Worlds
• Arcturians: Physical Description
• Arcturian Ships
• Arcturus’ Role in Creating an Expanded Galactic Federation
• Arcturians: Creators of the Galactic Federation's Revised Medical    Team Program.
• Special Arcturian Update on Our Ascension Symptoms
• What the Arcturians Teach Us about Divine Comfort and Divine    Nurturing
• Their role with Gaia and our Galactic Future

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Cosmic Disclosure: Troubling Encounters

Corey Goode and David Wilcock
Cosmic Disclosure: Troubling Encounters

David Wilcock: All right, welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. I'm here with Corey Goode, our insider's insider. And in this episode, we are continuing our fascinating investigation into the updates that he has been experiencing as this whole narrative moves forward, and all of the intrigue and the interesting things that are going on.

So without further ado, Corey, welcome back to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So where we last left you, we were talking about how you are now getting intel that is interesting to you, but that it's going through a review process.

And that seems similar to the job that you were offered before that you turned down when we discussed this in previous update episodes, where you were going to kind of fulfill the role that Gonzales was filling, because they had nobody else who could do it, but then you turned them down.

Now it seems like, in a sense, you have something like that, where you're getting some intel. You have to maintain some confidentiality. You can't tell me or anyone else.

Do you feel like that's the same thing, or do you feel like those things are different? What you're doing now is different than what they offered before.

Corey: It's much different.

David: Okay.

Corey: What I would have done with them before would involve me not doing TV shows.

David: Not at all?

Corey: Right. It would have involved me basically disappearing into the background and taking over doing what Gonzales was doing when he was here.

David: Would you have had to say that everything you said was a lie and discredit yourself, or would you just disappear?

Corey: Just sort of disappear.

David: Wow!

Corey: Yeah. So, yeah, things definitely . . . and in this topic have escalated since then. There are three incidents I'd like to talk about today, and we can . . . and a couple of them were pretty quick, so we can cover them fairly quickly.

I had a number of encounters over the last couple of months, and the number of pickups I've had to go to the Blue Sphere has increased.

David: Hm.

Corey: And there's obviously something, something . . . It's picked up. Something is going on.

David: There was a period of time where you really weren't getting that at all . . .

Corey: Right.

David: . . . and it had kind of just become you and Ka-Aree and The Construct for the most part with Gonzales.

Corey: Right. And I was literally withdrawing from not having fresh intelligence. It was . . .

David: Right. You were starting to lose your inspiration.

Corey: I was.

David: Yeah.

Corey: Well, not anymore. There . . . A . . . Some of these almost blend together because I wasn't documenting them as soon as they happened because I had other things going on.

David: You were doing some of your own events for the first time. Those events were deemed very successful. I've heard really positive feedback about you at Mt. Shasta, for example, those kinds of things.

Corey: Right. But the meetings kind of have changed a little bit. They've been more frequent, and in some cases rushed, like the one I'm about to tell you about.

David: Okay.

Corey: I was at home, and I got picked up in the normal way with a Blue Sphere. And the Sphere took me up, or the Blue Orb took me up, to a giant Blue Sphere again.

And immediately I noticed Tear-Eir and Gonzales and Mica together, and they were real close to me this time.

David: Hm.

Corey: And I was looking at Mica, because I like to look at him. He's just so . . . He's just beautiful as a being – his energy.

And Gonzales stepped forward and grabbed my hand, and just did one . . . a one pump shake like that.

And I noticed Mica was watching us very closely. And then Gonzales went on to talk a little bit about what had been occurring in recent meetings, that they were getting further and further along on this new financial system, that the transition they were hoping to be smooth, but more than likely would be rocky, and that I should put some money into some precious metals, and that I should definitely make sure that I have enough food on hand for me and my loved ones for a period of time.

David: Okay. What do you mean by rocky?

Corey: Not a smooth transition. There could be a complete drop in commerce for a period of time to where, you know, kind of similar . . . if there's a hurricane, all the food gets wiped out in six hours and then there are no new trucks coming in. You know, that kind of a situation.

David: We've heard about this financial change before, and some of the things you've leaked in the past indicated that they kind of want to just change it over without really telling us anything, but what you're describing now sounds like there would be some kind of an announcement.

Corey: Yes.

David: This would not just be a covert operation.

Corey: No, it won't be covert, and there will be some disruption, according to what Gonzales was saying.

David: Okay.

Corey: So we covered that a little bit, and then we went back on to the topic of the false SSP whistleblowers, and the program that they're getting more and more intelligence on that is about to be executed against people who were involved with the SSP program to discredit us.

And there were some more details about that that I'd like to keep to myself for now. And then he very quickly and abruptly ended the conversation, reached over, gave me a shake again, and he doesn't normally shake my hand.

And he walked back and stood next to Mica.

And I'd been glancing over at Mica throughout the short conversation, and he was observing us very closely.

Mica walks up to me, sticks his hand out, so I stick my hand out, and he does a one pump shake. And he looked very pleased with himself that he was partaking in our culture in some way.

David: Ha, ha.

Corey: And he said, “Let's walk and talk,” and he slid his arm inside of my arm like you do it you're walking along with usually a person of the opposite sex. And I guess I was as little uncomfortable by it, and he noticed within two or three steps, and then he pulled his arm out and put it to his side. And then we kind of walked a big circle talking and then came back to where Gonzales was.

But while we were doing a short little walk and talk, he started telling me that his people are beginning to reach out to our people in their dream state to introduce themselves and to impart information, to give us teachings on how to extricate ourselves from this current control system of the Draco, which they successfully did, how to come together as a society when our society has been programmed to inter-fight.

So his people are beginning to lay the groundwork for open contact and assistance from them in the future.

It was, again, a very rushed conversation as we were walking and talking, and I had some questions I wanted to ask him, and it was along the lines of how his people are going to interact with ours.

He mentioned a few brief things about how his society struggled to go through the transition that they needed to to become what they were today.

David: Hm.

Corey: And he was just letting me know that it is not a smooth transition, and that his people are going to be here to help us through it.

David: Right. That's very cool.

Corey: The only thing that I really got out of it that was really new was the information about his people starting to reach out to ours, which is exciting.

So Mica walked right up to Gonzales, and I was about to ask him a couple questions. And, as a matter of fact, in the beginning, I told him I had a couple of questions.

He asked if I was able to process the information that he'd given me last time, and I told him, “Yes. I had spent a lot of time thinking about it, and I had a few questions.”

And he said, “There will always be time for questions.”

And then at the end, I thought I was going to get to ask one of those questions, but instead he just walked me up to Gonzales, and he stood next to Gonzales and turned towards me, and a Blue Sphere appeared behind him and Gonzales and shot out immediately to me.

David: Hm.

Corey: It was time to go, so I went home and that was the end of that encounter.

It was very soon after this though that I was picked up again by this military-industrial complex Secret Space Program that had interrogated me months before.

David: Okay. So when the MIC picked you up this time, did it have any difference in quality to some of the other ones, because some of the ones you reported in these previous updates sounded pretty hostile, pretty unpleasant?

Corey: Well, this was a little more cordial, a little bit more. All of a sudden, I was awake after going to bed. I was awake, and I'm walking down my alley barefoot in my shorts and t-shirt that I sleep in.

David: Oh, my gosh.

Corey: And as I'm rounding around a gate to this parking lot that's right next to my house, I see this huge craft using it as a landing pad, and there are two . . . looked like Air Force airmen standing outside.

David: What do you mean by huge? How huge is huge?

Corey: It is probably about 100-feet long.

David: Wow!

Corey: It was big.

David: What did it look like?

Corey: It looked similar to some of the shuttlecraft that the SSP had transported me on, including the Mars Adventure that we reported on, configuration wise, but this was more of a stealth-looking craft.

It didn't have wings on the side. It was . . . If you looked at it from the top, as weird as it sounds, it was shaped sort of like a fish.

For the rest of Cosmic Disclosure: Troubling Encounters click Here

Thursday, November 24, 2016

20 Years a Slave in Secret Space Programs – ExoNews TV Episodes 3 and 4

By Dr. Michael Salla

Two new ExoNews TV episodes have been released of Tony Rodrigues who claims he was used as slave labor for several secret space programs one of which was German-run program known as the Dark Fleet which was originally built in Antarctica.

In two earlier episodes (parts one & two) he discussed the first seven years of his alleged “20 and back” program where he says he was used as a drug courier in Peru, sex slave in Washington State, and finally taken to the Moon when he turned 16 to be trained for space operations.

In these additional episodes from an ExoNews TV interview conducted on August 29 at Mt Shasta, California, he discusses his memories of being on a secret corporate base on Mars, and anther base on the Asteroid Belt planetoid Ceres.

His account of the brief period he spent on Mars has similarities with the claims of Randy Cramer who says he spent 17 years stationed there as a super soldier in a military base that was kept totally separate to civilian bases run by a corporation. In part two of this five part series, Rodrigues described his brief month-long stay at the Mars military base, where he claims that he fought alongside the super soldiers as a “slave soldier” in a failed military program.

In part three, Rodrigues states that after his slave soldier program was ended, he spent a month or so completing aptitude testing on the Mars corporate colony base called Aries Prime, which Cramer was the first to publicly identify. Gray extraterrestrials identified his innate abilities which would determine the kind of future space missions he would perform.

In part four, Rodrigues says after the completion of his aptitude testing, he was sent to the planetoid Ceres through an advanced portal shuttle system from Mars, where from 1990 to 2001, he served as a crew member of a merchant space craft led by German officers that were part of the Dark Fleet.

After the release of the first two video installments of Rodrigues claims, there were doubts raised by a reliable source as to whether he was indeed a participant in a “20 and back” program.

Such doubt has been accentuated recently with claims by Dr. Steven Greer that psychotronic holographic technologies are used to create realistic scripts that are downloaded into unwitting victims, who then come forward with fabricated memories.

Greer’s description of the development of these technologies and their use in secret space program testimonies was the subject of a November 13 lecture, where he said these scripts are manufactured to be “seductive and interesting”. He asserted:
You’ve got to have multiple points of corroboration, and the bigger the tale the more the proof you got to have. Now what I would say is it that I believe that these men are sharing what they believe to be true. I also know how easy it would be to provide information that is scripted about that, and that is seductive and interesting.
His insistence that “multiple points of corroboration” are necessary for validating witness testimony is a valid one. However, controversy erupted from Greer’s lecture when he claimed that the testimonies of Corey Goode and William Tompkins were corrupted by scripted memories. I responded to Greer’s claim in a two part series addressing them first for Goode, and then for Tompkins whose testimony has many similarities to Goode’s.

My conclusion was that Greer’s accusations lacked direct evidence, were driven by bias against any claims of predatory extraterrestrials, and were purely conjectural. This was especially so in the case of Tompkins whose testimony has “multiple points of corroboration” with independent witnesses and documents.

Nevertheless, Greer raised a legitimate concern in his lecture about advanced psychotronic holographic technologies that could produce realistic scripts to contaminate whistleblower testimonies about secret space programs.

This certainly was a major concern that Goode had previously raised when he was told by his insider source, “Gonzales” (a pseudonym) that a disinformation campaign was underway to contaminate the field of secret space programs research with false whistleblower testimonies:
Gonzales suddenly got a very serious look on his face and stated that he had a few things to discuss with me. He, too, stated that there was an operation underway to water down the info we have disclosed, as well as to discredit me personally by flooding the internet with fake SSP insiders.
A new generation of Manchurian candidates, who genuinely believed their false memory scripts, could indeed make it very difficult in finding the truth about what is really happening in secret space programs.

Rodrigues memories as a slave for an involuntary “20 and back” space program raises the question, are his memories genuine or scripted?

Before attempting to answer this question, I wish to raise a third possibility first brought to my attention by my exopolitics colleague, Alfred Webre, J.D. He publicly postulated that Randy Cramer’s memories of service in a “20 and back” secret space program were not a result of his own direct experiences, but were the memories of a dead Mars supersoldier. Weber said:
Specific memories of a deceased member of the Mars Defense Force have been downloaded and implanted into Randy, although Randy is not yet conscious that this is the case…. This was done as a well-intentioned disclosure effort by officials within the Mars Defense Force to let the public know about the Exopolitical situation on Mars and Earth.
It’s important to note that Weber’s thesis here is not that Cramer’s memories were downloaded into him for disinformation purposes, but are part of a sanctioned disclosure program by a covert group of “White Hats”. I analyzed Webre’s claim regarding Cramer in my book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Life (pp. 335-36).

Weber’s thesis that memories of secret space program personnel can be extracted for subsequent downloading into another body is very plausible. His thesis suggests that rather than fabricated scripts, as Greer was suggesting, the memories of dead secret space program personnel could be downloaded into unwitting victims who are then led to believe they were part of a “twenty and back” program.

The advantage between real memories versus manufactured scripts, is that the memories would have genuine emotions attached to them, as opposed to computer generated scripts. This would make for a much more compelling witness, who would feel genuine emotions as they recalled another person’s memories, which they believe to be their own.

So coming back to the question of Tony Rodrigues’ memories, we have four possibilities: 1. they are genuinely his own experiences; 2. they are manufactured scripts that are part of a disinformation program; 3. they are another person’s memories downloaded into him into a sanctioned disclosure initiative; and 4. they are entirely fabricated by Rodrigues himself as part of an elaborate scam.

I was first contacted by Rodrigues on August 15, 2015, who shared his story. A red flag was quickly raised by due to an inconsistency in his narration of an encounter around 1997-2001, between the merchant spacecraft he claims he served on, and the Arnold Sommerfeld, the Solar Warden research vessel that Goode says he served on for six years (1987-1993).

I then spent then next year vetting his testimony along with two other researchers, Morgan Starr and Rob Potter. We collectively conducted numerous phone, email and in-person interviews, closely examining his testimony for consistency, and attempted to determine his sincerity. Importantly, we tried to find any ulterior agenda in him coming forward.

I personally met Rodrigues for the first time at the Mt Shasta Secret Space Program conference from August 26-28. I closely examined his body language, emotions, consistency in retelling his story, and motivation for coming forward. A colleague, Duke Brickhouse, J.D., also participated in the vetting process at the Mt Shasta conference.

Our collective conclusion was that Rodrigues was being truthful, sincere and consistent in describing events he recalls experiencing during a twenty and back secret space program. This ruled out, in our opinion, the possibility that Rodrigues was perpetrating an elaborate scam.

Among the things that impressed me in Rodrigues story was his description of the older generation of German spacecraft as retrofitted submarines. This was consistent with Tompkins’ description of the first US Navy space craft being retrofitted Nautilus class nuclear submarines which he shared in an unpublished interview. As far as I’m aware, Rodrigues was the first person to reveal this very significant piece of information.

Another impressive feature of Rodrigues story was that says that the white spots on Ceres are water geysers which he personally saw during his time flying over the planetoid. This is consistent with early scientific data on the white spots which remain an enigma for planetary scientists.

Finally, Rodrigues account of being used as a sex slave in Seattle, Washington State from 1985 to 1988 (see part one) is perhaps the most significant aspect of his testimony insofar as it is verifiable.

After the Mt Shasta conference, Rodrigues traveled to the Seattle area location where he claims he was forced into sex slavery and recalled many locations he had been forced to work at during his “20 and back” timeline. In this current timeline, Rodrigues says that he had never previously visited Washington State.

In phone reports to Brickhouse and myself, he confirmed that he knew his way around the area where he was previously exploited, and recalls the names of the people who had run the child sex operation. Additionally, he says that through Google Earth, he was able to locate the town and environment where he was forced to work for the Peruvian drug trade from 1981 to 1985.

If there is independent confirmation of Rodrigues time in Peru and Washington, or for his alleged space service on Mars and Ceres, that will help considerably in establishing “multiple points of corroboration” for his story, and the accuracy of his memories. As mentioned in earlier articles, there are multiple corroborating points for insiders such as William Tompkins and Corey Goode.

Until multiple points of corroboration are found for Rodrigues testimony, there remains the possibility that his memories may be contaminated by manufactured scripts, or implanted memories from another person. This requires caution and discernment in using Rodrigues testimony to understand aspects of secret space programs, such as the German-run Dark Fleet, about which little is known.

[ExoNews TV episodes with Tony Rodrigues: click Here]

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sheldan Nidle Update: A Sacred Plan is Underway

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

A pristine new world is to manifest, and all present obstacles are to be transformed. Enjoy what is transpiring and let this gracious new reality appear. Let us do this in the name of all that is sacred and profound!

Galactic Federation Symbol for the
Sirian Star Nation

Selamat Jalwa! At the present time, an operation is working toward the goal of isolating the remaining illuminati rogues left in power positions in the American corporate government. This process has taken longer than was first expected by the Chinese and European Elders and Royals. In a preliminary mode, the new legal American government was declared in the latter part of what you know as the Gregorian calendar month of October. What is left is a more formal declaration that is to be made shortly. Meanwhile, a mopping-up process is under way. We are overseeing all of this and setting up parameters that are to make this operation successful. We expect this to clear the way for the new American Republic, and NESARA to be publicly announced. We have continued to carefully monitor all that is developing and to give a full report to the special council that is to be the guardian of the new GESARA governances. Our liaisons form a key part of this vital council for the Elders and the Royals. Our goal is to see these new governances come to power as efficiently as possible. This action would also bring disclosure ever closer.

This whole process is all about preparing this global realm to accept an ever-growing consciousness. This consciousness is what makes it possible for you to accept us as your teachers. The Anunnaki had long made you believe that you were lesser Beings. This is how they were able to easily manipulate you. We have often reiterated that this coming time is when you are to become able to accept your abilities and see us as your future. The many technological devices that you have accepted into your reality are just the tip of a gigantic iceberg of new innovations that are to suddenly appear before you. These new technologies are finally to permit you to see how amazing this new reality is to become. It is to be a world that can easily accept what we intend to teach you. You need to quickly make up for the perilously slow track that the late 20th century was known for. A swifter pace can allow you to see the broad reach of this new electronic technology. Yet, it is only a brief glimpse of what your near future holds!

Your world is growing from a society based upon primitive technology to one built on electronic devices. This alters it into a realm that primitively mimics ours. What is to happen next is for this electronic technology to become global, a development that is occurring now at a much greater rate. We look across this globe and see how the electrical grids are expanding every day in Asia, Africa and the Americas. These electrical grids can then become the foundation for the wireless electronic revolution. Although this process is still slow in most of your world, the new prosperity is going to end such limitations. Your planet’s surface world has been largely controlled by the Western-based Illuminoids. Such centralized control is to be much more difficult in a time of great global prosperity. It is this reality that is the true basis of GESARA. It is essential that the limited power base be eliminated and a new, more open concept be substituted. As that power widens, the world becomes more able to accept new realities. It also becomes more open to disclosure and mass contact.

First Contact is the primary goal of our Welcome Home Mission. We are dedicated to helping those on your world who are determined to end the control of those who became the powerful minions of your former masters, the Anunnaki. Brave Souls have worked for decades to set up a way for this magnificent goal to be accomplished. When we arrived, we began immediately to discover who they were and to gain their trust. Only in this way could our mission be quickly accomplished. As we have noted in previous reports, we were able to do this up to a point. What is needed now is for us to be able to go beyond our present position of trust and really help them to succeed in every measure possible. The present slowdown is to be remedied by a joint force comprised of all who are working to achieve success. This coalition is to make possible the prosperity and new governance that is to enable us to achieve our mission – to be acknowledged and then to be able to address you. This makes Heaven most happy and allows us to see how we need to adjust our present timetables.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters!
The time has come to thank Heaven for what is about to transpire. The old corrupt political process is destined to disappear and be blessedly replaced by a new one, called NESARA and GESARA. Truly, It is a gracious blessing. Through it, inestimable prosperity is to manifest and freedom from debt slavery is to appear as a vast and resplendent jubilee that is to come, prior to a new global banking system. This is a holy gift to surface humanity! It ends a system that first raised its head in ancient Babylonia. This tyranny is nearly over. You are to bask in the divine light of freedom, with the capacity to fulfill your joy. It is this inner passion that drives you. It is this great joy that is to be Heaven’s greatest gift. It is a sign of just how much Heaven Loves you and deeply wishes for your greatest personal success! It is your reward for everything you do to thank Heaven for its wondrous work in fulfilling your dreams!

The divine purpose of all of this is for you to use this new prosperity to raise your consciousness and your joy. It is often said that the collective energy of this global society is raised by lifting its joy. This process works by releasing your passion, leaving you able to easily envision what you can accomplish by letting you finally undertake your personal projects. As you begin, the initial energies swirl around the world, adding even more encouragement to the collective achievement. The active process of carrying out these projects is very empowering. A kind of global energy continues to rebound and spiral upward. It is this development that is at the core of it all. As you feel ever more empowered, networks form and a new divine attitude is manifested. This re-forming reality is, in fact, your envisioning in action.

This divine operation is what we began many decades ago. Your reality is now at a major crossroads. We ask simply that you continue to hold your vision and, shortly, you are to see the wondrous results that we long have described to you. America, in reality, is a testing ground for how this new consciousness is to manifest. Our associates have taken our resources and begun to distribute them across this globe. Be patient. Know within that a momentous sacred plan is underway that is meant to sweep aside all who strongly oppose what it represents. What is unfolding is the reformation of this new and prosperous reality. Each day, many sacred decrees have been pronounced and unfolded. A pristine new world is to manifest, and all present obstacles are to be transformed. Enjoy what is transpiring and let this gracious new reality appear. Let us do this in the name of all that is sacred and profound! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we carried on with our general report on the current global situation. Much occurs that is to alter this world in a wondrous way. We ask only that you remain patient, focused and willing to aid this wondrous cause. Know, dear Ones, that the countless supply and never-ending prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

For more from the Galactic Federation and PAO ~ click Here


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  • How we constantly create our reality by playing on the grids.
  • Understanding our three forces of nature.
  • Is the 5th dimension a hologram too?
  • Duality versus oneness: learning who we are.
  • Our quantum leap in consciousness: what it means.
  • Why all planets and suns are hollow (debunking the "flat Earth"

  • Participating in the true evolution of our humanity.

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  • Tuesday, November 22, 2016

    Neil Keenan Update | The Wait Is Over: Healing Computer Video Part II

    By Neil Keenan and Group k

    Neil Keenan has been in Germany being treated for numerous medical problems for the past few days and has finally been cured of the issuess initiated by the demented “establishment”. He now has something for you to view.

    How long have you been waiting for the second video of the new healing computer technology?! Well we have it now and Neil hopes you can understand it better than he!

    Neil says he only knows one thing about this computer and that is today, in Germany, it has printed out that his body at this time has been cured of various problems, mostly brought on by poisons dished out by the “establishment” in one way or another.

    Neil says it feels great to be without pain or sickness and although not out of the woods yet (he goes in for another test tomorrow) he knows it is finally over with.

    All the best, and thanks to you all for sticking with us during such hard times.

    We did our best to compensate for not finishing up in a timely fashion with the Accounts by bringing the new medical technologies to you. We have been collecting questions about this technology that people have sent to us and we will address them in due course as time allows.

    God bless you all and now let’s go and get these Global Collateral Accounts sorted out as soon as possible.

    Neil Keenan & Group K

    Video [View in full screen mode to see the detail]

    To see the earlier post with the first video on the healing computer see:

    NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | As Promised Now I Am Delivering: The Healing Computer

    Monday, November 21, 2016

    David Wilcock Comments on Benjamin Fulford's Update 21-11-2016

    David Wilcock Comments on Benjamin Fulford's Update
    Never before have we seen so much action all at once

    Excellent report. The civilian journalists investigating “Pizzagate” are building a case so rapidly that we are having to watch YouTube videos on a daily basis to keep up with the speed of their research.

    The only major blind spot for the people making these videos is they do not realize that there is an Alliance driving these Wikileaks releases, and thus it is not only “up to us” to do something about this.

    That being said, the grassroots efforts are very helpful. The revelations are sickening and certainly add a lot more depth to the filmed testimonies of Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor, which will hopefully start showing up in all of these videos as people realize who the long-term whistleblowers on this subject with the greatest credibility are.

    Another seriously important point is that John Podesta is the character whose leaked emails have broken the whole thing. He has always been the most visible proponent of UFO-related disclosure in the government.

    Podesta’s greatest regret after stepping down from the Obama administration to help Hillary’s campaign was that he “did not secure the release of the UFO files,” as said in a tweet. He then said “The truth is out there” in a hashtag.

    Disclosure has always been the final move the Cabal can make to try to distract the public from an epic defeat. They should be wise enough by now to understand that their plans for nuking the planet or causing other types of mass death will never be authorized by the benevolent ETs.

    Ben has always been very reticent to wade into this area, fearing a loss of credibility, though he has leaked a variety of data that lines up with it nonetheless.

    FWIW, the dreams I have been having lately indicate that spectacular progress is soon to appear in the public eye, and as negative as it is, these Wikileaks revelations are the healing that needs to occur.

    Two major issues with the Tarot cards jump out in terms of symbolism Ben does not see.

    First, the Tower card is the Tower of Destruction, and symbolizes the fall of corrupt kings and queens. The Vatican is the spiritual center of the Cabal. This therefore refers to the destruction of the Cabal itself.

    The fact that Russia is on one side of this split clearly underlines the key importance that Russia has played in the Alliance, including masterminding many of the most damaging hacks that have taken place — which we are starting to publicly see the results of now.

    Secondly, the image of Trump on the Judgment card is a very clear homage to classic art of Christ sitting on the planet. This therefore is a mockery of elements of the public seeing Trump not only as their leader, but as a savior figure.

    I am also surprised that Ben hasn’t stressed the appearance of Steve Pieczenik on the global scene. He is the Jack Ryan character from the Tom Clancy novels, and the subject of five major films.

    The second Harrison Ford film, The Sum of All Fears, appears to tell the story of his time working in the White House and culminates with the President threatening his life, saying he doesn’t want to end up doing the “Potomac Two-Step” dance.

    In an ironic synchronicity, the first Jack Ryan character was Alec Baldwin in “The Hunt for Red October,” and Baldwin is now SNL’s Trump-mocking main character.

    Pieczenik is the first-ever high-ranking official to come forward and officially introduce us to the Alliance. Up until then it has only been Gordon Duff and the others at Veterans Today, Fulford, myself, Corey Goode, Pete Peterson and some of the other Project Camelot witnesses. Others have presented data that these prime sources have leaked.

    The Pieczenik videos have been very exciting, as finally the Alliance has a spokesperson with a Cabinet-level background and five truth-telling movies and a host of spy thriller novels behind his name.

    Furthermore, it has been fascinating to see Alex Jones turn in all of this and start to understand that not all the military and intelligence community is negative — in fact the majority of them are positive.

    The new “Jason Bourne” film just came out and is only the latest of many films to be made by the Alliance. This film clearly depicts how a counter-coup against the Cabal is taking place in groups like the CIA thanks to its younger members. It also illustrates how companies like Google are being unwillingly threatened and controlled by the Cabal.

    Never before have we seen so much action all at once. This is just the warm-up to a summary I need to post this week now that I am finally out of Colorado from another Gaia taping and am back at home with some time.

    David Wilcock.

    Cosmic Disclosure - An Exploration of the Artists and their Works (video)

    For the first time get an inside look into the art and artists behind Gaia's Cosmic Disclosure series

    See the testimony of whistleblower and contactee Corey Goode come to brilliant life and color through the skills of Vashta Narada, Arthur Herring, Daniel Gish, Tarik Ali and Android Jones. Learn about the artistic process each artist goes through while depicting Corey's testimony.

    Watch a teaser trailer for the upcoming Sphere Being Alliance graphic novel project. This project is focused on bringing the testimony of Corey Goode to a larger main stream audience through the avenue of a realistic graphic novel series depicting his experiences.

    SphereBeing Alliance YouTube Channel

    Cosmic Disclosure

    Sphere Being Alliance

    Sunday, November 20, 2016

    Secret Space Program Disclosures and False Flag Alien Events

    By Dr. Michael Salla

    Part 2

    On November 13, Disclosure Project founder Dr. Steven Greer claimed in a lecture that final preparations for a false flag alien invasion were being facilitated by the recent secret space program disclosures of Corey Goode and William Tompkins.

    Greer claims that both are victims of psychotronic holographic technologies where they have been implanted with scripted memories of evil aliens abusing captive humans.

    Part one of this two part series, examined Greer’s claims regarding Goode. This article examines what Greer had to say about Tompkins and his information.

    A number of researchers into secret space program disclosures, including myself, have found Tompkins testimony and documentation to be the most powerful corroboration yet to emerge for many elements of Goode’s earlier disclosures. Consequently, Greer’s critique of Tompkins is very significant for assessing the validity of Goode’s testimony.

    In his November 13 lecture, Greer introduces the concept of “alienism” which he defines as follows:
    Alienism, as I’m going to define it tonight, is the proclivity to view anything that is non-human, but an intelligent life-form, as a potential threat, and the threat is directly proportional to how different they either appear or behave from us.
    He has the following to say about Tompkins testimony, which in Greer’s view, promotes alienism through scripts prepared by military programs that promote the idea of threatening extraterrestrials:
    I know that the folks that have been in the military programs connected to Mr. Tompkins and others have an agenda, and I question that agenda has to do with the propagation of fear and to convince the public that there’s an existential threat … as Ronald Reagan said at the UN, would unite the world to fight.
    Significantly, Greer refers to “military programs connected to Mr. Tompkins,” yet provides no details of such a connection. He has no documents or witnesses of his own to corroborate his claim that Tompkins’ memories are scripts created by military programs.

    Instead he makes a general reference to a USAF intelligence officer, who worked for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, who has new information about Unacknowledged Special Access Programs that will be released in Greer’s forthcoming Unacknowledged documentary.

    Greer argues that Tompkins descriptions of benevolent human-looking aliens and malevolent Reptilian-looking aliens conspiring to respectively assist or sabotage US Navy efforts to build a secret space program is a form of alienism:
    With many of these people you’ll hear that the ones that the look Nordic, shall we say. I’ve spent three or four hours with Bill Tompkins, the ones that kind of look like us but are pretty, those are GROOD [great/good] the ones that look some other way those are bad ones. Isn’t that interstellar racism? … Take a step back. Aren’t the good ones always the pretty blond ones with the big breasts… I find it appalling … are we really going to stay on that cycle of taking racism and turning it into alienism?
    For the rest of Part 2 of Dr. Salla's article: Secret Space Program Disclosures and False Flag Alien Events click Here

    Saturday, November 19, 2016

    Are Secret Space Program Disclosures Prelude to a False Flag Alien Invasion

    By Dr. Michael Salla

    Part 1

    On November 13, Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the Disclosure Project, gave a public lecture where he warned about an impending false flag extraterrestrial event.

    He said that the final stage of planning for a false flag event that dates back to the 1950’s is about to be rolled out, and that recent disclosures about aliens being involved in a galactic slave trade of humans is part of a deception campaign. The goal is to condition humanity into accepting a scenario of evil aliens intent on conquering humanity.

    Greer stated that advanced electronic weapons using psychotronic holographic technologies were used in order to produce ‘scripted memories’ which could be downloaded into individuals. The implanted memories, according to Greer, could be so realistic that the targeted individuals would swear that the experiences were genuine.

    Greer says that he was first told about these advanced psychotronic holographic technologies around 1994, by a senior scientist familiar with classified programs. More recently, a retired Lt. Colonel from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations warned that the psychotronic holographic technologies had laid the foundation for the alien false flag event that was imminent.

    Greer did not name the Air Force intelligence officer, but said that his testimony was part of the upcoming documentary Unacknowedged, and that the Air Force officer’s testimony would be released in full soon after the documentary’s release.

    Greer’s claim of the existence of psychotronic holographic technologies used for psychological warfare operations that began in the 1950’s is supported by documentary evidence. It is known that psychological warfare was used as an important means of deceiving the public about the reality of flying saucers and extraterrestrial life.

    The 1953 CIA sponsored Robertson Panel release the Durant Report recommending debunking the flying saucer phenomenon by using the mass media in what was the beginning of a psychological warfare program against the general public.

    For the rest of Dr. Salla's article with important links click Here

    Friday, November 18, 2016

    Dr. Steven Greer: Unacknowledged Film Update

    Interesting work on the film and book continues.

    By Dr. Steven Greer

    How the film and book are organized.

    As you know the reason for the film and the book is to educate as many people as possible about the reality of the Extraterrestrial presence and what the implications are. Do we want a Disclosure that leads to Universal Peace or a Disclosure that could lead to interplanetary war? Certainly Universal Peace is what we want. It is important to have a full understanding of the issues around this subject for that to happen.

    In order for people new to the topic to have the best understanding of the issues involved the film and the book will be organized into:

    The "what" is the evidence we have that there is an ET presence visiting earth.
    The "how" is how it has been kept secret which is much more complex than people think.
    And the "why" is the most complex.

    The movie and book will deal with all these topics in a way that is understandable, compelling and yet nuanced.

    We are also very excited as an aerospace researcher has just recently met with Dr. Greer with mountains of information that corroborates and helps verify all the points we want to make in the film. Our film crew is going to film him in early December and add that into the film. The delay will be worth it.

    We are very excited to see how the film is evolving and can't wait to share it with you. We are probably now looking at April 2017 release.

    In relation to Disclosure you might want to read one of Dr. Greer's papers: When Disclosure Serves Secrecy. It is an insightful and nuanced discussion of the issues around Disclosure.

    Our many thanks to all of you for your support.
    The Unacknowledged Team