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Cosmic Disclosure: Arrival of The New Guardians

David Wilcock and Corey Goode
Cosmic Disclosure:
Arrival of The New Guardians

David Wilcock: Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and we are here with Corey Goode. And in this episode, we're going to get into the return of the Guardians.

Corey, welcome back.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So where we last left off, you had just met with Gonzales, who was talking about his work with trauma-recovery victims and these red-haired giant peoples.

Then you had a meeting with the seven different groups of the Anshar in a cleansing room.

So could you pick it up from there and tell us what happens at this point and where you go next?

Corey: While we were still in this cleansing room, and there was still a line going, I was told that this was a celebration and preparation ceremony for meeting the new Guardians, and that it was my honor . . . I was being honored and being allowed to participate.

I told Aree and her sister it was MY honor, and that I was thankful, and they were just very excited and playful. I mean, they were in a party mood. It was a party mood.

David: Hm.

Corey: And it was right after that, I started seeing these goblets, little glass-looking goblets, being passed around, and they looked almost like champagne flutes, but they weren't tall.

So they were handing them around, and I was told that this was the nectar of Isis that I had been offered before that I had turned down.

And everyone was holding a glass. I was kind of holding a glass, and I was kind of like holding it like this, like you do a flute of champagne at a party. [Corey shows he's holding his glass low and close to his body.]

And I looked up, and Aree was watching me and amused because I didn't know what was going on. And she held her drink up like this [Corey holds the glass higher and out in front of himself], and she passed her hand over it [Corey passes an open hand over the glass] with her lips moving like she was saying a prayer.

And then she held it up and took [Corey breathes in the aroma from the nectar] a big ole deep whiff of the nectar, and then she drank it.

David: So in the past, you were very reticent to drink this elixir, apparently feeling that it might be some sort of psychotropic drug or something like that.

Corey: The first time I met her was when I was offered the drink, and I wasn't going to take a drink like that from a stranger. I didn't know who she was.

David: Hmm.

Corey: At this point, I trusted her. So I did what she did. I did the best I could to repeat it. Said a little thing to the One Infinite Creator blessing improv, and I took a drink.

And immediately, I felt this energy spreading out down my mouth, down my throat, all throughout my body. It's almost like a heat, a warmth. And I became extremely euphoric.

David: Was it like a physical numbness that you felt as you drank it?

Corey: No. It was a warmth and just an energy that kind of spread out through my body.

David: Wow!

Corey: Very unique. And I looked around, and the energy of everyone, as they were drinking it, was changing. They were becoming more . . . kind of like outgoing. They were not keeping up their appearances like they were before.

You know, different groups felt like they had to hold theirselves a certain way in front of another group.

Everyone became relaxed, and I felt connected with the Anshar in a level that I had never felt connected before, even using their chairs.

David: It sounds to me kind of like this is not just a chemical effect, but that there was some sort of energetic component to the beverage. Do you think that's true”

Corey: That's exactly what it was.

David: Okay. Could you tell us how long this euphoric ceremony lasts after you drank the beverage?

Corey: After I drank the beverage, it seemed like only moments that I had to enjoy the effects.

David: Hm.

Corey: Because then, I was grabbed by Aree and her sister and several others that were headed towards the door.

And we headed towards the door. We walked back out into the large domed room where I had appeared the first time and every time since.

There were the two guys at each door, guarding the doors, as the last time.

And we went back out into the cavern area where the city used to be.

And now, there was a huge 120' across classic-looking flying saucer that was parked a little bit off in the distance with a ramp down. And we could see a little bit of movement and activity.

As we got closer, I could see some of that Omega group of the Inner Earth, the ones that had dark hair, looked very Caucasian, military looking.

And they were wearing these blue one-piece uniforms with these big gold stars on them, like the star I saw on the table in the Anshar meeting. It was like a symbol of Venus, basically, on their left chest area.

David: Okay.

Corey: And they were guiding all of us into the craft.

We all sat down, got comfortable, and everyone loaded up, and then we took off.

David: Now, at this point, were you aware of your destination? Did you know where you were going?

Corey: Aree and her sister sat on either side of me, and they confirmed that we were headed to this space station that I went to prior, where I met the Sentinels.

And they were calling it the Council at Saturn.

David: I thought the time you met the Sentinels was at Venus, not Saturn.

Corey: I met them on Venus, but if you remember, afterwards, I was taken to Saturn to one of these same anomalies, like is off of Jupiter.

David: Ah.

Corey: And when I entered in, there was an identical space station.

David: Interesting. Okay.

So what's the next thing that happens? I guess you must have disembarked from the craft. Did you feel it land?

Corey: When we docked, you really couldn't tell.

David: Hm.

Corey: There was no “phzzzzz” [Corey releases air], anything like that.

David: Okay.

Corey: It was just . . . People started getting up and leaving. That's how I . . . I mean, we just got up and started leaving.

David: Okay.

Corey: And we walked through the docking station. The doors are huge, because they are meant to service beings that are 18' tall or so.

David: Wow!

Corey: And so are the hallways, passageways, through the space station.

The long skinny section that leads to the rounded section, when you walk through that, the ceilings are very tall.

They brought us to the main area, and that's where the meeting would occur.

David: The previous meeting that we had in other episodes featured you with the Super Federation, and they were told that they were no longer going to control humanity's destiny. And apparently, they got very upset.

Corey: Some of them.

David: Did you feel any sense of anxiety going back into a room that looked the same now, as if, maybe, you were going to have another experience like that?

Corey: No, because A, I was feeling euphoric from the elixir.

David: Okay.

Corey: And it was wearing off. It wore off fairly soon. And we had all the Anshar around that were extremely excited.

There were like 40 representatives inside this flying saucer.

David: Hm.

Corey: And we all filed out. We went into the large meeting room, and we all got in to like a semicircle to wait for the next part of the meeting.

David: Did it look exactly the same as the Super Federation meeting room?

Corey: Exactly, except there were no chairs. It was completely empty.

David: So what happens at this point once they form this semicircle?

Corey: I began to walk across the room to go over and meet Mica.

And when I was about to the halfway point, Teir-Eir and the Golden Triangle-head beings appear in the room.

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Now Available! Antarctica’s Hidden History: Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs

Now Available!
Antarctica’s Hidden History:
Corporate Foundations of Secret Space Programs


Antarctica is a land about to be exposed over its well-guarded secrets and ancient hidden mysteries …

In 1955, as a result of a secret agreement reached between the Eisenhower Administration and a German breakaway group in Antarctica, a transnational corporate space program began to emerge. The secret infusion of personnel and resources from US military contractors into Antarctica allowed this transnational corporate program to steadily grow into a major space power, which would eventually surpass and eclipse the secret space programs run by the US Navy, Air Force, and the classified space programs of other nations.

Whistleblower claims substantiate that many of the classified programs conducted there violate the 1961 Antarctic Treaty, and constitute “crimes against humanity” due to the abuse of a captive slave labor force. Dr. Michael Salla daringly exposes the major corporations involved in these illegal programs, and how the truth is hidden from company shareholders and the public. Today, Antarctica’s secrets are slowly being revealed by the increasing volcanic activity that is melting the massive ice shelves, exposing ancient artifacts and crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Full disclosure of Antarctica’s history, and current events involving multiple space programs and transnational corporations, will vitally aid in transforming our planet, and prepare humanity for the major geological events that lie ahead as the melting ice unveils all that has previously been hidden.

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More Flying Triangles Photographed near Orlando, Florida (video)


More Flying Triangles Photographed Near Orlando, Florida


The five photos in the video below show a flying triangle craft near Orlando, Florida that could both hover and rapidly fly in any direction. The craft could change its color from white as it emerged from clouds, into darker colors as the photos illustrate, suggesting a stealth feature.

The photos were sent to me by JP, an anonymous source I have known since 2008. He gave the approximate size of the craft as roughly the size of two jumbo jets. The craft is identical to a March 16 sighting by JP in the Orlando area that was again captured by photos.

For an article analyzing his March 16 photos and a comparison to a flying triangle patent believed to be based on an actual TR-3B classified craft,
click here.

What follows are the originals of the first and fifth photos used in my video analysis of the March 23 photos for those wishing to conduct further photographic analysis.


Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Feel free to share this article with original links. For those planning to incorporate the above video and/or original photos in their own YouTube videos/articles, you have permission to do so provided you link to the original source.

Join the Social Media Revolution for Truth with Onstellar - No Censorship - Free Speech (video)

Image from video

Join the Social Media Revolution for Truth with Onstellar - No Censorship - Free Speech

SphereBeing Alliance
Published on 22 Mar 2018

Tag someone who is wanting to leave facebook!
Ready to watch the collapse of social media giants for illegal data harvesting? Do it from the comfort of a new Block Chain based social media platform dedicated to the pursuit of truth. Sign up at with SBA as the referal code and get early access to reserve your name for the official public launch.


What if the community had its own uncensored social media platform based on the block chain?

In what ways can we use this incredible tool in the movement for truth and Full Disclosure?

YouTube link:

James Gilliland: Social Engineering, Opposites, The Division Game and The Star Nations Are Returning

Social Engineering, Opposites, The Division Game and The Star Nations Are Returning

by James Gilliland

March 20, 2018

I want to begin with the basics. We can apply these basics to everything to get back on track as to what is real,
what is true and who is who in this crazy mixed up world..

The first question is:

“Are you creating Heaven on Earth?”

I want to begin with the basics. We can apply these basics to everything to get back on track as to what is real, what is true and who is who in this crazy mixed up world. The first question is, “Are you creating Heaven on Earth?” The second question is, “Are you operating under Universal Law?” There also is a Cherokee saying, “If it isn’t good for everyone it isn’t good.”

Universal Law in its simplest form is: Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. A document that closely resembles Universal Law is your Constitution and Bill of Rights. These are all tools for discernment. Agencies, organizations and people that trespass on these divine rights are what some would call the enemy, not in service to Humanity and the Earth. The most important - this is what is true, what is fair.

This should be the biggest consideration: What form of media do you
tune into, have they been compromised?

The next thing to consider is where is your information coming from upon which you base your decisions. This should be the biggest consideration. What form of media do you tune into, have they been compromised? Have they been accurate? Where do they get their information from? Are they just reading a screen? Did they do any objective investigation? What is the be lie f of your peers and could they have been manipulated, socially engineered.

I often ask people when they make statements, do you have personal experience, firsthand knowledge, what is the source of your information? In almost every case they repeat something they heard on one of the main stream media outlets. When I tell them the main stream news in most cases are part of a project called Mockingbird, mouth pieces for the Deep State, CIA and other agencies.

Despite overwhelming evidence they pull up the conspiracy label. Then I tell them the conspiracy label was also created by the same group to discredit whistle blowers, researchers and anyone who does not follow the controlled narrative. Read the NASA paper. The ultimate red pill.

If they [Media] were to release the truth, the undeniable evidence on the behavior of the politicians, social icons etc. the suicide rate would go through the roof followed by riots.

Fox News is the only larger news agency that is covering a lot of the corruption but they know they cannot touch upon some subjects such as Satanic Worship, Spirit Cooking, Child Sacrificing, Drug and Child Trafficking, Pedophilia, Sexual Predation, Genocidal Programs and other decadent behavior. The depth and magnitude of this is too much for people to handle. If they were to release the truth, the undeniable evidence on the behavior of the politicians, social icons etc. the suicide rate would go through the roof followed by riots. Those totally brainwashed against those who are awake.

The hate left would be triggered by the social engineers resulting in total chaos. The moral right would show little or no tolerance once aware of how dark and decadent the behavior of their leadership.

Who are the social engineers?.

Who are the social engineers? Who are the ones controlling the narrative, creating the separation games, dividing genders, cultures, religions, and organizations against each other? The answer is a well-known one. Follow the money, do the research on those funding the politicians, agencies and organizations creating separation, division and social unrest. The ones screaming accusations without merit the loudest of which are deeply embedded in the swamp.

Before you form an opinion, research the source of the information: Do they have an agenda? Do they have a history of deception? Are they pitting genders, races, cultures and religions against each other? Most important where does their funding come from?


What if it was a possibility that almost all the information channels you depend on were corrupt?

What if there was an extremely well-funded network in place designed to control the masses?

What if this has been going on for hundreds of years becoming more fine-tuned, more exact to a level beyond imagination where they could play society like a fiddle?

What would happen if you found out this was being done to you on a grand scale invading your mind to the point that you don’t know who you are anymore?

This latest guilt trip against white males is another attempt at separation and emasculation, which has been going on for quite some time.

Ever heard of soy boys? Estrogen mimickers? Destruction of the family unit? We are all a product of social engineering to one degree or another, relying on a talking head in a box to tell you what to be lie ve. Most have lost all critical thinking. You’re a part of the herd who are also programmed and socially engineered trained to react in ways unloving to anyone who is not part of the herd consciousness.

▪ What if things were the opposite of what you were told; the information on    which you based your opinion was wrong?
▪ What if what you were taught in school was wrong; your history,    archeology, religions, even the sciences are regulated.

What would be the repercussions?

This has been the demise of many masters, critical thinkers, awakened ones who rose above the herd.

What if things were the opposite of what you were told; the information on which you based your opinion was wrong?

Before we go further I want to give you two examples. One is Antifa. They are supposedly antifascist, anti-Nazi, yet are funded by an admitted known NAZI, “Soros”, act like fascists, even fly the old Nazi flag. Now if this is not a prime example of hypocrisy, social engineering and opposites I don’t know what is.

Some of these people practice what they believe is justifiable violence unaware they are being used by the very people they hate. What was interesting is the protests against Soros for stiffing them, not paying them after successful riots.

The same character funds Black Lives Matter. Does this mean white lives, red lives, yellow lives, brown lives, police lives don’t matter? Yes, there are serious problems to address- yet let’s do it as a unified community. By the way, police officers were killed due to false news stories, the reporters of which should be held accountable.


How about open borders another one of Soros’ organizations. What happens when you bring together cultures that clash, have completely opposite laws, customs and religions? You create total chaos, a huge economic burden on the infiltrated country, often resulting in social and economic collapse. Yet when you look at the financial contributions of those making these policies and follow the money it goes back to the same people.

The people who - after the collapse - take over the resources, the financial system enslaving the people under a massive debt buying up everything for a penny on the dollar. Does open borders mean gangs and drugs get a free pass? Are they protected in Sanctuary Cities?

If you knew how long consciousness has been manipulated on the planet most would be shocked. How about 450,000 years, could you handle that?

The division the elite created through social engineering created the demise of many a country and culture. Pay attention to Germany and Sweden, especially the women who have been beaten and raped. Do not fool yourselves into thinking America is not number 1 on the target list.

How do you know if you are not doing their bidding? They work with division and opposites. They misrepresent the facts and twist stories pulling on the heart strings of America to fit their agendas.

How do you know if you have been socially engineered, lied too and are on the wrong side of the fence?

Where did your be lie fs come from? Could the bad guys be the good guys, the good guys be the bad guys?

If you knew how long consciousness has been manipulated on the planet most would be shocked. How about 450,000 years, could you handle that?

Could the bearded Gods of old have been a part of this? What religion does not have an image of a bearded God?

What if the consciousness grid was draconian and you were under draconian law?

What if the social engineers were attacking anyone who challenges the corruption, the status quo with their massive network?

What if most of the agencies were infiltrated, corrupted have self-serving agendas? Is this a conspiracy or a fact?

What if the conspiracies turn out to be the truth and the so-called facts controlled by the corrupted agencies, educational systems and mainstream news turn out to be lies, deceptions with agendas?

If you are looking for a conspiracy look no further.

The Star Nations are returning.

They are here to liberate the Earth. They are here to tear down the draconian grid, bring out the real history of man, the true nature of God and dismantle the present system of enslavement bringing the power back to the people. They are here to drain the interdimensional swamp. “Now is the light going on?".

You have been controlled, manipulated, deceived, and preyed upon for thousands of years. Now the swamp has become so deceptive, decadent and all pervading intervention is necessary. So, are you defending and supporting the swamp, trying to maintain the draconian grid due to extreme social programming. Do you use the excuse it’s my job, everyone is doing it. Are you afraid to rock the boat, lose a few friends and family? Are you in ignorance of the Satanic, Spirit Cooking, Child Sacrificing, Pedophile network? Do you know who is involved in it, does it include the deep state, your past even some of your present leadership? Who is controlling your main stream media? Have you taken the red pill, done the research, gone down that rabbit hole? Who is the swamp and who is draining it?

I have been accused of being Right Winged although I have always said I am an observer. An educated one. I look for solutions. I know the ancient history of Earth, who is who, not just on this dimension but others as well. I know the origin of the draconian grid, draconian law, and who is in service to Humanity and the Earth.

I know who in their heart of hearts - though not infallible or perfect - are on the right side of the fence and who is in alignment with Universal Law and the liberation of Humanity and the Earth. I also know the forces behind them - some not of this time, but once of this world.

I also know a major correction is underway.

If you want to simplify this ask yourselves who has a history of lying? Who wants to take away your rights? The right to privacy, freedom of speech, religious freedom, the right to protect yourselves against enemies foreign and, “domestic?” Why are these rights a threat to them and their ultimate goals? Who wants to do away with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights divinely inspired documents? Who is behind the social engineering? Who are the Deep State, what are their tools, to whom do they owe their allegiance?

If you really want to go down the rabbit hole ask the taboo question: who is involved in the Satanic, Spirit Cooking, Pedophile network? The answer to that is unimaginable, the dark network is so entangled, most can’t handle it. That is why divine intervention is necessary, those draining the swamp are the ground crew. It’s time to break the spell, drop the social programming and get behind them.

Here are some more question to contemplate.

▪ Why do ufos follow Air Force One?
▪ Why did Trump meet with the Saudis, the Russians, the Chinese, the    Vietnamese? Was a deal brokered with North and South Korea, a    reunification?
▪ Are all the leaders having contact with extremely advanced off world    visitors?
▪ Are they in agreement when it comes to ending the Cabal, draining the    Global Swamp?
▪ Why was an executive order declaring a state of emergency signed,    allowing the assets of perpetrators of harm to be confiscated?
▪ Does the military, mainly the marines, become the highest court in the    land?
▪ Why are there thousands of indictments, what are the tribunal courts?
▪ What are the forces seen and unseen behind the swamp?
▪ Who do they worship?

I would strongly suggest reading this newsletter again, social programming will not allow you to get it the first time.

There will be triggers that will cause you to shut down when it gets too close to home or you have to release an old be lie f. Contemplate the questions. The answers are in the questions.

These are the times the prophecies have mentioned. It’s going to be a wild ride. Universal Law is coming. Buckle up.

Be Well, Be at Peace, Do the Healing Process,
James Gilliland
ECETI Official YouTube Channel

You have my permission to send this far and wide.

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President Nixon hid Evidence of Alien Life in White House Time Capsule! (video)

Image from video

By: DarkJournalist
Published on 20 Mar 2018

President Nixon hid Evidence of Alien Life
in White House Time Capsule!

Robert Merritt's Final Testimony: Nixon's ET Time Capsule!

In this special Dark Journalist episode we will get an update from former Federal Informant and Covert Operator Robert Merritt who was a member of the Nixon Administration’s ultra secret Huston Plan reveals even more about his meeting deep beneath the White House where President Nixon revealed he was going to hide a Time Capsule Message containing UFO Disclosure and an ET Energy Formula that would Change the World!

The Kissinger Connection: UFO Crash Retrieval

New research has uncovered that Nixon's Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was in charge of a program at Kirtland AFB that was part of the Rockefeller Special Studies Project to Re-engineer UFO Crash Retrievals.

YouTube link:

UFOs in Restricted Airspace (video)

Image from video

By: UFOs Over Vegas - Steven Barone
Published on 19 Mar 2018

UFOs in Restricted Airspace

I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of July 16, 2015.

I had to remake this amazing video. Watch the UFOs and how they move and you will understand that they cannot possibly be anything conventional. The video begins with them sped up by four times so that you can see how unusual they are and then watch it at actual speed. I spent more than a year skywatching before I ever had any idea at all that these were in the northern sky and that they existed. They are doing this in restricted airspace so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary to assume that they might be ours. If they aren't ours then whose are they, where are they from and why are they allowed to do this?

YouTube link:

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Cosmic Disclosure: Bioship

David Wilcock and Emery Smith
Cosmic Disclosure: Bioship

David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, here with Emery. And in this episode, we're going to talk about organic craft.

Emery, welcome back to the show.

Emery Smith: Thanks, Dave. Thanks for having me.

David: So in order to open up this discussion, let's go back to your time at Sandia because we really have barely scratched the surface of that yet.

Obviously, we're going to get into this organic craft thing, but before we do, you had talked about the fact that, in the beginning, you were getting these partial bodies.

After you got through the salmon fillet phase, and then you got through the arms and legs type of phase, you got partial bodies.

Emery: Correct.

David: So the first partial body that you told us about was, again, what?

Emery: The crossbreed tiger-type human hybrid.

David: Okay.

Emery: Yeah. That was the one . . . It's very disfigured and dysmorphed.

And then the next one that followed that was the more of the smooth skin with the leopard skin, but with iridescent – like the peacock feather colors – skin.

David: Hm.

Emery: And that face was a little bit mutilated, so I couldn't see the actual . . . but it was a very normal-sized skull, just like a human. The body was very thin and lanky.

And these bodies is what brought me to see craft, because later on, some of the tissue samples I was taking, they asked me to come take samples from a completely different part of the base, or this underground facility, that I would have to travel to, and also escort those samples back to my base, which was unusual for me to be a carrier, but it was all within the underground.

David: So if I'm getting this correctly then, what you're saying is, that in certain cases, you were working on a body, or a partial body, . . .

Emery: Right.

David: . . . but then they had reason to believe that there might be some biological similarity between the body and the actual craft that the body was in.

Emery: Exactly.

David: Wow!

Emery: Exactly. And so I would actually . . . They would come on the intercom and actually say, “All right. That's enough.”

Because I'm doing samples the whole time and giving them . . . As soon as I get a sample, I put it through the window. So they're already testing, in the back, the genetics of this thing.

So I just remember them coming on and saying, “Okay, That's enough, Smith. We need you to go do a run.” And I didn't even know what that meant, because I'd never done a run.

David: Do you think that the people that are on the other side of the glass, that you pass these samples into, are more specialized and skilled workers than you?

Emery: Oh, absolutely.

David: Okay.

Emery: I mean, I'm just a technician. These, probably, are the scientists and geneticists, you know, that taught me later on all about that kind of thing.

These people are probably those people grabbing it, running it through some advanced fast scanner of some sort. because they were always . . . [They would] immediately come back, within minutes of me giving a sample, as I'm taking another sample and say, “Stop that. Go up and grab something from the inner ear,” you know, or something like that.

David: Oh!

Emery: So they were immediately, probably, another team behind these windows that are trying to find something out specific from this species.

David: Did you ever get to meet any of them? Or did you recognize any voices as being common voices?

Emery: Yes, I did later on, but I was not really allowed to hang out with them or talk to them.

David: Right.

Emery: But I did hear . . . You know, I see people in the locker room. I see people in the cafeteria. I see people on the outside, but not until way later on down the road did I actually get to meet people that were actually those people.

David: Interesting. So do you think, in some cases, that the tissue was able to be reproduced, like to be grown?

Emery: Yes. Yes, for sure. That's definitely what they were doing. They were trying to reproduce these cells.

David: Okay. So then, you said that at certain points they might ask you to take tissue from the inner ear and stop what you were doing.

Do you think they have a database of the tissue samples, and they're comparing . . . when they make tests, they're comparing it to other parts of . . .

Emery: YES! Yes. Like it depends . . . They're not only taking the tissue to reproduce. They're studying the tissue. They're studying the eardrum. They're studying the phrenic nerve. They're studying the heart muscle of this being. They're studying all sorts of different parts of this body for some reason, for their own . . . Who knows.

So it's not just one thing. They're doing many different things with the body for their own reasons.

David: Yeah.

Emery: Maybe they just need that optical nerve because they want to know how they see. Maybe they need that tendon to see what those tenocytes are made out of, because it replicates so quickly in a Petri dish – one of the hardest cells to replicate.

So I think they're just studying this like we are. I think some of it sometimes may be used for evil, and I think some of it is just trying to learn and find out, what are these beings, and where they come from, and what are they made up of, and so forth.

David: All right. I want to run something else by you since you brought this up. I think it's a fascinating thing to discuss.

Well before I ever met Corey Goode, or . . . I knew of him, but we hadn't gotten into this stuff till 2014, 2015.

I had been speaking to this insider, Jacob. And he told me, at some length, that the Draco Reptilian beings had essentially been all over our galaxy looking for various genetic materials.

And then they had taken the very best of the things that they found and had somehow spliced it in with themselves and had created a sort of super being out of themselves.

Do you think it's possible that we could be on a similar trajectory right now by all this genetic research that you're talking about?

Emery: Yes. I agree with that tremendously, just because of all the different requests and the different briefings I've been involved with in this MILAB.

And not to say it was . . . Like I always tell you, not to say that it was owned by Sandia or Los Alamos. Those are just names for cover-ups of corporations.

David: Yeah.

Emery: People need to know that as well.

David: Right.

Emery: It's just that's where I was. That's the area I was.

David: Right.

Emery: Now, getting back to your question. Yes, I believe they were trying to get this DNA and somehow mix it with human DNA, and create, or inject, some inoculation into a human being to see if they could mutate and have different factors and different abilities that beings have.

David: Well, like eagles . . . Apparently, an eagle could see a dime from the top of the Empire State Building on the sidewalk.

Emery: Exactly. Right.

David: So if we had THAT kind of vision, that would be exciting.

Emery: Yes, it would. But then I would have to clean my house extra, extra, extra hard.

David: Ha, ha, ha.

Emery: Because I don't like dust.

David: Okay, so at one point, you – or maybe more than once, but at least once – you were called in to a different location . . .

Emery: Yes. Right.

David: . . . because of this craft being organic, they thought.

Emery: Yes.

David: So let's talk about that now.

Emery: Well, that's when I said they were like, “Stop what you're doing.”

No one's ever said, “Stop what you're doing and go change out” or whatever. And “change out” just means get out of the spacesuit.

So that's what I did.

And they were right there, and they were like, “We want you to go here and take the tube, and you're going to be dropped off here, and so-and-so will be there to escort you to this area.

And that was the longest ride I've ever been on a maglev tube.

David: Like a sub shuttle?

Emery: Yeah, it was a sub shuttle capsule. It was a capsule, yeah.

Because you can't ask anything. You understand, you cannot, you know . . . They did tell me that this being came from this craft. They did tell me that.

David: Hm.

Emery: And that I was supposed to take these samples from this part of the craft – I had my folder with me – and was escorted to this – you know, this was one of the first times I rode this thing – and got there.

These two guys came out. One was a security guard, and one was a scientist. And there was no other security. Like no . . . You didn't even have to pass through anything.

So it must have been part already . . . Once you get under, then you can go pretty much anywhere.

David: Can you describe what the room looked like once you got out of the capsule?

Emery: Yeah, sure. It looked just like a very clean, New York subway station.

David: Oh, wow!

Emery: Yeah.

David: Okay.

Emery: But it was very . . . another all white area, very clean, very silent. You could hear a pin drop.

David: Did you have some sort of container with you for samples?

Emery: No, nothing. I had the folder.

David: But what do you do with the sample?

Emery: Well, they have everything there.

David: Oh!

Emery: Just like this operating room I was in . . . THIS room . . . this thing is in a huge operating room . . .

David: Right.

Emery: . . . you know, this craft.

David: Oh, wow!

Emery: Yes.

David: So you walked into some sort of room where the craft was?

Emery: Well, first I had to go change. They made me change again into another . . . very similar like a locker room, but I didn't see any colors on the floors like in the hallways I told you about, the color codes.

David: Ah, right.

Emery: And there was always someone with me. They wouldn't let me be alone.

So I walked for at least 10 minutes down a very long, white hallway. There were many doors on the sides of the hallway, like every 100 feet.

And the door opened, and there I was in this giant – what I would call – a sterile hanger.

David: Wow!

Emery: A sterile hanger is what I'll call it.

And there was this craft there, and there were many people there, a lot of people running around. They were all, of course, in clean scrubs, white . . . had the white jackets.

David: Now, you would assume a couple of things, okay? You would assume this is an underground base.

Emery: Absolutely. Yeah.

David: That it's on Earth most likely. Or we don't really know that, right, because the tube could have taken you to another planet, potentially.

But they didn't tell you one way or the other, I assume.

Emery: [Emery shakes his head “no”.]

David: And that those other doors would have other craft of some kind in them as well.

Emery: Oh, for sure.

David: And they made sure that you only went to the one door, so you couldn't possibly have gone and tried to open another door.

Emery: There's no way. They had biometric . . . They had so many ways . . . Just to get in that door, he did the same thing we would do at the top of the facial recognition and the hand print.

David: Wow!

Emery: Yeah. They're getting a little bit more different now. Now, they're doing the DNA thing. But anyway, we'll get into that in another . . .

David: So what do you see? What does this thing look like when you walk into the room?

Emery: It's hard to explain, but if you ever ate ice cream, . . .

David: Okay. Ha, ha.

Emery: Like if you had an ice cream scooper, and you make those round scoops. And if you ever made jello in one of those containers where it goes like this, and then like this, and then like this. [Emery uses his hand to show a three tiered jello dish.]

David: Oh.

Emery: Okay?

David: Yeah.

Emery: Do you understand? I don't know what shape to call that.

David: It was a jello tree.

Emery: It was like a jello tree. Ha, ha. It was.

And . . . It was like this. [Again, Emery, repeats the same hand motions.]

And it was the most beautiful . . . I don't like the color red, but it was the most beautiful color red I've ever seen.

David: Hm. Glossy?

For the rest of Cosmic Disclosure: Bioship Click Here

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sheldan Nidle Update: Joy, Peace and Prosperity

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

The time approaches for a great change in this reality. It is time to transform pain and suffering into joy, peace and prosperity! The dark cabal has had time to change gracefully and failed. A new day is dawning that will bring in a caring and respectful epoch for humanity! ...

Selamat Balik. A new day is being born. Lightworkers and their allies now understand that victory approaches. For a very long time the prophecies foretold this now-inevitable victory. It is a time when your prosperity is to be released and a new way of doing things is to become the least of your worries. Lightworkers understand this new scenario and welcome the demise of the cabal with ease and with grace. This is a time for new governments, as well as for another stage in our forthcoming ascension. In this new age, the nature of corruption is quickly changing our ways of doing things. Consciousness is moving toward peace, prosperity and freedom. An ever-expanding consciousness is now bringing about a new way for humanity to look at itself. The old ways are no longer working. The Light has prevailed and is now forcing prosperity out into the open. More and more, people are waking up and no longer choosing to serve the old system.

The intent of these new frequencies is to make impossible the old ways of starting a war. It is creating a fresh approach to an old diplomatic art. Geopolitics is not working anymore. Consciousness is growing exponentially. In so doing, it continues to alter our former view of ourselves. Consciousness is moving ever closer to a revitalized way of perception. These new frequencies are to allow the old cabal to fade away, ushering in a glorious Victory, and new-found freedom. While these are still ongoing, your victory is assured. It is yet another sign of your growing consciousness and the new-found powers of your heart/brain connection. As consciousness grows, the modus operandi of secret societies and dark governments, of keeping the people in the dark, slowly fades as the new way of transparency becomes the norm.

This new reality is sinking in. The key to everything is your constant growth in consciousness. It is bringing in chakras and building a new consciousness that challenges the old. Humanity wishes us to experience the wonder of a society that cares for each other, is prosperous and creative. Recently, we mentioned your throat chakras. The throat chakra integrations with your well of dreams is now almost complete. The next step is the integration of your throat chakras with the upper heart or thymus. Upper heart chakras affect the continuous pace of our ascension. The thymus regulates your immune system. As the thymus system activates and increases in size, it may cause many of you to develop 'growing pains'. The key to all this is your constant expansion of consciousness, which is bringing in the chakras.

The changes of your thymus and throat are affecting and strengthening the heart, adding to our consciousness growth. As the heart strengthens, the parallel growth of consciousness is leading us to a new start based on love, unity and the heart’s new-found powers. This new unifying heart is beginning to discover its relationship to the brain. Researchers in consciousness know that, as consciousness grows, the heart’s love function becomes stronger and more important every day. Your true nature is coming online at a breathtaking rate. Enjoy the process!

Greetings! We are your Ascended Masters!
We come on this day to discuss an essential part of your growing civilization…mainly the need for mutual respect. The importance of seeing another as having the same feelings and energies as oneself is often taken for granted. Humanity has long prided itself on this need to respect the needs and wants of the other. We need to cultivate a deep inner desire to understand and respect the wishes of every person in society. From a galactic perspective, it is an honor to be of service to all living things. We encourage you to consider the consequences to all around you before you act.

As you grow in consciousness, respect for each other takes on new meanings. Respect is not for personal gain. It is your sovereign right. Unity consciousness honors and holds every soul in high esteem at all times. It is often easy to bless another, and then leave it at that. Respect enables you not only to acknowledge one another, but to demonstrate how much you deeply care for each other. Respect is a key ingredient as humanity’s consciousness expands from duality to Unity.

Your society is changing precipitately. It is growing and shifting beyond service to self by embracing service to all. The new collective consciousness of humanity is graciously forming the 'warp and woof' of your new galactic society. Society is re-weaving the elements that morally guide you. With mutual respect, you let go of judgment. You let go of negative emotions like hate, discrimination, anger, blame/shame, etc. The goal of respect is to foster a trusting environment for honest and open communication. A new way of looking at respect is to reform society and push it blessedly toward a new outcome. Respect for every individual will be the norm. It is the lynchpin for your new and transforming society, based on Unity consciousness.

Today, we continued our messages! The time approaches for a great change in this reality. It is time to transform pain and suffering into joy, peace and prosperity! The dark cabal has had time to change gracefully and failed. A new day is dawning that will bring in a caring and respectful epoch for humanity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!

For more from the Galactic Federation Click Here

Webinar for March

Because Sheldan is still unable to personally present Webinars, he approached the Galactics for guidance. They emphasized the importance of Lightworkers pooling their energies to hasten prosperity programs, disclosure and the landings.

Until Sheldan recovers, they have asked me, Colleen, along with Miles, our webmaster, to present monthly live Webinars, in a question-and-answer format.

Each month, by joining together as a group, we can substantially help the GF speed up the processes needed leading us towards full consciousness.

During the Webinar the Galactics will provide
attendees with activation energy.

After you register for the Webinar please send your questions to:

Throughout the Webinar we will answer your questions live, augmented by video clips from Sheldan.

Sunday, March 25, 12:00 ~ 1:15pm PDT

Please note: If you are unable to attend on Sunday March 25, you can still register. Within a few days, we will send you a link to the Webinar replay posted (privately) on YouTube. (After posting, the Webinar replay will be available for 1 week.)

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