Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure - Some Big Announcements...

The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is

We are REALLY excited about this one. CHD2 has published the OFFICIAL Citizen Hearing Testimony on Video-On-Demand in SPANISH AUDIO! This is very cool, and is one step closer to informing the broader public. Please spread the word.


1) We are proud to say that we are PRINTING THE DVDs! It has been an uphill battle, and we are reaching the summit. The OFFICIAL Citizen Hearing DVDs will soon be off the press and shipped out to all of you contributors.

2) The best way to support the production of the Truth Embargo film is by viewing the OFFICIAL Citizen Hearing Testimony in ENGLISH or SPANISH on Video-On-Demand. At this time, all proceeds go towards the shipping of DVDs to our contributors, as well as, completion of the Truth Embargo film.

3) CHD2 will OFFICIALLY represent at the 2015 UFO Congress (hopefully with some DVD BOX sets for sale), so we look forward to seeing you there!

4) We at CHD2 are also looking forward to supporting our friend and Director, Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell, who will be presenting on Saturday February 21st, just before George Knapp & Bob Lazar at the UFO Congress.

5) Corbell was recently on C2C AM with George Knapp, and you can hear his interview HERE

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure testimony available on our official Video-On-Demand page in SPANISH represents a huge leap forward for the information getting to the public. We at CHD2 are committed to getting this out in as many languages as possible.

We are depending on you to share the information with as many people as possible, and spread to the world. Thank you very much for your continued support. This is a call to action!

Reuben Langdon
CHD2 Productions, LLC.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sheldan Nidle: Prosperity, New Governance and the Return of your God-given Sovereignty

Be ready to leap into the new realm when Heaven gives the proper signals. The signs are prosperity, new governance and the return of your God-given sovereignty.

Dratzo! We come with more good news on the process of delivering the blessings to you. This past week saw a grand series of checkpoints reached. Some amazing events are fated to occur in the coming week. You are actually now on the verge of the beginnings of the various blessings arriving. We are ecstatic that this is indeed the case. When we arrived nearly two and a half decades ago, we were at first surprised at the utter arrogance of the dark forces that were in charge of your many global societies. These individuals seemed totally unwilling to obey the sacred decrees of Heaven. We were informed as well by your Ascended Masters that this lack of concern was the norm for this dark cabal. Our many elders had told us about this and warned us to be ready to enforce the heavenly edicts only when our earthly allies permitted this to happen. This led us into a series of long discussions with our many allies as to why this insanity was still present. We were given a number of talks on what was occurring here. We decided to help our allies only after proper permission was truly given us. This is only changing due to the positive feedback we are presently receiving.

Over the years, we discovered just how upside-down this global society truly was. Your societies are based on wealth, and especially on power. Money, a very primitive means of exchange for goods, was the growing kingpin of this very odd realm. We immediately asked our earthly allies why the technology to put an end to this nonsense was so suppressed. Our allies provided us with a complete history of power and how the minions were still a vital force here. Our allies told us that the means to transform this was in process. The dark cabal had easily suppressed not only this advanced technology, but as well awareness of our existence. We were told just how these power-mad cabals had made a number of special treaties that permitted the Ancharians to abduct, defile and experiment on their fellows. This planet was a special dark experiment. Over the last 13 millennia, the dark and its chosen minions had convinced the surface humans to believe in their horrible nonsense. This arrangement was ending as chosen star seeds and other Light Beings incarnated into this world.

The ancient families and the Ascended Masters gradually ameliorated this process. Our part in your vast transformation was to act as the suppliers of needed technologies, and as the special envoys needed to convince the cabal that its days were truly numbered. It took a long time to finally convince the cabal that its power was fading. The past few years have seen our earthly allies slowly gain the upper hand. This is why any such deliveries can now happen. We continue to limit the things the dark cabal wishes to do, either in very near orbital Earth space or near your Moon. In spite of this, the dark continues to hope that a way out of their predicament is still possible. This is why a number of delays have happened over the past few months. Our dedication to our slightly revised mission has finally permitted the dark to relent and allow various prosperity deliveries to occur. Our liaisons are therefore apprising us of many deliveries that are very close to occurring. Hence, we are most happy to advise you that you are indeed on the verge of receiving your blessings!

Heaven continues to move forward with the special proceedings that are preparing for your final transformation into fully conscious beings. The next set of transformations is to involve a number of important adjustments to your many head chakras. The most vital are additional increases to your Well of Dreams in the back of your head, as well as pineal and pituitary glands. These are to cause some degree of headaches, blurry vision, sleeplessness and even some accumulating fatigue. Your head may at times seem quite heavy. At the same time, you are to become more aware of our medical teams. When you start to barely apply this new head system, you can begin to feel us easily, even when you are asleep. To those who are in a more advanced state, we have instructed our teams to make a very preliminary contact. This mild interaction is to let you know that we are working with your guardian angels, to ready you for contact and for receiving a higher degree of consciousness. The creation by all of us of a new realm has only just begun!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters!
A pattern of grudging compliance has appeared. The dark cabal realizes that Heaven is winning. Victory over the next time period is readily assured. AEON’s decrees are finally starting to prevail. We are most happy to report that the final tests and necessary proceedings are preparing you to receive a vast array of blessings. We ask you to remain positive and to bless with us these glorious outcomes. Gaia is likewise preparing means to step up her transformation of her surface. Even the Sun is singing! The dark cabal is seeing that its time as the master of this realm is ending. We can state that our numerous daily prayers and sacred intentions are altering this reality only because of your great help. This realm is dancing as you daily use your focus to multiply what we do. Be ever aware of this and continue to assist us in this noble task. Heaven blesses us and uses this immense energy to transform this realm. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

As the dark begins to fade, its bluff is that nothing is happening. Yet around you many vital events are taking place. Gaia is increasing the level by which the seabed rises. The coastal planes are slowly bringing sea life back to a higher level of well-being. You are experiencing the next set of physical transformations. The energy, which keeps this realm together, is increasing in vibration and strength. In whole, this realm is readying itself for the great transformation that is to return all living things to their full potential. This complexity is yet another series of subtle signs. Gaia is, on command by Heaven, ready to move upward and unite both its inner and outer realms again. The division, which lasted for millennium, is to end. Gaia’s changes are to be mirrored on the other living worlds that make up this solar system. The very makeup of this sector of physicality is to be radically altered.

As Ascended Masters, we look over this magnificent realm and bless this wondrous work. Heaven and the Creator are completing a great prophecy issued eons ago when physicality was first permitted to emerge. Since that time, a series of creations have emerged, one upon the other. We now sit in the sixth of these and divinely watch as each set of events merge with the others. This natural process is something of a wondrous miracle, not only to watch, but also to participate in. Soon you are to join us as this operation molds you properly into physical angels. You are off the wheel of karma and poised to re-enter your old sacred Being. We rejoice at this set of wonders and know that you are being readied for our many instructions. Be patient and accepting of the numerous changes happening to your world and to yourselves. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hossanna!

Today, we continued our messages. Much is now ready to occur! You stand on the grand precipice created by Heaven. Be ready to leap into the new realm when Heaven gives the proper signals. The signs are prosperity, new governance and the return of your God-given sovereignty. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 International UFO Congress

Do Not Miss This One

2015 International UFO Congress February 18-22, 2015

The Guinness World Record holding largest UFO convention

We-Ko-Pa Resort (formally Fort McDowell Resort) And Casino – Fountain Hills, AZ

The 24th Annual International UFO Congress features speakers, panels, parties, the EBE Film Festival, a night-vision skywatch with Ben Hansen, and much more! Find out more here: UFOCongress

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Who is Sheldan Nidle?

Sheldan Nidle Biography

Sheldan Nidle was born in New York City on Nov. 11, 1946, and grew up in Buffalo, New York. His first extraterrestrial and UFO experiences began shortly after his birth and were highlighted all through his childhood by various modes of contact phenomena, as well as accompanying manifestations - light-form communications, extraterrestrial visitations, and teaching/learning sessions on board spacecraft. During most of his life, he has enjoyed ongoing telepathic communications and direct 'core knowledge' inserts (etheric and physical implants). Sheldan has visually observed and physically experienced spacecraft throughout the years.

Around the age of fourteen, Sheldan requested that the Sirians and their Galactic Federation of Light Allies discontinue communications with him because he was experiencing overwhelming conflict between their scientific knowledge and what he was learning here on Earth. They left, but the Sirians and their Galactic Federation of Light Allies told him that they would be back when it was time to complete his mission for planet Earth and her people. In high school, he was placed in advanced science programs in subject areas such as physics, chemistry, and calculus.

Sheldan received an M.A. in Political Science from the University at Buffalo in 1968. He also received an M.A. in Southeast Asian Government from Ohio University in 1970 and an M.A. in American Politics and International Public Administration from the University of Southern California, where he also pursued a Ph.D. program (1974-76). In the 1970s, he was Vice-President for Scientific Programming at Syntar Productions, where he co-created a documentary on the life and accomplishments of Nikola Tesla. From the 1970s through the mid-1980s, he was involved in scientific research on alternative sources of electrical energy. In the mid-1980s, his extraterrestrial contacts resumed. Currently, Sheldan is a representative and lecturer for the Galactic Federation of Light and, in November 1997, founded the Planetary Activation Organization (PAO).

Introduction by Sheldan Nidle

Your Galactic Neighbors

Dr Steven Greer: The Crossing Point of Light - A Workshop Lecture Full Video

Dr. Steven Greer with a focus on “the transdimensional sciences of the next Millennium.”

A lecture by Dr. Steven Greer discussing the new physics of interstellar travel and communication, how it relates to thought and consciousness, and much more.

Friday, January 23, 2015

The Most Recent Interview With Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer 01-20-2015 interviewed by Dr. J on ROAM radio Dark Matter Radio Network

Dr. J. Andy Ilias interviewed Dr. Steven Greer during a fascinating ROAM radio show (researcher on a mission) which aired live on dark matter radio network. Hear how YOU can learn to contact ET's yourself and so much more during this fascinating interview!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sheldan Nidle: Full Worldwide Disclosure Which is to Put an End to The Present UFO Cover up

This world is swiftly to become a star nation filled with wonders of Heaven and great joys, which are to forge your new reality...
Be in peace, and get ready for the wonders of prosperity to reach this special time!

Dratzo! We come with wonderful information! The payments continue to move forward and our Earth allies are now deciding upon new preliminary schedules. These payments are tied to a number of other projects that relate to returning you to a gold standard and to a global currency reset. These programs are also part of a financial readjustment that is to produce a new global financial system. This new system is to replace those agreements first manifested at Dumbarton Oaks in the U.S. This system ends the reign of the Federal Reserve’s notes and its worldwide fiscal policies. You are entering a new world in which a more general equality is to exist between the now poorer nations and the richer ones in Europe, America, Australia and Japan. There is also the matter of new governance. These new governmental institutions are to “roll out” very soon. Among their initial duties are to be a full worldwide disclosure, which is to put an end to the present UFO cover up. It is this last item, which we, of course, are looking forward to. Our Earth allies are working on a number of interconnected fronts to bring all of this to fruition.

All of you need to realize that a long process of massive change is close to happening. This grand effort was initially started over 200 years ago with the financing of the young American Republic by elements of the Chinese imperial government. This grant was greatly encouraged by the Ascended Master, Quan Yin. It was the work of Ascended Master, Count Saint Germain, that created the independence document of America in the first place. America’s travails have been followed closely by us ever since. It was our intervention that helped America to weather the American civil war relatively intact. During this time the parties closely allied to the illuminoids began to complete a scenario that had begun so seemingly innocently with the founding of the pilgrim society in 1820. We watched as these dark elements used their power and influence to create an oligarchy that has controlled America since the untimely assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865. This class of powerful oligarchs is now coming to its most wished for demise.

The new world, which is now taking place before your eyes, is truly the result of a global peaceful revolution. This revolution is, in part, something, which we have helped foster and fully support. Numerous organizations, over the past decade and a half, have worked tirelessly to bring this forward. We are proud of these organizations, and especially those individuals who have used their own resources to fund and explain how various strategies can bring them the desired results. Our part was to limit how the various interconnected oligarchs were able to either crush or to murder these various individuals. Our emissaries as well began a continuing mission to present edicts to a number of major cabal-controlled regimes. This quite limited intervention was kept up despite the initial obstructions given to our emissaries. We have limited some of the dire possibilities, which these dark regimes previously used to bully our earthly associates. Those policies rendered ineffective included attempts at war and the use of a number of state-sponsored acts of “terrorism.”

You are now on the verge of a series of wonderful actions. These actions are just the beginning of installing a new financial system, which is to lead you to new governance. Remember how you need to act. Be calm, and accept the fact that those who wished deeply to harm you are to be legally set aside. You have the responsibility to use formerly hidden technology to clean up Gaia’s air, water and ground. Use the new energy technology to stop any operations that take out Gaia’s oil, coal and other similar resources. Once we arrive, you are to possess various energy converters. These converters can reproduce high nutrient food, clothes and other items, which you need during your daily lives. Your first responsibility is to restore the “balance of nature.” Once you have started on this vital project, know that its conclusion is to be done as a joint project between our mentors and yourselves. Be aware of your new responsibilities and constantly participate in determining the actions of your new governance. It is your apathy in past times that permitted the dark oligarchy to wrest away your power.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters!
Over the past few months we described what our most blessed associates were doing to alter this reality. These changes are now reaching a point where they are to start to affect you. We are extremely joyous that these events are finally to see the light of day. The coming times are to permit you to move from a state of grand visioning to one of actually being able to see how your realm is truly changing. Eons ago, Archangel Michael blessed this land with a great prophecy. This prophecy predicted the darkness and the grand predicaments that you had to pass through. This prophecy as well stated that a time of a greater Light was to come and transform this galaxy. We are in these glorious end times. The Light has shone upon the land and is readying us all for a grand triumph. In these times, we are to be allowed to speak many great truths to you. You are as well to be returned to a natural state of full consciousness!

We come this time to acknowledge these truths and to show you what is getting ready to happen. The dark has usurped the governments of mankind. It has permitted you to fall into death and old age. It has produced wars and ways of grand division. These times are at an end. Soon, a fleet of great heavenly ships is to descend, with your ancestors and kin. Greet them and know in your hearts that a time for a grand reunion of Heaven and Earth has arrived. In these most unique times, you are to rediscover what your former masters, the Anunnaki, lied to you about. Their former powers are to go away, and you are to regain those things, which you lost long ago in the hidden places of old Atlantis. You are to see the remnants left of Lemuria, and to see how this land was formerly divided between the Light and the dark. You are to create with us a glorious new epoch, a place filled with memories and truths.

Take this time, O blessed Ones, to review this age and how the coming events are greatly to alter it. This world is swiftly to become a star nation filled with wonders of Heaven and great joys, which are to forge your new reality. Each one of us comes from a long journey that leads us to grand truths and immortality. Our purpose is to serve; to gently guide you down these glorious paths to your wondrous fate. We do this in joy. You are finishing the last series of adjustments mandated by Heaven. These things have prepared you for your coming meetings with us and with your mentors. What is left is simply the time to go within. Learn in your meditations about yourself and those who in Spirit guide you. This is a great moment when the Light of Heaven and the blessings of your outer guides are ready to happen. Be in peace, and get ready for the wonders of prosperity to reach this special time!

Today, we continued our weekly message. We rejoice that the time for our meeting draws ever closer. There is a special agenda set forth by Heaven, which is now to manifest before you. Be open and prepared to accept what this is truly to mean. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Your First Contact info

Why do All Sheldan Nidle's Updates Seem The Same?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sheldan Nidle: The Galactic Federation of Light Are Ready to Use Their Technology

We are ready to use our technology to ensure that this set of final procedures is completed without further delay

Selamat Jalwa! (Be in everlasting Joy!) We come with more news! The last vestige of resistance by the dark is in its banking system. These rapscallions are delaying the distribution of your blessings by being supposedly ill prepared to process your funds. We have instructed our earthly allies to set deadlines and personally supervise the last steps in this process. In addition, our allies tell us that a whole slew of new wealth managers need to be prepared for you. We are disgusted at these revelations and have instructed our allies to be very strict and demand that they be permitted to appoint personnel as needed to ensure this process can go as smoothly as possible. We are ready to use our technology to ensure that this set of final procedures is completed without further delay. We have also been overseeing the coming dismantling of a number of major governments. Your world has been under the thumb of a number of super-wealthy and well-situated dark individuals ever since the Anunnaki left this reality nearly 20 years ago. Our efforts are currently set on preparing this reality to finally rid it of these powerful dark emissaries.

We are carefully working with your various common-law agencies to arrest these extremely powerful individuals at the right time. The dark, after all, has been in charge of this reality for nearly 13 millennia. When these various individuals are arrested, the last controller of this reality will be "out of business." This can allow the governances to release formal statements about how the new financial system is to be globally operated. This new system is to be the transition from the hard world that you know to one filled with the energies of the Light. Included in this plethora of announcements is to be one that sets the stage for our arrival. In our announcements, we intend to set the stage for the Ascended Masters and the formal arrival of the Agarthans. Once you are fully conscious, a new star nation is to begin forming. It is to consist of both corporeal and non-corporeal beings. You are to learn much about physical life. Your Love is to transcend into galactic Joy. At that time, your wisdom is to vastly grow and you will learn about Heaven and the very nature of divine service.

My friends, this is a time for reflection and inspiration. We see ourselves as special emissaries sent to this part of our galaxy to watch over you, and at the right divine moment to land and begin a mass series of mentorings - to ready you for the vast transformation that is the transfer into full consciousness. Our societies are based on truth and complete self-acceptance. We consider exploration of physicality to be our greatest accomplishment. Each of us has spent time being a part of an exploration mission to some part of this galaxy or traversing space and exploring the wonders of the endless galaxies that surround us. During our long lifetimes we acquire a whole host of new wisdom and we add these gems to ever-growing knowledge. Thus, each of us possesses a great storehouse of truths about this reality and many, many others. We have taken our mentors and matched them to you. Once chosen, each mentor has been accompanying your medical team as it makes its nightly rounds.

Mentoring is by far the most important task we can perform. Each of you is either a starseed or a Being that has endured numerous lives on the surface of this world. Shortly, you are to be introduced to us. We take this meeting seriously. You have a vast ensemble of past relatives to appease. There are as well your many past lives to take into account. Once you have accepted all of this, we need to use our abilities to prepare you to learn intimately about who you were and what your present lifetime is really all about. This is indeed a most special process, which we are to share with each other. Each of us is mutually to grow from these experiences. You are an important part of this society. You are to add your "flavor" to how this new galactic society is to be born. Thus, you need to let us jointly create your fully conscious self. Your angels and other heavenly hosts are to assist us in this sacred process. This process is a prelude to what you are to accomplish in this new galactic society. This is indeed to be a new epoch for humanity!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters!
We arrive with important news of what is presently happening on your world. As noted in past messages, your blessings are very close to a mass delivery, which is to allow your major governances to be changed. The first nation scheduled for this momentous event is America. It was noted long ago that America is the point where this unholy cabal is to first taste the rigors of defeat. Heaven has graciously sent special emissaries to aid us in this. Our friends in Agartha have likewise provided us with sacred resources. These are to permit this world to oust these scalawags from power and permit the reinstituting of both common and constitutional law in America. This is only the start of a process, which is to spread across this globe, and bring you freedom and prosperity! We bless our friends, and most of all, Heaven. We bless Heaven and all for finding the means to change this realm from dark to a wondrous Light!

This grand change is happening to you in the spiritual and in the physical. Heaven is using ways to enable this formerly dark realm to transition to the Light. We thank and bless you for holding the vision, and for enabling us to use our energies with yours. Together, we are a gracious force for good, which cannot be defeated. You are shortly to see the results of what we have jointly done. The dark is being forced to permit our allies to distribute the wealth that the dark stole over the last few centuries, and to give you your freedom by ending all debt and releasing you from very clever debt slavery. This process is to bring you governance, which is the transition from manipulation of truth and sinister control to wondrous freedom. This is as well to mark your move from galactic isolation to a reunion with spiritual and space families.

We say this to remind you that we are to reenter the spiritual and physical realities as true ambassadors. We are to reconnect with those who have for an eon protected Gaia and served as her Spiritual Hierarchy. As you again manifest the joys of full consciousness, you are to re-acquaint yourselves with these marvelous entities. For millennia, we have looked to them for guidance in our healing and spiritual assistance practices. Their wisdom and wondrous joy is a great comfort to us. Now, it is soon time for you to meet these great Beings of Light. They have advised Heaven about how best to move each of you to this most glorious moment of remembrance. You are to see how amazing these Beings truly are! We leave you now, knowing just how close you are to your many wondrous blessings! So we again ask your patience in all of these matters. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we continued our messages with you. We ask you to keep patience and hope truly glowing within you! Accept the fact that a great time of miracles is about to reach a crescendo! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Sheldan Nidle: New Governance is Finally to Permit Disclosure to Happen

The coming time is therefore to be one filled with deeds that are to push the cabal from power and permit mass arrests of the entire leadership of this malicious group. This new reality is to be set forth in rapid stages.

Dratzo! We arrive with some very interesting news! The process, which is changing your reality, continues to move forward despite attempts by the dark cabal to delay it further. This caused the failure to announce the merest of beginnings for the delivery of your prosperity packages. The dark, overall, has failed to prevent the start of these deliveries. However, this process is moving toward a time when such success can be publicly noticed. On the whole, we are satisfied that those governments now controlled by the dark are on their last legs. The first month of the New Year promises to give you the prosperity and governance which has long been prophesized for you. Our earthly allies are determined to overcome any possible obstacles and give you a new financial system. This system is to force the drastic realigning of various regimes in the West and rapidly create new governance. It is this new governance that is finally to permit disclosure to happen. It is this dramatic event that propels us onto the world’s stage. Much is to occur once this special moment happens. Our personnel are ready to announce themselves and open the communication channels with you.

In that moment, the energies are to appear to provide us the opening to commence a series of announcements to you. Thus, a whole series of events are to inevitably lead to a mass landing and the beginnings of your trainings with us. The Ascended Masters and the Agarthans plan to explain a great deal of your history to you. This is to cover even the rise and true meanings of the great religious philosophies, which are the core beliefs for most of you. You require evidence and a general recounting of what actually happened. This divine set of stories needs to be reset, and not thoroughly manipulate, as has been the case with much of what you now possess. The dark skillfully took what was most helpful to its own purposes, and restructured those things which you presently deeply believe in. Our point is simply to let in the truth and let you rediscover what really occurred. At that moment, you can begin to see how the great avatars wished you to be. This is based on Love, Light and the great Oneness of all humanity.

Our mission to you is founded on these grand principles. We have come with a need to learn more about you and at the proper divine moment, to reveal ourselves to you. Much has gone on, which in our minds caused a delay in these most important announcements. Nevertheless, individuals and groups exist in your societies that are dedicated to manifesting a new reality founded upon truth, liberty and global prosperity. There exists, long hidden by the dark, the means to reveal technologies and wealth, which free you from the drudgery of daily life. We can further state that there is a means to end war, which the dark has long used to keep nations and people apart. Each of you needs to look deep inside and truly discern how this “monkey business” has played upon you. The cleverness of the dark cabal cannot be overstated. It has kept you doing its “business” for literally millennia. The time now comes to stop this nonsense and use your inner Love to build a new epoch for humanity.

What our allies deeply wish is for you to plan and be ready to implement a way toward doing your part to reshape this present reality. Our task is to oversee your mass efforts and help you to better understand the immensity of what you are about to accomplish. This process took you nearly 13 millennia to achieve. We come to be the ones to give you the final push toward your success. We know that this effort has presently caused you some frustration. Soon, you can be more objective and laugh at the whole matter. Nonetheless, the time to do great things arrives. Be kind to each other. Be ready to aid your mutual causes and to bask in your new achievement of your rights and of your newfound prosperity. Realize that this system is temporary. Full consciousness is to give you quite a different outlook on what has occurred and what is about to occur. Money, and all that goes with it, is simply the resource for allowing you to begin to develop a new philosophical outlook on life. This is to serve you well as you morph into your fully conscious selves.

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters!
We come to you with some surprising information. First, let it be known to all that our associates are busily beginning their part of the general delivery. The monies are being transferred in specific groups to those who are to actually bring this prosperity to you. The Light fully expected the dark cabal to use its many available technologies to hamper these efforts. Thus, it was no surprise when this happened to our first attempts at the end of this last Gregorian year of 2014. We were thus able to stop and to correct what we were doing. The actual method to accomplish our deliveries is to be successful, but requires absolute secrecy. We say this only to inform you that deliveries are to go forward without any fanfare. Each of you is to have a personal trust account. Once you have done the preliminaries, be ever mindful of security. These deliveries are to quickly lead to new governance. Listen carefully to the first announcement. Then do what is to be suggested.

New governance is to suggest a number of strategies on how to further secure these special funds. Use what you feel is most appropriate. It is vital that you begin to spread this wealth around. In addition, government funds, such as tax refunds and increased amounts for your public pensions, are to begin their circulation. Use these where applicable to aid the growth of your local economies. There is also to be a series of new banking rules. These regulations are to aid your own redeployment of your funds. Know that we deeply wish you to buy houses, cars and other resources. This is going to support those who are to use their funds to rebuild the manufacturing and infrastructure parts of your economies. The thrust of these many different monies is to permit your local economies to repair and restore the manufacturing elements and much-needed foundation abandoned en masse by the dark cabal.

We are explaining this in advance to prepare you for what is either shortly to happen or else is now underway. We are most enthused about what our many associates are accomplishing. It has been an even more difficult task than many of our associates at first believed was to happen. We are also most pleased with what Heaven’s newest edicts have permitted our Agarthan and space friends to do. The coming time is therefore to be one filled with deeds that are to push the cabal from power and permit mass arrests of the entire leadership of this malicious group. This new reality is to be set forth in rapid stages. Each segment is to be given the time for you to fully grasp and understand its basic meanings. When all is done, you are to be ready for our lessons and for our space family to finally arrive. It is indeed to be the best of times. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Today, we explained to you what is to happen. Take this information and be patient. As noted, the best is now to come. Be prepared and ready for these truly astounding changes. Do not be disappointed if these final steps take a little longer. The new epoch for humanity is finally ready to manifest! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Sign The ET UFO Disclosure Petition VII Now To Make it Become Visible on The White House Website

Past PRG Updates and Press Releases are archived Here

Disclosure Petition VII
Congressional Hearings is up and ready for signatures

support congressional hearings for government/agency/political witnesses to extraterrestrial related events and evidence

Please sign the petition now. We need 150 signatures as soon as possible for the petition to become visible on the White House website in concert with the national press release. The direct link to the petition is:

Once visible it will be up to the supporters of the truth advocacy process to utilize the social networks to create a viral interest in the petition. The more signatures, the more press attention. In the event 100,000 signatures are obtained within 30 days, the White House will be required to respond and the petition will remain on the White House website until the end of the President's term in office.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Ron Van Dyke: LET'S TAKE OUT THE CABAL IN 2015 (Video)


By Ron Van Dyke

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the bullshit. I'm tired of men and women prohibited by our original Constitution from holding public office being paid by criminal, international bankers to hijack our Republic, turning it into a for-profit, privately owned Corporation that has become the scourge of the earth. I'm tired of the brainwashing and mind control, tired of the poisoning of our air, water, land and even our bodies and minds.

I'm fed up with the passivity of the population lulled to sleep by false spirituality that has not allowed appropriate human emotion to be expressed in a healthy way. It's time to take out the parasites and psychopathic leaches that run our institutions, extorting resources and enslaving humanity.

To you sick, greedy bastards I say, "Either repent and mean it, or know that we warriors are coming after you with a vengeance. Your gig is up!"

Thursday, January 01, 2015

A Special New Year's Message From Dr. Steven Greer

A Special 2015 New Year's Message From Dr. Steven Greer

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I would like to thank all of your for your support during the past year. 2014 was a year that saw many challenges, first with my dear friend Carol DeLuca being diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer and then in June my beloved wife Emily being stricken with Stage 4 Lymphoma.

Through all this, so many of you have shared your thoughts and prayers and loving support and I would like to thank each and every one of you. How wonderful that both Carol and Emily are free of any active cancer and miraculously are healthy and doing great! We are so thankful!

In the past year Sirius has continued to spread the word of Disclosure and peaceful Contact with Interstellar civilizations, and the importance of Universal Peace.

The movie Sirius is now on Gaiam TV, iTunes, Amazon, X-box, Vimeo and other sites and our distributor informs us it has reached number 15 on iTunes!

During the past 18 months, we have continued to provide Disclosure briefings to the public, on RT and other networks and radio shows. I have also provided a full briefing to 120 world leaders gathered to learn about the next big wave of the future: Free Energy and the establishment of a sustainable civilization free of poverty and pollution.

We launched the free ET Contact App ( that allows anyone in the world to network with others to form CE-5 Contact teams in their area. Thousands of people have signed up and virtually every country on Earth now has people linked via this App!

For 2015, we are planning CE-5 contact events and have already set the dates for advanced expeditions in Joshua Tree, CA (April 11-17) and near Durango CO (June 14-20). The Contact Expedition in Florida for January 2015 is already fully booked. Please check for how you can attend these events. We are also planning an event for Europe in the fall of 2015: If anyone knows of a remote, private retreat center suitable for this (dark clear night skies, very private and able to comfortably accommodate 35 people or so) please let us know.

I am often asked about Disclosure and "when" it will happen: It already has. A majority of people already believe we are not alone in the cosmos and that we are being visited by advanced ET civilizations. More than 14 countries have opened their UFO files and acknowledge this reality. However the US- the crown jewel in the world of super-secret technologies- has resisted Disclosure. We are not surprised.

From 1992-2001, I personally briefed countless senior US Government and other officials around the world: President Clinton's CIA Director, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Foreign Relations Committee and other; Chairman of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee; The Director of Intelligence (J2) for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff; the Director of the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency; members of European Royal families; former Director of the British Ministry of Defense; Senior UN Officials including the Secretary General of the UN; and so forth. In every case, these very senior officials had no access to or knowledge of projects and operations that we have proven to exist that deal with UFOs and ETs. As the CIA Director said: "How can we Disclose that which we have no access to?".

This means Disclosure - AND Contact- is in the hands of We The People. The acknowledged leaders of government rarely if ever have access to the deep-black Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) dealing with UFOs. The public is led to believe, by an ever-lying media- that the chain of command is intact and no such projects could exist. But in truth, these USAPs are deeply hidden and compartmented and operate completely illegally and unconstitutionally. They constitute a shadowy international Fourth Branch of government that, frankly, does as it pleases.

Further Disclosure will come two ways: First, more people must form CE-5 Contact teams, make contact and document these events as thoroughly as possible. When a critical mass of humans say to the ET's that "We are ready- come forward", they will. But it will not happen by us being passive and waiting for others to do it. I assure you, the ETs are waiting for a critical mass of us to send the signal that WE are ready. They are waiting, ever so patiently.

Second: I am calling for a second large wave of Disclosure Witnesses: Government, Defense, Intelligence and Corporate witnesses to UFO and ET-related events, projects, research and technology. These whistle-blowers are freed from ANY AND ALL NATIONAL SECURITY OATHS AND AGREEMENTS SINCE THE PROJECTS RELATED TO UFOS ARE ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL AND THEREFORE THEY CANNOT USE THE LAW TO SILENCE THEM.

This strategic policy was established in 1998 when we wrote to every relevant branch of the US government stating that 1) the UFO related operations were illegal and that 2) therefore we would come forward with top secret witnesses who would henceforth be freed from the constraints of any oaths signed or taken and that 3) we would do this unless otherwise directed. ( In military protocol and parlance this is an UNOD letter: Unless Otherwise Directed, we will proceed with this plan of action and assume your silence equals agreement. We were never officially informed otherwise, hence the launch of the global Disclosure movement at the National Press Club on May 9, 2001.)

It is time for Wave Two of this process: I call on all of you to identify friends, co-workers, family members, neighbors and so forth who have worked in a DIRECT capacity and have first hand knowledge of Government or Government - related (corporate) projects dealing with UFOs and ETs and have them contact me at NOTE: we are not interested in hearsay, second hand accounts and we require corroboration of the persons claims, employment record, military service etc.

All of us need to do this together and create a second massive Wave of Disclosure. The President and the Congress are unlikely to act, though it is fine to ask them to fulfill their duties. Why? They do not have access to these USAPs; when they ask, they are lied to - or threatened; and for the most part the subject is too controversial and they know the media would have a field day ridiculing them. Additionally, they lack the courage to lead on an issue the Disclosure of which would terminate the petrodollar economic system and render redundant all oil, gas, coal, utilities, nuclear power, solar power and wind power investment and assets.

This Disclosure, it is no exaggeration to say, would constitute the greatest change in human history. And entrenched powers do not like change. But remember: Large changes in history have NEVER come from the centers of power. They have come from 'left field' , from outliers, from the average person doing extraordinary things. Thats where We The People come in.

In 2015, it is our turn.

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy and peaceful 2015!

In Universal Peace,

Steven M. Greer MD