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New Paper - Hessdalen Lights Possible Wormholes

New Paper -
Hessdalen Lights Possible Wormholes

Chris Lehto:

In this video, we explore a fascinating hypothesis from a recent paper suggesting that the mysterious Hessdalen lights might be linked to an underground wormhole. Could these lights be the result of an Earth-bound wormhole phenomenon? We delve into the science, Einstein's 1935 paper, and the possible connections to modern quantum mechanics. Join us as we investigate this intriguing possibility!

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ET & SSP Disclosure is Unfolding Slowly Due to Deep State Machinations

ET & SSP Disclosure is Unfolding Slowly
Due to Deep State Machinations

In this in-person sit-down interview held near Valence, France on July 8, Elena Danaan discusses recent updates she has received concerning the disclosure of the Solar Warden space program, the existence of extraterrestrial life, and the release of advanced technologies such as medbeds. She says that the pace and extent of disclosure is currently affected by Deep State plans to subvert any disclosure plan to prolong their hold on power.

Danaan explains how any attempted disclosure of extraterrestrials or crypoterrestrials would be twisted by the Deep State into a false flag operation promoting fear and confusion rather than hope and a Star Trek future. In addition, she discusses how highly evolved galactic beings perceive consciousness and the fractal nature of reality.


Sunday, July 14, 2024

David Wilcock Live: Our Global Cord-Cutting Ascension Process!

David Wilcock Live:
Our Global Cord-Cutting Ascension Process!

The Tibetan Buddhist Rainbow Body teachings stress "cord-cutting" as one of the premier teachings needed to produce Ascension.

When you combine this practice with seeing yourself as "Empty Awareness," the Great Way is opened to you as the Seeker.

We will discuss what it means to cut the cords with toxic individuals and groups in your own life, and as a collective. This process is now majorly accelerating in today's world.

It is important to sever any energetic conduits that drain your vitality in the quest to build personal power. This is vital to your process of Ascension.

The "mass consciousness" of humanity is making great strides in this direction at this time. We will discuss the specifics and continue covering the exciting, imminent buildup to "The Event." Don't miss it!

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Jelaila Starr on Failed Trump Assassination Attempt. - Interview Extract

Jelaila Starr on Failed Trump Assassination Attempt. -
Interview Extract

In my Exopolitics Today interview with Jelaila Starr published on July 4, she correctly predicted that there would be an assassination attempt on an American President but that it would fail. She said it would happen in July/August 2024 and that it would be a replay of galactic history when humanity lived in its 2nd great experiment in the Pleiadian constellation. We specifically spoke about Donald Trump being the leader who would be targeted.

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Nazca Mummies, Ancient Sites, Ultraterrestrials and the Urantia Book

Nazca Mummies, Ancient Sites,
Ultraterrestrials and the Urantia Book

Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – July 13, 2024


  • The Nazca mummies case has scientific experts coming out on both sides      of the debate.
  • Remote Viewing Ancient Sites and Extraterrestrial Contact: Interview      with John Vivanco
  • UFO material has the fascinating property of levitating when exposed to      specific THz frequencies
  • A global UAP Interparliamentary Alliance to study the UFO phenomenon      has just been launched
  • The planned destruction of the International Space Station is a      consequence of the Deep State using the ISS for nefarious purposes.
  • Verdant Extraterrestrials and Understanding the Urantia Book: Interview      with Byron Belitsos
  • Only a few days away from predictions of a July 15-16 event involving      UFOs in the US that captivates much of the world for the next six      months.
  • A 2022 paper on Ultraterrestrials takes on new significance with recent      predictions of a UFO event taking place
  • Trailer – Faking a Cryptoterrestrial Invasion.
  • Brad Olsen and Kerry Cassidy on prospects of a false flag alien invasion      happening soon.


  • Breaking News The Final Scare Event Failed

    Breaking News
    The Final Scare Event Failed

    Ismael Perez:

    The attempted assassination of Donald Trump marked the last desperate maneuver by the Cabal, a shadowy and powerful group seeking to maintain control over global events. This high-stakes scare event was meticulously planned to instill fear and chaos, aiming to halt the unprecedented movement towards transparency and accountability spearheaded by Trump and his allies. However, the attempt failed spectacularly, thanks to the swift and decisive actions of loyal security forces and the foresight of the White Hats, who had anticipated such a move.

    The failure of this assassination attempt symbolized the crumbling influence of the Cabal, signaling the beginning of their end. This event exposed their dwindling power and highlighted the resilience of the forces working for positive change. The public, now more aware than ever of the hidden battles being waged behind the scenes, rallied even more fervently around Trump and the vision of a freer, more transparent future.

    In the aftermath, this botched attempt became a turning point, emboldening the movement for truth and justice. It served as undeniable proof that the era of the Cabal's unchecked dominance was over, paving the way for a new era of empowerment and enlightenment for humanity. The narrative of this failed assassination became a powerful testament to the resilience of those fighting for a better world, reinforcing the collective resolve to overcome any remaining challenges on the path to global awakening and liberation.

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    Saturday, July 13, 2024

    Retired Pilot Analyzes Best Infrared UFO Capture - See It to Believe It!

    Retired Pilot Analyzes Best Infrared UFO Capture -
    See It to Believe It!

    Discover the incredible story behind one of the best UFO captures ever recorded. In this video, retired F-16 pilot Chris Lehto examines Dave Falch's extraordinary infrared footage of an object invisible to the naked eye. Join us as we delve into the details, debunk common misconceptions, and explore the implications of this mind-blowing evidence. Don't miss out on this compelling analysis!

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    Solid Stone Technology

    Solid Stone Technology

    Barry Littleton:

    Discussing the possibilities of advanced civilizations & sentient space craft utilizing the capability of symbiotic & matter manipulation of stone such as Granite. Think I forgot to mention the theory of Ancient Giants being turned to stone in a past war.

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    The Ultimate Encounter: Six Onboard UFO Encounters

    The Ultimate Encounter:
    Six Onboard UFO Encounters

    Preston Dennett:

    There are many different kinds of UFO encounters, but the ultimate experience is being taken onboard a craft and meeting ETs face-to-face. And it happens more often than you might think. In 1991, the Roper Poll Survey found that as many as 1 in 50 people may be UFO contactees, which means that millions of people are having this kind of encounter! This episode presents just a small sample of six cases from around the world. These cases involve both single and multiple witnesses and contain some very compelling evidence such as physiological effects, healings, implants and more. Even more importantly, they answer some of the many questions surrounding this subject.

    THE CASE OF BETTY STEWART DAGENAIS. In 1925, when Betty Stewart Dagenais of Ontario Canada was only five years old, she was taken onboard a craft and examined by gray ETs. A few months later it happened again. As an adult she had three more encounters. These were primarily recalled under hypnosis, and all she could remember was being physically examined and apparently given an alien implant. This turned out to be true, because later her implant was surgically removed by doctors here on Earth, and it turned out to have some amazing properties that defy conventional explanations.

    THE CASE OF SHARON KEEFE. Sharon’s first UFO sighting occurred when she was only 11 or 12 years old. Years later as an adult living in Gallup, NM, she started having missing time. In 1975-76, while driving with her daughters along the highway at night, she was followed by a UFO and experienced another episode of missing time. She decided to seek hypnosis, and recalled that she and her daughters were taken onboard a craft and examined by tall gray beings. They told her that they were there to test her endurance and give her gifts. She felt love and compassion for the beings and felt that her experience was benevolent.

    THE CASE OF HERMINIO & BIANCA REIS. On the evening of January 12, 1976, while driving along a remote highway near Paraibuna, Brazil, Bianca Reis saw a glowing orange object in the sky. She alerted her husband, Herminio, and the next thing they knew, it sent down a beam of light onto their car and sucked them both (with their car) into the craft. Inside they met tall human-looking beings who spoke telepathically with them, engaging them in a long conversation about deep, philosophical subjects. They gave them information about how to teach people to advance their own psychic abilities and learn astral projection. Soon more contacts occurred and even more people became involved and even healed!

    THE CASE OF GHULAM REZA BAZARANI. It was April 2, 1976, the day of “Sizdeh-Bedar,” an Iranian holiday when Gholam Reza Bazargani (age 19) went walking in the forests near his home in Chalus, Iran. Gholam was from a wealthy family, and when he went missing, police organized a massive search. Two days later, Gholam was found hundreds of miles to the south in the city of Isfahan. He had an amazing story to tell. He said that a silver flying saucer appeared overhead and he suddenly found himself inside it being examined by non-human entities. He recalled being examined by instruments with colored lights, and then lost consciousness. When he awoke, his watch was missing. On the day of his return, many people in the area saw flying saucers.

    THE CASE OF MIGUEL HERRERO SIERRA. Early on the morning of December 18, 1977, Miguel Herrero Sierra (a 37-year-old driver/entrepreneur) left his home in Alcala, Spain to go fishing at the Buendia Reservoir. He never made it. Half-way there, his car engine mysteriously failed. Then he saw a landed flying saucer in the field next to him. Two human-looking figures dressed in white jumpsuits approached and pulled him onboard. The ETs told him that they were contacting many people on Earth and told him many other things before returning him back to his car. While Miguel remembered at least 15 minutes of being onboard, the entire experience lasted three hours. Later, under hypnosis, he recalled more incredible details.

    THE CASE OF HELEN. On January 24, 1992, “Helen,” (age 50) was with her husband in their home in Mezobereny, Hungary. Suddenly a strange apparition of a woman appeared in her kitchen. Later that night, Helen felt compelled to go into her backyard where she saw a landed flying saucer. She went onboard where she saw many other women and young children. Over the next few nights, she had the same experience. Then she woke up in her bed to find several strange dark marks on her abdomen. Doctors were unable to diagnose or explain them. Then, to Helen’s surprise, she found herself cured of two chronic medical conditions!

    These six cases are just a tiny portion of the actual number of cases of this kind, and yet they provide a representative sample of what it’s like to have the ultimate UFO encounter, an onboard experience and face-to-face meeting with extraterrestrials.

    Preston Dennett Website:

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    Friday, July 12, 2024

    Yalçin Yalman Breaks Silence: Inside the Turkey UFO Phenomenon

    Yalçin Yalman Breaks Silence:
    Inside the Turkey UFO Phenomenon

    Chris Lehto:

    Join us as we delve into the fascinating insights of Yalçin Yalman, the man behind the famous Kumburgaz UFO footage. In this interview, Yalman shares new details about his extraordinary experiences, the beings he encountered, and his predictions for future sightings. Discover the truth behind the Turkey UFO phenomenon and the story that captivated the world.

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    David Adair…Antigravity Secrets and Alien Tech Innovations!

    David Adair…
    Antigravity Secrets and Alien Tech Innovations!

    Explore the future of space technology with David Adair! From antigravity and electric magnetic fusion to space industrialization and zero gravity experiments, uncover his groundbreaking inventions and space craft designs.

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    Roswell Revisited with William McDonald (Part Two)

    Roswell Revisited with William McDonald
    (Part Two)

    A forensic analysis of the Roswell spacecraft and flight crew by investigator William McDonald. All Roswell-associated artwork is copyrighted by Bill McDonald 1992. Interview conducted by Michael Schratt on 9-16-2023.

    Part 1 Here

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