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Barry Littleton and Pete Slattery - Disclosure Down Under 2020 - What to expect (video)

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By Peter Maxwell Slattery

Barry Littleton and Pete Slattery -
Disclosure Down Under 2020 - What to expect

Barry Littleton & Pete Slattery - Disclosure Down Under 2020 - What to expect.

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Project Looking Glass – The Q Anon and Deep State Temporal War


By Dr. Michael Salla

Project Looking Glass –
The Q Anon and Deep State Temporal War

Soon after returning into the public arena with posts on the newly created 8kun channel, Q(Anon) made a very brief reference to a “Project Looking Glass”. Despite the post’s brevity, there is much behind this highly classified project that is relevant to the QAnon movement and the efforts of the Deep State to marginalize it and remove President Donald Trump from power.

In post 3585, QAnon wrote:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 9b601a No.7352963
Nov 11 2019 19:49:10 (EST)
Project Looking Glass?
Going Forward in Order to Look Back.

The twitter link was to a tweet by Clark Petrounov, who claimed that what he first thought was a reference to a date in a Q post, 11.11.18, was an IP address belonging to the Department of Defense Network Information Center. The implication was that military servers were in some way involved in hosting the 8kun channel through which Q has once again resumed posting after 8chan was shut down due to different internet companies refusing to host it on their cloud servers.

Many believe that Q, based on multiple posts, is a group linked to US Army Intelligence working closely with the Trump White House. At first glance, it would be logical that military intelligence is helping 8kun to emerge online since that 8chan/8kun was the only venue on which Q posts. However, it’s unlikely that the US military would do this in any transparent way, given the legal and political implications of supporting a posting board that many in the general public have been convinced by the mainstream media to be a venue for radical right-wing radicals.

Nevertheless, by referring to Petrounovu’s tweet, Q was sending a clear message that the military intelligence community is in some way helping 8kun establish a new internet presence, perhaps by protecting it from DOS (Denial-Of-Service) attacks. This is where Q’s reference to “Project Looking Glass” becomes very significant.

The first public reference to a “Project Looking Glass” came from the legendary UFO whistleblower Bob Lazar back when he first emerged into the public realm in 1989 when he identified it as one of the classified projects run out of the S-4 facility at Area 51. In an interview Lazar (L) replied to a question about the project as follows:
C: Wasn’t there something about “Looking Glass” project “Looking Glass”?

L: Yeah, that was later on… when we started getting into the heavy physics of it because gravity distorts space and time and what they were trying to do, and I say look back in time and some people conjure up images of a time tunnel… they’re looking at distorting time in microseconds to see whatever event they were trying to observe through a gravitational lens… so that was a different project they were dealing with that… but that was essentially playing with gravity distorting time.

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Saturday, November 09, 2019

New David Wilcock Movie 11/19: The Cosmic Secret! (Trailer)

By David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos (OFFICIAL)

New David Wilcock Movie 11/19: The Cosmic Secret! (Trailer)

Are you ready to see David's stunning case for Ascension in a feature film? Your wait will be over on November 19th, thanks to The Cosmic Secret!

In this exciting sequel to the #1 hit documentary Above Majestic, join David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Jordan Sather and a Dream Team of top researchers, scientists, archeologists and insiders to explore your greatest questions of all:

Who are we? Why are we here? And where are we going?

Is the military-industrial complex hiding a secret space program that is of far greater magnificence than even our most optimistic future visions of a Star Trek age?

Have positive and negative ETs been battling it out on Earth for millennia, with humans caught in the middle as proxies in a far greater and more ancient conflict?

Are we heading into a solar-system wide energetic activation that will involve a massive release of transformative energy from the Sun?

Is this the fulfillment of Ascension prophecies that have appeared in thirty-five different spiritual traditions worldwide?

Could there be far more depth and complexity to the Christian concept of the Rapture than we had ever believed possible?

What role do the global elite play in this ongoing war for the peace, sovereignty and spiritual freedom of humanity?

What happens as the walls of ignorance start to dissolve and we realize that we were never in a prison to begin with?

You've waited long enough. Lean in, listen close and get ready to hear The Cosmic Secret!

With a gallery of high-quality, never-before seen CG animations and a relaxing angelic soundtrack, allow yourself to be transported to the future that beckons us all!

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Friday, November 08, 2019

We 'Stormed' The UK's Area 51 | Mystery Girl (video)

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We 'Stormed' The UK's Area 51 |
Mystery Girl

The world is riddled with strange and unsolved mysteries. VICE's own Mystery Girl, Amelia Dimoldenberg, is on a mission to investigate Britain’s greatest unsolved mysteries and crack them once and for all.

Wiltshire County in the South West of England is a hotspot for UFO sightings, crop circles, ancient monuments and energy orbs. To make things stranger, there are a curious number of military bases dotted around this mystical land. Indeed, rumours report that within Rudloe Manor, a former RAF base set up to investigate UFO sightings, hides the remains of an alien spacecraft and an alien corpse. Is there a link between Wiltshire’s supernatural phenomena and its heavy military presence? Amelia travels to Wiltshire to find the truth.

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The People's Love Alliance!

From Kosta Makreas

The People's Love Alliance!

ANNOUNCING... Incredible News & Hope for the Future

**** The People's Love Alliance **** a movement of 1 Billion humans who have opened their hearts, if even a little bit, to the possibility of Love creating a better world.

Our Star Friends informed us of this fact. They are joyous to partner with us to create Gaia's Golden Age.

You are asked to absorb and celebrate this information.

More instructions will follow as the first People's Love Alliance project launches worldwide soon.

THANK YOU for being here. You are needed. :-)



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CE-5 / E.T Contact with Andrew Radziewicz and Peter Maxwell Slattery (video)

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By Peter Maxwell Slattery

CE-5 / E.T Contact with Andrew Radziewicz and Peter Maxwell Slattery

CE-5 / E.T Contact with Andrew Radziewicz & Peter Maxwell Slattery.

Filmed by Pete and Andrew.

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Neil Keenan Update | A Reminder: Neil Exposes Bad Players


Neil Keenan Update
A Reminder: Neil Exposes Bad Players
Money and Greed + Being Stupid

For all that are unaware of the history between Benjamin Fulford and Neil Keenan you will find a Post from 2013 which catches both Fulford and Karen Hudes in an attempt to scandalize, slander and destroy Neil Keenan if possible.

I said if possible and of course the year is now 2019 – nearing 2020 and you still have Benjamin Fulford making inaccurate and false statements that Neil Keenan no longer pays attention to.

Enjoy your reading and for those of you who have never seen this you will fall off your seats and get a good understanding of what that group is all about.

Red Dragon (put to bed by Keenan group), OPPT (put to bed by Keenan Group), Swiss Indo ( another one that was put to bed) and the hits just kept on coming.

Group K and Neil took one took them all to the bus and then buried them.

As for Fulford he has been wasting our time for many years and should have been a novelist and not a Cabalist.

Fulford Mis-Steps, Karen Hudes Mis-Speaks

From: Geopolitics | September 20, 2013

This is a very disturbing article to which we are reconsidering our subscription to Fulford’s weekly reports on GeoPolitics, in this most crucial times.

Perhaps, this would explain the inconsistencies of Ben Fulford’s stand regarding the Vatican’s role post mortem. Remember, the White Dragon Society, to which he is acting as the spokesman, made a deal with the P2 Freemasons through Leo Zagami, for a peaceful resolution.

Keenan, in past videos, was not happy with the BRICS alternative bank as just another World Bank.

Also, the One People Public’s Trust [OPPT] was also dismissed by the Keenan Group as another cabalistic attempt to usurp control of the Collateral Accounts.

We have raised the alarm so many times in the past of a possible infiltration by the Jesuits within the ranks of the revolutionaries and reformists.

Once freed from Cabalists’ control, the Collateral Accounts will be channeled by the Keenan Group through non-government organizations and not through the governments, i.e. corporations, for redevelopment purposes and elimination of global poverty.

As far as we, in the Philippines are concern, we want to finally recover the 600,000 kgs. of pure gold, mined from our own land and looted from our Bangko Sentral, during the time of Ferdinand Marcos and earlier, by the Jesuits.

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