Monday, September 25, 2023

JP Update – Returning the Activation Jewel to the Atlantic Space Ark

JP Update –
Returning the Activation Jewel
to the Atlantic Space Ark

Dr. Michael Salla:
In mid-September 2023, JP was part of a joint mission to return an activation jewel taken from the Atlantic Space Ark earlier in July 2023. He described how five Nordic extraterrestrials handed off the jewel to JP’s team of four special operators after it had been returned by them. Four of the Nordics joined JP’s team as they descended into the space ark from a donut-shaped naval surface ship.

After it had been taken from the space ark, the jewel had been used to activate ancient technologies around the world. Once again, JP described the deep emotions of sadness and happiness created by the jewel, which affected all members of the joint team including the four Nordics. After completing the mission, JP said the ark had begun moving and would soon detach itself from the elevator shaft connecting it to the naval surface ship. JP was told the space ark was now on the move and was expected to rise into space with the approach of a new Atlantic hurricane.


Sunday, September 24, 2023

Graham Hancock Just Announced The Truth About Antarctica's Hidden Jungle and The Great Pyramids

Graham Hancock Just Announced The
Truth About Antarctica's Hidden
Jungle and The Great Pyramids

In a recently posted youtube video, Graham Hancock - the unorthodox explorer of ancient history gave some shocking new information about the potential past of Antarctica and the builders of the Great Pyramid in Giza. Graham Hancock unveils astonishing revelations about the secrets of Antarctica and the enigmas surrounding the Great Pyramid in Giza.

Was Antarctica once a green lush jungle? What caused it’s freezing? How is it possibly related to Atlantis? And what secrets did the builders of the Great Pyramids know about the past? In this captivating episode of Secret Origins, we'll challenge conventional history and explore the secrets that lie beneath.

When we talk about Antarctica there always comes the question whether it was always frozen and whether there was once a time, when life flourished and it was all green.

There are many fascinating accounts of people who have ventured there. And one of them describes Antarctica quite differently than we’re used to imagine. For example, it points that the mountains there were strangely pointy and four-sided, making them look eerily unique, as if like pyramids. Contrary to his preconceived notion—formed perhaps from maps and images of penguins—that the landscape would be fairly flat, he found it to be much more mountainous. This can also be seen in the Orontius Finaeus map, where the edges seem to indicate the presence of mountains.

What fuels speculations that there is much more than we know about Antarctica, is an international agreement among countries that lay claim to parts of Antarctica. Under this pact, they have all vowed not to excavate or extract minerals from the region. Some even suggest that breaking this pact could be a catalyst for World War III. Apparently, there appears to be something significant being protected or preserved, possibly beneath the continent's thickest layers of ice, which reach up to three miles in depth. Additionally, there are numerous research articles that state that around 90 million years ago, the now ice-covered Antarctic continent was home to a lush rainforest.

Also, the stories about the Great Pyramid of Giza have been an ongoing topic of discussion for years, and numerous theories have been proposed about its construction, purpose, and the technology used by the ancients. From astronomical alignments and mystical powers to its quite doubtful use as a tomb for Pharaohs, the questions surrounding the pyramid remain.

But in a recent video Graham Hancock, the renown explorer announced some fascinating and little known details about the ancient megastructure. He suggested that a significant event might have changed the face of the Great Pyramid. Some researchers point to an earthquake in 1301 that led to the loss of its summit, resulting in its current height of approximately 450 to 455 feet, down from its original 481 feet.

By analyzing the slope of the pyramid's sides, experts can calculate its original height and determine that as much as 30 feet was lost. Today, the top of the Great Pyramid appears as a stepped platform, featuring two distinct levels. Simple calculations based on the existing side lengths reveal that the original height of the pyramid was indeed 481 feet, meaning a loss of about 30 feet.

However, the uncertainty remains: Was the Great Pyramid ever actually completed? You will find out in this video.

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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Taken Onboard A UFO: Five True Cases

Taken Onboard A UFO:
Five True Cases

It is perhaps the ultimate UFO encounter: being taken onboard a UFO. Unlike sightings, landings and face-to-face encounters, witnesses find themselves in a totally alien environment. The floor, the walls, the ceiling – everything around them is extraterrestrial, including the beings themselves. An onboard experience is the most extensive of all UFO encounters. They contain more data than any other encounter (except for perhaps a UFO crash/retrieval,) and often involve significant interaction and communication between the experiencer and the ETs themselves. These are the cases that have volumes to teach us about extraterrestrial contact. Here are five cases of onboard experiences. These cases provide significant evidence pointing towards the reality of UFOs and the ETs.

THE ONBOARD UFO EXPERIENCE OF JOYCE UPDIKE. In Aug 1967, Joyce Updike was cleaning her home in Platte, NB, late at night when the room filled with light. What seemed like moments later, she woke up in bed, only to find that hours had passed. Afterward, her husband found a circle of burned grass outside. Joyce had sore eyes, and some of her hair began to fall out. She became interested in UFOs, ancient civilizations, past-lives, and more. She began to have telepathy and poltergeist activity. Years later, she heard about UFOs and missing time, and realized that this is what she had experienced. Going under hypnosis, she recalled a long onboard encounter with human-like ETs who examined her and gave her messages about the future of Earth.

THE ONBOARD UFO EXPERIENCE OF ALEJANDRA MARTINEZ DE PASCUCCI. It was Jul 2, 1968, and Alejandra was walking to her home in Quilmes, Argentina when she was overcome by a strange magnetic force. Unable to move or cry out, the next thing she knew, she was lying down on a table onboard a UFO. The interior was white, spotless, with rounded walls. Beside her were two tall figures wearing glowing uniforms. While they looked human, Alejandra could see that they were “not from Earth.” They seemed to gesture to each other as they maneuvered the craft. Consumed with fear, Alejandra was ejected from the craft in a different location. Later, weird landing traces would provide more evidence of her encounter.

THE ONBOARD UFO EXPERIENCE OF JUDY KENDALL. Around 6:00 pm on Nov 26, 1972, Judy Kendall and her two sisters drove home from Zamora to Bodega Bay, CA, a two-hour trip. They were crossing the Cache Creek Bridge when the car felt weirdly cold, and an odd tiredness swept over them. They missed their exit only to find themselves crossing the same bridge twice! When they arrived home, more than four hours had passed. Their parents had called the police. Years later, Judy recalled her missing time event and underwent hypnosis. She recalled that her car had been lifted up from the highway and into a UFO. She was taken into a room and underwent a physical examination at the hands of small beings, one human-looking figure and a terrifying insectoid ET.

THE ONBOARD UFO EXPERIENCE OF KAREN LYSTER. It was a Friday night in Jan 1978 as Karen Lyster looked out the window of her hotel in Sydney, Australia to see a glowing object hovering outside. The next thing she knew, it was Sunday morning, and she was waking up in bed. She was missing more than a day of time. She later suddenly remembered that she had been pulled into the UFO and confronted by six beautiful people with dark hair, blue eyes, and flawless skin. They wanted to do tests on her hands, they said. Later, she was left alone in a weird round room. Karen decided to explore the craft. She walked down the hallway to another room where the walls turned transparent and revealed a field of stars. This was the latest of many encounters in her life.

THE ONBOARD UFO EXPERIENCE OF ANTONIO NELSO TASCA. On December 13, 1986, real-estate agent Antonio Nelso Tasca was driving on a dirt road outside of Chapeco, Brazil when he came upon a huge craft blocking the road. It struck him with a beam of light and pulled him inside. Antonio was examined by strange ETs and then was put into another room and undressed. A beautiful female humanoid entered and seduced him. After the two had an intimate encounter, she gave Antonio a long warning and a message for all humanity about the future of the planet and the need for radical change of society. Afterward, Antonio was dropped miles from the original location, with a large unexplained scar on his body. His case would become one of the best-verified in his country.

These five cases reveal many of the strange procedures that occur when people are taken onboard a UFO. They involve a wide variety of ET types and show how ET contact can affect a person profoundly in different ways. These cases also provide substantial evidence of the reality of UFOs, including landing traces, medical evidence, and electromagnetic effects. They also show that onboard encounters are occurring all over the world, and likely in large numbers. We are not alone!

Preston Dennett Website:

YouTube link:

The Rendlesham UFO Encounter and the Alien Message from the Future

The Rendlesham UFO Encounter and
the Alien Message from the Future

The night after Christmas, 1980, was the last time Airman First Class John Burroughs would ever lead a normal life.

He was on patrol at an American-operated Woodbridge Air Force base in southern England. Woodbridge and nearby Bentwaters - called the Twin Bases were rumored to possess nuclear materials. This was the middle of the Cold War, and tensions were high.

The threat of nuclear attack, global escalation, and more, sat heavy on the shoulders of Burroughs and his fellow servicemen. But their job was simple: keep themselves, their nation, and their allies safe.

So, Burroughs conducted his nightly rounds, checking the perimeter for anything that threatened the peace. Suddenly, a bright light descended from the sky. Then another. Burroughs watched as the lights fell into the forest surrounding the base.

When he and his team arrived to inspect the crash site, they were worried it was a Soviet incursion. But, what they found was far more terrifying than anything the Soviets could think of.

YouTube link:

Exopolitics Today Week in Review with Dr Michael Salla – Sept 23, 2023

Exopolitics Today Week in Review with
Dr Michael Salla – Sept 23, 2023


  • Germany signs Artemis Accords,
  • Jerry Wills and ET Baby drop offs to be discussed at the Galactic      Spiritual Informers Connection,
  • More on Russia’s UFO crash retrievals and reverse engineering projects,
  • Biosignature found on exoplanet but NASA declares it will take a year to      confirm,
  • US Presidents and UFOs presentation from 2021,
  • John Greenewald taking an unbalanced approach to David Grusch FOIA      info,
  • Sept 30 Webinar Trailer,
  • Scientific American sets out to become a new UFO gatekeeper,
  • Orb UFO causes USAF jet to malfunction,
  • Laser weapons deployed by conventional military services,
  • US Customs and Border Patrol’s data dump of UFO document and videos.


  • Friday, September 22, 2023

    New UFO Revelations, Surviving Death Evidence, and More!

    New UFO Revelations,
    Surviving Death Evidence, and More!

    Leslie Kean joins me again to discuss brand new UFO revelations, evidence for surviving death, and much more! Leslie is an investigative journalist and author of two groundbreaking books - UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record and Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife.

    In this interview, we cover:

  • Her latest bombshell UFO article about crash retrievals and      whistleblowers like Dave Grusch
  • The congressional UFO hearings and testimony
  • Updates on the UFO disclosure movement and where it's heading
  • Her research into evidence of the afterlife, including near-death      experiences, mediumship, and her personal experiences
  • The relationship between UFO experiencers and reports of the paranormal
  • Exciting new cases she's investigating and evidence that's still coming to      light on older ones

    Leslie provides an incredible insider perspective on the evolution of UFO research and her decades investigating these fascinating topics. Don't miss this update from one of the most credible voices in the field!

    YouTube link:

  • Various Eyewitnesses Share Their Recordings of UFOs in Alaska | The Alaska Triangle

    Various Eyewitnesses Share Their
    Recordings of UFOs in Alaska |
    The Alaska Triangle

    Alaska has a long history of UFO sightings, where unexplainable lights and mysterious objects have frequently filled the skies. Eyewitness accounts, as well as previously undisclosed evidence, strongly suggest that these sightings may be indicative of UFO landings in the area.

    YouTube link:

    Latest UFO cover up! US Intelligence Agencies refuse to cooperate with Congress! What next??

    Latest UFO cover up!
    US Intelligence Agencies refuse
    to cooperate with Congress!
    What next??

    Last month, The US Congress demanded that the OIG of the Intelligence Community reveal any and all specifics about UAP reverse engineering or research programs by Sep. 15. What Congress got was utterly outrageous!

    YouTube link:

    Ultraterrestrials: Invisible Portals to Enter Our Reality | Advanced UAP Insights

    Invisible Portals to Enter Our Reality |
    Advanced UAP Insights

    Join Steve Mera, a seasoned presenter and researcher with over 40 plus years of expertise in the field of paranormal and UFOlogical Study, in this thought-provoking presentation as he explores the intriguing link between geology and UFO phenomena. Dive into the realms of time displacement, gravitational anomalies, and the profound impact of consciousness and the observer effect on human psychology. Are we mere pawns in the manipulation of these phenomena, and how can we stay one step ahead? Additionally, we'll delve into fascinating topics such as Glamouring, Theta Brain Wave Induction, and the enigmatic Interference Syndrome Injury (ISI). Discover incidents from around the world where UFO encounters took a startling turn.

    YouTube link:

    Thursday, September 21, 2023

    Steven Greer Reveals Mind-Blowing Alien Disclosure

    Steven Greer Reveals
    Mind-Blowing Alien Disclosure

    Unmasking UFOs: Steven Greer's Disclosure Event and the Reality of Extraterrestrial Existence | Chris Lehto

    I'm your host Chris Lehto. This exciting episode focuses on a controversial figure, Steven Greer, and his Disclosure Project Recent Conference in DC.

    In this detailed breakdown, we scrutinize Greer's claims and evaluate the significant evidence he's gathered over the years. You'll hear about the alleged sophisticated disinformation campaign against Greer, the shocking witness testimonies, and the staggering numbers - from the 752 witnesses to the 121 UFO crash retrieval cases.

    Join me as we navigate the intriguing path of understanding extraterrestrial intelligence and disclosing UFO information. Based on recent revelations and my personal interview with Steven Greer, we aim to bring you closer to the truth, no matter how unbelievable it may seem.

    Stay until the end for an important public message directed at the military-industrial complex and those who maintain the continued undisclosed projects.

    YouTube link:

    Wednesday, September 20, 2023

    Black Ops and UFOs: The Hidden Truth Revealed

    Black Ops and UFOs:
    The Hidden Truth Revealed

    0:00 - Intro
    1:53 - Case 1 Varginha, Brazil - Moment of Contact trailer
    10:22 - Case 2 Peru - Buried in Stone by Jonathan Weygandt
    17:00 - Craft leaking weird liquid
    24:45 - Taken by guys in "Black Cammies"
    31:54 - Case 3 Floating Octagon in Indonesia
    40:00 - Taken by guys in "Black Camos."
    47:48 - What was in the boxes?
    53:15 - Conclusion

    YouTube link:

    Unidentified, Unforgettable: A Coast Guard's Encounter with the Unknown

    Unidentified, Unforgettable:
    A Coast Guard's Encounter
    with the Unknown

    NASA has recently stated that much more "data" is needed in the study of UAP. Everyone wants data, but do we really lack good data when it comes to this phenomenon? For 80 years, the United States military has encountered UAP, once known as UFOs. There is a long history of encounters, as well as the deliberate suppression of evidence. Richard Dolan has uncovered a case that had been buried in the database of the National UFO Reporting Center concerning the U.S. Coast Guard in the year 1973. It involved an incredible encounter in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and the confiscation of photographs by "Men in Black," and the intimidation of the witnesses. We have the data -- it is simply being concealed from us.

    The NUFORC Case referenced here is at:

    YouTube link: