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Banned Disclosure - Antarctic Germans

Banned Disclosure - Antarctic Germans

Disclosure concerning WW2, Operation Highjump, Antarctica, UFOs and the Secret Space Program

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New UFO Match 8: 2022 3 Different Events Same UFO

New UFO Match 8: 2022
3 Different Events Same UFO

Ryushin Malone:

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Free Energy

Free Energy

Short video about free energy...
Did they really have Free energy in those days?

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Ancient E.T Structures and The Project Horizon Lunar Base... Revelations from a former NASA Specialist

Ancient E.T Structures and The
Project Horizon Lunar Base...
Revelations from a former
NASA Specialist

Retired NASA Specialist Ken Johnston delves into the mysteries of our Moon. Just what really lies up there, hidden from prying eyes of Earths telescopes. Ken reveals visual evidence of incredibly large structures on the lunar surface that may be extraterrestrial in nature and examines the information from numerous whistleblowers pertaining to 'Project Horizon', a secretly constructed base on the Moon surface.

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Ismael Perez Returns for PAOs Live Galactic Activation Webinar

Ismael Perez Returns for PAOs
Live Galactic Activation Webinar

Welcome to PAO's Live Galactic Activation Webinar for February
So many of you told us you were energized by Ismael Perez’s first Live Webinar appearance that we just had to bring him back.

And, with the cosmic stakes raised and the dark’s struggle against us intensifying,we think this couldn’t be a better time for his return!

In this Webinar, Ismael will discuss the Earth Alliance – who they are, how they are counteracting the effects of weather engineering on our world, and what they are doing to move us toward a new world planetary structure.

He will also discuss the future of governments, as well as the presence of benevolent beings on Earth and how they are protecting the ‘God Connection’ in us all.

For those of you who miss Sheldan’s updates, you will find this Webinar blazing with information, clarity of thought, and Ismael’s characteristic comforting realism.

He knows, as do we all, that the Light will win this battle.

You won’t want to miss this Webinar.
Please join us!

Subjects to be discussed:

• Benevolent Beings vs Dark Beings
• Weather Events and Geo-Engineering
• Earth Alliance
• Reprogramming Ourselves to Prepare for Timelines
• Coming New World Structure

After the Webinar we will answer your questions live. Within 48 hours after the live Webinar we will send you a link to a video recording.

Sunday, February 19, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PST

Please note: If you are unable to attend on February 19, you can still register. Within 48 hours, we will send you a link to the Webinar posted (privately) on YouTube. (After posting, the Webinar will be available for 1 week.)

Seats are Limited... Register Now!

To make payment and register: Click Here

Cost: $20.00 U.S.

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If Banks and ATMs close Don't Panic!!

If Banks and ATMs close Don't Panic!!

KatIstheSea3 @katisthesea3

๐Ÿ˜ป When banks & ATMs close DON'T PANIC.
KNOW our money is SAFE.

Wolverine Telegram

๐Ÿ’ธ Charlie Ward
QFS has Your Money.
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๐Ÿ’ต Q The Storm Rider
Central banking system in MAJOR collapse..
The DS in EU admitting they have NO MONEY
COLLAPSE of CB system
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Behind the scenes a QUINTILLION+ in gold
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Captured ALIENS in Brazil - The Incredible UFO Crash Case in Varginha with Roger Leir (1935-2014)

Captured ALIENS in Brazil -
The Incredible UFO Crash Case in
Varginha with Roger Leir (1935-2014)

Tracie Austin interviews the late, researcher author and physician, Roger Leir about his investigation into one of the most significant UFO incidents ever recorded. The Brazilian, Varginha case doesn't just involve a crashed UFO, but also the capture of extraterrestrial beings that lead to the death of a police officer. It was impossible for the incident to have remained hidden from the world. Dr. Roger Leir tells his side of the story.

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Ancient Alien Weapons Defense System Destroys Russian Meteor

Ancient Alien Weapons Defense
System Destroys Russian Meteor

By Theodore Colon
February 3, 2023

Another long forgotten and still mostly unknown Legend!

“If any one has any additional info please share and maybe we could fill in some much needed unanswered questions?”

Time to buckle up for another wild trip: Destination Mother Russia, beyond Tunguska.

“Ancient Alien Defense Weapons Destroy Russian Meteor”

Several eyewitnesses have come forward in the Siberian region of Russia claiming that they seen at least two “large metal defense weapons rise out of the ground and shoot either energy beams or laser beams” at the large meteor that exploded in Russia back in February. What is amazing is that researchers on an expedition last year located several large metal structures that are in the same location as the sightings from the eyewitnesses. Local legends describe these metal cauldron like objects as ancient alien defense weapons that activate whenever a potential asteroid, meteor or comet strike is about to strike the Earth., Many researchers in Russia believe that this is actually what caused the Tunguska explosion more than a century ago.

A popular explanation for the cauldrons is that they’re a meteorite protection bunker system installed by aliens for humans in this area of high meteorite (and possibly even hostile aliens) area.

Locals said they even encountered giant people, who were one-eyed and clad in metal, sleeping underneath the cauldrons.

“The Devil’s Graveyard” has bewildered people since the early 1980s when an article was published in a popular Soviet scientific magazine. The exact location of the place, however, is still disputed.

Many locals tell the same story: while moving their cow herds from village to village, shepherds came across a strange place, a vast empty field with black soil, covered by the carcasses of wild animals, birds and cows. Green leaves turned black when placed on the soil. People experienced excruciating pain in the head, teeth and stomach when near this place. Often, compasses, watches and other devices stopped functioning, making it difficult to study the anomaly. Also, people frequently became lost in the nearby woods and roamed about aimlessly for hours.

To reach the place, you have to travel by boat, and then walk more than 30 miles across shallows. This can’t be done without a guide – but none of the locals would get within a mile of the spot – they turned back, went to church and only then returned to the village, leaving the explorers by themselves. During Soviet times, a number of expeditions reached the place, and there are two reliable explanations for the phenomena happening there.

First, the anomaly appeared after the 1908 Tunguska event. Perhaps parts of the meteor sank underground, and their magnetism is the cause of the anomalies. Strong magnetic fields can affect carbon-based life forms, such as mammals and plants. Another version claims that an underground coal fire is producing a kind of carbonic gas that poisons animals and plants. The exact cause, however, is still disputed.

There’s a “Devil’s Lake” (that’s how ‘Shaitan’ is translated from Tatar) in the Urzhum district, 25 miles from the city of Kirov (480 miles from Moscow). The deep oval lake, surrounded by beautiful forests, isn’t a favorite place for the locals. They don’t fish or swim there because the lake has a grim reputation.

Distinct and obvious features are the tiny islands with grass and trees that drift on the lake surface. Another feature – the one that brings up the devilish name – are fountains of water coming from under the surface, with a low hum heard even far away in the forest.

Locals say that eons ago, a great battle between two tribes took place here: one tribe worshipped the good gods, while their opponents prayed to the evil spirit that hypnotized the ‘good guys’ and tricked them into killing themselves. The unstoppable tears of their wives and children formed a lake, which became the shelter for the demon living underwater. He makes the fountains, and so nobody dares swim here.

The lake’s bottom has numerous openings, cavities and caves, and underneath are powerful streams. With time, parts of the mud bottom collapsed, blocking the cavities and increasing the pressure. Occasionally, these clogged subsurface areas burst open, resulting in the fountains that reach the surface and beam up to the height of 10 meters. More often, water just bubbles upward in random places, creating a humming sound.

The Tunguska Event

In the early morning of June 30, 1908, something exploded in the sky above the Stony Tunguska River in Siberia, flattening estimated 80 million trees across 820 square miles. Many thousand people in a radius of 900 miles observed the Tunguska evevt, and more than 700 accounts were collected later. The reports describe a fireball in the sky, like a second sun, and a series of explosions “with a frightful sound,” followed by shaking of the ground as “the earth seemed to get opened wide, and everything would fall in the abyss.” The indigenous Evenks and Yakuts believed a god or shaman sent the fireball to destroy the world. Various meteorological stations in Europe recorded both seismic and atmospheric waves. Days later, a strange phenomenon was observed in the sky of Russia and Europe, like glowing clouds, colorful sunsets, and a weak luminescence in the night.

Kulik managed to find some articles, describing an explosion observed north of Kansk. From the remote outpost of Wanawara, the team ventured into the taiga following first the Angara river and then the Tunguska river. Then on April 13, 1927, Kulik discovered a large area covered with rotting logs. A huge explosion flattened more than 80 million trees across 820 square miles. Only at the epicenter of the blast, in the Forest of Tunguska, some dead and charred trees were still standing.

Despite exploring the entire area, no impact crater or meteoritic material was discovered at the site. In the fall of 1927, a preliminary report by Kulik was published in various national and international newspapers. Kulik suggested that an iron meteorite exploded in the atmosphere, causing the observed explosion and devastation. The lack of any identifiable impact site was explained by the swampy ground, too soft to preserve a crater. Despite lacking physical evidence, Kulik called the event ‘‘Filimonovo meteorite’’ after the railway station of Filimonovo, where a bright light in the sky was observed. Only later the supposed impact incident became known as the Tunguska Event.

Since 1928 more than forty expeditions explored the site, taking samples from the soils, rocks and even trees, with ambiguous results. Some seismic and air-pressure wave registrations survive, recorded immediately after the blast, and surveys of the devastated forest mapped some thirty years later. Based on the lack of hard data, like a crater or a meteorite, and conflicting accounts, many theories of widely varying plausibility were proposed over the years.

Engineer and sci-fi writer Aleksander Kasantsews developed an unusual explanation in the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He argued that a nuclear explosion, equivalent to 1,000 Hiroshima bombs, of possible extraterrestrial origin caused the Tunguska blast, as either a UFO crashed in Siberia or an interplanetary weapon was detonated there for unknown reasons. Apart from the pattern of destruction, so Kasantsews, also geomagnetic anomalies recorded at the station of Irkutsk were similar to a nuclear blast. In 1973, American physicists proposed that a small black hole collided with our planet, causing a matter-antimatter explosion in Earth’s atmosphere.

The presence of impact-related minerals; like nano-diamonds, metallic, and silicate spherules in sediments, the mapped distribution and direction of the flattened trees, pointing away from a single explosion site, and a temporal link between Tunguska and the cauldrons. The nature of this cosmic body remains unclear.

A chemical analysis of the metallic and silicate spherules is not possible, as elements from the magmatic rocks forming the bed of the Stony Tunguska contaminate the samples.

Mysterious Cauldrons in Siberian Valley of Death

Local hunters avoid “Death Valley,” and say the terrain has changed so much that they can’t possibly remember where the objects might have been. A region of Siberia whose Russian name means “Valley of Death” and the mysterious partially-submerged metal cauldrons alleged to be seen there that have defied explanation and have been attributed to aliens. Are they some kind of warning or protection system? Could these be related to the mysterious Siberian craters?

The folklore of the cauldrons dates back to the formation of the Uliuiu Cherkechekh or Valley of Death some 800 years ago by a cataclysmic event like the Tunguska meteorite in 1908. Stories of fireballs, explosions and scorched earth sound like a similar meteorite impact. Were the metal cauldrons there already? That’s where a different mix of folk tales starts.

An early report of a copper cauldron with only the top exposed dates back to 1853 but the most popular ones are about nomads who found similar metal ones in the 1930 and later who used them to get out of the winter cold until they became sick from them. What made them sick? Could be radiation, Could be methane, or even Could be aliens.

A popular explanation for the cauldrons is that they’re a meteorite protection bunker system installed by aliens for humans in this area of high meteorite (and possibly even hostile aliens) area.

This all sounds promising, and it would be if there were some pictures of these cauldrons. Unfortunately, all that exists are the few simple drawings of underground dwellings. The reason given for not being able to see them now is that they’ve sunk under the permafrost and only earth-covered domes are visible.

Which leads us to the Siberian holes? The most popular scientific non-alien explanation for these craters is that they’re the result of explosions caused by pingos – underground methane bubbles covered by a frozen dirt plug that explode or collapse when the permafrost melts or the methane is ignited.

Mirny is a town in the Republic of Sakha-Yakutia, nearly 3,800 miles east of Moscow. There, in the basin of the Vilyuy River, Russia has its own Death Valley. In the late 19th century, Russian explorer Richard Maack recorded strange tales told by locals about paranormal activity in this place.

One of the local rivers is called Olguydach, which means “a place with cauldrons.” Another stream is called Algyi Timirnit (“The big cauldron sunk”). Locals told Maack that giant pots are buried deep in the earth, with edges as sharp as razors, and made of red metal. Some partly stuck out of the ground, and those who spent a night under them woke up feeling ill, weak and with an aching head. In the 19th century, locals said they even encountered giant people, who were one-eyed and clad in metal, sleeping underneath the cauldrons.

More than a hundred years after the event, only sparse clues survive. Seen from above, no evidence whatsoever remains, as trees have populated the devastated area. On the ground, only a few stumps of trees killed by the explosion can be found, most already rotten away or buried in the swamp.

Source: Operation Disclosure Official

Utsava Predictions: Nuclear Threat, Nesara, Debt Forgiveness, Ron Desantis

Utsava Predictions:
Nuclear Threat, Nesara,
Debt Forgiveness, Ron Desantis

A lot of people call Utsava the first #MAGA psychic and clairvoyant. She has predicted MAGA events for many years.

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Med Beds Info

Med Beds Info

KatIstheSea3 @katisthesea3

Med Beds, Frequencies, Vibrations, Crystals, Sound,
Arcturian Healing Chambers, Music,
Earth’s Electromagnetic currents
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๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Juan O Savin
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Get your Dad a Med Bed so he can get back to 48!
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Ancient Aliens and the New World Order

Ancient Aliens and the
New World Order

Experience terrifying, real events as documented by top authorities in this documentary.

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2023 - Rise of the Earth Alliance

2023 - Rise of the Earth Alliance

This is the trailer for the “What’s Coming in 2023: Global Revolution & SSP/ET Disclosure” webinar to be held on Feb 18, 2023. Trailer covers how the Deep State’s planetary control agenda is increasingly being exposed. What were once major issues that were opaque and difficult to understand, are now being clearly seen and exposed by a growing coalition of people all over the planet. Dedicated truth tellers investigating core issues are daily releasing their findings through alternative media sources.

The Deep State’s imminent collapse will facilitate major disclosures in 2023 about secret space programs, flourishing undersea and underground cities, artifacts from ancient civilizations, and visiting extraterrestrial life, all of which have long been kept secret by the global control system.

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