Thursday, June 17, 2021

Galactic Activation Webinar with Laura Eisenhower!

PAOs Galactic Activation Webinar
for June with Laura Eisenhower!

Join Colleen and Miles for a lively question-and-answer discussion.

By coming together each month as a group, we can significantly assist the GF in speeding up the necessary processes that will lead us towards full consciousness. As always, the Galactics will envelop Webinar attendees in activational energy.

PAO had such positive feedback from Laura’s previous visits that we just had to invite her back again!

Great-granddaughter of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Laura’s heart instincts and life calling have always been to protect and restore this planet and its Ascension timeline. In light of the deepening crises that right now envelop our world, she returns, armed with sound knowledge of the cyber ops that control and threaten to destroy Earth, and mastery of the esoteric, paranormal and mystical arts that can heal both Gaia and humanity.

If information is power, then it is also healing, for it energizes us to go out and find solutions to our life’s ills. Laura’s words and ideas will ignite our vital spark, inspiring us to link our spirits, rekindling the flame of our frequencies to even greater heights.

Please join us!

Subjects to be discussed:

• Laura's Mission
• All Eyes are On America

   Events Leading Up to Disclosure of the False Narrative
• Remembering our Galactic heritage
   On the Alert for a Possible Cosmic Hoax
• New Technologies
   Timeline for Release of Suppressed Healing, Energy and Environmental
• Ascension
   Preparing for More Frequency Upgrades
• An Astrological View of Our Current World
   How Astrology Affects Our Future
After the Webinar we will answer your questions live. Within 48 hours after the live Webinar we will send you a link to a video recording.

Sunday, June 27, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m. PDT

Please note: If you are unable to attend on Sunday, June 27, you can still register. Within 48 hours, we will send you a link to the Webinar posted (privately) on YouTube. (After posting, the Webinar will be available for 1 week.)

Seats are Limited... Register Now!

To make payment and register: Click Here

Cost: $20.00 U.S.


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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Short Film – Exposing the Big Lie: America’s UFO Technology

Short Film – Exposing the Big Lie:
America’s UFO Technology

The Director of National Intelligence is scheduled to release a comprehensive report on June 25 to the US Senate that will conclude, according to official leaks, that UFOs are an unknown national security threat! Why is this a ‘Big Lie’? What’s the Deep State agenda behind promoting this now through the mainstream media after decades of dismissing the UFO phenomenon?

Watch this short film about how America has been secretly reverse engineering captured extraterrestrial spacecraft since the WW II era, and is on the verge of releasing some of its secret UFO technologies through the United States Space Force.

I wish to thank my inspired and incredibly gifted wife, Angelika Whitecliff, for the many hours she devoted to creating this short film and raising public awareness of these critical issues.

Michael Salla, Ph.D.

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Monday, June 14, 2021

Happy Birthday President Trump!


Happy Birthday President Trump!

Monday, June 14, 2021
Donald J Trump's 75th Birthday.



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Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Future Starts Today

Image from video

By Elena Danaan

The Future Starts Today

As the Earth Alliance and the Galactic Federation are kicking as..s in this star system, it is now in our hands to build our future...

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Friday, June 11, 2021

Is the 4th Reich’s Dark Fleet abandoning Antarctica?


By Dr. Michael Salla

Is the 4th Reich’s Dark Fleet
abandoning Antarctica?

According to Elena Danaan, a former professional French archeologist who claims to be a contactee with the ‘Galactic Federation of Worlds’, an exodus of a German 4th Reich controlled “Dark Fleet” is currently underway that is creating a power vacuum that different nations are trying to fill by building bases in Antarctica. Her information comes from an extraterrestrial from the Taygeta star system in the Pleiades she identifies as ‘Thor Han’, and a current resident at the US McMurdo base who goes by the name ‘Frank’, and whose last name I will keep private.

On June 6, Elena received an email from Frank informing her of an unusually high number of people entering and leaving Antarctica through McMurdo, which is the largest base in Antarctica, and maintains a year-round shipping port through which transport ships arrive with personnel and supplies bound for the US and other national bases.

This is what Frank told Elena in an email that was later forwarded to me:
I want to let you know that the Chinese have 5 bases here already and are setting up 4 more immediately during the absolute worst time of year. There are Chinese everywhere down here and up until a month ago I never saw even one.

Also of note, now Turkey has been sending in troops independently and so are quite a few other countries from Africa and South America all of them want to set up bases here and are bringing in the infrastructure to do so.

Everybody seems to want to get in on whatever is down here as soon as possible to not be left out. I am more certain than ever now that the mad rush is because there is definitely something here. I noticed more and more German speaking people coming through as well. Numbers have always decreased in the winter time down here not increased.
What immediately got Frank’s attention was that a significant number of the personnel leaving Antarctica were German-speaking and they were bound for South America—Argentina in particular. This struck Frank as highly unusual given what Elena and others had said about a German-controlled Dark Fleet in Antarctica that was in an escalating military conflict with an ‘Earth Alliance’ and the Galactic Federation.

Elena passed on to me Frank’s information and contact details, and then communicated with her primary extraterrestrial contact, Thor Han, asking him what was happening in Antarctica. This is her summary of what followed:
I straight away informed Michael Salla and I put them both in contact. On that same evening, I requested a contact with Thor Han, picking his thoughts about this news. Thor Han confirmed that as a consequence of the Dark Fleet being harshly hit by the Alliance and the Federation, the German (4th Reich) presence in Antarctica is abandoning their outpost. He told me that there was an exodus going on, towards colonies out of this solar system, through a portal (jump door as he calls it). He said that the Reptilians based in Antarctica were leaving too.

Thor Han said that some very secret groups in some governments know about the existence of such a portal in the South Pole (and now they want it of course), used to escape to other colonies such as Aldebaran, but he said that even Aldebaran, since they became recently the main Dark Fleet headquarters, is cutting apart from the Antarctica group. Thor Han said that it is in their mentality to cut an “infected limb”. There are now formidable resources down there, to be taken, if all these baddies are leaving…
It should be pointed out that Aldebaran was the original stellar location from which Maria Orsic made contact with human-looking ‘Nordic’ extraterrestrials in the early 1920s. As a result of these communications, the first Vril space-time devices were built that could transport personnel to Aldebaran.

After Hitler came to power in 1933 and coopted the Vril space program, he reached agreements with Draco Reptilian extraterrestrials, and the Nazi SS began building weaponized flying saucer craft for the war effort. Meanwhile, the most advanced aspects of the Vril and Haunebu space programs were relocated to Antarctica to continue developing interplanetary and interstellar craft.

Consequently, it should come as no great surprise that the Dark Fleet today has a major base in the Aldebaran star system, in addition to bases in our solar system such as Mars and the planetoid Ceres. This is especially if there is a portal from Antarctica to a planet in the Aldebaran star system.

Elena continued her summary of her June 6 communication with Frank as follows:

For the rest of Dr. Salla's article: