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Sightings, Landings, Humanoids: 20 True Cases

Sightings, Landings, Humanoids:
20 True Cases

There are many strange patterns to UFO activity, and one of them appears to be a connection to the food crop, alfalfa. There are dozens of cases in which UFOs are seen over alfalfa fields. These are not only low-level sightings, but landings and humanoid encounters. They have been occurring since the modern age of UFOs and continue today.

The question is why? What is it about alfalfa that is attracting so many UFOs? This video presents a chronology of cases from all over the world. Most of these cases involve physical evidence such as animal reactions, physiological effects, electromagnetic disturbances, and most often: landing traces. These cases not only provide outstanding evidence of UFO reality, they provide some startling insights into ET behavior.

Jan 1950: Rosamond CA. The Gettys family is startled when as UFO hovers at low level over their alfalfa farm, causing all kinds of unusual effects.

Dec 1953: Tome, NM. Farmer Julian Torres and his wife are drawn outside by their barking dogs, only to see a 14-foot wide-glowing object hovering only a few feet above their alfalfa fields.

Sep 1962: Orland, CA. Rancher A.T. Gray goes to investigate what he first thought were two cars parked in an alfalfa field, only to realize it was a UFO shining down beams onto the plants.

Dec 1965: Tucuman, Argentina. Farmer Antonio Lozano watches a glowing red object land in his field, leaving behind a 15-foot-wide burned circle in his alfalfa field.

Mar 1969: Marshall, MI. It was a sunny morning when Wayne Kidder and his family saw a dome-shaped object parked in their alfalfa field. It stayed for 20 minutes when it disappeared suddenly.

Aug 1970: Vallodolid, Spain. Mrs. C.R. is drawn outside by an eerie whistling noise to see a landed metallic craft. Standing next to it is a uniformed humanoid staring intently at their alfalfa fields.

Sep 1974: Sioux City, IA: George Hoffman steps outside his farmhouse and sees a glowing object darting low over his alfalfa fields. Inspecting the area, he finds a semi-circle of burned vegetation.

Aug 1975: Rochester, MN. When numerous residents see a UFO land at a local alfalfa farm, an inspection of the area reveals a strange landing trace shows exposure to a very high heat source.

Sep 1975: Starbuck, MN. Farmer Gordon Hovendick usually grew corn, but this year decided to grow alfalfa. When harvesting his crop, he discovers numerous strange rings of burned vegetation in his fields.

Aug 1977: Arthur, NB. When Janet Magnuson and her cousin have a close-up encounter with a UFO, an investigation reveals a burned circle in a nearby alfalfa field.

Oct 1980: Orbisonia, PA. An anonymous witness is picking alfalfa for her rabbits when a UFO hovers low overhead. She brings the alfalfa home, but her rabbits refuse to eat it.

Jan 1981: Trans-en-Provence, France. Retired stonemason Renato Nicolai encounters a landed UFO in the wild alfalfa next to his house, leading to one of the most well-verified UFO landing trace cases on record.

Oct 1984: Prato di Principato, Italy. Alfalfa farmer Giuseppe Cocozza is checking his fields when he comes upon a 3-foot-tall humanoid holding a strange instrument and poking it into the ground. When the figure notices Giuseppe, it flees towards an oddly-shaped craft landed nearby.

Aug 1988: Elmwood, WI: Farmers Charles and Evelyn Hutchins are shocked to find strange circular rings in their alfalfa fields, only to learn that their neighbor had seen UFOs in the area.

Oct 1990: Barada, NB: Charlie Kirkendall is cutting his alfalfa fields and discovers two mysterious circles burned into his field. Neighbors flock to his field to see, when word spreads that some of the neighbors in the area have been seeing strange lights at night.

Aug 1992: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Phyllis Collins finds a nine-foot-diameter circle of flattened alfalfa in her fields and calls in an agricultural scientist to investigate, who informs her that he has been studying numerous similar circles made recently in the surrounding areas.

Aug 2000: Kondoros, Hungary. An anonymous farmer is driving his tractor through his alfalfa fields when he is confronted by a short humanoid figure less than feet tall who fearlessly approaches him.

As these cases (and many others) show, ETs are attracted to alfalfa. Could it be that they recognize its value as a food source, rich in vitamins and useful for its many medicinal properties? It certainly looks that way! Whatever the reason, the connection between UFOs and alfalfa is undeniable. There are too many cases to ignore. ETs love alfalfa!

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Orbs, Space Arks, Motherships

Orbs, Space Arks, Motherships

Highlights from the Orbs, Space Arks & Motherships: Why the Deep State Fears Them webinar completed on May 13. Webinar presents and analyzes newly released information from a wide range of sources on Space Arks, ET Motherships and their connection to the many orbs that are increasingly being sighted around the world. Some of the orbs are extraterrestrial in origin, while others have been built by aerospace companies. Historical examples of both were presented to attendees to better understand what is happening today.

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Ismael Perez: My Presentation at the Ascension Portal!

Ismael Perez:
My Presentation at the Ascension Portal!

Ascension, aliens, cosmic and galactic history.

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James Gilliland: Contact Happening Now

James Gilliland:
Contact Happening Now

They’re here, they have always been here but they are now ready for contact. For those who have an open mind, loving heart and pure intent they are a thought away. There have been sightings around military bases increasing exponentially. It is part of a multidimensional plan to liberate Earth. There are forces seen and unseen involved beyond our ability to remove, that have been at war with humanity for thousands of years. They have been behind every war, every plague, every economic collapse, they thrive on the pain and suffering of humanity. They are involved in everything from drug, child, and sex trafficking to human sacrifice. They are now trying to bring us to WW3. It’s time to grow up. You no longer have the luxury of denial. Whistleblowers are coming forward in every agency including SSP Secret Space Fleet speaking about harvesting humans and abducting them as slaves. This is also replete within the upper echelons of many of your institutions. Most people cannot handle the depth of corruption and depravity. Satanic/Luciferian forces within the global elite have taken control of almost every institution. This is being rectified with help on high.

The reason everything is looking like theater is because it is. Many of these leaders have already been dealt with. What you are seeing are actors, masks and CGI for the most part in an attempt to wake up the socially engineered brain washed masses. Many of the socially engineered lack critical thinking, base logic and are research impaired. They suffer from cognitive dissonance while others are morally impaired to the point they are no longer redeemable. Some very hard lessons are coming for them.

Universal Law is coming, Gesara what was once Nesara is being enforced. It was always in play since the Clinton Era yet now it will be implemented. There will be some chaos during this process, prepare for it. The Sun governs the evolution of Earth, all Suns are connected. The consciousness and energy of God/Creator/Great Spirit flows through the Suns and is vibrationally lifting the entire galaxy including the Earth and all its inhabitants. It is part of the awakening and healing process some call the planetary liberation from darker forces that have made Earth their home since time began.

It is not just Satan/Lucifer, demons and wayward discarnate spirits it is also serpent beings, Reptilians, Tall Greys and a host of others. The Orion Grey Alliance is one group that consists of many negative ETs which are in the process of being removed. They are not to be confused with the Orion Council of Light. Just as there are dark alliances there are light alliances. The Beautiful Many Saints, Sages, Ascended Masters, Archangels and a host of Spiritually and Technologically Advanced civilizations are coming to the aid of humanity. The ground crew is known as the White Hats, leaders and generals around the world gathered together to end the tyranny once and for all. Watch who the mainstream media demonizes if you want to know who the good guys are. Nothing is as it seems.

The Sons of Arcturus, the sweet energies of the Pleiades as mentioned in your bible and other sacred texts are part of this endeavor. There is the Orion Council of Light, Andromedan Council, Sirian Council, Pleiadian Council, and a host of others joining those on Earth desiring to end the tyranny and planetary enslavement. This also includes those within the Inner Earth, the Alantians, Lemurians and a host of other races living on your interior. Many escaped the floods and catastrophes by going within. They did not have to start over as primitives as the suface dwellers on numerous occasions. The legends of Elves and Fairies are real. Some are 6th dimensional and they control the doors to the interior. Your Bermuda Triangle is one of the larger doors, there are many others.

The enslavement through dependency is coming to an end. Most of your plagues and diseases will also come to an end. Longevity will increase and the Earth will prosper. Tyranny and all of it’s networks are coming to an end. Universal Law will prevail. We are in the birthing process of a whole new world. Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing will be hidden, the true nature and character of everyone will be made known. Action/Reaction will be accelerated along with what many refer to as Karma. Those aligned with self-service at the expense of humanity and the Earth will not fare well in the days to come. Those that serve the network of tyranny will also not fare well. It is time to rise up, take back your power, be of service to humanity and the Earth. Love, the ultimate power of the Universe is what is coming. Those who cannot rise to the occasion will not be frequency specific to the shift that is upon us. Our highest suggestion is surrender to the God within, see the Creator within all Creation, release the past and do not comply with anything that is not aligned with Universal Law. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All is Universal Law.

I was told contact with the leaders and masses is happening now, the Pleiadians, founders of Atlantis and Lemuria due to their extensive Tera forming on Earth along with the fact they have more genetic stock than any other race are in charge of the planetary liberation. The Ancient Lyrans (Annunaki) after their fall also have a karmic duty to set things right. The benevolent ones are returning and you will see them in your skies globally. If you ask where Jesus fits into all of this. It is part two and he is not alone. His prayer was that the beloved Father let them become one as we are one. There is no exclusivity on God. There are many mansions, many dimensions. Masters were sent to every culture. Now their true message will be heard. Things will move very fast from here on out. Focus on creating Heaven on Earth and again do not participate in anything outside of Universal Law.

Be well,
James Gilliland

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Why Turkey Is Considered as One of The Top Five UFO Hotspots in the World

Why Turkey Is Considered as
One of The Top Five UFO
Hotspots in the World

A well-known Turkish ufologist and advocate of extraterrestrial intelligent life, Mr. Haktan Akdogan established the Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center in 1998, to communicate with other UFO research centers in the world and share the latest updates about UFOs.

Haktan belives that the UFOs have been in touch with human beings for ages, and that he personally had held many closed-door meetings attended by high-ranking military officials who claimed to have been in touch with extraterrestrials. In this previously unpublished presentation brought to you by Contact in the Desert Haktan will show numerous slides and video clips of UFOs from his archives.

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Underground Bases, Classified Space Programs, and Soviet UFO Secrets

Underground Bases, Classified Space Programs,
and Soviet UFO Secrets

From Area 51 to Cosmonauts in Space before Yuri Gagarin - enjoy the very best of Zohar’s & Phenomena Magazine Archives in this 2-hour special compilation, covering the following topics:
Area 51s Deep Underground Operations The Australian Outback Secrets
‘The Council of Nine’, Projects StarGate, and Serpo Exchange Program
Siberia’s Frozen Secrets
Why Did Aliens Retaliate in Russia’s 1978 UFO Attack Cover-Up?
There Are Strange Plasmoids that Live in Our Reality
So, Yuri Gagarin wasn’t the first cosmonaut?
The Dalnegorsk UFO Crash Left Russian Scientists Speechless
Agency RS/33 - Mussolini’s Secret UFO Files Revealed at Last

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Investigating Daniel Salter’s USAF and NRO Career and UFO/ET Revelations

Investigating Daniel Salter’s
USAF and NRO Career and
UFO/ET Revelations

Daniel Morris Salter worked for over 20 years with the USAF as an electronics communications expert and, in 1968, retired from active duty as a Command Sergeant Major—the highest rank for a non-commissioned officer. Early in his Air Force career, Salter had a UFO sighting in 1949, which propelled him to being offered a senior position in the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit – a top secret intelligence unit that investigated the UFO phenomenon. After his USAF retirement, he was recruited by the National Reconnaissance Office to work on extraterrestrial-related issues concerning covert UFO crash retrieval operations. His duties included silencing witnesses to crashed UFOs or extraterrestrial contact as part of a multitiered official intimidation program that began with verbal warnings, harassment and ended with assassination.

After more than a decade of working with the NRO, he retired. In 1993 he began revealing details of his experiences with other UFO disclosure witnesses such as Phil Schneider, who worked on Deep Underground Military Bases such as Dulce, New Mexico, and William Cooper, whose duties in the US Navy were very similar to Salter’s work with the USAF. Salter was among the Disclosure Project witnesses who gave video testimonies to Dr. Steven Greer and attended the latter’s famous May 2001 National Press Club Conference.

In 2003, Salter wrote Life With a Cosmos Clearance, where he shared some of his direct knowledge of extraterrestrial contact and UFO history. In it, he discussed several leaked Majestic documents that he knew to be real, but could not directly confirm with his own direct experiences due to Non-Disclosure Agreements with the NRO and the threat of assassination. Significantly, Salter shared some of his experiences and insider knowledge with his two grandsons, Daniel and Derek, who both graduated as mechanical engineers and currently work in the engineering industry.

In this Exopolitics Today podcast, I interview Daniel and Derek about their grandfather and what they personally witnessed or have learned from documents they found in Salter’s personal archives. We also discuss several leaked Majestic documents Salter discussed in Life with a Cosmos Clearance and what these reveal about the history of reverse engineering of alien technology. Finally, Daniel and Derek discuss what they know of how secret societies operate within the US military intelligence community to monopolize extraterrestrial-related information, and how their grandfather’s Freemason background helped him gain access to the deepest official UFO/ET secrets during his USAF and NRO career.

Daniel and Derek have their own podcast where they discuss their grandfather's knowledge and other witness testimonies on UFOs/ET life.

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Reptilian War Against The Greys - Valdamar Valerian

Reptilian War Against The Greys -
Valdamar Valerian

Valdamar Valerian is an obscure writer who produced a series of books beginning in the late 80s title the Matrix. His books were full of declassified government documents, testimonies from experiencers, and whistle-blowers on various conspiratorial subjects. In this video I cover the basic information he reveals about the nature of the Reptilians, their slaves the Greys, and the contention between them.

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UFO History and Origins | Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure | Day 1 Part 1 (2013)

UFO History and Origins
Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure
Day 1 Part 1 (2013)

Held at the National Press Club, Washington D.C. April 29th - May 3rd, 2013.

In this captivating video, we take you back to the historic Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure held at the prestigious National Press Club in Washington, D.C. from April 29th to May 3rd, 2013.

Witness the gathering of forty esteemed researchers, including influential military, agency, and political figures, as they presented compelling evidence pointing towards an extraterrestrial presence engaging with humanity. The goal of this unprecedented event was to achieve what the U.S. Congress had overlooked for an astonishing forty-five years.

The National Press Club's main ballroom was meticulously transformed into a Senate hearing room, complete with designated press areas, an engaged audience, witness tables, and committee tables. Every effort was made to adhere to the protocols of congressional hearings. Committee members attentively received written and oral statements from the witnesses, asking probing questions about this profound subject matter.

Over five days, spanning five morning and five afternoon sessions, witnesses testified passionately for a total of thirty hours. Each session featured two panels of witnesses, with each panel lasting approximately ninety minutes. The Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure left an indelible mark on history.

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Tracking Past Life Memories to Find Space Ark Crews

Tracking Past Life Memories
to Find Space Ark Crews

After completing his mission to an underground spaceport in the Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee region, JP was taken back to a military base where he handed off the healing technology his team had been given to his superiors. He then underwent a decontamination process and was instructed to go to a particular room where he was connected to an unknown technology. JP next began having a vision of a beautiful partially submerged city on another planet. JP recognized himself and a woman dressed in white coming out of the city whom he immediately recognized.

In this Exopolitics Today interview, JP discusses how the technology that was used on him can stimulate and record past life memories. He claims that this is extraterrestrial technology and is being used by the US military/Earth Alliance to track the crews of space arks that are activating all over the Earth. According to JP, the goal is to find crew members that can help activate different parts of space arks as apparently, these areas remain dormant and inaccessible to those without the right DNA frequencies and consciousness.

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Ancient Civilizations of 1912 in Antarctica – Vatican Photos and 2003 Underground Romania

Ancient Civilizations of 1912 in Antarctica –
Vatican Photos and 2003 Underground Romania

If This Doesn’t Make YOU a Believer I Doubt Anything Will!?
- (61 PHOTOS) 1912 Captain Robert Scott with evidence of an Ancient Civilizations
- Ancient Egypt Photos from the Vatican
- Romania 2003 Underground Ancient Alien Base Photos
- 2003 discovery underground in Romania with pyramids 200 meters (656 feet) high and they have a hologram that tells how almost everything was created. Professor Bruno Mlhailescu discusses these findings with Sacha Stone. There are devices to communicate with even trees or dogs and even with rocks themselves!?

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Al Bielek about Phil Schneider - Aliens, DUMB's, Time Travel, UFO's, HAARP, Dulce, 300+ pictures

Al Bielek about Phil Schneider -
Aliens, DUMB's, Time Travel,
UFO's, HAARP, Dulce,
300+ pictures

They hide lies in truth, truth in lies. I cannot attest to any of this information nor can I deny it. Remember what was unbelievable or science fiction just a decade or two ago? Who is to say or not to say? Use your own discernment.

Interview with Al Bielek about Phil Schneider, his suspicious death, aliens, DUMB's, UFO's, Dulce, HAARP, Montauk, time travel, Philadelphia experiment, Grenada treaty, Illuminati, occult and more. Some material is in bad quality, but don't forget that many people paid with their lives, just to show this information to you.

Dulce Book, Dulce Report, Dulce Papers, UFO Highway - Colonel X (grey weapon is conceptual art of real photo provided by him), Paul Bennewitz (he was provided with some disinfo by NSA), Thomas Castello (same as Paul), Sherry Shriner, Branton, Prepareforchange, Blue Planet Project, Pulsar Project

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