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Are US Aircraft Carriers Secretly Protected by Electromagnetic “Tesla” Shields?


By Dr. Michael Salla

Are US Aircraft Carriers Secretly Protected by Electromagnetic “Tesla” Shields?

In January 2017, all U.S. aircraft carriers were recalled to their home ports for unknown upgrades. There has been much speculation about what the carriers had been secretly equipped with given the growing threats posed by hypersonic cruise missiles against which the carriers appeared defenseless. The 2018 release of a Navy patent provides a compelling answer to what had happened during the recall. The carriers were secretly equipped with powerful electromagnetic “Tesla” shields that could neutralize all hypersonic and ballistic missile threats.

In January 2017, several news reports appeared describing the recall of all US aircraft carriers to home ports and how for the first time none were actively serving anywhere in the world. On December 30, 2016, a Fox News report explained:
For the next week, not only will there be no U.S. Navy aircraft carrier in the Middle East, but there will be no American aircraft carriers deployed at sea anywhere else in the world, despite a host of worldwide threats facing the United States… the absence of a deployed U.S. Navy aircraft carrier, long seen as a symbol of American power projection, is noteworthy. It is believed to be the first time since World War II that at least one U.S. aircraft carrier has not been deployed.
When the Navy was questioned by Fox News about the recall of all its aircraft carriers in the Middle East, a Navy spokesperson said:
“We are not going to discuss the timing of operational movements of carrier strike groups into and out of the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility,” said Capt. Terry Shannon, a U.S. Naval Forces Central Command spokesman, in a statement to Fox News. Centcom is tasked with control over all U.S. forces in the Middle East and Afghanistan.
The lack of explanation for the recall led to much speculation including some concluding that the recall was done to set up the US for a major false flag attack:
In what can only be described as a disproportionate appropriation of U.S. Navy assets, a blatant breach of standard protocol, and a possible set up for a false flag operation — the entire U.S. Navy aircraft carrier group, 10 active carriers, have returned to port and are now all sitting ducks.
By the end of January 2016, the Navy began redeploying its aircraft carriers and the recall was quickly forgotten. In order to understand why the aircraft carriers were recalled and what they may have been upgraded with, we need to consider the growing threat posed by cruise missiles capable of hypersonic speeds.

I first wrote about cruise missiles developed by Russia and China and sold to countries like Iran that could threaten aircraft carrier battle groups back in November 19, 2007. In an article titled: “The Neoconservative Agenda to Sacrifice the Fifth Fleet – The New Pearl Harbor,” I explained:

For the rest of Dr. Salla's article with images, links and video Click Here

Mysterious Lights (UFOs) Appeared over the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant! (video)

Image from video

By mavi 777

Mysterious Lights (UFOs) Appeared over the
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant!

The video shows five UFOs moving over the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan and UFO footage from other countries.

YouTube link:

The Latest from ECETI and James Gilliland


The Latest from ECETI and James Gilliland

Dimensions of Disclosure has wrapped up, many are still watching the presentations with the streaming and overall it was a tremendous success.

Lots of allies came together with a common cause ending the reign of the enslavers. Adriane, family and staff should get a gold medal of honor for pulling the conference off with all the interference seen and unseen. Anyone pulling the masks down, exposing the dark hearts, and bringing out a truth that unifies and empowers the people are going to take hits. The puppet masters, the draconian grid they support and their physical counter parts took a real hit last weekend. Truth bombs were dropping everywhere, eyes were opening, the social programming was failing and the disseminators of deception came unglued. The lame stream media pulled out all the stops with their manipulating power houses of twist and deceive hit pieces only to draw more attention and subscriptions to those dropping the truth bombs.

There was a reference to Rachel Madcow, not sure who that is, smile. What it is now looking like is all the lame stream media has madcow disease, maybe rabies. It is like they all took a terminal dose of Exlax and it is coming out the wrong end. To those awakened it has been that way from the beginning. People with self-serving agendas within the UFO, Spiritual and Conspiracy field received a major reality check exposing their jealousy, misinformation and attempts to one up and tear down others to bolster their careers. I found it amazing all the slanderous rumors flying about yet no one has any facts or firsthand experience. Rumors about myself included. It is odd when all you are doing is gardening, building, counselling, writing newsletters and doing radio shows people actually think you have time to do all these crazy things. Seriously, some are totally contradictory. How can you be gay, a sexual predator, a pedophile, run a Russian Beastiality Ring, practice dark sorcery and have any time for gardening, building cabins, bringing in fire wood, counselling sessions, taking care of the animals and running a 70 acre ranch? I did not even know all this was going on until I entered back into society.

We have tracked down the source of some of these rumors and they come from people who were asked to leave the ranch due to drug & alcohol abuse, theft, sewing seeds of dissent, let their egos run amuck or in the worst case scenario they tried to create a coup. They forgot one thing in their delusion, whose name was on the deed. I also found one source to be an ended relationship. News flash not all relationships last or end well. There is a saying, “It all begins with good intentions, over time without each taking personal responsibility it ends badly”. Sad, when one cannot overcome their abandonment and betrayal issues, refuse to heal and the relationship becomes toxic self-love demands separation. There is no wrath or fury than a woman scorned yet why does it have to be that way? Why not forgive, gain the wisdom from the experience and move on? In my talk I said I am going to make a T-shirt that says, “I am not your father, your mother, or your X lover I am just sitting here”.

There are times we have to look at the big picture, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one. The mission comes first and we cannot allow those who refuse to heal and move forward to stop the ascension process individually or the work on the collective. No matter what you do to end things amicably sadly in most cases you will always be the evil tyrant or sorcerer if you listen to the rumors by generated those ignoring all personal responsibility. Or those who perpetuate these rumors due to their own victim mentality. Relationships begin and end. It’s natural. If I held on to every time I was deceived, betrayed, did not forgive, or wrote a book of each experience it would be a novel. The wounds and traumas from the past if not forgiven create the same outcome due to projection and blame, whether or not there is any foundation or truth to the accusations. The more higher consciousness and energy you carry the more you mirror and amplify the wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions in others. That is precisely why I am not in a relationship. I love women, think they are awesome there is nothing more powerful than a woman who has released the past and is walking in their own power.

Believe me I do not live in the past nor have any desire to control anyone as expressed in my teachings. It is all about empowering the individual to make their own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection. We have been so busy with the demands of Eceti and the ranch we really don’t have time for anything else. Despite any paranoid skitzophrenic beliefs otherwise and those who spew meritless and slanderous accusations. It is time to drop the jealousy, the tearing down others to rise on their backs and the spreading of baseless rumors. They only establish the ignorance and character of those spreading them. The overwhelming evidence presented at Dimensions of Disclosure and on the website as well as other presentations firmly dismiss the shills and trolls trying to discredit the fact that Contact Is Happening Now at ECETI. The armchair investigators, spiritually impaired and those living in the basements of their parents really need to put down their computers and get out in Nature. Look up at the stars.

To be honest I felt like a total alien with some of the conversations because many of the things people have such an emotional charge and interest in just don’t matter. It is like Gods and Goddesses acting like powerless victims trapped in the illusion, reactionary mind forgetting they are creators. There are bigger fish to fry. Speaking of fish, the fish tacos forgot something, “The fish”. Now there is something to really get disturbed over. “Just kidding”. It is wise to appreciate, bless and give thanks for your food, there might come a day when you don’t have it.

On a lighter note there were a lot of authentic speakers with valuable information at the conference. The energies that came into the room during my presentation were off the scale. Never felt so much support seen and unseen. Hoping to do it again real soon, after I recuperate. It is rough being off the high vibrations of the ranch. Missed my flight home due to a C130 crash at the Santa Barbara airport. No one was hurt but lots of people could not get home after the conference. Funny, major fire at PDX after our conference as well. Hmmmmm.

In my talk I also covered the ongoing censorship of Eceti the latest of which was Ancient Aliens. The episode Transdimensional was filmed at the ECETI Ranch, I spent hours on camera giving answers to all the questions they ask and leave you hanging without answers. I saw clearly they were going to cut me out of the episode and confronted the producer. As suspected as in most major documentaries I was cut. The good news is we filmed the interviews, all of them and can show what was cut so everyone can decide for themselves why this information never gets out, why the questions are never answered and why the footage taken at ECETI is used never giving credit to the source or sanitized altogether. The same thing happened in Thrive. Foster Gamble said I gave the most concise interview with solutions. Greer hooked up with the producer and again I was left on the cutting room floor. I hold Foster in the highest hopefully one day they will release the interview and the awesome footage laying to rest the big question are we alone in the universe. We often allow great projects to become infiltrated by those with self-serving agendas. We give them undeniable footage, ships less than tree top level, morphing into three then back to one, all shapes sizes and colors. It all gets sanitized to keep the question open or kept in the past or ambiguous. This is the reason we created, Contact Has Begun 2 and The Uncontrolled Narrative.

Last one of the highlights was connecting with Rodger Richards. He is truly a master at getting out an uncensored message that hits home to the heart. Proud to be in his next movie. The Cosmic Secret



ECETI is looking for your help to finish up the year at the ranch! We are in desperate need of able bodied crew members looking to volunteer their time and serve for a higher cosmic purpose. Specifically we need a full time chef, maintenance crew, and office staff. Click here to apply!


Skywatch Events
In 2019

For More Click Here

Be Well,

James Gilliland

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Monday, August 26, 2019

The UFO Whisperer, Peter Maxwell Slattery - UFO Documentary (video)

Image from video

By Jason Gleaves, Ufonly

The UFO Whisperer
Peter Maxwell Slattery - UFO Documentary

Exclusive to Ufonly - The UFO Whisperer, Peter Maxwell Slattery, One of the Most Documented Extraterrestrial Cases in History.

Peter Maxwell Slattery is an international bestselling author, speaker and ET contactee, with one of the most documented ongoing extraterrestrial contact cases in history.

His Extraterrestrial experiences started at an early age and continue to this day, with hundreds of witnesses to events. He has an overwhelming amount of photographic and video evidence related to UFO’s, otherworldly Beings, and apparitions, plus physical trace evidence. His experiences with extraterrestrials have led him to help people and groups make ET contact themselves, in addition to healing and tapping into their own abilities.

Peter has appeared on Channel 7’s Prime News and Sunrise, and many other television programs internationally. He has made worldwide news, been in numerous documentaries, written about in magazines, and been a guest on mainstream radio shows, including Coast-to-Coast and Fade to Black with host Jimmy Church. He is also a musician and, as a filmmaker, he has made a number of documentaries on the subject of Extraterrestrials.

Peter continues to open the world up to the greater reality that “We are not alone" and that “We are all amazing, powerful Beings.”

Thank you for watching. This film was produced by Jason Gleaves, Ufonly and in association and full permission of Peter Maxwell Slattery.

YouTube link:

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Disk Shaped UFO Captured On Top of Brazilian Hill Top (video)

Image from video

By Jason Gleaves, Ufonly

Disk Shaped UFO Captured On Top of Brazilian Hill Top

Interesting footage of a Disk Shaped Object captured and filmed through what looks like a public viewing telescope at a beauty spot, the UFO appears to be perched motionless on top of a hilltop in Brazil (location in Brazil and date details unknown).

This is certainly interesting footage as you can see the object in the distance at the peak of the hilltop, then the witnesses use a telescope view-finder to view and film the unknown object, the witnesses appear confused as to what the object is...? Maybe never seeing it there before if they are familiar with the local terrain and surroundings.

Upon closer analysis of the footage and capturing frames from the original source footage it is clearly a Disk Shaped Object and has structure, using enhanced filters it can also be confirmed it is slightly above the hilltop In a stationary position.

YouTube link:

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Victory of the Light | The Event is Coming | The Storm has Arrived (videos)

By TruthEarthOrg

Victory of the Light
The Event is Coming
The Storm has Arrived

Hope you all enjoy!

The Event is Coming 1

Hope you all enjoy this softer 'sequel' to the first one!

The Event is Coming 2

The Storm Has Arrived

YouTube videos link:

The Event

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Dr. Steven Greer: Tools for Making ET Contact (video)

Steven Greer CE-5 UFO Sighting: Vero Beach FL February, 2015

By Dr. Steven Greer

Discover the myriad ways that ETs
can manifest during CE5 events

CE5: Tools for Making ET Contact

Overview of Dr. Greer's workshop — and how it relates to the upcoming CE5 film

In the video linked above, Dr. Greer describes how ETs manifest themselves to CE5 groups. Far beyond just lights in the sky, CE5 groups may experience contact via tonality, smells, sounds, vibrations and more. Hear the details about the variety of experiences that people have.

We are sharing CE5 information with many viewers via our YouTube channel but the plan is to expand this information worldwide via the upcoming film, Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact. Consciousness. And the Human Future.

Throughout this feature film documentary, we will demonstrate how CE5 groups make contact with ET civilizations as well as the scientific basis behind these methods.

Help us share this knowledge globally — join the crowdfunding for this important film.

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JOIN Star Teachers' Live Sessions During "The Woodstock of ET Contact"


By Kosta Makreas

JOIN Star Teachers' Live Sessions During
"The Woodstock of ET Contact"

Last week on August 15 (50th anniversary start date of original Woodstock in 1969) I announced "The Woodstock of ET Contact" which ETLetsTalk is hosting from Sept. 20-22, 2019.

We appreciate EVERYONE who has been spreading the news about this unique global event and registering for it.

Please Keep it Up! We are asked to get as many humans as possible to participate during these 3 days of Creating a Love Wave with our Star Friends.


Now our Star Friends invite you to join one or more LIVE Group Meditation Sessions (Via ZOOM platform) led by them each day during the 3-day event!

More information is found here:

Please JOIN US and share this info! The Love Wave will be spreading over the Earth, starting at Area 51 during these meditations.

Be part of it with us and the Star People who originated this "Woodstock of ET Contact" event.

Below is my Original Announcement about this unique global ET Contact gathering.

We are counting on you, our ETLEtsTalk Community, to be the media for informing many more people...

You can always register at

Original Announcement:

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Beautiful “Light-beings” (video)

Image from video

By Gina Maria Colvin Hill

Beautiful “Light-beings”

Different types of Beautiful Light-beings filmed

YouTube link:

UFO Sphere London (video)

Image from video


UFO Sphere London

UFO - Sphere London Captured on MAC IPAD JULY 2ND 2017 AT 11:43 AM from 5TH floor roof top balcony by June Miller Ufologist


Check out June's channel for up to date videos of UFOs and weird flying objects over London: UFO OVER LONDON


With what is taking place now all over the world and on a day to day basis i believe something very important is going to happen soon. Keep your eyes to the skies!

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The E.T Contact Experience - Peter Maxwell Slattery (video)

Image from video

By Peter Maxwell Slattery

The E.T Contact Experience - Peter Maxwell Slattery - YouTube Trailer 2019

Peter Maxwell Slattery is an international bestselling author, and he is known as an ET contact experiencer. His ET experiences started at an early age and continue to this day, with hundreds of witnesses to events. He has an overwhelming amount of photographic and video evidence related to UFOs, otherworldly Beings, and apparitions, plus physical trace evidence.

His experiences with extraterrestrials have led him to help people and groups make ET contact themselves, in addition to healing and tapping into their own abilities. Pete has appeared on Channel 7’s Prime News and Sunrise, and many other television programs internationally. He has made worldwide news, been in numerous documentaries, written about in magazines, and been a guest on mainstream radio shows, including Coast-to-Coast. He is also a musician and, as a filmmaker, he has made a number of documentaries on the subject of E.T.s.

Peter Maxwell Slattery continues to open the world up to the greater reality that “We are not alone" and that “We are all amazing, powerful Beings.”


Music by

YouTube link:

Friday, August 16, 2019

US Navy Regards Electromagnetic Propulsion and Tesla Shield Patents as Operable

By Dr. Michael Salla

US Navy Regards Electromagnetic Propulsion
and Tesla Shield Patents as Operable

The US Navy has for the second time in a year intervened to support a patent application for an exotic propulsion system technology lodged by one of its employees, Dr. Salvator Pais, which had been rejected by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The Drive’s Brett Tingley comprehensively examines many details of Dr. Pais’ proposed invention, and why the Navy has intervened to support two of his applications.

The first time the Navy intervened concerned Dr. Pais’ patent application for a “Hybrid Aerospace-Underwater Craft” (HUAC), which would generate a quantum vacuum (electromagnetic bubble) around the craft enabling it to move through air and water at tremendous velocities. Here’s how Tingley summarized the HUAC’s capabilities:
In the Navy’s patent application for the HUAC, it’s claimed that the radical abilities of propulsion and maneuverability are made possible thanks to an incredibly powerful electromagnetic field that essentially creates a quantum vacuum around itself that allows it to ignore aerodynamic or hydrodynamic forces and remove its own inertial mass from the equation. Thus, the ability to generate such high-frequency electromagnetic waves is key to the alleged abilities of this theoretical hybrid craft that can soar near effortlessly through air and water at incredible speeds with little to no resistance or inertia.
The HUAC application was rejected on November 28, 2017 until the Navy’s Chief Technical Officer of the Naval Aviation Enterprise, James Sheehy, intervened on behalf of Dr. Pais, which I discussed in a previous article. The patent was eventually granted a year later on 12/4/2018.

However, another of Pais revolutionary patent applications, for a “Piezoelectricity-induced Room Temperature Superconductor” was also initially rejected by the patent examiner as explained by Tingley:
Nevertheless, Pais’ room temperature superconductor patent was rejected under 35 U.S.C. 101 because the examiner determined “the disclosed invention is inoperative and therefore lacks utility” and that “no assertions of room-temperature superconductivity have currently been recognized or verified by the scientific community.”. That code states that patents will be granted only for “any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof.”
According to the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP) code 2164.07, patents are rejected on these grounds in cases “when the examiner concludes that an application claims an invention that is non-useful, inoperative, or contradicts known scientific principles.”

Once again, Dr. Sheehy intervened and on 11/27/2018 wrote a letter to the patent examiner where he stated:
I am familiar with the above referenced patent application (and related amendment), as well as the development, usage and properties of the piezoelectricity-induced room temperature superconductor. That as a result of my education and career, I am regarded as a subject matter expert and can be considered “a person of ordinary skill in the art” in the subject matter of the above patent application.
That the invention described in the above referenced patent application is operable and enabled via the physics described in the patent application and the peered reviewed paper described in the Inventor Amendment.

A slide from Pais’ 2019 presentation “Room Temperature Superconducting
System for use on a Hybrid Aerospace-Undersea Craft.” Source: Brett Tingley

For the rest of Dr. Salla's article Click Here

Area 51 Global ET Contact Event! The Woodstock of ET Contact


By Kosta Makreas

Join Us for a Global ET Contact Event!
The Woodstock of ET Contact
Peace, Love & ET Contact

Area 51
Sept. 20-22, 2019

Hello Everyone!

I am Happy and Excited to ANNOUNCE to the World:

"The Woodstock of ET Contact"

Sept. 20-22, 2019     Join Us From Wherever You Are!

Kosta's Video Message To You:
Star Teachers' Message To You:

JOIN US For A Global ET Contact Event from WHEREVER YOU ARE
CREATE a Love Wave to encompass and heal Gaia and her lifeforms
CONTACT and PARTNER With Our Star Teacher Friends
Scroll to the end to read their specific message to us.

Please SHARE this event everywhere so that masses of people join in!

REGISTER and learn how to participate:

Today is the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival which was held Aug. 15-18, 1969. It created a wave of Love and Peace that defined a generation and inspired the idea of Human Unity.

Today is the launch of "The Woodstock of ET Contact" to be held Sept. 20-22, 2019. In partnership with our Star Friends this global festival is creating a wave of Love and Peace that will define the current generation. It is inspiring the idea of Cosmic Unity.


Social Media Outreach: Rev. Kat Carroll
Non-English Translations & Outreach: Sinead Whelehan
Provide Interview & Media Contacts: Kosta Makreas


"Today marks the beginning of a very special time where we, others like us, and all of you, initiate the co-creative final stages of a major ascension process for all who have decided to move to the higher frequency state of BEing that is our own happy reality of focus.

We encourage you to join in on this celebration of manifesting the New Golden Age of Gaia and of the birthing of the New Human Era. This is accomplished by raising your vibration to a very high and sustained state of conscious and loving Self Awareness. Be good to yourselves and each other. Make every thought, word and deed a Sacred Act of service to others. In doing so, you begin the process of your own liberation.

In the coming days and weeks we will be offering you many messages and announcements of special events and activities to assist you in rising up and joining, finally, your happy, harmonious relatives in a much grander Cosmic Community!

We are with you always, and supporting you on all levels of your amazing progress!

In Lak’ech,

The Star Teachers”

THANK YOU ALL for doing what you can to expand "The Woodstock of ET Contact" as mch as you can and everywhere during the next 5 weeks until Sept. 20-22, 2019.

Yes, there will be people gathered at Area 51. But join us from your homes!

We will not be present at Area 51 and do not condone illegal actions at Area 51. Our event asks you to meditate from wherever you are to create Love and Peace with our ET Friends.

Almost 4 million people indicated some kind of interest on social media in the original Area 51 event.

This "Woodstock of ET Contact" provides us all with the opportunity to raise the vibration of the original Area 51 event. Our Star Friends are present in the sky there and everywhere on Earth. They have asked that we connect with them for the 3 days from wherever we are as often as we would like.

This is your chance to make history! :-) This is our group mission.

We. Are. Not. Alone.

We will create Cosmic Unity, heal our planet, and co-create a Golden Age for all.

THANK YOU for your love and participation. :-)

Love and Blessings,

Kosta Makreas

Founder: & ETLetsTalk Community (25,000 members, 100+ Countries)
The People's Disclosure Movement (We, The People...DISCLOSE!)
The Global CE-5 Initiative (Our 9th year)

Facebook: Woodstock ET Contact CE-5,UFO,SIRIUS

Twitter: etletstalk_km

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Neil Keenan Update: Japanese Puppet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: “If You Want To See Me Do My Thing Pull My String”


Neil Keenan Update:
Japanese Puppet Prime Minister Shinzo Abe:
“If You Want To See Me Do My Thing Pull My String”

Immediately following the recent G20 Meeting, Japanese Prime Minister Muppet Shinzo Abe (“if you want to see me do my thing pull my string “) has apparently found himself having quite a miserable time.

He had a job to do whereby he was exposed as being not only a member of the Cabal, but more specifically, one of their puppets.

See Also: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Exposed: Japanese Prime Minister / Cabal Puppet: Shinzo Abe

On the day that he returned upon completion of the G20, Abe convened a private Cabinet meeting regarding the revision of the Export Trade Control Order and removed South Korea from its list of trusted trading partners.

Abe blamed South Korea for the leaks which recently took place that nailed his team in South Korea which was there to try to steal Golden Family-owned assets from South Koran bunkers. Now comes “Pay Back”!

See Also: NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | The Last Line Of The Infamous Cabal Rests In The Hands Of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin

The revised order will be co-signed by Hiroshige Seko, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Abe himself.

According to Seko the revision will take effect August 28, 2019.

As of this date Japanese exporters would require government approval each time they exported a shipment of strategic items to South Korea.

It is important to note here that Japan is historically part of the NWO. It was a Cabal-controlled entity long before Emperor Hirohito flew to England in 1921 as part of a conspiratorial attempt to create WWII during his meetings with French Prime Minister Clemenseau, US President Warren Harding and Britain’s Prime Minister Lloyd George.

For further detail see: History and Events Timeline – Section 2.04 The 1921 ACT – Pact Between Nations: Gold Commission

Of course, Japan is not alone on the Asian side. All one has to do is look at those for whom the Marshall Plan, or in actuality, for whom the Global Accounts were used to finance at the end of WWII to rebuild their nations. Then it will be clearly revealed who the Cabal really is on the Eastern Side.

Unfortunately for him, Abe felt jilted by one of his partners, although ironically Abe himself has willingly jilted nearly every associate at the request of his puppeteers!

In this specific matter the strategic items category comprised 1,115 parts and materials that could possibly be used to develop weapons.

Believe it or not, an economic war, and much worse, has begun between South Korea and Japan!

Horrifically, Japan / Abe is in a very critical planning stage to release another One Million Tons of radioactive, polluted water into the Pacific Ocean!

Tragically, Japan already released 900,000 tons of radioactive, polluted water into the Pacific in 2017!

Remember that one of the main goals of the Cabal was to eliminate up to 90% of the human population of the world. The little man Shinzo has very bloody hands.

Meanwhile, the radiation spills following the Fukushima disaster have already contaminated Tokyo, and many people there tragically have cancer.

The Japanese people are very concerned, as are people around the world, about the “radioactive” 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

From Japan plans to release 1 million tons of radioactive polluted waters…

This is what Abe personally hates to see in his homeland (to which he was once loyal) where the people are not so loyal now.

The Japanese are well aware of why nearly 300,000 of their children are now dying of cancers.

They’ve remained seriously concerned with their ongoing exposure to radioactivity, and they highly doubt the compromised Japanese media who are promoting the “safety” of the situation.

Despite the outright lies being perpetuated by the Japanese media, the Japanese are very aware of what’s really happening to their health and well-being!

They will not eat any agricultural products grown around or near Fukushima. They know radiation has already been present and absorbed in the soil near Tokyo.

Many South Korean people are joined in the economic war against its pro-Japanese citizens as well as against Japan itself.

Japanese products are no longer being sold in South Korea, and travel to Japan has ceased, as the South Korean people will soon complete conditions for fighting equally with the Cabal.

The wealthy Japanese living in South Korea (and their followers) are responsible for the two Koreas not being united as of this date and time.

Both Koreas still wish to unite.

President Trump has done a fantastic job in this respect, but there is more to be done.

It is also a tragic shame that Count Albert passed away, as he was a wall of strength regarding this so-called Cabal. He would never have allowed their conniving, sadistic ploys to get this far.

Count Albert with Neil Keenan

The cunning Mr. Loh has been saying President Trump is his friend – which, of course, isn’t true – but he uses it as a deadly weapon to keep his followers in line.

The latest crooked events to be exposed were the recent smuggling activities at a dock in Hong Kong.

Fortunately, the participating crooked police, along with all the smugglers, were recently arrested for smuggling 40,000 gold bars into Japan. The penalty / fine is more than $2 billion USD.

To be sure, the Japanese Government, along with Abe, are exposed as being nothing more than the tightly controlled puppets of their notorious puppeteers.

Tragically, no longer than three years ago the Japanese finally told the Cabal / West to get lost and, got their independence back.

Today it is sinful to see how quickly they returned to their slave masters. Three years ago it was common to see Kissinger and Baker walking out of the Japanese Central Bank with bags filled with money.

Now it is not so much the money itself, but the it’s all about fighting critically strategic battles that are being waged where Abe and others willingly assist the NWO / Cabal by poisoning the waters of our planet.

They do this with impunity while assisting their puppet masters in their quest for population control (see Agenda 21 or 30)! It’s just a matter of time before the Japanese people and the people of Asia wake up and do what’s necessary to take their nations away from those who live and act in darkness, the Cabal!

The Khazarian mafia’s time of infamy is up!

In spite all of the above, and on a more positive note – currently there are known, effective ways to counteract the radiation poisoning, as Group K plans on being there to assist in protecting our planet’s people.

Besides our newly available healing computers to fight the cancers and other ill health symptoms, we also have the technology to clean up toxic oceans, lakes, and rivers. Together with ‘We The People’, we can – and will fight back, and never allow such monstrous harm to prevail again!

Shinzo Abe is nothing more than a political hitman-puppet. It is not yet known how many deaths both human and animal that this little man may be responsible for causing, from Asia all the way across the Pacific Ocean to North And South America. He must be held to account for his actions in a court of law – and he should be sentenced to death – of the same type that he is causing for potentially countless millions of others.

Our best to all.

Neil Keenan and Group K

With kind permission from Neil Keenan at:


Copyright © 2019, GROUP K, Ltd.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Amazing UFO Footage and Real Alien Contact Experiences with Peter Maxwell Slattery (video)

By Edge of Wonder

Amazing UFO Footage and Real Alien
Contact Experiences with Peter Maxwell Slattery

In this episode of #EdgeofWonder we present some of the most amazing pieces of evidence that #UFO's are real along with a very startling video of a real life gray #Alien at night that were all taken or compiled by Peter Maxwell Slattery who seems to have UFOs follow him where ever he goes.

We met up with Peter at the ECETI ranch this past July and he showed us footage, images, and shared stories with us that blew us away.

Peter Maxwell Slattery is an International Bestselling Author, speaker and ET Contactee. Coming from the Land down under, he started ECETI Australia and since has written 3 books along with some up and coming documentaries being made as he has one of the most documented ongoing Extraterrestrial Contact Cases in history.

YouTube link:

Monday, August 12, 2019