Sunday, November 29, 2015

Dr. Michael Salla: German Secret Societies Nuked Martians and Built Slave Colonies With U.S. Corporations

By Dr. Michael Salla

Leading U.S. and international aerospace corporations helped German secret societies build large underground bases on Mars after the Germans had destroyed hundreds of thousands of indigenous Martians using advanced nuclear weapons, according to secret space program whistleblower, Corey Goode.

In the latest episode of Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock, Goode explained the historical development of the first large Martian colonies that had been created by German secret societies in the 1940s. Goode says that after the German secret societies had reached an agreement with the Truman and Eisenhower administrations, after their 1952 flying saucer flyover of Washington D.C., the Germans enlisted the support of leading U.S. aerospace companies to conduct off-world mining operations and to expand their Martian foothold.

Major aerospace companies such as Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, General Dynamics, and Boeing were infiltrated by Nazi scientists brought over by Operation Paperclip according to Goode. These companies began to actively help the German secret societies build their advanced infrastructure for colonies on Mars.

Goode claims that U.S. corporations were told about the large deposits of precious metals in the asteroid belt which they could mine after building advanced space craft for the German secret society space program. At the same time, the Germans and the U.S. corporations they had infiltrated, gave minimal assistance to the U.S. Navy in building its own secret space program.

Goode described three Vril space craft based on ancient Indian Vimana technology given to the U.S. Navy for reverse engineering. He said that while the Navy reverse engineered these older technologies, the Germans forged ahead with the cooperation of U.S. and other international corporations in building much more advanced space craft technologies that were not shared with the U.S. military.

Corroboration for Goode’s remarkable claims comes from a former CIA agent interviewed by veteran UFO researcher Linda Moulton Howe. According to the whistleblower, who used the pseudonym “Kewper” in several interviews, he saw two German Vril craft being secretly studied at the highly classified S-4 facility at Area 51 in 1958.

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Dr. Steven Greer: How the Secret Government Works - The Most Explosive Expose you Will Ever See (video)

Dr. Steven Greer:
How the Secret Government Works
The Most Explosive Expose you Will Ever See (video)

The founder of the global Disclosure movement, Dr. Steven Greer. A unique opportunity to watch the most comprehensive and explosive expose of UFO secrecy ever presented! Dr. Greer has been involved in the highest levels of governments and military for over 25 years and will share what he has learned on the who, what, where and why of UFO secrecy and the deep transnational security state and the constellation of illegal projects that are currently operating.

This 4 hour workshop includes:

  • How is secrecy maintained through the hybrid of corporate and government programs?

  • Which military bases and facilities and which corporations are involved in this secrecy?

  • How is black-budget and criminal activity funding these operations?

  • The Connection between the global financial system, UFO technology, drug running and covert military airspace and bases.

  • Where are the key Underground Bases (UGBs) and how are they connected via subterranean tunnels?

  • Who has been involved in managing this secrecy and how is the entity (MAJIC) controlled and operated?

  • How do Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) operate and how are they kept secret from the people, the President and Congress?

  • The History of UFO secrecy since WWII and how it has devolved into its own illegal transnational cartel.

  • See explosive documents on secrecy, how human military-controlled “Abductions” are “stage-crafted” – and what is the agenda for this Deception.

  • What is the future agenda for the cartel managing UFO secrecy – and how you need to prepare for this future!

  • The Planned Cosmic 911 Deception – What you NEED to know!

    and MUCH MORE.

  • Thursday, November 26, 2015

    David Wilcock: DISCLOSURE SHOWDOWN - The War For The Truth

    By David Wilcock

    The downing of a Russian airliner, the "heart attack" of the founder of Russia Today in DC, the stunning UFO-like missile test over LA, the Paris shootings and the Turkish attack on a Russian warplane may all be signs that the war for Disclosure is reaching its climax.

    At least six different insider sources are telling us the Alliance has reached a huge decision: They have finally agreed to move forward with Disclosure.

    Disclosure involves a tremendous release of classified information that will utterly change everything we thought we knew about the world today.

    This may include some sort of official announcement, in the not-too-distant future, that non-terrestrial intelligent civilizations are visiting Earth.

    A short-term initiative is already being implemented now -- while the longer-term initiatives of how much to tell us, and when, are still being negotiated.

    All five of these highly unusual and violent events occurred AFTER the majority of our insiders leaked this new intel to us... independently of each other.


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    Wednesday, November 25, 2015

    Sheldan Nidle Update: Be Joyous and Ready for a Most Marvelous Future!

    Sheldan Nidle's Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

    Realize deep in your heart that new ways are starting to revise ancient scenarios and reset how this realm is to operate.

    Technologies that can alter local and global travel are just the start of a new reality for humanity.

    Galactic Federation Symbol for the
    Sirian Star Nation

    Dratzo! The world continues to move in a positive direction. All settlement funds and reserves are moving and most have reached their points of distribution. All such movements are done under the highest security. In the past, the main worry was the great masses of sympathetic minions to the dark's delay retribution. These worries are no longer the prime motive for this massive security. The new wrinkle has been the general faux pas created by sudden glitches in the overall telecommunication process. Most of these things have been corrected. Nevertheless, a large degree of money wires, critical web sites and movement of key preliminary documents was disrupted. A lesser degree of this problem still exists. However, this difficulty is no longer the primary concern that it once was. To counter this, a number of key arrests were carried out. This operation is still ongoing. Our services were largely employed to gather intelligence on what other desperate moves were next for these dark oligarchs. This combined operation has prevented any large-scale terrorism from hijacking the distribution procedure.

    We are now in the final step of delivering funds and establishing a new worldwide financial system. This process has yielded new centers for the disbursement of your blessings and a means to prevent large or small-scale fraud. In addition, a currency wire system is ready to be introduced to counter the discrepancies of the old SWIFT process. Introductory instructions have been sent to a number of important nations and financial institutions. A set of special replies was needed to move forward and these vital elements have been received. Caution has long been a foundational element for the ancient families and select royals. They have long lived in dictatorial realms run by the dark oligarchs. Thus, there was the slow-moving process by which all was dutifully carried out. We are presently in a receiving mode, which is expected to permit some of you to receive the first testing of this new, recently implemented delivery system. So, expect the first funds shortly.

    As you prepare for finally receiving your blessings, those who have defeated the cabal are in the last set of negotiations regarding the dark’s surrender. This momentous event requires you to realize what this profoundly means. In Atlantis, you began a grand journey that is presently to end in your final victory over the dark. The Anunnaki, who were their original overseers, set up a society to enslave you in a number of different ways. This 13 millennia system is to be replaced with a system to give you the freedom, truth and prosperity that you richly deserve. Take time to assess the implications of what is now happening. Not only are you to regain the truth, but as well the society that is the precursor to our arrival. This grand series of transitions is the final link needed to restore this orb and permit you to make the adjustments, which can return you to full consciousness. This process reunites you with your spiritual and space families. It as well makes you the denizens of a truly special solar system.

    This operation means that you need to alter your fundamental perceptions that you now live by. We have used this time to change the very make-up of this reality. While this operation has somewhat delayed our desired goals, it has as well made sure that your blessings are to be received and securely protected from loss. The immediate time is to see events that to most are to seem like a miracle. The royals and ancient families have created a bounty that can be used by you to end poverty, ghettoes, and most of all, to supply this realm with clean water, electricity and clean air. These new sets of global societies are only the beginning of new opportunities for all. Use this coming time to manifest your dreams. Technologies that can alter local and global travel are just the start of a new reality for humanity. In addition, you are to meet those who represent your distant ancestors. Be joyous and ready for a most marvelous future!

    Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters!
    Your world is rapidly changing as the new energies for an ever-growing consciousness flood this reality. Heaven is blessing us as this divine energy is meant to assist your heavenly guides in bringing in the foundation for a new physical body. These energies are to aid your Crystal Light Chamber in preparing you for full consciousness. The Divine is to shortly intensify these energies as we near the time when the next set of such energies is to arrive. The new year is therefore to be a time of greater change as these energies are to be the instruments for new perceptions and new wealth. Heaven intends for this precious blue-green orb to mark a time when this realm truly began to alter its ancient dark ways. Our tasks include a basic monitoring of each of you. Realize deep in your heart that new ways are starting to revise ancient scenarios and reset how this realm is to operate.

    We are assisting the various medical teams from the Galactic Federation. We take their findings and update them with our own. Together, these packets are setting the time for your own entry into Agartha. Our greatest joy is to prepare you for the grand transformation that is to take place in the Crystal Chambers. We all went through a special ceremony, which only took place because of the exemplary lives we led in succeeding life times. At the right divine time, Heaven arranged for a special transformative ceremony. Due to the great disconnect which you have had in each lifetime here, you require a special sacred, living device to achieve your return to physical Angelhood. We are using the qualities of grace and mercy to guide you to this truly miraculous operation. The dark can only sense the preliminary events to your ascension that are taking place

    Ever since the fall of Atlantis, the then dark Anunnaki were your merciless overlords. These nearly 13 millennia of dire miscare have left most of you surrounded by an inner stress compounded by a general confusion about who you really are. What now needs to happen is to correct this by announcing inwardly that you are great Beings and that this lack of belief in yourselves is being transmuted into a positive and strongly focused perception of your true soul-based selves. We Masters have been inculcating this mantra in you. Use this mantra to alter how you see yourselves. You are moving into a place where the great inner powers you possess can be returned by simply strongly focusing on this strong mantra of true self. It is time to transform the perceptions given you by the dark ones. Be strong and ready to envision who you really are!

    Today, we carried on with our weekly report. Use your new inner strength to focus on and manifest this new reality. The dark has willy-nilly ridden roughshod through this reality. It is the moment for you to focus with others and achieve this most wonderful new reality filled with your strengths, freedom and prosperity! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)



    Our Changing Perceptions are Transforming Reality

    Webinar Preview: Divine Reality & Prosperity

    Like a collapsing house of cards, our 3D world is teetering and about to topple.

    With our awakening perceptions of reality, we are now able to help the Galactics even more. Discover how the 'new you' is assisting in the acceleration of our consciousness shift.

    Topics include...

    • How the "New You" is altering your perceptions
    • Developing a new consciousness
    • How the concept of transparency is changing your world
    • What once was acceptable is no longer good enough
    • A new science is transforming our world
    • Prosperity, ETs and new governance
    • Relearning how we perceive ourselves

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    Tuesday, November 24, 2015

    Cosmic Disclosure: Finding Life on Mars

    Cosmic Disclosure
    David Wilcock And Corey Goode
    Finding Life on Mars

    DW: David Wilcock
    CG: Corey Goode

    DW: All right. Welcome to "Cosmic Disclosure." I'm your host, David Wilcock. And we're here because you need to know. We have Corey Goode here. And even as I'm asking him questions, I'm learning many new things. We've been describing the settlement of Mars by originally the Germans. But the Germans were not the first ones to go there. There's been many, many groups there. As we're going to talk about more in this episode, we're going to get into all the different types of life on Mars because that is a huge subject. So Corey, thanks for being back on the show.

    CG: Sure.

    DW: First of all, you had mentioned before in previous episodes something about vegetation on Mars. Could you just briefly give us an overview of what you saw? Did you walk around on the surface? Did you see any plant type of life?

    CG: Personally what I saw were kind of colonies of shrubs that were in an area where we were building an outpost. And these were very hardy, short, and almost cactus-y-like shrubs that were purple and red-- the thick, I guess, stalks that went into the ground. And they had sharp, pointy leaves that were very sharp.

    DW: What part was purple and what part was red?

    CG: Well, the stalk was purple and red. And then the leaves were also purple and red. And there were thorns on the stalk of the plant and on the branches of the plants. They were not something you could stick your hand in. They were very prickly, I guess you would say.

    DW: So in a previous episode, we are talking about a possibly indigenous Mars race. You said they look similar to us. What type of race on Earth would they look similar to? What type of human?

    CG: The description was that they had a reddish tone. They wore robes. They were very skittish and kept to themselves. And the ones that had been captured or interrogated claimed to be indigenous, that they were always from Mars. That's where they originated. But the people that had interrogated them were unclear whether this was true because they had been deceived in the past by beings on Earth that had told us that they were extraterrestrials when they had actually been ancient Earth civilization breakaway groups. And some of these groups, since they had been space-faring groups, obviously could have gone to Mars and set up colonies. And these could have been remnants of some of them.

    DW: Let's go back now to the Germans arriving there for a minute. And you said that you personally witnessed flying over ancient pyramids that were still on Mars today.

    CG: Partially exposed pyramids.

    DW: Did they take any interest in that kind of stuff when they got there? Did they want to land on it or explore it? I would think the interest would be insatiable to want to excavate it and find out what it is and all that stuff.

    CG: The only interest that was shown was looking for technology, ancient technology. But again, you have to remember certain areas are very off-limits to people, especially back then. The races that were there are very territorial. So if they wanted to visit something, they had to stop, take some pictures, samples, and then scoot and get out. That was a part of the equation of them doing close research on a lot of areas of Mars as well. Because the area was considered territory of another group.

    DW: Did you ever encounter any information specifically regarding the face on Mars, whether it was artificial, who built it, anything like that?

    CG: No. During my time there, I was not aware of the face on Mars. So I'm not saying it doesn't exist. I just did not see it. I did not hear it talked about.

    DW: So we were starting to get into last time that the Germans settled near the poles but more in sort of like a taiga rather than a tundra type of land. They're not in the arctic area. But they're in that sort of permafrost.

    CG: More of a Goldilocks area between the very inhospitable equatorial region and the very harsh area of the polar regions.

    DW: So what are the temperature extremes in those areas? What's the low and what's the high?

    CG: Because of the atmospheric pressure-- and it also depended on the season of where you were. But the temperatures could change 40, 50 degrees in a matter of hours.

    DW: Oh, wow.

    CG: I don't remember exactly the temperatures that were on the surface of Mars. I just know that it's definitely warmer than what the statistics on the internet are. One of the things that I wanted to mention were now, current era, the space programs are very careful about cross contamination of germs, bacteria, that kind of thing going from one planetary sphere to another one. Back in the '30s and '40s and early '50s, not so much. And especially the Germans, they were bringing crates and crates of supplies and instruments and all the different things they needed to Mars. And they brought some very annoying pests. They brought along cockroaches, rats, and other spiders, other Earthly pests, that have become a problem on Mars and have contaminated. The rats have gotten a little bit bigger but survive just fine out on the surface. But the cockroaches have become huge, like bigger than your hand huge.

    DW: Oh my gosh.

    CG: People joke around that cockroaches could survive a nuclear war and surviving on the surface of Mars is not a problem for them.

    DW: Are there indigenous insects that the rats could eat? I mean, what do you think their food supply was?

    CG: I don't know. I'm sure there are probably insects there because I know there were very large spiders. I just didn't read or experience any myself. This insectoid group of beings, they use a biological kind of technology to where they create smaller bugs or insectoids to do certain tasks.

    DW: Like clones or something?

    CG: Yeah, but they'll create like smaller insect-like drones-- if they're doing battle or if they're in a warfare type situation, then they create. That's a part of their technology. It's kind of a biological technology.

    DW: Right. So they can control what these drones do, like a remote control?

    CG: Yes. And these are more of a hive mind kind of, a true hive mind. A lot of people think they know what a hive mind is when they really don't. But they have a hive mind and more of a insect, kind of colony type of structure.

    DW: Did the Germans bring vehicles that use rubber tires and wheels to drive around?

    CG: Definitely. Mm-hmm.

    DW: Really? Like jeeps or tanks, or what were they driving?

    CG: They had developed special vehicles that were pretty much like built on tank chassis that were pressurized and of course armored-- always armored with the Germans-- that they used for going on excursions.

    DW: Would they try to go into caves and look for technology artifacts?

    CG: I know that they were always going on expeditions, looking for technology, looking for different resources on the planet, constantly exploring, looking for different resources, especially. The only time caves ever came up were when they tried to explore routes into these lava tubes to do reconnaissance missions to try to get an idea of how they could someday take over these lava tubes.

    DW: You said that raw materials were transported to Mars by the Germans using a primitive portal technology that was very hazardous to biological life. How big was this portal? Could they get those tank-type vehicles-- could they build them here and just portal them in?

    CG: Yes. This is in the beginning when they were exploiting the natural portal system that exists in our solar system. And they didn't realize the calculations involved and the positions of certain planets, other bodies around. There are a lot of calculations involved. They actually ended up having a hyper-dimensional mathematics handed over to them by another race that helped with these calculations. And I saw this math used quite often, and there were very few numbers in them. There were all kinds of weird symbols. But they were written out on boards just like math equations are.

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    Wednesday, November 18, 2015

    Sheldan Nidle Update: Special Military and Police Units are Ready to Strike a Swift and Final Blow

    Sheldan Nidle's Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

    We have a final word for all. We ask for a rise in your focus on peace and freedom. Together, we can ensure that the last steps in what has been a long march to freedom finally reaches its grand goal. At present, there are a number of activities being completed.

    One of the most beautiful talents of humanity is to rediscover the power of mercy and the instrument that is divine grace. With this in hand, you are ready to learn elements that this new rising consciousness can give you

    Galactic Federation Symbol for the
    Sirian Star Nation

    Selamat Balik! The message remains positive! Your new reality is slowly manifesting. Those who rule the dark on this globe are truly in a state of extreme worry as the things they helped to create are fading into the dustbins of history. While these denizens of the dark realm slowly see that their time has come, they nevertheless remain defiant. Across this globe, there are actions of quiet desperation happening. These so-called terrorist attacks and telecommunications tie-ups are just part of the degree of desperation that is currently permeating the dark oligarchs. Like many other operations, these are as well to fail. The Light in its numerous parts holds the upper hand and these brave ones are succeeding in readying the means to spread prosperity, reveal a new monetary and financial system as well as create new governance for all. We are preparing the steps required to bring disclosure to a decades old official cover-up. This process is to bring you a whole slew of presently well-hidden technologies. Humanity has had the privilege of men like Tesla to encourage the start of this new age!

    This time is one in which the Light forces have returned in strength and in guile. The strategy employed by the Light’s proponents has brought the dark oligarchs to their knees. Their imminent defeat and the agreements that go along with it has caused them to strike out and hope for the deep emotions that can somehow turn their plight around. As the horror of their acts fade so does the chance that their dark and dastardly deeds can ever succeed. Instead, the world is realizing why these dark deeds and Internet manipulations took place and is seeking quick remedies for the dark’s actions. Those who support the Light are now proposing how to quicken their demise. Monies are in place and special military and police units are ready to strike a swift and final blow. Thus, the dark’s panic is quite real. We are close to events that have the potential to achieve what has been our grand goal from the beginning. That is, your return to full consciousness and the rise of your freedom and endless prosperity!

    Currently, what was delayed by the dark is quickly moving forward. Telecommunications and various courier groups are busy making sure that the funds are delivered and are, in fact, quite secure. We are also making sure that a whole host of new technologies are ready when the new governance occurs. It is vital that both the transfers of power and mass arrests happen in an easy manner. At present, many of the upper levels of the oligarchs find themselves under house arrest. Certain precautions have been taken to ensure that this operation remains on schedule. We have used some of our personnel to further secure this situation. The odd maneuver still permitted on your globe requires more detailed watching by us. Initially, those involved in security and intelligence assured us that the odd maneuver was to be held in check. Instead, a large operation was allowed to happen. We need to bolster our abilities in these areas.

    We have a final word for all. We ask for a rise in your focus on peace and freedom. Together, we can ensure that the last steps in what has been a long march to freedom finally reaches its grand goal. At present, there are a number of activities being completed. You are very close to a start of funds going out to you. Maintain your focus! All of us are extremely dedicated to seeing these first stages completed. Our liaison and diplomatic corps can attest to the large amount of progress that has been made in the last few months. We know that this operation is huge in scope and that it is a most complex proposition. Yet, we are indeed going to achieve a full success in all areas. The scheduling of all of this remains secret. Despite this, we can readily say that this progress has moved beyond anything seen before. Its success is imminent. A truly wonderful day for all participants is about to occur! Take these funds and use them to forge a new and much kinder reality!

    Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters!
    We are in joy and in pain and sorrow as well. Recently, the dark staged a mass set of murders. These unnecessary disturbances on this sacred orb are just one of many such acts staged infrequently by the dark to demonstrate its cowardice and pure intolerance of all life on Gaia. We ask that you bless the souls of the departed and use forgiveness in all matters of the heart. Our divine objective is to use our global intent to ask for these vile acts to disappear from this beautiful blue orb. Remember how life is in this realm and use your positive energies to soothe the suffering and wish eternal Love upon all concerned. This realm is very soon to be altered for the better. Do not let this or other incidents take away your focus! Instead, intensify your focus and use it to heal this realm. This is the moment when all of suffering is to be transformed into peace and Love!

    As this moment recedes, let us remember how this world is transforming. We refuse to bow any more to the subtle machinations of the dark oligarchs. A great wave of higher consciousness is descending on this world. This realm is learning how to alter its emotions and to let the ways of the healing heart rule. It is important to think, envision and believe in the vast amounts of Love and Light. If you refuse to act on your lower emotions and use Love to understand, a wonderful state of quiet peace envelops you. It is this new energy that we are cultivating. One of the most beautiful talents of humanity is to rediscover the power of mercy and the instrument that is divine grace. With this in hand, you are ready to learn elements that this new rising consciousness can give you. Hence be ready to use the new insights that come from this. Hosanna! Hosanna!

    In this time as we have continually said, be wise, be forgiving, and be able to spread your healing heart energies. Divine mercy entails looking at the whole of what occurs. Judge not! Only see the whole. When you take this in, send out Love and healing to all. You are in reality a vessel of Love and Light. You deeply understand what is encompassed in each event that makes up your life and these times. Look for final answers to Heaven and to your guides. You are learning now what took us many lifetimes and a special set of instructions from the inner councils of our divine order. Much more is to happen. Let the positive sink in and grow stronger in this great Light. You are all great beings having a special human spiritual experience. This time is a moment to show us your truths!

    Today, we continued our weekly messages. Take this time to pray and meditate on your inner perceptions and the new growing consciousness. Forgive and bless all. Then, take time to pray for the Souls of the departed. Be ready! A new time is upon you. Love and Light are truly victorious! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

    For more about First Contact

    Wednesday, November 11, 2015

    Sheldan Nidle Update: The Arrests and the Rise of NESARA are Near

    Sheldan Nidle's Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

    The dark is now receding and a new reality is quickly forming before you. The arrests and the rise of NESARA are near. Be patient and positive! A new time for all is to be and let it be created with all the positive energies that you can manifest!

    Galactic Federation Symbol for the
    Sirian Star Nation

    Selamat Balik! The new reality is beginning its final stage of manifesting. Long ago, in ancient Atlantis, you started to realize that you had been mysteriously reduced to a mere toy of the dark Atlantean cabal. This group of leaders, princes and kings was doing the heinous work of the Anchara leadership on Orion. They had limited the abilities of their opposition to a level where they no longer posed a threat to their vile policies. This dastardly deed was to be repeated over and over again during the last 3000 years of the Atlantean Empire. Your ancestors had in effect become “lab rats” for these dark denizens. You became especially vulnerable when this empire suddenly sank into the very bowels of history. Since that time, a large and powerful set of heinous dynasties were established on the face of Gaia. These dynasties were unable to extinguish your inner Love for truth, freedom and companionship. This has permitted Heaven to give the dispensation of a gracious return to full consciousness. It is these qualities that have brought us to your shores.

    The present time is one of a great adjustment of your societal perceptions. The dark especially over the last 70 years has built a complex intertwining of secret governments that support one another whether of British, Asian, European or American origins. This nest of vipers needed to be first tamed before real progress in controlling them was possible. At first, we discovered only a small set of groups and individuals dedicated to this same purpose. It took nearly two decades to gain fully the trust required by us to truly move forward. During this time, we came under constant surveillance by the dark oligarchs and their many insidious allies. We have recited this story numerous times before. We do this again only to emphasize what we have now discovered. This now deals with how these dark ones are presently operating. These immoral scalawags own the Internet and various aspects of it. Their constant machinations cause a slowing in the process of how your blessings are moved across this globe to you.

    This communication problem resulted in a brief delay, which caused a slight revision in the original schedules. These problems are now resolved and the necessary communications are flowing smoothly from place to place. In spite of their schemes, the flow of monies and necessary directions for creating new governance continues forward. We are confident that this conspiracy is presently over. The important scalawags have been isolated and fully contained. You are swiftly approaching the point where a number of key events can at last occur. It is important to confine these immoral rapscallions so they can no longer interfere in any way with what is now planned. The ancient families and their allies have the means to redo the innate perceptions of how this world works. They are first to address the distribution of wealth and power. These actions are to give you your long awaited freedom. It is as well to permit new governance to announce the end of the decades long UFO cover up!

    This new freedom means that you take on new responsibilities to your communities and to yourselves to create the means to creatively solve your community and the world’s problems. Inside all of you is a great energy that can easily help you discover sound solutions. This can allow you to come together and forge a series of plans, which can resolve whatever you may originally tackle. This process is how we, using fluid management, find quick and easy solutions. As you discover how this process can work for you, remember that this is how your ancestors in Lemuria found solutions to any problem. Use this to prepare yourselves for working with our mentors. What we prefer is a deep dialogue between you. In this, you are to find out how many of your habits and feelings originated. In addition, you are to explore past lives and how they affect your current life. We need as well to go deeply into how your genome was forged and how any difficulties are to be corrected.

    Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters!
    You are living in blessed times! A great alteration in this reality is now underway. The dark and its human minions have been able to continue their rule unabated until recently. It was then that our associates were able to force a change in this unholy alignment. Several very brave negotiators were able to create an alliance between various disgruntled elements in the world’s militaries. These very courageous Beings used this new alliance to back up the ancient families and finally force the dark’s oligarchs to relent. This has permitted a grand procedure, which is allowing the moving of monies and the forging of a new international financial system. There is now a brief disconnect due to a last minute disruption of the Light’s earthly communication systems. This is at present largely corrected. We are told this disruption has not entirely stopped operations to give you your blessings and your freedom!

    As the time arrives for this grand distribution of your blessings, be aware of all the many on this world that have made great sacrifices to manifest this new world. Take time to pray or meditate for these marvelous Souls! Remain positive and able to send out the visions and positive energies, which make these divine things possible. Join together to bless those who have been able to force the dark backwards and allow these wondrous acts to happen! We are all a sacred collective of Beings who have long suffered and now with Heaven’s dispensations are able to be on the verge of a most blessed set of successes. Much is to be expected of you. Use these moments to pray and to plan how this new wondrous vision is to manifest. You are unique and special. Let us show this reality what magnificent things you are capable of!

    This world has always been filled with unnecessary disappointments. This time, you are to shine and demonstrate that a new reality can be sculpted from the old. This new realm is to transform the quarantine that you have been under since the fall of Atlantis. This moment is when you claim and show the need for the new consciousness, which you are embodying. You are to meet your human relatives and begin a gracious process that is to lead to full consciousness. We are acknowledging what you are doing and fully intend to instruct you on many events, which occurred in your past. The key is truth and a never-ending curiosity about who you really are. This truth is to be supplied by us in an important set of conversations with all of you. These studies are to be a start to what you are eventually to know. Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

    Today as always we continued our report of what is happening around your globe. The dark is now receding and a new reality is quickly forming before you. The arrests and the rise of NESARA are near. Be patient and positive! A new time for all is to be and let it be created with all the positive energies that you can manifest! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

    For more from the Galactic Federation

    Wednesday, November 04, 2015

    Important: David Wilcock Face Book Post - “Disclosure is Actually Going to Occur”

    David Wilcock Facebook Posting 11-3-15…
    “Disclosure is Actually Going to Occur”

    Facebook Post

    All of our best sources are independently saying that Disclosure is actually going to occur. The Alliance groups have reached a consensus. The question now is how much they will tell us. The Pentagon faction is pushing for full disclosure, China for a more limited release. There is much more to be said. The battle is vigorous and the shoot-down of the Russian airliner is definitely related. I am working on a new article about all of this right now. I have only had a little over two weeks off since a very intense work period, between the book work in Canada and 28 new episodes in two weeks for Gaiam. Needed to relax. I will probably hold off on finishing this piece until I hear something from Corey that is more specific. He is one of the sources whose intel is lining up to say the same thing. He is going through hell right now and hopefully it will clear up fairly soon.

    Twitter Post

    A huge amount of "official" disclosure data is being released so when they finally flip the switch, they will merely put it all together.

    The Alliance groups have decided to move forward with Disclosure. Still deciding how much to tell us but it will happen. Article pending!

    Corey Goode: Negotiations for Disclosure, China Canceling Debt, SSP Alliance Pushing for Full Disclosure, David Wilcock's Comment

    Sheldan Nidle Update: The Long Promised Mass Arrests of the Upper Echelons of the Dark Minions is to Begin

    Sheldan Nidle's Update for the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

    Much is suddenly to appear and much is suddenly to be asked of you. Thus, remain patient and positive. You are to once again be returned to your greatness. Use this to fashion a wondrous world and learn just how amazing Gaia is!

    Galactic Federation Symbol for the
    Sirian Star Nation

    Dratzo! Right now, your world is in transition. The dark is finally allowing the Light and its many allies to complete the large task of transferring funds and the accompanying bonds to special depositories. This procedure is taking longer than at first expected, due to the extraordinary precautions such a large delivery requires. Hence, it is taking a week longer than expected. The dark knows that once this formidable task is finished, the long promised mass arrests of the upper echelons of the dark minions is to begin. Until then, these rapscallions are being closely watched and many are under house arrest. Special rules of conduct were agreed to and those in the security branches of the Light are enthusiastically enforcing those rules. Ever since your ancestors first trod upon the Earth as humans, with amnesia and vague remembrances of their former selves, the dark minions have been the Anunnaki’s soldiers. The power that they wielded is now at an end. The time of doubt and fear is to be replaced by Love, freedom and abundance!

    In this new time, you are to reacquire the qualities, which the Atlanteans stole from you. First, you are to relearn a history that was purposely muddled by the Anunnaki and their dark minions. It is easy to see how a bogus view of your origins was produced. The truth was so twisted that to you, it seems like a set of unproven myths. When a people lose their history, they are susceptible to any kind of manipulation or pap given to them by their dark masters. This process took nearly 10 millennia to fully be accepted by you. During this time, your ancestors were subjected to three periods of building and rebuilding the societies supposedly given to them by the dark. In the last six millennia, you have been infrequently permitted to rebuild with the help of your spiritual and space families. All of this was slow and measured due to the numerous Anunnaki rules that had to be obeyed. Nevertheless, some minute progress in your consciousness was made. Presently, the rate of advancement is now vastly increased. The time of the dark is over!

    In this coming time, you are to become able to be free and prosperous. Use this time of growing consciousness to accept your new position and learn to apply the rules of Love and Light. Be accepting and seek cooperation with others. Learn about the power of wealth and then be able to let it go. The most important power is the incredible power of Spirit. Be able to fill yourself with Love and let the Light fill you with a growing consciousness that allows you to feel the soul energy of all living Beings. Feel how you are not alone, and how beautifully the merciful and graceful Creator connects you to Heaven! Part of our mission is to show how galactic humanity developed and spread across this vast galaxy. As you regain your lost faculties, you can again discover how and why your blessed travels lead you to Gaia, and to a special mission to save and renew the sister worlds of Gaia, Venus, Mars and Pax. You are to finally reunite with us and finish this most sacred task.

    As you do this, you are as well giving sustenance to the wishes of the former “children of Anchara” to develop light bodies and join in moving this galaxy firmly into the Light. Before this can be done, you are to discover numerous oddities that were the first ancient expressions of your love of freedom and the natural talents that forged brief encounters with your abilities to invent and pursue a more developed lifestyle. These first attempts were long forgotten by you. We intend to resurrect these talents and explain how the cabal's attempts at squashing them are finally to fail. Around your globe are monuments of stone, which display your inner genius. Some of you have speculated about these partially destroyed buildings. They show your remembrance of Gaia’s life forces and how you can resuscitate them. These are just a few examples of who you are to be once again. Each galactic human possesses a unique set of talents that graciously contribute freely to the whole.

    Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We are in joy!
    Our many associates are busily setting the stage for our new reality. Agreements were signed with teeth in them for the setting up of a new global financial structure as well as a finalizing of dates for the distribution of the prosperity and humanitarian funds. To ensure that these distributions cannot be stopped various dates were settled upon for the NESARA and the GESARA announcements. A new realm is being born. We ask you to remain patient since a vast number of incredible events are being readied to be revealed. We thank Heaven for what is about to be born! A gracious blessing is being bestowed upon us. After the fall of Atlantis, the Anunnaki took over this surface realm. They were told that a time was set aside when the Light was to regain this realm. This, Heaven is now doing! We are so grateful that this great act of mercy is upon us!

    As these numerous events start to occur, be ready to accept a great reordering of what you think is possible. Look at these miraculous happenings as a validation of the power and grace of Heaven. You are greatly Loved. This is happening just as Heaven promised us. We were put through a period of learning. This learning is to be the basis of our galactic divine service. This history has to be seen as a broad time when we passed through darkness and endured. We are Heaven’s toughened soldiers. We are to use this knowledge to explain to most of this galaxy not only how to survive, but thrive. You are as well to return to your tasks as physical Angels. Our divine service is to teach and explain this whole heavenly operation. Together, we are to become a most Loved group of souls who are to graciously spread our wisdom throughout physicality! Hosanna! Hosanna!

    Much is to be expected of us! We were lowered from the joy of full consciousness into a realm filled with a whole host of horrors. Despite this, the Anunnaki and their minions were unable to take these sacred thoughts from us. We retained our memories. Our divine service as Ascended Masters was to give you mercy and succor from the awful ravages of the dark. Together, we have survived and are prepared to take on the riches and freedom provided by Heaven. We are ecstatic about what is happening! You are to be returned to Love, Light, and a gracious knowledge of your true selves. This return is to bring you back into union with the Agarthans. You are to return to the realm so viciously destroyed by the Atlanteans at the start of this receding great galactic year. Together, we have so much to relearn and so much, my Children, to teach you! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

    Today, we explained what is occurring around this precious globe! Much is suddenly to appear and much is suddenly to be asked of you. Thus, remain patient and positive. You are to once again be returned to your greatness. Use this to fashion a wondrous world and learn just how amazing Gaia is! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

    For more from the Galactic Federation and PAO


    Pleiadeans and Our Galactic Future ~~
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    The Pleiadeans played, and are playing, a key role in the future of GAIA and Humanity.

    FREE Preview video: Pleiadeans and Synesthesia

    This Webinar will reveal why they originally came here and how they will help us all to become galactic humans.

    Topics include...

    • Pleiades ~ The Seven Sisters of Taurus
    • Origins ~ Their link to Andromeda and Lyra
    • Pleiadean Ships ~ Their fleet as it looks today
    • 12 Clans of the Pleiades
    • Gaia's History: Galactic wars, the Anunnaki and more
    • Pleiadeans' role in the Galactic Federation
    • Our joint Galactic Future

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    Tuesday, November 03, 2015

    Sheldan Nidle: Your Galactic Neighbors


    Book by Sheldan Nidle

    Your Galactic Neighbors is a handbook for the future. This invaluable work will introduce you to some of the host of benevolent star-nations that populate this universe

    Sheldan Nidle is the author of Your First Contact and You Are Becoming a Galactic Human. Since childhood, he has received information about Earth's hidden history and on planetary science, culture and spirituality in face-to-face contacts with galactic entities. Now, in this paradigm-shattering volume, he reveals that knowledge to you.

    In it, you will find up-to-the-minute facts on 22 off-world civilizations that belong to the Galactic Federation of Light. He describes 8 human galactic societies and 14 non-human ones, and the reptilians, dinosaurians, amphibians, cetaceans and other mammalians that inhabit them. He outlines each star-nation's history, chronicles its path through horrendous galactic wars to peaceful co-existence, and reveals its populations heartfelt desire to introduce themselves to us on Earth.

    Whether you already have a basis of knowledge about extraterrestrial Beings, or you are just becoming aware of their existence, this book will add immeasurably to what you know.

    You will learn about each galactic neighbors:

  • History
  • Location
  • Solar system
  • Home worlds
  • Galactic society
  • Physical appearance
  • Spacecraft

    Your Galactic Neighbor's will implode all of your previous notions about extraterrestrial Beings. It will acquaint you with the compassionate and sentient entities with whom we share this universe. Read it, and prepare yourself to become a true citizen of the Milky Way Galaxy!

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