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Stephen Bassett on ET Disclosure

Disclosure and the State of the Union

COMMENTARY In the past I have steadfastly avoided straying too far from the core issues of the ET truth embargo and government abuse of secrecy. I am going to make an exception with this commentary. At the end of this non-partisan essay you will find out why.

The recent debacle in Washington, DC over the budget and debt ceiling is only one of many indicators the body politic is suffering from multiple organ failure. Nations, empires, kingdoms - they die the same way people do. No society is perfect, no person is perfectly healthy. Both can withstand the odd dysfunction (illness). When the illness spreads and becomes multiple organ failure the person (society) dies or is enfeebled.

It happened to the Sun-never-sets-on-the-British Empire. The Soviet Union was able to sustain multiple system dysfunction well past its shelf life by sheer force of raw suppression, but inevitably blew up into fifteen republics (mercifully without too much violence). And, of course, there is the famous and extensively studied collapse of the Roman Empire. What took several hundred years in the time of Rome now can be accomplished in a few decades.

That said, it still takes years to achieve the state of affairs in which the U. S. now finds itself. Time enough for too many citizens to not see the process of failure unfold. Not anymore. Eventually the suffering person realizes they are terminally ill. The American people, thanks in large part to the power of the Internet, are now quite aware their vaunted society is coming apart at the seams. Let's review.

-- The two-party political system by virtue of bad law, bad judicial decisions and pure greed for money and power has frozen into a block of ice ("Some say the world will end in fire......"). New ideas are strangled in their crib. New political parties are throttled. Independent candidates crippled.

-- The American education system is slowly imploding with U. S. students collectively falling further behind other nations in every category. -- The American health care system, while satisfactory for the very wealthy, is collectively one of the worst in the developed, industrialized world. It is helping to destroy the middle class - the primary engine of social stability. Health issues are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy.

-- The massive U.S. military spending - not long ago greater than all other nations in the world combined - guarantees that fiscal balance and adequate funding in support of the human condition will not be possible. -- Along with war spending, massive entitlement commitments made without any effort to control that war spending going back to 1960 now place the nation in immediate debt of $17 trillion dollars with an almost incomprehensible long term exposure of $80 to $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities.

-- Economic recovery after the 2008/2009 greatest train robbery is a temporary illusion created by an enormous "printing" of $trillions of new money that will eventually lead to inflation. -- The investment and standard banking industries have bought politicians to pass laws that have allowed a massive shift of wealth to the upper class and stripping the middle class of pensions, jobs, home values, and home ownership. Virtually no one is held criminally accountable for this. Eventual fines are trivial.

-- Behind the confiscation of middle class assets by the investment banking abuses is the exposure to derivatives (casino debt). Some experts claim this exposure is over $200 trillion. If you're counting, that's over $300 trillion in risk exposure for the U. S. society. -- Voting systems in the U. S. are an antiquated joke with voter turnout one of the lowest in the developed world. This is made worse by a venal policy of one of the political parties to suppress voter turnout in every way possible that would undermine the other political party.

-- The very infrastructure of the nation - roads, bridges, dams, waterways, power grids, sewers - are falling apart with little funds to fix. $2.5 trillion of investment is needed by 2020. Half baked efforts and illusionery promises are put forward that few believe sufficient. -- American international influence, trust levels and esteem are declining under a plethora of terrible policies, brutal war measures and outright stupidity.

-- American political institutions, particularly the U. S. Congress, have fallen to record levels of disapproval, and distrust in government has polarized the nation making common sense policies next to impossible. -- The U. S. dollar, the cornerstone of American financial power, is being circled by a number of nations quite willing to replace or diminish it for their own benefit. The U. S. literally submits to this process with profoundly destructive financial decisions year after year. Loss of reserve currency status all or in part would trigger significant inflation. -- American manufacturing jobs are disappearing by being shoved off shore or replaced by low paying service jobs at minimum wage.

-- The gap between the rich and poor grows and the American middle class is diminished. This is a recipe for violence and disorder in the most heavily armed nation in the world. -- The criminal system is antiquated, extraordinarily expensive and hamstrung by absurd laws which have created the highest level of incareration in the world.

-- The food industry is being taken over by a consortium of companies led by Monsanto that intend to own a re-engineered food and seed supply designed to force the use of their own pesticides in mass quantities. Few things are more representative of the concept of system failure than the losses in the honey bee population (Colony Collapse Disorder). Growing evidence connects CCD to the actions of companies like Monsanto, easily the most dangerous corporation in the world today. The environmental impact will be devastating. The government does nothing. Huge corporate spending thwarts citizen activism.

-- Lastly, a secret empire was built to service the $10+ trillion (in adjusted dollars) Cold War (acknowledged) and address the presence of extraterrestrials (non-human intelligence) engaging the planet (not acknowledged). This "empire" has become a world unto itself with a low opinion (perhaps justifiable) of politicians meaning senators, congresspersons, the president and their staff. Just yesterday the White House indicated the NSA had not informed the President about the surveillance of foreign heads of state's phone calls. This empire is vast, out of control and in dire need of overhaul and reform.

Read enough? It's a partial list, but the point is made.

Why am I telling you this?

The children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the baby boomers are more likely to inherit a greatly diminished rather than a viable society moving forward unless something very powerful, very profound intervenes to short circuit the mutitude of current trends leading to the emasculation of America.

What could possibly be sufficiently powerful to alter the world view of political institutions, corporations, and 300+ million people overnight and open the door to multi-system reform? The usual candidate is a war equal to the magnitude of distress. The last version of that scenario was WWII. Sadly any war worthy of the present dilemma would destroy the world itself. What does that leave?

Disclosure. Every day the citizens of Earth are denied the truth they are not alone in the galaxy as senient life, that a vast new world awaits them when that truth is out in the open - a world where once again all things are possible - is one more day closer to the end of the American Dream - the 21st Century nightmare study after study projects.

Dislcosure will be the most profound event in human history. It is inevitable, but will it be soon enough? All who have a basic understanding of this have a decision to make. Stand up and support the Disclosure advocacy movement or stand down and hope for the best.

Stephen Bassett
Los Angeles
November 29, 2013

Other Information
CHD / Congressional Hearing Initiative

A new, more comprehensive CHD website is now up and the Congressional Hearing Initiative has been scheduled to begin on January 2, 2014 pending completion of the CHD 10-DVD stets for delivery to all members of the House and Senate. About half of the funding needed to complete this project is in. Check out the funding campaign here.

Truth Embargo Documentary

The full website for the documentary film Truth Embargo is now up along with a crowd funding campaign. This movie in concert with the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, the UN Joint Resolution and the Congressional Hearing Initiative has the power to take the Disclosure advocacy movement to a new level.

Developments of Interest

Peru Reopens UFO Investigation Office
As reported in the UK's The Guardian, "Peru's air force is reopening an office responsible for investigating UFOs due to "increased sightings of anomalous aerial phenomena" in the country's skies....The Department of Investigation of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (DIFAA), first created in 2001, is being revived after lying dormant for five years because more UFO sightings have been reported to the media, said Colonel Julio Vucetich, head of the air force's aerospace interests division"

Amardeep Kaleka
FYI: The director of the Sirius documentary is exploring a possible run in Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District in 2014. More info here.

AVAZZ.org Petition
There is standing petition at AVAZZ.org addressing Disclosure. Check it out here.

Danny Sheehan in Washington, DC
One of the leading legal activists of the 20th Century and longtime supporter of PRG will speak on October 30 at 6:30 pm at the McClendon Group at the National Press Club, 13th Floor, 529 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC. Sheehan was a witness at the Citizen Hearing on Dislcoure in May. For more info contact McClendon Group Chariman John Hurley: hurley30@hotmail.com

UFOCon 2013 - November 9-10
The annual conference in San Jose, CA is up and running again. Stephen Bassett will present along with Dr. Roger Leir, Jordan Maxwell, Steven Colbern, Melinda Leslie, Ken Thomas and many other speakers.

Lecture - November 12
Stephen Bassett will present "Taking the ET Issue to the Congress and the UN" in Martinez, CA. See details here.

Citizen Hearing Foundation and the UN Initiative

The Citizen Hearing Foundation website will be launched soon with new information regarding a multi-nation resolution to the UN General Assembly calling for a UN backed world conference on the ET evidence. This will help galvanize the political media as well as the Congress, which would not relish being preempted by the UN on the extraterrestrial issue.

PRG executive director Stephen Bassett will speak at the IV World UFO Forum, November 21-24, Iguazu Falls, Brazil. His presentation will address Brazil's potential leadership of the U. N. joint resolution. There will be advanced publicity to that effect in Brazil and an effort will be made to set up post conference meetings with Brazilian officials.

Royal Caribbean Seminar at Sea - 2014

PRG executive director Stephen Bassett will join 20+ speakers on a Royal Caribbean Seminar at Sea out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, April 7-12.

In addition to a 2-hour workshop Stephen will hold group sessions for PRG supporters each day of the cruise. And supporters will be welcomed to join him for dinner and lunch on board to talk about the issues and the future. Be sure to list Stephen as your referral source when you register. Thanks.

Comment From Stephen Bassett:
Thanks for the posting. Sorry about the typos. The fully corrected version with an addition is archived at:

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Truth Embargo The Film

Truth Embargo The Film

Truth Embargo follows three individuals on a quest to free extraordinary revelations out from under a governmental policy of suppression. A journalist, historian and activist dedicate their lives to a truth advocacy process culminating in an unprecedented event - a Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. The realization that 'we are not alone' is only the beginning.

The first phase of the documentary included filming the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure event. Camera teams also traveled to interview many key figures in the citizen science/activist movement seeking formal acknowledgement of a non-human presence engaging humanity (including the controversial 'ANONYMOUS' interview that has caused considerable debate). More filming, editing, sound design, scoring, licensing and coloring lay ahead.

New financial contributions will ensure the timely completion of Truth Embargo and provide the resources needed to obtain the best possible distribution of the film.

Read more about the movie HERE

Planetary Activation Organization (PAO)

Planetary Activation Organization (PAO)
Introduction by Sheldan Nidle

We have to see all the things that are now happening as very interconnected and quite representative of a profound holistic pattern that the Supreme Creator is weaving for us. This divine plan is being unraveled before us in a most incredible and wise way. Each move is being made like the moves of a most enlightened chess master. Each step has a meaning that exists on many levels at once. Every move is designed to impress each of us toward one wonderful goal — first contact with our ancestors and our galactic brothers and sisters. This path leads toward a deep reflection into the true meanings of the human soul and how this truth forms the basis of who we truly are. For this underlying truth is the foundation for all knowledge. We are all seekers of what is real and of how this reality forms the basis for all things that exist in Creation. We all endeavor in some way to amalgamate our truths with the profound ways of the Supreme Creator. Now is the time when this wish shall be granted not just to a select few, but to all of us.

We are now in the interim period before a first contact is attempted between us and the member star nations of the Galactic Federation. What it means to us is that we are now on the verge of a new global society that will allow us to finally see who we really are. Many scholars have attempted to discover the inner meanings of what this thing we call civilization is really based on. The final conclusion that PAO will attempt to demonstrate is that we are really a star seed society, founded as part of a divine plan that has led us down a side road for many, many millennia. Now, we have been put on a detour that will take us back to the main highway and permit us to see our true place in the galaxy. Our time of quarantine is just about over. The means to that now-hidden knowledge lies in the genetic research that permits us to see all life, and especially human life, as founded in a three-stranded DNA protein. This three-stranded protein serves as the basis for our physical existence. This important discovery allows us to see that the road back to the full integration of our spiritual and physical selves is not as distant as we would believe. The clue to this endeavor lies in a new approach to biology — quantum biology. This new form of biology sanctions the relationship between thought and body.

Quantum biology states that the energy of thought can alter body cells, change metabolism, and most importantly, transform RNA/DNA. Consciousness can now be scientifically seen to create changes in our physical reality. The most important aspect of this discovery deals with human gene structure. Geneticists have noticed in the past half-decade that humans have been using the third strand in their RNA/DNA to mutate into a more profound being. Many children born with connected three-strand DNA have some wondrous abilities. These capabilities have included the ability to be telepathic, to disappear and reappear at will (teleport), and to move an object of some weight easily across rooms. It now appears that we are changing into a much more conscious being. In addition, the number of beings modified in one way or another has increased exponentially in the last three years. Clearly, we are a species undergoing a most profound shift in our reality.

Not only have our bodies changed, but we have also become more aware of the spiritual side of our nature. This spiritual awareness has led to an increase in our study of subjects that previously seemed either too strange or too profound to undertake. This study has led humanity to an interest in Angels, UFOs and the extraterrestrial origins of all life on Earth. We seem to have a deep desire to learn how one relates to the other. Yet there seems to be an endless series of beliefs that are put forth trying to explain this aspect of human knowledge. To these beliefs, I would like to add one more caveat — think on these subjects with your heart, and not with your head. The waters of knowledge that you are now entering are based on sensation, on passion, and on the truth of your intuitive soul. It is a most profound shift for our present civilization. One reality is being squeezed into making another, in a very short time. For our planet is now on the verge of a transfer into a new fourth-dimensional reality. This reality will lead us into learning more about ourselves than we have ever thought possible.

As the profound changes have increased in their intensity, we have been forced to accept that something quite fundamental is happening to us. Also, time is beginning to be compressed. A by-product of this compression is that our karma cycles have been greatly accelerated. One of the things that you have probably noticed is that when any karma is created, it is swiftly alleviated. Often this action happens hours or days after the initial incident occurs.

Now Time We are in a reality that is quickly being altered into something quite different from what we are used to. Another change is that the yearly time-line is also accelerating. Many persons who study time have noticed that recently, years have been reduced seemingly to months. These phenomenon point to the fact that this period is one in which our planet is moving towards a new reality.

Cosmology has been discovering that the physical universe does not always obey the presently-known laws of physics. Energies, gas clouds and even galaxies do some quite strange things. On a similar note, the same paradoxes exist in the world of sub-atomic physics. The hand of universal knowledge seems to be leading us to a new concept of reality. This subject has been at the forefront of discussion among scientists for the past decade. Yet the form of the "cover-up" to maintain the old orthodoxy has kept these matters from becoming public knowledge.

Everywhere, the old order of power has tried to maintain a facade that all is as it ever was. Yet there is much in the new secret discoveries that make many scientists almost bold enough to let the "cat out of the bag". From what I have heard, there will be more scientists who will be willing to start to tell their tales of what is really happening, both out in the heavens and in the atmosphere, continents and oceans of planet Earth. These tales will be another factor in finally allowing Earth’s citizens to see the truth and prepare for our inevitable contact with the ETs.

It is the purpose of this organization to bring you up-to-date; to reveal what is happening out there in the heavens that surround us; and to advise you on how to take action to prepare yourself for a new reality and first contact with the Galactic Federation. We are all together in the need to see that we are all ONE, and that what is happening, is happening to all of us. Let me close with blessings of love and light to you all. Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be in Joy!)

Respectfully submitted,

Sheldan Nidle


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First Contact With ET is Inevitable and Imminent

Contact With ET, UFOs is Inevitable And Imminent

What you should know about contact and what will happen before, during, and after contact

Full Video: 1:27:14

A Fresh Look at First Contact

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Full Government Disclosure of ET Presence on Earth

Full government disclosure of ET presence on Earth!
"Let's make change together"

More and more petition's are coming out about the UFO, ET presence on earth.

It is time for the truth to be known.

The presence of Extra-terrestrial civilizations on and around Earth has been publicly attested by hundreds of credible first-hand witnesses, including military personnel, astronauts and civil aviation pilots.

It has also been the subject of a global cover-up for more than 60 years, according to testimony from such witnesses, made public through Dr Steven Greer's Disclosure Project and recent documentary, Sirius, as well as through the Citizens' Hearing on Disclosure that took place at the National Press Club in Washington DC in April-May of 2013.

This cover-up, using media disinformation and hoaxes, has kept humanity from open contact with highly-advanced benevolent galactic citizens, capable of interstellar travel faster than the speed of light. In doing so, world leaders have deprived this planet of advanced propulsion and energy technologies that could have completely transformed human civilization by now, to a level of global well-being, connectedness, and environmental health few have yet even dreamed of.

Our planet can only head into deeper crisis under the control of a military-industrial complex and fossil fuel corporations that pull the strings of government to delay alternatives that would see their power crumble, along with a cabal of vested interests.

The open acknowledgement of advanced extra-terrestrial peoples by Earth's governments is the step needed to begin the next chapter for humanity and our planet. Clarity is vital if humanity is to successfully connect with ETs approaching with goodwill, currently not differentiated in media representation from negative entities or possible human agencies using reverse-engineered craft for unknown purposes. Lack of transparency creates confusion and the potential for destructive actions.

Let's take a stand for compassion and freedom NOW, and call on the United Nations and all world governments to step up, acknowledge the truth of benevolent ET contact with Earth, and start engaging openly with our galactic neighbors to heal our world.

Click Here for more information

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A Petition For Full UFO, ET Disclosure

Full Disclosure on Extraterrestrial's

Petition by
melanie cameron
Glasgow, United Kingdom

This is important as i believe we the general public of the world have a right to know the truth about the millions of sightings throughout the world and throughout history. It is a transgression against our Human Rights that various governments and organisations of Planet Earth are hiding perhaps the important evidence of all time - that we are not alone in the Universe and various Extraterrestrials have been visiting Planet Earth and have been in contact with certain Governments. I believe the President and Prime Minister of Russia are the only people in the world brave enough to disclose the truth that the world has a right to know, which President Obama has flatly denied any knowledge of.

For the petition click here