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Cosmic Disclosure: Disrupting Disclosure Strategies

David Wilcock - Emery Smith and Corey Goode
Cosmic Disclosure:
Disrupting Disclosure Strategies

David Wilcock: Welcome to another episode of “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and we are here with Emery Smith and Corey Goode, truly a roundtable of insiders' insiders, giving you cutting edge glimpses of a world that most people have no idea about.

So Emery, welcome back to the show.

Emery Smith: Thank you, Dave.

David: And, Corey, welcome back.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So we're going to start off with a question from the audience. And this is a question for both of you. And the question is:

“Do either of you have any regrets about coming forward?”

Emery: I don't have any regrets.

I mean, I look back . . . Of course, when certain things happened, certain traumatic events, I'll go in that mode for maybe an hour or two, like, “What am I doing? I'm going to end up dead or something.”

David: Yeah.

Emery: But in the grand scheme of things, when I look back on everything, I just cannot even believe I'm still here, number one. And number two, I get to tell everybody about it.

And number three, I actually enjoyed doing all this stuff and experiencing all these amazing things, and I appreciate that.

And I'm compassionate about all the stuff that I've been through, and the things that I have done, for not just me but also the people I was involved with and also the beings that I was involved with.

And it was very rewarding, actually. So I think of a bigger picture moving forward, and I want to make a big difference for everyone. And I want to help everyone and help the planet get to a state where it's at a great level of consciousness so we can advance into space and into other realms.

David: Well, but like the rest of us, you've had some very harsh threats.

Emery: Very.

David: And I think a lot of whistleblowers . . . You know, we talked about the idea of: if they wanted to kill you, they would have killed you.

Emery: Right.

David: Right. So . . .

Emery: Absolutely.

David: . . . they didn't ACTUALLY want to kill you.

Emery: No.

David: But what has happened to you may have been intended in part to try to intimidate other whistleblowers so they wouldn't come forward.

Emery: Oh, of course. That's the whole intention is to instill fear through me speaking to you about incidents that have happened.

And like I said, if they REALLY want you dead, you're going to be dead, and I'm still here.

David: Right.

Emery: Knock on wood. So I think it's more of an intimidation factor.

Also, they want to cripple you so you won't talk. You know, they want to make sure I don't get here.

David: Right.

Emery: And you've seen what I've been through just in the last two weeks trying to get here.

David: Absolutely.

Emery: So it's a very dynamic thing that they have going on. And they're very precise on how they do it, and that . . . They don't go too far, because it takes a lot of people to vote on someone being terminated, I'll say.

David: Right. Corey, any regrets about coming forward?

Corey: You know, mostly in the beginning, I did have some regrets.

I had a good career that pretty much was destroyed. But having two children and a family while having helicopters buzz your house, as happened, having laser dots on your chest while you're standing next to your son, I've had my share of threats.

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Return of the Star People Conference with Daniel Sheehan Emery Smith and More

From Kosta Makreas

"Return of the Star People" Conference with
Daniel Sheehan, Emery Smith & More,
Nov. 2-4, 2018

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I want to encourage you to register for and attend an exciting and educational conference for those of us who are focused on our connections to Star People:

Messages from the past, present and future

My friend and internationally-renowned UFO researcher, Paola Harris, is the organizer. This is the 5th year for this conference.

Our ETLetsTalk allies Daniel Sheehan and Emery Smith will give presentations at the conference!

Other featured presenters are Grant Cameron, Jaime Maussan, Ricardo Gonzalez, and many more!

Please support our extended Star People-Contact community and family by attending this wonderful event in Laughlin, NV for 3 days, Nov. 2-4, 2018.

My friend and ETLetsTalk Community member and activist, David Garcia, is co-hosting this conference. He invites you to come and bring your friends and family to listen and to create dialogues about the ongoing presence of our Star Friends in our history, in our midst, in our lives, and now most importantly, in ours and Gaia's FUTURE!

Thank you for spreading the word. :-)

Love and Blessings,

Kosta Makreas

Founder: "The Global CE-5 Initiative" ET Contact events (our 8th year) & ETLetsTalk Community
"The People's Disclosure Movement"

Facebook: CE-5,UFO,SIRIUS People's Disclosure GCE5 Initiative Universal Prayer


    Twitter: @etletstalk_km

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Nikola Tesla was Brought to Earth from Venus Mentions Declassified FBI Document


By Ancient-Code

Nikola Tesla was Brought to Earth from Venus
Mentions Declassified FBI Document

The letter mentions how Nikola Tesla successfully invented a device that could be used for Interplanetary Communication.

It explains that Tesla Engineers built the device after Tesla died, in 1950, and have been, since that time in close touch with ‘Space-Ships’.

Furthermore, the document from the FBI mentions how Tesla was a Venusian who was brought to Earth as a baby, in 1856 and was left in the care of Mr. and Mrs. Tesla in a mountain province in the former Republic of Yugoslavia, modern-day Croatia.

Everyone loves a conspiracy, and what better conspiracy than to suggest that Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest scientific minds who ever lived on Earth was an alien. And no, it’s not something we came up with, it is not fake news, but this is in fact mentioned in a declassified document by the FBI, freely available here.

Declassified documents published by the FBI in their online Vault mention a number of interesting things about Nikola Tesla.

The document is freely available at the FBI’s online Vault, and is dated to June 14, 1957, and titled “Interplanetary Session Newsletter“ mentions a number of controversial subjects.

The Documents transcript:

Dear Friends:

We have not issued a Newsletter since May 1, 1956 because we have no Space news we could consider authentic. However, now we have some good news to pass along to you.

LECTURE – by George Van Tassel and Dan Fry, in Ballroom of Hotel Diplomat, 110 West 43 Street, New York City, 8 p.m. Thursday, June 20, 1957. Donation $1.25.

George Van Tassel operates the Giant Rock (California) Spaceport and Airport and has been host at four annual Spacecraft Conventions. He is the author of two books: I Rode A Flying Saucer, and Into This World and Out Again. He is also published in Proceedings magazine, usually issued monthly. Back Issues of Proceedings have been reprinted in one volume. Address George Van Tassel, P.P. Box 419, Yucca Valley, California.

Dan Fry is the author of The White Sands Incident. On this book, he tells the story of a trip which he made in a flying saucer from a desert spot on the White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico to New York City and return, in 32 minutes.

Dan Fry and other gentlemen are now en route to New York by automobile. George Van Tassel and Art Aho will arrive in Mr. Aho’s plane. They all plan to be in New York City at Hotel Diplomat on June 17. They will probably be heard next week on Long John’s program on Radio Station WOR, from 12 midnight to 5:30 in the morning, nightly except for Sunday.

This letter will not reach you in time to sight flying saucers over New York on the night of June 13, from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. But there will again be full-scale operations of flying saucers over all American areas on July 1. This will be in three phases as follows: New York Areas, July 1, 9a.m.; Washington, D.C. areas at 9:25 a.m.; general North American areas, after 9:25 a.m.; Central American areas, 9:30 a.m.; South American areas, 9:35 a.m. Second phase: Same areas as above, beginning at 12 o’clock mid-day, July 1. Third phase: Full-scale operations over all American areas beginning at 7 o’clock on the evening of July 1. The above information has been supplied by George King, editor of Cosmic Voice, 88 The Drive Mansions, Fulham Road London S.W. 6. Also, please note that George King has also published back issues of Cosmic Voice in one volume price of $1.00 plus postage. This is beyond doubt the finest “buy” saucer messages that we know of. George King is considered the best telepathic contact which the space people have, although George Van Tassel is the finest we have in America.

Margaret Storm has been assigned to certain work with the Space People, as follows: She is writing a book – Return of the Dove — as a story of the life of Nikola Tesla, scientist, and the part his inventions will play in the New Age. Much of the data for his book has been supplied to Mrs. Storm through transcripts received on the Tesla set, a radio-type machine invented by Tesla in 1938 for Interplanetary Communication. Tesla died in 1943 and his engineers did not build the Tesla set until after his death. It was placed in operation in 1950 and since that time the Tesla engineers have been in close touch with the spaceships. The Space People have visited the Tesla engineers many times, and have told us that Tesla was a Venusian, brought to this planes as a baby, in 1856, and left with Mr. And Mrs. Tesla in a remote mountain province in what is now Yugoslavia.

Obviously, the most eye-catching detail mentioned in the FBI document is the following:

“…The Space People have visited the Tesla engineers many times, and have told us that Tesla was a Venusian, brought to this planes as a baby, in 1856, and left with Mr. And Mrs. Tesla in a remote mountain province in what is now Yugoslavia.”

The above details and transcripts can be verified by visiting the following link:

The PDF files containing the above-mentioned details, as well as other Tesla-related information can be accessed via this link:

A little Background

George Washington Van Tassel was an American contactee, ufologist and author. Van Tessel an aircraft mechanic and flight inspector who at various times between 1930 and 1947 worked for Douglas Aircraft, Hughes Aircraft, and Lockheed.

Van Tassel claimed to have been in contact with a spaceship from Venus. He was invited on board where ‘Aliens’ verbally and telepathically gave him a technique for rejuvenating the human body. The device was eventually built and called the “Integratron” and was supposedly partially built on the research by Nikola Tesla.

George King was the founder of the so-called Aetherius Society, a religious movement based on extraterrestrial contact. King claimed that the Aetherius Society was the result of alien contact whom he referred to as the Cosmic Masters.

The Aetherius Society combines UFO claims, yoga, and ideas from various world religions, notably Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity.

The Book ‘Return of the Dove’ was dedicated to Nikola Tesla and–according to GoodReads–provides the scientific answer to the great spiritual needs of today’s world. Contents: Now and In the Beginning; The Days Just Ahead; The End of Man’s Crucifixion; This Cosmic Moment; The Nikola Tesla Story; Farewell of the Dove, etc.

The book written by Margaret Storm is considered–nowadays–as a work of fiction providing no evidence whatsoever to back the claims that Tesla was either from Venus or another dimension. However, many readers agree that Storm provides an entirely different view on Tesla, his life, his origin, and his work.

The book can be bought on Amazon. You can find out more about the book here.

I hope you enjoyed a nice story

See you around.

Thanks to Ancient-Code at:

UFOs-Disclosure: A very interesting read from Margaret Storm about Nikola Tesla, a Venusian from the planet Venus. The Nikola Tesla Story.

Nikola Telsa was not an Earth man. The space people have stated that a male child was born on board a space ship which was on a flight from Venus to the Earth in July, 1856.....

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Sheldan Nidle Update: Lightworkers are Liberated to Wield Their Beams of Light

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Galactic Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy

We watch you employing your growing power to demand people-focused government. Everywhere, nations are realizing the imperative of freedom, and are turning away from regimes that fail to heed the call of their citizens

Salamat Jalwa (be in righteousness).
The decline of the cabal continues. Their slow, arrogant moves and our quick retaliatory counterpunches are leaving these scallywags in a morass of their own making. Our Earth Allies continue to build global alliances that are clearly intensifying their Victory over the dark. The keys to this victory are your rising levels of consciousness, and your growing hunger to be free and spiritually sovereign from the dark and its endless centuries of slavery, greed and contempt. Heaven continues to equip and fortify each of you for full consciousness. Your pending reality shift is the reason the dark’s influence is waning and why the cabal is in such a panic.

Keep constantly in mind what is unfolding around you. Trust in the plan. Our Earth allies regularly release Truths that are designed to give you a better understanding of what is actually occurring. These numerous and varied alliances are ultimately to determine the outcome. We cannot overemphasize the significance of this current strategy to your freedom. A union of many factions, it is focused upon undermining the cabal’s every step. Their old, tried-and-true strategies, which once worked so well on the populace, are no longer proving successful. The masses are waking up.

Consciousness is a universal web of divine wisdom through which the interconnectedness of all life is clearly apparent. You are consciousness, and consciousness is you. The disconnect you currently experience is an illusion foisted upon you by your state of limited consciousness. As you awaken to this, the potential for positive change in all areas expands. It is the time when the architects of the old ways fall from grace and Lightworkers are liberated to wield their beams of Light.

Concerning Earth changes, expect these to be regionally intense at times. Gaia has decided to delay many of the changes on a global scale since your own transformation is not very far off. Her final transformation won’t take place until you are safe in Agartha, taking your final, ecstatic step into full consciousness. Until then, Gaia is to focus on resolving the pressure on her tectonic plates and on building up the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean basins for the return of the continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. As a fully-conscious planet, she is noted for both her symmetry and her exquisite beauty. The rising of Atlantis and Lemuria will balance Gaia’s land-water ratio. Once again, she will return to her original, pristine body configuration as a mono-polar planet.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come bringing you many blessings!
You have greatly assisted us by manifesting a wondrous collective of positive thoughts each day. The citizens of your world are beginning to understand that we are all interconnected. As you grow in consciousness, your thoughts become more highly focused and more affirmative. It is important for you to realize how easily negative thoughts, strung together, can delay that which you wish to visualize. Take the time to come together and use your combined thoughts to envision the most wondrous outcome. As you do this on a regular basis, you can make your positive thoughts a more powerful and irresistible alternative.

As humans expand in consciousness, we grow increasingly aware of the spiritual nature of physicality. We observe that, as you become more awakened to who you truly are − a spiritual Being having a physical experience − you are navigating, with more grace and less anger and judgment, the demise of the cabal. We watch you employing your growing power to demand people-focused government. Everywhere, nations are realizing the imperative of freedom, and are turning away from regimes that fail to heed the call of their citizens.

You are experiencing a transition, from the world you currently know to one that more truly reflects who you are becoming. This is a time when each individual interlinks their powerful spiritual gifts into the whole. As you weave a new reality into existence, imagine the beauty that your diversity brings to the divine fabric of your new galactic society. Keep ever in mind your importance to the collective that is surface humanity. Your realm continues to change for the better. Persevere in your individual affirmations and the mighty visualizations that are building toward enduring freedom for all.

Today, we discussed what is unfolding around this globe. Many events are occurring that will enable you to transform this dark realm to the Light. We simply ask you to take this information and use it to become more aware of what is happening to you, and to the societies that make up this reality! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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James Gilliland: News Update

James Gilliland: News Update

Republicans Announce They're Going After
Hillary, Comey, Lynch, And Others in DOJ and FBI
For Crimes

Experiencing interruptions?


Ben Carson Wipes Smile off Obama's Face - MUST
WATCH! The Dangers of "PC CORRECT"

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Contact with Nordic Alien in USAF Uniform whose Spacecraft was Photographed

By Dr. Michael Salla

Contact with Nordic Alien in USAF Uniform
whose Spacecraft was Photographed

On May 24, my anonymous source, JP, who has provided dozens of photos of different types of craft belonging to a United States Air Force (USAF) secret space program says he encountered a human looking “Nordic” extraterrestrial. He claims the Nordic was wearing a USAF uniform and invited him to go for a ride in a landed saucer-shaped craft in a secluded wooded area of Orlando, Florida.

JP declined the offer but took photos of the spacecraft after it departed (attached below). His recollection of the conversation with the Nordic reveals that they are directly cooperating with the USAF and abiding by the terms of an agreement concerning their interaction with the general public.

What follows is the Skype conversation I had with JP along with some commentary. I have created a page where earlier articles and videos featuring his photos, along with originals, can be found for independent analysis.

The conversation began at 10:32 Eastern Daylight Time. I have removed grammatical errors and added extra text in square brackets to clarify what JP is saying:
JP said the following image resembled the Nordic he met but he had a standard military haircut

JP: 9am. Nice contact today.

Michael Salla: What happened?

JP: I went Into the Woods. I was hearing a ringing in my ear. I’m thinking it was like a calling. Like I got from the last Contact. I met up with this man. Wearing a United States Air Force suit. Dark blue. His face was different. Possibly a Nordic.

JP: Light blue eyes, blond hair, wearing a United States Air Force Jumpsuit. He was really kind. He said a lot of these craft are going to be seen all over. He invited me to go to the craft. I said no. Yes [he asked] me again if I was sure….

JP: I told him that we’re gonna start needing video evidence. He told me [that] because [of] a deal they have with the United States and other countries, they can’t.

This is consistent with what contactees such as George Adamski, Howard Menger and others have said about human looking extraterrestrials they each helped blend into local communities to evade recognition by the general public, and even national authorities.

It’s worth noting that the current Russian Prime Minister, Dimitry Medvedev, revealed in December 2012 that when he became President, he was given a highly classified file about how Russian and global authorities register and track extraterrestrials secretly living among the human population.

For the rest of Dr. Salla's article with important links, images and video Click Here

Friday, May 25, 2018

Dr. Steven Greer: Unacknowledged - Zero-Point-Energy Technology

By Dr. Steven Greer

Unacknowledged - Zero-Point-Energy Technology

This is the reason we are making the UFO/ET forbidden history public: zero-point-energy and anti-gravitic technologies that were reverse-engineered from downed extraterrestrial craft, dating back to the Roswell crash landings in June/July of 1947.

You may be thinking … ah, come on now; I know this can’t be true. After all, why would anyone deny a non-polluting free energy source that can do so much good for the world?
In a word: Power―of which money is only a symbol.


In 1901, when Nikola Tesla had figured out how to tap into the zero-point-energy field―a discovery that would have made power plants obsolete. J. P. Morgan didn’t like the idea of free energy, having just invested heavily in the copper wire that was required in electrical wiring. So the industrialist got his cronies in Washington, D.C. to stop Tesla and had them confiscate all his

Since then, no patents have been issued on any inventions or energy systems that threaten to replace the status quo. (Who killed the electric car indeed). A century later, our growth has stagnated, our vehicles are still saddled with gasoline-dependent combustion engines, the poles are melting, cancer runs rampant from our needless exposure to the rising amount of toxins being pumped every day into our environment, and 80% of the world’s population
lives in abject poverty.
It was never supposed to be like that.

WE THE PEOPLE can change the world for the infinite better for all, simply by demanding free, clean zero-point-energy.

Learn more by watching the "Unacknowledged" documentary and reading the companion book "Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the
World's Greatest Secret".

Incredible U.F.O.s Caught on Video at Tepoztlan, Mexico

Image from video

Published on 24 May 2018

Incredible U.F.O.s Caught on Video at Tepoztlan, Mexico

Locals capture incredible U.F.O.s on video at Tepoztlan! U.F.O. chasers rush there as well to capture HD UFO video and images of this amazing place called magical TEPOZTLAN!

YouTube link:

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Insiders Reveal Secrets of Underground Military and Corporate Bases with Futuristic Technologies

By Dr. Michael Salla

Insiders Reveal Secrets of Underground Military and Corporate Bases with Futuristic Technologies

The May 22 episode of Cosmic Disclosure featured a bombshell interview of two insiders, Emery Smith and Corey Goode, who discussed their direct knowledge of classified underground bases and the super advanced technologies used there. They revealed the security protocols, policy oversight, and travel and cloaking technologies secretly used at the bases.

Goode is best known for his first hand experiences inside multiple secret space programs, and also contacts with different extraterrestrial and Inner Earth groups that he began publicly disclosing in late 2014. He says that much of his knowledge of these underground military/corporate bases came through reading briefing documents found in smart glass pads he had access to during his “20 and back” programs, as well as direct personal experience during his covert service.

Goode’s testimony in secret space programs has been extensively covered by David Wilcock in the Cosmic Disclosure series and his book, The Ascension Mysterious; and also in my Secret Space Programs book trilogy. Both Wilcock and I have identified hundreds of sources and documents that corroborate many of Goode’s claims.

Smith publicly emerged as an insider/whistleblower in December 2017 to share his direct experiences in multiple classified programs that began with him being trained as a “Surgical First Assist” by the US Air Force at Kirtland Air Force Base. He has provided a number of documents on his website that substantiate his military training and work as a surgical assistant.

He has two patents granted in 2004 and 2011 featuring innovative medical devices. On his LinkedIn page he refers to two medical papers he has collaborated in writing. I personally spoke with the main author of the first paper written in 2006, Robert J. Mandle, Ph.D., who confirmed Smith’s involvement and his competence as a medical researcher.

Smith has given a number of interviews on Cosmic Disclosure and elsewhere where he has discussed his involvement in corporate/military experiments involving medical examination of approximately 3000 tissues samples from extraterrestrials, hybrids and other exotic life forms. He says that performed autopsies on approximate 250 extraterrestrial bodies at classified underground facilities at Kirtland Air Force Base, and and elsewhere.

In the May 22, Cosmic Disclosure interview, Smith and Goode compared their respective knowledge about security, locations and technologies used at the underground facilities. The interview has been made publicly available for free here. Goode also provides free transcripts of all his Cosmic Disclosure episodes which are available here.

What is remarkable for the listener, is how well Goode’s recollections of what he read in the smart glass pads, matches what Smith described directly experiencing when visiting these underground military/corporate facilities.

Highlights of their discussion was their common knowledge of how hundreds of secret bases in the US alone, while often on military installations, are actually controlled by corporations:

Emery: I’m aware of, in just the U.S. alone, about 300 of these facilities.

Now, when you say government, I want to, like, talk about that, because it’s not always the government that owns these facilities.

They GUARD these facilities – the military does – but they don’t always . . . are in control of the facilities, because they are owned by larger corporations and unknown organizations.

Corey: That have different oversight.

Emery: Exactly.

Corey: Right.

For the rest of Dr. Salla's article with important links, images and video Click Here