Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dr. Steven Greer's Contact With ETs UFOs Expedition 2014

Join Our First ET UFO Contact Expedition Of 2014

You are invited to attend a special week with Dr. Steven Greer to make contact with ET civilizations

This week long intensive is limited to about 20 registrants and provides for an intensive training program with Dr. Greer.
It is also a true expedition, where each night we will go out under the stars for 4-5 hours to make Contact using the very effective CE-5 Contact Protocols. During this intensive training program you will learn:

  • How to make Contact with ET civilizations using the CE-5 protocols and how to really become an Ambassador to the Universe
  • Advanced training in mantra meditation
  • Advanced techniques of Remote Viewing, Precognition and the Science of Consciousness
  • The Effects of the Sanskrit Puja as we make sacred the place for Contact using this ancient Vedic Ceremony
  • An update on world-wide Disclosure Project developments by Dr. Greer and the progress being made with leaders around the world
  • An in depth review of New Energy technologies, including free energy from the zero point field, anti-gravity and how the World can be transformed with these new sciences
  • A deep understanding of the next great cycle on Earth: One of Universal Peace, Free Energy, Abundance and Enlightenment through higher states of Consciousness
  • How to set up your own Contact Team in your local area to continue to make Contact with ET visitors to Earth!

    Please go to to read the details. The retreat center is small which is wonderful but it means we have very limited spaces. Please read all the information and if you are a first time attendee, please fill out an application.

    For those of you who are unable to attend there are many ways to learn to make contact. People have had wonderful experiences working on their own with the apps or the Contact Training Program and Dr. Greer's other books. There is no need to attend an expedition to be able to do this exciting work. Learn How to Contact UFOs ET

    We may have other expeditions and workshops in 2014 but they have not yet been scheduled.

    Sighting from an expedition in 2011

    Please check out the news section on the homepage to find out where you can listen to recent interviews with Dr. Greer.

  • Tuesday, January 21, 2014

    U.S. Senator Claims Extraterrestrial Cover Up By World Governments And UFO Disclosure Is Near

    U.S. Senator Says Snowden Is a Hero And UFO Disclosure Is Near And Also Claims Extraterrestrial Cover Up By World

    U.S. Senator Says Snowden Is a Hero and UFO Disclosure Is Near. Dr. J Andy Ilias, and Blake Cousins interview Senator Michael Gravel In Regards to Area 51, Snowden, and Osama Bin Ladin, and the UFO Cover Up!.

    Jan 19, 2014 Thirdphaseofmoon radio had a historical show when retired Senator Mike Gravel joined Blake and Brent Cousins along with Dr. J to discuss disclosure and all aspects of the UFO phenomenon. Being the senior member of the panel on the citizen hearing on disclosure, Senator Gravel came in with an open mind and left convinced that we are being engaged by an extraterrestrial race and it is being covered up by the world governments.

    Hear this and so much more, plus Dr. Roger Leir joining the group as a special guest caller. All this came from thirdphaseofmoon radio live on revolution radio.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Friday, January 17, 2014

    Paul Hellyer - Powerful Interview About Extraterrestrials, Aliens, UFOs

    Paul Hellyer, Former Defense Minister of Canada, gives us a powerful interview regarding Extraterrestrials, UFOs.

    Is he preparing people for disclosure?

    He was Canadian minister of Defense in 1960s, ruling over the country’s armed forces during the time of the Cold War – and when he retired he publicly stated that we are not alone in the universe, and some guests from outer space actually live here, on planet Earth. Is this fantasy? Is someone actually watching us? Today we ask the man who says UFOs are a serious business – Paul Hellyer.

    Sophie Shevardnadze: Our guest today is the Honorable Paul Hellyer, former minister of Defense of Canada, and he believes that life forms from space are present on Earth. It’s great to have you on our show. Why do you say that UFOs are as real as airplanes flying over our heads?

    Paul Hellyer: Because I know that they are. As a matter of fact, they’ve been visiting our planet for thousands of years and one of the cases that would interest you most if you give me two or three minutes to answer is that during the Cold War, 1961, there were about 50 UFOs in formation flying south from Russia across Europe, and Supreme Allied Command was very concerned and about ready to press the “Panic” button when they turned around and went back over the North Pole. They decided to do an investigation and they investigated for 3 years and they decided that, with absolute certainty, four species - at least – had been visiting this planet for thousands of years. We have a long history of UFOs and of course there has been a lot more activity in the last few decades, since we invented the atomic bomb and they are very concerned about that and the fact that we might use it again, and because the Cosmos is a unity and it affects not just us but other people in the Cosmos, they are very much afraid that we might be stupid enough to start using atomic weapons again, and this would be very bad for us and for them as well.

    Saturday, January 11, 2014

    The Real Shocking Reason Why Nasa Never Returned to The Moon

    The Real Reason Why Nasa Never Returned to The Moon

    In the video below you will see the real reason why nasa never returned to the moon. "Warning" you are in for a shocking surprise. Definitely Not For The Squeamish.

    "There is definitely room for a bit of humour once in a while"

    Tuesday, January 07, 2014

    Dr. Steven Greer 2014 ET UFO Disclosure

    2014 New Year's Message from Dr. Greer
    2014 ET UFO Disclosure

    Dear Friends and Supporters,

    I would like to thank all of you for the key support that you have provided in the past year as Sirius was launched and a new wave of interest in Contact and Disclosure swept the world.

    The most successful crowd-funded documentary film in history has had very successful premieres in Australia, London, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Las Vegas and Virginia.

    We have just signed an agreement to have Sirius broadcast in Asia in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and other locations and a special edition DVD will be distributed in Japan in the coming months.

    In the course of the roll-out of Sirius, thousands of people have learned about how each of us can make Contact through the CE-5 Contact program, and that ending secrecy on UFOs can pave the way for bringing out new zero point energy technologies to end the era of Big Oil.

    As a result of this momentum, I was asked to address a prestigious gathering of 120 leaders from around the world who represented governments, corporations, academic institutions and other key sectors of society. Many had never heard of the evidence and testimony of the Disclosure Project and the promise of the new physics behind the energy and propulsion system of UFOs. As a result of this event, senior leaders around the world have requested further information and are being sent the video of Disclosure Project Witnesses with the presidential briefing document (2 hr Witness DVD). At this gathering of leaders from around the world, we made the argument for the support of civilian, peaceful uses of new zero point energy systems, and called for active involvement by leaders to assist in bringing out to the public these new, earth-saving technologies which have been illegally suppressed for over half a century.

    To date, we have raised $240,565 for the new energy research lab. While this is far short of the $6.3 million needed, we will continue to call for support for this effort and provide key education to the public and to leaders around the world on the critical and urgent need for a new energy paradigm. I would like to thank each and every one of you who have contributed to this effort!

    Thousands of new Contact teams have formed around the world and are using the Contact App (app information) and forming teams that are creating a new momentum for peaceful Contact with ETs from other star systems. We routinely receive amazing reports of Contact as a result of these efforts as new Ambassadors to the Universe find that the cosmos eagerly awaits a sincere, peaceful and conscious response to their presence.

    The CE-5 Ambassador to the Universe Expeditions in Florida, Virginia, England, California , Australia and Arizona were the most successful group contact events since I formed CSETI in 1990. The caliber, sincerity and capabilities of those attending these events was excellent and the ET Contact events were the best and most profound we have ever had! I would like to thank everyone who attended and all the volunteers who made these events possible.

    For 2014 we are planning a further release of Sirius and making it available to download from the Internet, in addition to Sirius being available in DVD and video on demand here

    We are also developing a new FREE Contact Networking App that will allow CE-5 Contact teams and individuals around the world to instantly be in contact with one another. This App is being developed by a volunteer who hopes to have the project completed in early 2014. This free app will enable you to be in touch with other Ambassadors to the Universe who understand the power of collective group consciousness to create a universe of peace. It will also enable you to form your own team from those who live in your area, or join a team when you are traveling. This Contact Network app will augment the existing Contact App (ET Contact Tool).

    We are also planning a number of Ambassador to the Universe Expeditions and will soon be announcing locations and dates for these.

    Please keep in mind that we do not have an office or paid staff and that we rely on volunteers and try to reply to inquiries as best we can. We appreciate your patience!

    In 2014 we will also be developing further multi-media programs for TV, Internet and film that will be new educational projects to reach an ever-wider global audience.

    2013 was the best year yet for Contact, Disclosure and education about the promise of new energy. We believe 2014 will surpass 2013 as we all work toward the emerging reality of a new world of Universal Peace, established within the experience of cosmic consciousness.

    As one era ends, a new one opens: the emergence of a world of free energy, peace, justice and travel amongst the stars is ours to create. For within the quiet depths of pure consciousness we find that there is one people in the Universe , and we are they.

    In Universal Peace,

    Steven M. Greer MD
    Sirius Documentary

    Wednesday, January 01, 2014

    An Open Letter to The Leaders of Every Government Around The World: Please, Just Tell us The Truth in 2014!

    "Please Help This Message Go Viral!"

    Sign The Petition Now:

    An Open Letter to the Leaders of Every Government Around the World: Please, Just Tell us the Truth in 2014!

    Dear World Leaders,
    As a society, the human collective has been treated with such huge disrespect by you, our leaders, for way too long. No matter what country we live in, you continue to lie to us every day.

    Be it through saying you will do something while trying to get us to vote for you – and then not delivering or changing your mind. Be it through hiding some erroneous error you or your staff has made. Be it through hiding some scandal you have willingly participated in – and then lying about it. Be it stating one reason for something (say, going to war with another country; or invading another country) when the real reason is something completely different. Or, be it through allowing corruption to still exist at all levels of your governments, while still doing nothing effective to stamp it out, but, instead, paying billions to so-called ‘government’ investigations, programs and law enforcement strategies that never seem to ‘get’ the really’ big’ guys.

    The list of lies you have told us are endless… But what - or who – are you covering up – and working – for?

    So today, as 2014 begins anew, we ask you to start anew, too. We ask that you stop lying about wars. Stop lying about policy decisions. Stop lying about history. Stop lying about who really controls the world markets and currencies. In fact please stop lying about anything to do with money and budgets and credit card debt and mortgage foreclosures and interest and taxes – when you still allow the big bankers and their owners to hold the rest of us to ransom.

    You’ve all seen – and some of you’ve felt – the roar of the crowd this past year in particular, as people in dozens of your countries have decided enough is enough, and taken to the streets in their hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands and sometimes in their millions to tell you” “We have had enough of this untrue way of living.” This is their truth. But it is also yours. Talk to your fellow leaders in Egypt, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Cambodia, Thailand, Brazil, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey and many other countries. They’ll tell you something is up.

    Yes, ‘people’s patience and anger’ with you, your decisions and your way of ‘governing’ is what’s ‘up’.

    We’re SO tired of you all not doing the jobs you believe you were either born to do, have a right to do, or have undemocratically been elected to do. Yes, some of you did storm into power legitimately – or managed to cobble together a minority government to do so – but your behaviour and lack of true and honest action in power has left people turning away from you in droves. Almost as quickly as they voted you in. Why? Because you’re simply not doing your job: which is serving us… Governing for the people who voted you in. Sure, during 2013 we’ve seen some truths come to light. But not through you, our world leaders, being openly and totally honest. Rather, it’s been though more brave whistleblowers having to fear for their lives as they speak out against those who are the perpetrators of wrong doings.

    Yes, some big bankers have been fined – but where did they get the money to pay these fines? And who are they paying these fines to? Yes, some ‘bad guys’ have been arrested and jailed. And yes, corruption inquiries are underway in many countries. And yes, we’ve finally seen some of the truth about what the NSA – and, no doubt, most other surveillance programs and organisations in countries well beyond the US – have been up to, by spying on us every day since George W. Bush signed some secret document in 2001 that has only now been released. But none of YOU told us that truth. We have a young man called Edward Snowden to thank for doing that. And while I doubt he acted alone, he now lives in semi-exile in a foreign country – for telling the truth that you really should have told us in the first place. Yet we don’t seek revenge.

    All we ask of you is to tell us the truth. Every day, from here on in. So, dear leaders, please give us some true and honest answers this year; answers to questions such as:
    What is our true history? Why have religions, scientists and others re-written the truth to suit their needs and agendas?
    Why do you all keep covering up the presence of our universal brothers and sisters – or extraterrestrials as some would say? What really happened at Roswell in 1947? What’s the real story of the moon landing and why can’t all the astronauts, cosmonauts and other men and women who’ve journeyed into space tell their true stories?
    Who really started – and how and why did they start – all the wars of the 20th and 21st century?
    Who really is responsible for such fear-invoking events as 9/11; the London, Mumbai, Boston and Bali bombings; the Lockerbie and Concorde air disasters – and many others?
    Why is it that just ONE per cent of the people on this planet is SO rich that they own nearly everything and rule so many aspects of our lives?
    Can you please tell us who is really running this world? Who runs the banks? Who owns the world’s money markets and currencies? Who manipulates them? For you often say: it’s out of your control.

    Why are the governments many of you run more like corporations? And why do you bend on hands and knees to do what big corporations want, rather than all of us? Why has so much new technology been stifled, hidden and thwarted, when we are still polluting our atmosphere and our lungs by driving petrol-powered cars – yet you claim you want to save us all from climate change?
    Why are people really living in poverty? Why do epidemics that appear to be man-made still have yet to be tracked to source. Can you also tell us the truth of why the big pharmaceutical companies say they are helping us to health – yet are profiting enormously from our ills?
    Why are so many good people in a variety of countries starving, when the wealthy toss tonnes of food out every day? Can you also tell us why the big food producers continue to refuse to tell us exactly what’s in their products that continue to cause us ill-health? Why sugar and salt are hidden in nearly all we buy from the giant supermarkets, who continue to freeze the little guys, us, out?
    Why do you allow any company to continue to rape, pillage and pollute our environment, felling huge swathes of the world’s forests and trees?
    Why is there still such inequality on racial, sexual, gender, religious and economic grounds? Why are people from one country allowed better lives than those from another?
    Why is your country, or the country next door, still using or developing nuclear weapons or power? And if it’s not you, why are you allowing them to do so?
    And why are you still shoving dangerous chemicals into the water we drink and the air we breathe each day – the two most vital things for life – when you know, deep down inside, that it’s killing us?

    As I’m sure you’ll agree, I’ve hardly touched the surface here. I’ll bet you can think of hundreds of examples from 2013 alone where you haven’t told us the truth. Yet, WE are the people YOU serve. And, as many of you tell us when we vote you in, it’s a privilege and an honour to do so.

    So, dear leaders, why, why, why, are you not doing the right thing by ALL of us? Why are you not telling US the truth? If you did, do you not realise that we’d instantly have more respect and faith in you and what you do. Yet, based on the way so many of us are feeling around the world right now, it’s very likely that you won’t be our ‘leaders’ for too much longer if you don’t change your ways… So, this year, we, the people of the world, the people YOU serve, demand to know the truth – about everything. It’s a win-win situation.

    Which is why we trust, dear leaders, that you can see it in your hearts and consciences to tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth in 2014. We expect and deserve no less. And so, I ask that you all – each and every one of you – start telling us the truth from this day forth and forever more.

    Here’s to a truthful 2014 – for ALL of us!

    Stephen Cook , Truthseeker – Sydney, Australia
    Presenter/Producer, Lift Your Spirit on InLight Radio
    News Editor –

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    Via email to friends and family; post it on Facebook; link to it on Twitter; post it on your blogs; and, send to others, anyway you can.

    Send it to your leaders in local, state and national governments no matter where you live. Let’s all ensure our leaders tell us the truth all the time in 2014.

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