Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Dr. Steven Greer 2014 ET UFO Disclosure

2014 New Year's Message from Dr. Greer
2014 ET UFO Disclosure

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I would like to thank all of you for the key support that you have provided in the past year as Sirius was launched and a new wave of interest in Contact and Disclosure swept the world.

The most successful crowd-funded documentary film in history has had very successful premieres in Australia, London, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Las Vegas and Virginia.

We have just signed an agreement to have Sirius broadcast in Asia in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and other locations and a special edition DVD will be distributed in Japan in the coming months.

In the course of the roll-out of Sirius, thousands of people have learned about how each of us can make Contact through the CE-5 Contact program, and that ending secrecy on UFOs can pave the way for bringing out new zero point energy technologies to end the era of Big Oil.

As a result of this momentum, I was asked to address a prestigious gathering of 120 leaders from around the world who represented governments, corporations, academic institutions and other key sectors of society. Many had never heard of the evidence and testimony of the Disclosure Project and the promise of the new physics behind the energy and propulsion system of UFOs. As a result of this event, senior leaders around the world have requested further information and are being sent the video of Disclosure Project Witnesses with the presidential briefing document (2 hr Witness DVD). At this gathering of leaders from around the world, we made the argument for the support of civilian, peaceful uses of new zero point energy systems, and called for active involvement by leaders to assist in bringing out to the public these new, earth-saving technologies which have been illegally suppressed for over half a century.

To date, we have raised $240,565 for the new energy research lab. While this is far short of the $6.3 million needed, we will continue to call for support for this effort and provide key education to the public and to leaders around the world on the critical and urgent need for a new energy paradigm. I would like to thank each and every one of you who have contributed to this effort!

Thousands of new Contact teams have formed around the world and are using the Contact App (app information) and forming teams that are creating a new momentum for peaceful Contact with ETs from other star systems. We routinely receive amazing reports of Contact as a result of these efforts as new Ambassadors to the Universe find that the cosmos eagerly awaits a sincere, peaceful and conscious response to their presence.

The CE-5 Ambassador to the Universe Expeditions in Florida, Virginia, England, California , Australia and Arizona were the most successful group contact events since I formed CSETI in 1990. The caliber, sincerity and capabilities of those attending these events was excellent and the ET Contact events were the best and most profound we have ever had! I would like to thank everyone who attended and all the volunteers who made these events possible.

For 2014 we are planning a further release of Sirius and making it available to download from the Internet, in addition to Sirius being available in DVD and video on demand here

We are also developing a new FREE Contact Networking App that will allow CE-5 Contact teams and individuals around the world to instantly be in contact with one another. This App is being developed by a volunteer who hopes to have the project completed in early 2014. This free app will enable you to be in touch with other Ambassadors to the Universe who understand the power of collective group consciousness to create a universe of peace. It will also enable you to form your own team from those who live in your area, or join a team when you are traveling. This Contact Network app will augment the existing Contact App (ET Contact Tool).

We are also planning a number of Ambassador to the Universe Expeditions and will soon be announcing locations and dates for these.

Please keep in mind that we do not have an office or paid staff and that we rely on volunteers and try to reply to inquiries as best we can. We appreciate your patience!

In 2014 we will also be developing further multi-media programs for TV, Internet and film that will be new educational projects to reach an ever-wider global audience.

2013 was the best year yet for Contact, Disclosure and education about the promise of new energy. We believe 2014 will surpass 2013 as we all work toward the emerging reality of a new world of Universal Peace, established within the experience of cosmic consciousness.

As one era ends, a new one opens: the emergence of a world of free energy, peace, justice and travel amongst the stars is ours to create. For within the quiet depths of pure consciousness we find that there is one people in the Universe , and we are they.

In Universal Peace,

Steven M. Greer MD
Sirius Documentary


  1. March 20, 2014, 12:57 p.m. eastern is the spring equinox. Between 12:50 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. step outside wherever you are, look up to the sky, reach out your hands and say; "Hello! Welcome to earth!" A collective welcome would be unprecedented!

  2. I admire yor corrage and determination ,please be a little suspiccious and do not think that all alien had good intention.Our power is the protection of Jesus the son of God who is the real master of all Universes they are only good or bad brothers

    1. Jesus was just a carpenter. UFO's are God.

  3. anything to go by on the dulce base then im sorry to say we are doomed even if there are good et s out there in space ,as they are already living on this planet and they are onlly evil !!

  4. dulce base is the place we need to worry about breeding aliens like rabbits down there they making an army im sure reminds me of lord of the rings except we will lose .

  5. There is much revenue needed for the survival of our Mother Earth that has been so savagely raped. I would hope that the billionaires would heed this emergency debacle and contribute to such financial assistance that is so needed.

  6. After all the review of articles, documents, witness testimonies... I still fall short of understanding WHY there is no disclosure. What has to be done for humans to finally move forward and release ourselves from the bonds the global elite hope we never come to realize exists? Why then, do ETI's not introduce themselves globally all at once? Instead they chose to contact specific people usually government officials who do more damage for this planet and the human race than the truth could ever do? I think we all have waited long enough for the TRUTH!

  7. Hi Stephen
    I love your work and what you are doing. I have been following you for many years now. Your film Sirius was great however I feel you could have drawn on some great folks like Whitley Streiber and Dave Jacobs of Mufon just to mention a few. I know your focus is on Govt disclosure but on this matter I feel people need to see that this info is spilling over in the public domain. I also feel that you are assuming that these beings are friendly however you seem to overlook and completely ignore the abduction scenarios where people are taken against their will. Real cases support that these beings may not be to our betterment and yet you ignore this entirely. You called your film Sirius yet there was no connection to any particular race, the name implied the concept of possible contact with Sirius so for me that was misleading. I do not mean to offend you as I respect you and what you do, but in this arena you have become a representative for the people so to speak and so I believe it is okay for me to offer an opinion. With that said keep up the great work you are doing.

  8. Dr. Greer,
    You've been a strong voice in what I call "the truth". I know my thoughts won't make a dent in the subject of we know as disclosure. However, I will share an idea that I'm sure has been thought of before. Instead of blaming nasa, pointing fingers at the government and listening to everyone argue about "the truth", why haven't we "the believers" raised money and built our own rocket/vehicle to explore and take pictures of the moon and mars? I would gladly donate my money and my time to this one of king opportunity.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

  9. You should support the new generations of Star Seeds, who did upgrade their DNA, the cosmic graduation. Maybe they have something real and valuable to share. All look somehow so far, as a great seeds have been panting since decade ago and the result emerge surprisinly of the new human attribut, that nobody take in count...Their is a very goods news that should spread of the Star Seeds that come to be the bridgers of our galactic end of quarantine...The morphogenetic field wait to be refer to the Cosmic human attribut is also a real disclosure beyond. It is the CE8 integration...Ananda Disclosure Canaries Islands where we are working all together the ET Guides and the upgrade new human to stabelise and heal the planet..

  10. For any who believe that abductions are being perpetrated by "evil aliens may I suggest reading dr greer's highly informative book "hidden truth forbidden knowledge " to get the clear picture of what is really going on out there