Friday, April 26, 2019

A Ce-5 Handbook: An Easy-To-Use Guide to Help You Contact Extraterrestrial Life

A Ce-5 Handbook: An Easy-To-Use Guide to
Help You Contact Extraterrestrial Life


It's simple. ​

This book will get you on the ground fast, with everything you need to know to help you see a UFO in six outings. There are three ingredients for contact:

1. Connection to One Mind Consciousness.
2. A Sincere Heart.
3. Clear Intent.

Any more questions? The answers are all here!

  • History of the UFO seekers movement
  • Tips and techniques
  • How to pick a location
  • How to navigate the night sky
  • Imperative information about laser pointers
  • Equipment and app recommendations
  • What communication is like
  • How to objectively discern sightings
  • Where you can find a UFO contact retreat
  • Links to social networks
  • Troubleshooting
  • Overcoming fears
  • Extensive glossary

    Also included are meditations that you can read in the field, which come from experienced people all over the world. Dr. Greer's Vision of a New World will help you access feelings of universal peace and a sense of wonder for the positive changes to come to planet Earth. Kosta Makreas' Global CE-5 Initiative Meditation will cultivate coherence with people in your contact group and with other seekers the world over, fuelling your passion for this mission of peace and harmony. Or, read James Gilliland's Healing Negative Influences to clear your energy, shed negativity, and become more receptive to both external and intuitive contact.

    The authors attest that if you follow the easy instructions in this handbook, you will have a sighting within six outings.

    You already have everything you need to make contact.
    This book will help you get there faster.

    How to Get the Book

    Pick up a free or cheap copy here:

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