Friday, November 22, 2013

Galactic Confederation of Stellar Nations (Video)

Visit the Galactic Confederation of Stellar Nations

This video was originally produced in France, there are some misspellings in the English translation.

The message however is beautiful.

► Thank you for watching this video from the beginning even if it starts randomly due to the copyrights on some songs. Make sure that Youtube annotations are activated if it's not automatically the case. French version is also available on this YT channel.

► This is only a short presentation about the Galactic Confederation of Stellar Nations, also called « the Galactic Federation of Light », « the Intergalactic Confederation » or simply the Galactic Federation. Many qualifiers exist, all are referring to the same benevolent alliance of Star Nations.

► « United Federation of Planets » is a designation used in a famous fiction where the concept of the galactic federation is addressed in a limited way ; however, the principle is the same for the real Federation.

► Some higher dimensional aspects of the Federation are described from a 3d perspective in this video, therefore the explanations are incomplete by nature ; bear in mind that true answers lie within yourself.

Sharing this video would be a great contribution to the First Contact Mission which will ultimately lead to direct interactions between Humanity and the members of the Federation. Many factions from inner earth are also involved in this process, in cooperation with other positive groups at the surface. All additional remarks are mentioned in the credits. Nice pics of the inside of Mother ships for those who want to get an idea of what its like inside one!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Citizens Hearing on Disclosure - Truth Embargo Film

Truth Embargo Film Campaign

This documentary built around the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure needs an additional $250,000 to be completed and have resources to support distribution options. The plan is to have the Congressional Hearing Initiative (PRG), the United Nations Resolution Initiative (Citizen Hearing Foundation) and Truth Embargo working together to generate maximum media attention and pressure on the Congress and the Executive.

The Congressional Hearing Initiative will launch in early January. The UN Initiative will launch in early December. If the public will support the crowd funding campaign, the documentary could be in distribution by early spring. If you believe it is long past time for the people to know the truth about the ET reality, your support is needed now.

Truth Embargo follows three individuals on a quest to free extraordinary revelations out from under a governmental policy of suppression. A journalist, historian and activist dedicate their lives to a truth advocacy process culminating in an unprecedented event - a Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. The realization that 'we are not alone' is only the beginning.

The first phase of the documentary included filming the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure event. Camera teams also traveled to interview many key figures in the citizen science/activist movement seeking formal acknowledgement of a non-human presence engaging humanity (including the controversial 'ANONYMOUS' interview that has caused considerable debate). More filming, editing, sound design, scoring, licensing and coloring lay ahead.

New financial contributions will ensure the timely completion of Truth Embargo and provide the resources needed to obtain the best possible distribution of the film.
Read more about the funding campaign...

PRG Congressional Hearing Initiative

In an effort to capitalize on the impact of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Paradigm Research Group will launch a Congressional Hearing Initiative (CHI) in early January, 2014. The CHI will seek immediate multiple committee hearings in Congress for the scores of military/agency/political witnesses ready to testify under oath. The DVD/Blu-ray campaign is critical to this launch which will begin with the delivery of DVD sets to every House and Senate Member.

The evidence from The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure is overwhelming

Please forward this post
so we can continue to spread the word.
It's with the public's support that we are able to make this all possible.

Thank You.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Project Blue Beam

Project Blue Beam: No Need to Fear

Governments are now making decisions as to whether to go ahead with Project Blue Beam. They are trying to buy time but I can assure you, it will backfire on them. The majority of people are aware of Project Blue Beam and they will see through it, no matter how impressive they make it. The way the governments see it, desperate situations require desperate measures. Your friends from Andromeda are fully aware of what is happening and they are planning to arrive on Earth to expose what the governments are doing in order to try to hang on to control. The Andromedans have prepared everything that your world could possibly need to free you from the domination and control of the Cabal.

You have nothing to fear from the Andromedans. They are fellow beings of light. They want to reunite with you once more. Be prepared for the many changes that you will have to quickly adapt to. When you are fully in the light, you will wonder how you ever survived in the extreme darkness of your controlled imprisonment. You have not yet begun to understand just how controlled you are. You have always just accepted it as the norm. It is time to look at the small print: you do not own your house, your car, or your children. You are charged taxes on every conceivable thing and you accept it without question. Now, as you begin to see with unblinkered eyes, you will wonder how you could ever have accepted this control as normal.

Freedom is precious, my friends. You will value your newfound freedom to think, to act, to believe, to go, and to be whatever you choose to be. A whole new way of life is opening up before you which will be the greatest adventure of your lives on Earth. Your world will come together as one and you will notice, my dear, that suddenly you'll receive emails from many different parts of the world, from people who are all experiencing the same thing. Take note of this as it is an important step forward. The synchronicity will confirm the TRUTH . . . that HUMANITY HAS STEPPED INTO THE LIGHT!

This is what you have been working towards for quite some time. The next four months should bring about some of the changes that need to happen. It would cause too much disruption for you to cope with, if everything happened at once. That would cause chaos and you don't need that. We will try to do everything in an orderly fashion so as not to confuse you. Have no doubt, your world is about to change out of all recognition. It will become a joy to be on Earth. All the false prophets who have preached hellfire and damnation, will disappear into oblivion very quickly. The only religion you will choose to acknowledge is the "religion of love" as was taught in ancient Ireland. This was condemned and silenced by the Church of Rome.

All will be happy to say goodbye to the banks. They are responsible for such misery and suffering. This is what they planned in 1913 when the then-US President Wilson, sold out to the Federal Reserve. He condemned every human being on Earth to slavery and corruption. But their time is up. They will no longer be able to operate in an enlightened world. You will find that there are people in place who are prepared to deal with any problems that may occur during this massive changeover. Everything is in place to make it as smooth as possible.

You know in your souls that everything will be just fine. Do not allow your logical minds (your CONTROLLED MINDS) to cause you anxiety of any sort. You were all taught to have a logical mind because such a thing is so much easier to control and manipulate. Do not worry, for you will quickly forget all that you were taught in schools and universities. You will joyfully explore the TRUTH of who you are, and your connection with the universe. You will become the beings of light that you were prevented from becoming for so long. Never again will you suffer the electronic interference, the pollution of your water, food and air, and the killings and the wars, as everything negative will be removed.

Many of the really dark beings will be removed from Earth. Some may even have the darkness removed from them, to be replaced by what you call "walk-ins", who will take over in order to help the Transition. So, if you suddenly see someone, who until now, you had believed to be totally negative, suddenly behaving reasonably, this may be the cause. For we will have replaced that individual; they have not had a change of heart.

We will keep you informed of our actions at all times to avoid confusion. Be positive and know that you are on the right path. Do not be swayed by whatever the Cabal does to confuse or frighten you. Trust me, those within the Cabal are more frightened of you than you could ever be of them. Their house of cards is tumbling down around their ankles. It is time for them to go.

Try not to buy into the Christmas hype, as it only serves to make the Cabal richer. Treat it as a family get-together. Christmas, as depicted by Rome, never happened. Jesus was so much more than they want you to believe. The truth of this will be explained when the timing is right for us to do so. You have been lied to for such a long time, so this subject will have to be dealt with, when everything settles down, and you are in a position to listen and accept the truth.

There is one who has been entrapped by the Cabal in order to prevent him from completing his mission. He needs your love, prayers and protection, as he struggles with the attacks that are viciously made on him. He is of the light, and so he was targeted. He struggles to free himself, and with your help, he will do so. By working together, we will make things happen more quickly. Try to understand that we, too, are impatient. We want to see the light revive your world as soon as possible.

We are on the cusp of something so great. Just know that we will succeed.

My love surrounds you always. Your adoring, Monty.

From Montague Keen:

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Hundreds of MPs Get Their Energy Bills Paid on Expenses

The subject of UFO, ET Disclosure has everything to do with TRUTH.

This post is not about ufo, et disclosure but about truth, honesty and fairness. So with fairness, on that statement i have inserted this post about the United Kingdoms MPs
(member of parliament)

It is a kick in the gut for the people of the united kingdom as this was not reported on any news tv channel as far as i know, quite a lot of these MPs are multi millionaires. While thousandas of old age pensioners die every year due to the cold through the winter and families struggle to pay heating, energy bills our good old MPs are not struggling to get more for free. Is there a few honest, truthful MPs in the house that can stand up and say NO MORE? or can We The People do it ourselves?.
They're STILL at it... Hundreds of MPs - including Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg - get their energy bills paid on expenses

  • Politicians claimed a total of £200,000 on expenses for gas and electricity
  • 340 MPs have taken advantage of the perk, while many struggle to pay bills
  • Ed Miliband claimed £403.59 for fuel, Nick Clegg claimed £254.29
  • Highest claimer was Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi, who charged £5,822.27

    Full Story at:

    The UK Petition

    I'm supporting Tanya’s campaign calling for David Cameron to stop the 11% pay rise for MPs.

    A pay rise of this size is the salt in the wound for disadvantaged people who haven’t had a pay rise in years. Some of these people are receiving pay cuts, or worse, redundancy.

    David Cameron is due to make a decision in the next few months. We need as many people as possible to sign the petition to show that the public do not support an 11% MP pay rise.

    Please help us and sign the petition Here


  • Sunday, November 03, 2013

    Amardeep Kaleka Can Bring in Truth, ET Disclosure and Alternative Energies

    Amardeep Kaleka director of Dr. Steven Greer's Sirius Disclosure ET Documentary.


    You've seen us through it all. Amardeep Kaleka is now taking the next step towards bringing transparency to our nation. He's battling with the Goliaths and running against Paul Ryan for the 1st Congressional District of WI.

    Ryan was funded by the Koch Brothers, banks and other corporations to do their bidding.

    But Arm has gone to the people for funding - raising $20 at a time on a Crowdfunding site. He's the first Congressperson to ever do this.

    Ryan is the chair of a committee which effectively derailed our government into shutting down. It's time we have leaders who are dedicated to progress and truth above their own careers!

    Here's just TWO of the ways Arm wants to go after the truth:

    He is going to announce the Congressional Transparency Protocol Index (CTPi). Basically, he's been working with his good friends in Silicon Valley and the Midwest to develop a simple system that holds Congressman transparently accountable. Hopefully, this will be headquartered in Wisconsin-D1 and California.

    Arm would be the first Congressional member to summarize each bill up for vote and send it via email to a strong sample of 2000 community leaders that represent the demographic makeup of the region. They will return their vote, and he would use it as an influencer on his vote. If he votes with the polling average, then his CTPi goes up. If not, then it goes down -- like a batting average. In a very short time, everyone will know if he's batting .750 or .200 on congressional bills. This simple step has NEVER been done before. Simply put: he asks the people. They answer. He listens. In the future, he will scale this program up to account for all 435 house members. This is just one way he wants to clean House in DC.

    In addition,
    He wants to sit on the board for Science, Space and Technology - so he can be where he's needed to enforce transparency and development of alternative energies. We all know how important this is!

    The crowdfunding site has just a few days left before it closes - and Arm makes his big announcement that he's officially in the race.

    The Other side has started their mud slinging campaign trying to demolish his, Dr. Greer's and the Sirius reputation: See attached images for the Mother Jones Story (do not click on their site for this story bc it just drives it up on Google).

    If you believe in Arm - please help us drum up support on that. If we can show the Goliaths out there that this David can raise significant funds without going to special interests... they'll be running scared because they'll know for a fact that the people are behind him.

    Go to ... and send everyone you know who cares about truth and transparency in government!

    Amar Kaleka is a 35 year old former teacher, an entrepreneur, and a community organizer. He has the highest degree in his field, but was raised getting free lunch in inner-city public schools. He’s won national acclaim for his work, inspired by witnessing his community ripped apart by violence on August 5th, 2012, when his church was attacked by a Neo-Nazi extremist. Amar’s father, alongside 6 others, were gunned down in the attack.

    Amar is considering a run for congress to build the economic strength of the middle class, across party lines. He believes that inaction is not an option, and that by revitalizing and supporting middle class families we can move the nation forward, toward a true representative democracy- of the people, by the people and for the people.

    If, by November 7th at midnight, this campaign can reach $5,000 then Amar will know that the American people are with him, and file for full candidacy.

    Will you join us?